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HRP Tables List

find here the list of HRP tables available in the system with their respective descriptions: 

Table nam Short text Name of Infotype

HRP1000 DB Table for Infotype 1000 Object

HRP1001 DB Table for Infotype 1001 Relationships

HRP1002 DB Table for Infotype 1002 Description

HRT1002 Table Part Infotype 1002 Text Table

HRP1852 DB Table for Infotype 1852 Role Assignment

HRP1853 DB Table for Infotype 1853 Common Attributes

HRP1855 DB Table for Infotype 1855 Objective Attributes

HRP1856 DB Table for Infotype 1856 Org. Unit Thresholds

HRP1857 DB Table for Infotype 1857 Org. Unit-Unit of Measure

HRP5300 DB Table for Infotype 5300 Industry

HRP5301 DB Table for Infotype 5301 Account Assignment

HRP5302 DB Table for Infotype 5302 Relevance

HRP5303 DB Table for Infotype 5303 Roles

HRP5304 DB Table for Infotype 5304 Control Details

HRP5305 DB Table for Infotype 5305 Control Objective Cat.

HRP5306 DB Table for Infotype 5306 Removed Risks

HRP5310 DB Table for Infotype 5310 Risk Coverage

HRP5311 DB Table for Infotype 5311 Settings: Subprocess

HRP5312 DB Table for Infotype 5312 Settings: Process

HRP5313 DB Table for Infotype 5313 Settings: Organization

HRP5314 DB Table for Infotype 5314 Tester

Table nam Short text Name of Infotype

HRP5315 DB Table for Infotype 5315 Settings: Local ELC

HRP5316 DB Table for Infotype 5316 Relevant for Reporting

HRP5317 DB Table for Infotype 5317 Acct. Group: Significance

HRP5318 DB Table for Infotype 5318 Threshold Value

HRP5319 DB Table for Infotype 5319 Transaction Type

HRP5320 DB Table for Infotype 5320 Project scope

HRP5321 DB Table for Infotype 5321 Qualit. Quatm. of Damages

HRP5322 DB Table for Infotype 5322 Chart of Accounts

HRP5323 DB Table for Infotype 5323 Change Log

HRP5324 DB Table for Infotype 5324 AIS Reports

HRP5325 DB Table for Infotype 5325 OLSP

HRP5326 DB Table for Infotype 5326 Test Plan

HRP5327 DB Table for Infotype 5327 Test Step

HRP5328 DB Table for Infotype 5328 Shared Service: Control

HRP5329 DB Table for Infotype 5329 Shared Service

HRP5330 DB Table for Infotype 5330 Control - Rule Assignment (Legacy Rules)

HRP5331 DB Table for Infotype 5331 Country and Region

HRP5332 DB Table for Infotype 5332 Reference

HRP5333 DB Table for Infotype 5333 Regulation Type

HRP5334 DB Table for Infotype 5334 Local Risk Source

HRP5335 DB Table for Infotype 5335 Removed Account Groups

HRP5336 DB Table for Infotype 5336 Removed Control Object

HRP5337 DB Table for Infotype 5337 MCF Organization Attr.

HRP5338 DB Table for Infotype 5338 Scope

HRP5331 DB Table for Infotype 53531 Country Infromation

Define Subtype for the Regulation

This section configures how the regulation-specific organization attributes will be stored for the
new compliance initiative. The key regulation-specific attributes are: In-Scope, Subject to Sign-
Off, Deficiency Analysis Flag.

1. Go to the IMG using the transaction SPRO.

2. Navigate to Governance Risk and Compliance - Process Control - Multiple-Compliance
Framework - Define Subtype for Organization Attributes

Choose the execute button to proceed to the change mode.

Choose "New Entries" to create a new subtype.
Enter the Infotype, Subtype and subtype Text
Select the entry created for the new regulation and double-click Time Constraint
Define New Regulation
- Go to the IMG using the transaction SPRO.
- Navigate to Governance Risk Compliance - Process Control - Multiple-Compliance
Framework – Configure Compliance Initiatives.
Define New Regulation Type

Define a new Regulation Type

Regulation Type 'OPERATIONAL ' is linked with MON (Monitoring Control)

Assign Planner Tasks to Regulation Type

Update role for role GGL__00042 (Monitoring Control Owner) same as GGL__00008 (Sox Control Owner)
SPRO Configuration – Setup to Ensure Issues/Notifications Send to Monitoring Control Owners

Update role for role GGL__00042 (Monitoring Control Owner) same as GGL__00008 (Sox Control Owner)
SPRO Configuration – Maintain Users Responsible for Entity – Add Control Owner roles for owner display
on RCM (required since creation of Monitoring Regulation)
SPRO Configuration for Maintain Regulation Role Assignment

Add Monitoring roles for MON Regulation (Roles GGL__00042, 43, 44, 45 and 47)
SPRO Configuration for Maintain Entity Role Assignment

Add Monitoring roles GGL__00042, 43, 44, 45 and 47)

Debug the FILL_DATA method in component controller for the WebDynpro component

Parent process seems missing for the subprocess

Need to repair this relationship, to make the data consistent in the system.

1) Create the local process.

2) Establish the local process relationship with central process.
3) Establish the local process relationship with organization.

Use the transaction PP01 and

Choose the Info-type as “object” and click on the create button.

Entered the object description same as that of Central Process for the valid dates b/w 11/01/2012 and

12/31/9999 and saved the data.

Local process created with ID 50016464.

Need to create the local process relationship with the Central Process and Organization.

Choose the info-type as “relationship” and clicked on the create button.

The central process id is 50000914 and the corresponding relationship is defined as A973.
For establishing the relationship with the Organization, again click on relationship info-type

And click create.

The corresponding Organization id is 50015958 and the relationship of local process and Organization
Exists as A970.

Add Missing navigations in launch Pad configuration

Add following three navigations in launch pad:

Execute Transaction LPD_CUST


2. Create two new applications:

Execute Transaction LPD_CUST

1. Find instance GRC_SUITE_RULE_SETUP

2. Create new application:
Enable Business Rule Parameters

1. Execute T-code SE38

2. Execute program GRFN_SET_BRP_SWITCH to enable BRP.

Initial “Business Rule Parameter” screen doesn’t have default query activated

In SPRO->POWL for Work Inbox->Assign Query Role, GRFN_BRP_ALL query was not active.

We activated the query and maintained the query sequence.

After activating the “ALL” query, now user can see the options available on initial BRP screen.