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Keshav Tayal
Section A (BBA General)


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This is to certify that I, ​MR KESHAV TAYAL, ​a student of BBA (2018-21), Amity School of
Business, Noida has worked under the able guidance and supervision of ​DR Pratibha designation
Faculty guide.  
This project report has the requisite standard for the partial fulfilment the Under Graduate Degree in
Business Administration. To the best of my knowledge no part of this report has been reproduced from
any other report and the contents are based on original research.  
I am aware that in case of non-compliance, Amity School of Business is entitled to cancel the report.  
Dr. Pratibha  
(Faculty Guide)  

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I express my sincere gratitude to my faculty guide ​Dr. Pratibha ​, for her able guidance, continuous
support and cooperation throughout my project, without which the present work would not have been
possible. My endeavour stands incomplete without dedicating my gratitude to her; she has
contributed a lot towards successful completion of my project work.  
I would also like to express my gratitude to my family, friends for their unending support, and tireless
effort that kept me motivated throughout the completion of this project.  
Yours Sincerely  
BBA (2018-21) 

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1. Executive Summery…………………………………3  

2. Introduction…………………………………………4  

3. Amazon Strategic Intent……………………………...7  

4. External or Environmental Analysis…………………8  

5. Competitive Environment………………………….10  

6. SWOT Analysis……………………………………..11  

7. Strategy Recommendation…………………………..13  

8. Conclusion………………………………………….15   

9. References………………………………………….16  

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1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ​, is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle that focuses on e-commerce,
cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four tech
companies, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. Amazon is known for its disruption of well-established
industries through technological innovation and mass scale. It is the world's largest online marketplace, AI
assistant provider, and cloud computing platform as measured by revenue and market capitalization.Amazon is
the largest Internet company by revenue in the world. It is the second largest private employer in the United
States and one of the world's most valuable companies. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue,
Washington, in July 1994. The company initially started as an online marketplace for books but later expanded
to sell electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. In 2015, Amazon
surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States by market capitalization.In 2017, Amazon
acquired Whole Foods Market for US$13.4 billion, which vastly increased Amazon's presence as a
brick-and-mortar retailer. In 2018, Bezos announced that its two-day delivery service, Amazon Prime, had
surpassed 100 million subscribers worldwide.
Full  form  of  E-commerce  is  electronic  commerce.  In  its  simplest  form,  electronic  commerce  means  that 
business transactions are being handled electronically.  
In  a  more  elaborate  definition  of concept there is a game of one up Manship to see who can create the quickest, 
highest  quality  and  the  most  exiting  venture  of  conduction  business.  In  fact,  major  growth  in  electronic 
commerce  is  and  will  be  in business to business electronic process. There are many E-commerce sites which are 
the  medium  of  communication  to  perform  the  business.  These  websites  are  called  custom  developed software. 
These  sites  of  software  are  dived  into  three  partsstorefront,  the  manager,  and logistics. The storefront what is a 
visitor  to  the  sites  gets  to  see.  Logistics  deals  with  consolidating  the  individual  orders,  tracking  delivery  and  so 
on. The manager mangers the whole package including MIS.  
Orders  placed during the day get consolidated at one place-the logistics module of the software. This is currently 
processed  two  to  three  times  a  day.  ​Orders  get  consolidated  according  to  vendor  or  distributor  from 

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whom  the  material  is  picked  up​.  Logistic  operator,  who  picks  up  the  ordered  items  in  bulk  form  the 
respective  vendor's  go  downs,  also  receives the order statement along with the packing list for individual orders. 
He then breaks the lot up and makes packages according to each individual order.   


In  the  second  half  of  2013  when  India’s 100 millionth internet user logged on and the number of mobile phone 

users crossed 600 million, it became clear that the foundation for an e-commerce revolution had been laid.  
The  internet  has  already  charging  the  way  connected  Indians  shop  online.  Not  only opening up a new world of 
lower  prices  and  choices  but  it  has  also  emerged  as  wealth-creating  for  many  online  entrepreneurs.  Many 
e-commerce  companies  which  were  started  in  the  early  of  evolution  of  ecommerce  in  India  haven’t  seen  more 
profits,  but  as  the  internet  user  base  being  increasing  day  by  day  they  are  seeing  a  double-digit  growth.  Many 
ecommerce  portals  mainly  in  retail  domain  are  experiencing  phenomenal  growth  with  online  transactions 
growing by leaps and bounds every month.  
Key drivers for this kind of growth are:  
1. Increase in number of online sites and also with increase in number of online buyers and sellers  
2. Change in life Style and not finding time to shop offline  
3. Availability of wide range of products when compared to brick and mortar Retailers  
4. Increase in middle class groups and with high disposable incomes  
5. Evolution of online market places with many ecommerce portals  



When  we consider the impact of ecommerce on the global economy it is said to be very influential. E-commerce 
has  been  radical  effect  on  the  business  that  are  located  all  over  the  world.  It  is  more  powerful  than  the 
traditional  resources  that  were  adopted  by  businesses  all  over  the  world.  With  the  aid  of  ecommerce,  it  is 
possible  for  people  to  shop  online from their comforts of their home irrespective of their geographical location. 
Ecommerce  has  been  able  to  remove  the  geographical  barriers  successfully  and  helped  customers  to  come  in 
contact  with  vendors  without  hassles.  The  impact  of  ecommerce  is  one  that  has  bought  in  a  drastic  change  in 
the  traditional  market.  It  is  one  that  has  been  welcomed  with  open  arms  as  it  has  clicked  immensely  for  many 
businesses  and  now  most  of  the  businesses  who  are  not  present  on  ecommerce  cannot  exist.  Because  of 
ecommerce  many  small  businesses  have been benefited as they no longer require having physical offices to cater 
to  the  people  of  particular  geographic  location.  The  target  audiences  are  also  getting  benefitted  as  they  can  be 

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reached  without  wasting  time  and  economic  resources.  Many  companies  are  using  effective  internet  marketing 
techniques  so  as  to  reach  the  target  market  with  less  effort.  The  impact  of  ecommerce  on  the  global  economy 
has  influenced  everything  from the production to the service levels that many companies are able to do business 
with.  The  change  is  very  significant.  With  ecommerce  these  businesses  are  faced  with  the  main  challenge  of 
having  to  stay  ahead  of  their  market  competitors  with  the  technological  transformation.  Countries  that  are  not 
economically  sound were been effected by the advent of e-commerce. Many companies have enhanced sales and 
increased their profits with Ecommerce.  

2.iii ABOUT AMAZON ​, is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle that focuses on e-commerce,
cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four tech
companies, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. Amazon is known for its disruption of well-established
industries through technological innovation and mass scale. It is the world's largest online marketplace, AI
assistant provider, and cloud computing platform as measured by revenue and market capitalization.Amazon is
the largest Internet company by revenue in the world. It is the second largest private employer in the United
States and one of the world's most valuable companies. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue,
Washington, in July 1994. The company initially started as an online marketplace for books but later expanded
to sell electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. In 2015, Amazon
surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States by market capitalization.In 2017, Amazon
acquired Whole Foods Market for US$13.4 billion, which vastly increased Amazon's presence as a
brick-and-mortar retailer. In 2018, Bezos announced that its two-day delivery service, Amazon Prime, had
surpassed 100 million subscribers worldwide.

Amazon  is  galloping  with  a  mission  of  “providing  a  delightful  and  memorable  customer  experience”.  The firm 
has  a  set  vision  “to  become  Amazon  of  India”.  Moreover,  the  firm  follows  a  set  of  core  values  which  they 
follow  throughout  their  organization.  Some  of  them  are:  Customer  Obsession,  Ownership,  Impact,  Honesty, 
Selflessness, Communication, Innovation.  

By  analysing  these  strategic  intents  its  clear  that  they  have  synced  and  aligned  all  the  values, mission and vision 
statements  with  each  other.  The  firms  mission  clearly  shows  the  organisations  strategies  are  aligned  towards 
customer  experience  and  satisfaction.  Here  all  the  statements  are  correlated  and  one  cannot  exist  without  the 

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Fig i. The Hierarchy of Strategic Intent  





Strategic Environment.  

Growing its customer base has been one of the longest standing strategy followed by Amazon and it has helped 
in the stake buy out by Walmart. The evaluation of the firm which has never made profit for a quarter was 
purely based on its registered and unregistered users, and its ever-growing strategy.  

With  the changing environment of new challenges mainly by Amazon with its Add-on offers like Amazon Prime 
subscription  free  for  one  year,  there  are  chances  of  customers  going  got the free online video content. Amazon 
Prime,  Netflix,  Hotstar  and  the  likes  are  increasing  their  foothold  in  developing  countries  like  India,  were  the 
population is high and internet penetration is increasing at an alarming rate after the introduction of JIO.  

Amazon  has  its  own  supply  chain  operations  with the name E-Kart, they has developed highly efficient delivery 

mechanism  for  early  delivery  using  Analytics  and  highly  efficient  Supply  Chain  management.  They  have  been 
able  to  tackle  problems  of  fake  goods  and  bad  packaging  by  having  their  own  retailer  WS  Retailer.  With  this 
retailer  they  guaranteed  genuine  products  after  looking  at  the  review.  Rating  and  comments  of  the  retailer  are 

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carefully  tracked  by  the  consumers  before  making  the  final  purchase.  With  the  invent  of hassle-free return they 
have  made  buying  goods  online  tension  free.  When  different  online  payment  platforms  came  up,  Amazon  was 
the  first  to  adapt  all  of  them  into  their  payment system. They also had their own payment gateway for easing up 
the operations at the payment level as well.  

In  all,  Bansal  brothers have put customers at the forefront for their business and it has reaped benefits for them. 

Currently if there is any e-commerce player who can give the deep pocketed Amazon, it would be Amazon.  

General Environment  

a. Demographic:  

The  number  of  people  using  internet  has  risen tremendously in the past years. We come in third 

after  US  and  China. Presently we have 650 million people in India having access to internet. Considering 
about 10 percent of the online users shopping online we have a customer base of about 65 million which 
is  not  at  all  a  small  number.  If  Amazon  can  tap  the  market,  they  can  bring  many  people  as  their  loyal 
customers. Online shopping will be the future way of shopping for millennials.  

b. Political & Legal:   

We  can say that we had a very stable government in the centre for the last five years. This has led 
to  a  stable  and  strong  economic  condition  in  the  country.  With  demonetisation  many  have  moved  to 
online  payment  platform  as  it  was  difficult  for  getting  liquid  cash.  All  this  has  led  to  improving 
Amazon’s  business.  Attitude of the central government towards investment has also helped in Walmart’s 
entry  into  India  with  a  Lions  share in Amazon. Foreign Direct Investment in the online retail sector was 
a huge boon to Amazon’s business.  

c. Socio-Cultural:   

A  lot  has  changed  in  the  Socio-Cultural  attitude  of  Indians.  Indians  are  traditionally  used  to the 
brick  and  mortar  store.  Online  retailers  found  it  difficult  for  bringing  customers  to  the  online  space. 
They  wanted  to  touch  and  feel  the  product  before  buying.  This was a major roadblock to their sales. As 
the  products  value  increased,  for  example  new  laptops,  television,  washing  machine  customers  were 
apprehensive  about  the  products,  service,  return  policy  etc.  Amazon  has  catered  to  it  with  tie  ups  with 
almost all of the company service centres. New schemes brought in by Amazon like replacement with no 
questions  asked  etc  helped  to  bring  the  customers  trust  towards  online  shopping.  Thus,  customers 
slowly have moved from offline to online stores mainly due to the highly discounted price.  

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d. Technological:  

Advancement  of technology has brought its share of success to Amazon. After mobile penetration has increased 
to  its  maximum,  now  it’s  the  internet  penetration  that  has  helped  online  business.  Smart  phone market 
has  exploded  over  the  years  and  mobile  App  is  the  place  where more than 50 percent of the business is 
coming  for  Amazon.  Using  analytics,  predictive  is  on  the  rise  as  companies  are  trying  to  gather 
information  from  the  customers  and  then  trying  to  predict  what  they  would  like  to  buy  and  trying  to 
bundle two products that they will buy.  
Increasing the customers spending habit online is the basis for analytics.  

a. Bargaining power of the consumer:  

Customers have the bargaining power as there are many other players and they can easily switch from one online 
platform  to  another  with  zero  cost  involved.  There  is  little  or  no  product  differentiation,  so  the 
customer has the power.  


b. Threat of new entry:  

Any  new  player can enter the market any time as the entry barrier is zero and government policies are lenient for 
foreign  direct  investments.  Amazon  is  the  major  threat  and  any  new  entrant  has  to  start  fresh  with  the 
customer  base.  New  strong  supply  chain  management  and  relationships  between  vendors,  wholesalers 

c. Threat from rivals:  

The  main  rivals  are  Amazon,  homeshop18  etc.  There  are  new  specialised  players  like  BigBasket  and  Grofers 
who are likely to compete with them in their specific space.  

d. Bargaining power of the supplier:  

Supplier  are  the  manufacturers  of  the  products  that  Amazon  sells.  Since  they  give them a huge market for their 
product  and  would  naturally  become  their  largest  partner  in  business.  So,  the  bargaining  power  for  the 
suppliers  would  be  the  minimum.  They  sell  books,  electronics  etc.  for  which  Amazon  provides  highly 
discounted  rates,  and  they  demand  sharing  of  the  discount  with  the  manufacturer  for  which  they  do 

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e. Threat from substitute products:   
Substitute  for  online  store  is  offline  store  and  the  customers  naturally  tend  to  go  for  online  stores  as  it  is 
convenient  for  them,  saving  money  and  time  by  this  way.  With  increased internet penetration and huge 
supply  chain  network.  Any  product  is  delivered  through  out  the  country  in  fixed  number  of  days.  The 
final price that the customer pays will definitely be cheaper in the online stores.   
Key resources  

The  most  critical  asset of Amazon would definitely be their employees and the strategy makers. The people who 

take  care  of  their  complex  logistics and the supply chain is the prime competency of Amazon. They have critical 
capability  warehouses  at prime locations which will ease their supply chain. Some are near the supplier and some 
are  near  the  customers.  Their  own  logistic  arm  of  E-Kart  is  their  core  competency  and  would  help  them  is 
moving forward through the cut throat business environment.   

6.​ ​SWOT Analysis.  

Strengths:   Weakness:  

1. High Brand Value   1. Huge external investors.  

2. E-Kart   2. Excessive  focus  on expanding  

customer base.  
3. Online gateway platform  

4. Huge market place  

Opportunities:   Threats:    

1. Walmart huge investement   1. flipkart  

2. Myntra and Jabong   2. Snapdeal  

3. Still huge growth potential   3. Grofers  


Reasons for Strengths:  

Amazon  as  a  company  is  one  of  first  one  to  enter  the  online  e-commerce  industry  and  expand  vastly.  It  has  a 
strong  brand  image  in  India.  As  it  has  expanded  its  own  logistics  arm  E-Kart,  they  do  have  a  solid  end-to-end 
supply  chain  management  system.  Using  own  payment  gateway  made  sure  they  are  not  behind  in  the  online 
payment  field  as  well.  Integrating  will  all  the  new  financial payment services has increased their acceptance level 
within the customers.  
Reasons for Weaknesses:  
Being  invested  heavily  by  FDI and now Walmart the independent decision making will not work anymore. They 
top  management  must  get  approval  for  all  the  major  decisions  taken.  This  will  create  delay  in  implementation 
13 | ​P a g e  
and  on  ground  work.  They  have  a  strong team in the strategic positions and have recruited heavily from the top 
management  school  for  the  management  roles  with  huge  paycheques.  Amazon  team  is  one  of the best and this 
made Walmart invest heavily in them.  
With  huge  investment  from  Walmart,  they  now  have access to one of the Worlds top companies strategic team. 
They  are  huge  in  the  offline  store  segment  and  with  investment  in  Amazon,  they  are  trying  to  have  a  seamless 
integration  of  online  and  offline  business.  There  is  a  huge  opportunity  in  this  area.  Having  their  own  logistics 
company  E-Kart  is  a  huge  opportunity  for  this  new  entity.  They  can  fight  the  competition  with  the  deep 
pockets, strategic team and brand image.  
Amazon  is facing the main competition from Amazon. There are in the same space of operation and have tasted 
success  in  highly  competitive  developed  market.  Having  huge  amount  of  funds and diverse business portfolios, 
they are giving a huge competition to Amazon which they consider as a threat. Grocery specific online platforms 
like  BigBasket  and  Grofers  did  take  a  lot  of  business  from  that  specific  sector.  Other  threats  like  changing 
political environment and FDI policies can be considered as threat.   
As  a  whole  if  we  analyse  the  SWOT  analysis  of  the  company  it  is  very  clear  that  the  company  has  a  huge 
advantage  and very strong brand presence, which if they are tapping properly can help them in the long run. The 
company’s  core  values  of  Customer  Obsession,  Honesty,  and  innovation  should  be  held  strongly  and  can  be  a 
strong force in India in the Online Sector of Retail Industry.  








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The  goal  of  Amazon  is  to  create  something  for  the  Indian  market:  a service designed specifically for the Indian 
consumer.  The  biggest  inspiration  for  her  is  the  constant  learning  process  that  was  part  of  her  journey.  The 
other was the ability to make our dream come true, to do something for the Indian consumer.  

Amazon  was  mainly  marketed  through  oral  advertising.  Customer  satisfaction  was  the  best  marketing  medium. 
Amazon  very  carefully  used  SEO  (Search  Engine  Optimization)  and  Google  Ad-words  as  marketing  tools  to 
have  a  broad  reach  in  the  online  world.  Amazon  launched  a  series  of  3  ads  with  the  slogan  "No  joke,  no 
worries". All in all, to create a great customer experience.  

The  successes  during  the  night  usually  last  only  one  night.  The  strategy  has  to  design  a  more  prospective 
roadmap  for  a  company  that  spans  several  years.  To  simplify things, distribute the future in three phases: Build, 
move away and Transform.  

Build: A solid foundation is half the good work  

In the first phase of transformation, Amazon needs to build a stronger relationship with its customers. You need 
to  build  a  deeper  relationship  with  your  buyers,  as  well  as  provide  more  ubiquitous  contact  points  than  the 
web-based Internet.  

Loyalty:  it  is  strange  that  Amazon  has  not  opted  for  loyalty  programs  for  a  service  that  is  not  clear  to  me. 
Loyalty  not  only  requires  the  introduction  of  co-branded  devices  such  as  credit  cards. Loyalty programs should 
be  reduced  if  someone  who  has  more  money  in  Amazon rewards the monetary benefits and, more importantly, 
the  rewards.  Amazon  coupons  is  another  fiduciary  device  that  stands  out  for  its  absence.  As  gift  delivery  is 
increasingly  concerned  with  returning  the  last  mile  to  the  recipient,  a  loyalty  program  based  on  redeemable 
coupons  will  deepen  the  connection  with  the  customer.  Companies  spend  a  lot  of  money  adjusting  their 
Rewards and Recognition programs to be fit for young demographics.  

Move Away: Inorganic growth and building the ecosystem  

Exploit  adjacencies:  Having  established  a  solid  foundation  on  which  the  client  has  focused  on  future  planning 
(in  addition  to the in-house effectiveness in which Amazon has always stood out), opportunities in neighbouring 
countries must be exploited. The category extension that Amazon has used to date offers buyers the opportunity 
to  meet  all  their  needs  on  a  single  platform  and at a lever level. However, there are neighbouring categories that 
have  already  matured  into  complete  companies  with  similar,  non-exact  contours.  Take  for  example  excursions. 
The  basic  structure  of  the  business  is similar: acquiring vendor inventories, creating a technological platform for 
delivery,  achieving  a  small  margin,  and  delivering  the  product  through  careful  segmentation  of  customers 
without  causing  additional  physical  deliveries.  Where  we  are,  categories  like  these  are  too  hard  for  Amazon  to 

15 | ​P a g e  
build.  Therefore,  an  acquisition  is  the  best  way  to  increase  the  momentum  of  the  ecommerce  aviator  Amazon 
has already built and put into operation.  

Build  the  ecosystem:  when  a  business  model  has  successful equivalents in developed markets, the role of a local 

strategist  becomes  easy;  import  ideas.  How  successful  will  a  Amazon  handheld  device  or Amazon web services 
be?  However,  the  interesting  thing  is  to  create  a  supply  ecosystem  in  which  original  creators  are  encouraged to 
participate  in  the  platform without losing value to intermediaries. The authors are a very obvious target audience 
in  this  category,  which in turn has a very broad range that covers textbooks, animated books, restored (and new) 
classics,  fiction,  non-fiction,  graphic  novels-  the  list  can  continue.  In  addition  to  the  content,  the  form  has 
diversified  significantly,  thanks  to  bloggers  and  journalists.  Develop  relationships  with  producers  directly  (the 
creation  of  the  relationship  is  not  entirely  easy)  and  the  joint  creation  of  products  increases  the  value  of  the 
Amazon  platform  for  those  who  may  have  had  no  intermediation  or  lost  too  much  for  the  creation  of  a 
profession to be successful.  


The  vision  of  a  transformed  Amazon  is  the  platform  on  which  Amazon  is  a  platform  that  invites  multiple 
entities, not only as part of the supply chain, catalogues and consumption, but also as part of the innovation.  

Imagine it this way: In an accelerated world, Amazon is a platform to deliver educational content online to a vast 
majority  of  Indian  institutions.  On  the  same  platform,  innovators  offer  new  ways  to  present  the  content,  and 
maybe another participant is learning to socialize.  

An  extensive  program  that  transforms  a  company's  products  or  services into a gaming platform is not easy. For 

some,  it  could  be  the  dream  of  a  life.  But  it  is,  without  a  doubt,  a  liveable  dream.  For a company like Amazon, 
which  has  already  changed  the  e-commerce  market  in  India,  this  could  be  the second call for an opportunity to 
be included in the history's Wall of Fame.  

16 | ​P a g e  

Due  to  the  fast-moving  lifestyle,  online  shopping  in  India  has  grown  a  lot.  With  development  of  internet 
penetration,  increasing  the  acceptance  of  devices  such  as  smartphones,  tablets  and  laptops  and  Internet  access 
and  the  changing  behaviour  of  consumers.  It  has  contributed  to  the  rapid  growth of the online consumer base. 
The  increase  of  online.  Purchases  have  become  a  modern  way  for  consumers  to shop online. The investigation 
notes  that  the  change  in  online  shopping  behaviour  for  reasons  such  as  cash  payment  is  positive  delivery, 
discounts, offers and quality of the products offered.  

Amazon  has  successfully  positioned  itself  in  the  perspective  of  the  prospect  and  is  the  largest  online  store  in 
India  with  a  wide  range  of  products.  However,  Amazon  still  has  to  work  in  the  core competence of books and 
stationery. With the entry of, it will be a great competitive market for Amazon and therefore needs 
to  position  itself  better  and  improve  their  strategy. The price will still be a factor as Amazon as a giant company 
will  use  its  economies  of  scale  to  remove  its  competitors  from  the  market.  Therefore,  they  must  be  more 
competitive in this aspect. Be very focused on the consumer and create amazing experiences for the customers.  uses  several  effective  and efficient marketing techniques. The use of this the marketing techniques 

of  have  facilitated  the  online  shopping  process.  has  won  many  new  clients  the unique techniques 
that  uses  are;  Payment  through  wallet  system,  EMI  system  and  other  functions  such  as  wish  list, 
thirty  days  replacement  warranty  days,  etc.  have  made  the  customer  visit  and  also  buy  from  It is 
observed  that  the  features  such  as  reasonable  prices  and  discounts,  free  delivery  the  products,  tracking services 
etc. provided by have also made customers buy on very often.  








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