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We Mas Cleaning Company provides deep sterilization of all hospital areas with the following
three levels of decontamination procedures in a professional way.


Cleaning an operating room or procedure room requires a team approach. Surgical Services,
Environmental Services and Infection Prevention work closely to ensure a clean and safe surgical
Dedicate carts, cleaning tools, vacuums, and floor machines to the OR. Dedicated equipment can
help prevent transmission of organisms, particularly from wheels of floor machines used in other
Detergent and disinfectant solutions should be prepared as needed according to manufacturer’s
instructions – and properly labelled. Follow EPA approved contact time as directed by the
disinfectant manufacturer.
ORs should be cleaned:

Before the first case of the day, using lint free cloth moistened with disinfectant.
In between cases, linen, trash and infectious waste removal, wiping OR overhead light reflectors
and OR mattress and equipment with a cleaner/disinfectant.
Terminal clean after the last case of the day using disinfectant and microfiber clothes.

2. Sterilization with 75% isopropyl alcohol

The OT is an area, where body fluids spills are common. Such spills must be handled very carefully
as per guideline.
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1.Collect linen and waste material in color-coded bags according to hospital waste disposal

Soiled linen is collected separately and taken outside the theatre to the dirty utility room. It is
disinfected by sluicing / soaking in clean water with 0.5% bleaching powder solution for 30 minutes
or if feasible laundered in hot water (70-80 degree C) and sent to central point.

2. Collect sharps and sponges separately in colour-coded bags according to hospital waste disposal

3. The OT table is mopped clean with water and then carbonized with 0.5 chlorine / 70%
isopropyl alcohol.
Wipe equipment with a wet cloth giving special attention to the foot switches. Equipment can be
disinfected by wiping with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

We are offering Disinfectant for fumigation which is utilized to meet the purpose of Aerosol
Disinfection. It is a complex formulation of processed Silver, a noble metal and highly concentrated
Hydrogen Peroxide. It is very effective aerosol Disinfectant chemical compound with high efficacy
for killing bacteria & other micro-organisms in open air. It is used for sanitization purpose also. It
is done with Fogging or fumigation. It is Odourless, Non-toxic, Non-staining, Totally Chlorine free
and Can be used universally. Fogging and fumigation for aerial disinfection is commonly done in
operation theatre, research lab, critical area, food and beverage industry, storage area,
manufacturing area, etc.
It is also used in most of industries, some of them are given below: -
* Hospital/Clinics- O.T. rooms, surgical instruments * Food & Beverage Industry * Brewery *
Dairy Industry * Pharmaceutical Industry * Biotechnology centre / Labs * Tissue culture Lab *
Packaged drinking water, etc. and all those industries where Aerosol Disinfection is primary &
most essential factor.
Key Features and Benefits:-
Totally Chlorine free.
Can be used universally.
Rapid sterilization.
Easier Application
Quick Disinfection
High Efficacy
Contact: 66565496
No alteration to taste of food/ substance.
Non-pollutant and bio-degradable.
Non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic.
LD50 value is greater than 2854 mg/kg of animal weight.
Remains effective even at high Temperatures
Excellent Industrial Biocide.
Long lasting effect.
No resistance developed.

Application and Dosage:- Fogging and fumigation of operation theatre, research lab, and critical
area make a 3-5 % solution of chemical and aerosol it with a fogging machine to disinfect a 1500
cubic feet area room and leave for a contact time of 60mins. After application the room will be
completely disinfected with no viable aerobic microbial count and odour. It helps to prevent air
borne diseases and infections such as legionellosis, swine flu, influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia,
anthrax, pox, measles etc.
Fogging can be done in clean rooms, spa, gym, hvac ducts, AHU filters, condensate drip pans,
building decontamination, garbage odour masking, basements, kitchens, offices, banquets,
restaurants, public toilets, malls and airports medical instrument and equipment sterilization of
operation utensils, medical equipment, endoscopes.
Please consult our technical executive for exact dosage
Handling measures and precautions: - Proper human safety products such as Safety goggles, lab
coat, gloves and boots should be worn while handling and applying chemicals.
Storage: - This product should be stored in cool and dry places, away from sources of heat, flame
and direct sunlight for more shelf life.