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- What databases are you good at (admin/dev)?

Response : As a developer, and as a query manager in sql

- What configuration tools/admin tools have you used in Windows

Server/Powershell environment?

Yes, I have used tools such as power shell or batch tools, for Dos or
anchored to vbs projects

- What configuration tools/admin tools have you used in Linux environment?

Nothing, alone console administration

- Have you automated ops processes before? what's your best case?

My best case of process is the implementation of forms for tracking data

upload and download on mysql servers, and mass queries, as well as the
implementation of batch files for backup copying.

- Have you used schedulers/runbooks before? please name them


Task scheduler, through the administration console of the active directory,

to generate the backup of user accounts in domain, and their files to a mail
exchange server or file backup server. At a certain time, and daily or weekly
depending on the level of importance of the information, which is required to
keep safe.

- We work using US Holidays, not Chileans, do you have a problem with that?

None, according to previous programming of shifts or working hours, that

you indicate previously.

- Maybe in the future, we will have different support times, would you agree
to work on other timeframes?
Depending on the type of working day, and the type of remuneration,
granted by way of the new schedule, which should be greater than the
current one, or failing that, less working hours for the same salary, which
should be agreed prior to starting the new time, or the new functions
attached to the main position.

- What's your expected income? (on-hand, after taxes, etc)

At the current value of the dollar, in Chilean peso, it would be at least

656,000, in US dollars, it would be around 800 dollars per month, after the
discount of the Chilean health system, Fonasa (7%), in addition to 12.3% of
my remuneration or salary for the pension fund system.

- When could you start?

As of today, if necessary, my availability is immediate.

- Can you speak fluently in english? (we don't mind speaking like Tarzan/with
accent, but we do need fluent speaking)

If you can speak and write fluently, I am not a full English speaker, but with
the help of a translator I can handle myself without major inconveniences. I
can have a fluid and understandable conversation by the person or group of
people with whom I have to establish communication.

- Do you like solving weird/new problems?

If I love it, it is part of my training, I am a higher level computer programmer,

and most of the time I have worked as a computer problem solver, both at
the code level, when trying to create programs, or solve errors in microsoft
operating systems , as well as their installation.

- What CI tools do you have experience with and please describe how do you
use them

I do not remember, when I have used it, since I do not use them very often, I
have clear the concept but I do not remember, having used them

- What's your preferred CI / Build architecture and why?

My favorite architecture of use, are the gpu systems of 64-bit environments,

where you can better implement the use of processes and memory, in order
to obtain better performance from search engines or sql query tools. Or of
Windows systems, for the loading of processes or administration of user
groups in the loading of information or backup of it from and / or to the
computers or servers.
- Could you tell me an interesting history of some achievement you made in
a job?

My greatest experience was when I was able to develop myself as a

Chilean-level manager of the company Acciona, in the technical section, for
the implementation of the air bases in the different regions of the country,
for the loading of passengers and flight systems, for British Airways, Iberia,
Wamos, Jetsmart. As well as the start-up of the international VPNs, for the
companies that had in the service provision contract, and coordination of
installation of the mpls of the Chilean internet provider Entel, to ensure the
operation of the operations of the mentioned airlines, So it lasted, my
implementation of 6 months, until I was disconnected from the position, to
take charge of the operations, Spanish personnel.

- What's your opinion on Rundeck?

A new opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge and improve, in addition to

learning new methods or technologies, a new personal challenge.

- What's your experience with Build systems using the Cloud, and any other
administration that you have done in the cloud?

I have implemented the backup of information to the clients of google and

office 365, google (file stream server), and microsoft (one Drive bussiness),
without problems and keeping the information stored and linked to the
computers, through the domain accounts linked to office365 accounts.

- That's your experience with containers, i.e. Docker

Good experience.

- we work in shifts, these are the currently available ones (in the future
maybe we can move shifts with day ones), can you work any of them?

05:00 PM - 02:30 AM Chile standard time

Without any problem, you just have to coordinate the times.

01:00 AM - 10:30 AM Chile standard time

Without any problem, you just have to coordinate the times.