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Digital SlideBox

Your entire histology lab, online.

Revolutionise your histology teaching
More students and less resources make life a challenge for histology educators.
Increasingly the solution for many Universities is digital microscopy, to complement
or replace traditional microscopy based practicals.

Digital SlideBox is the worlds best software package for creating online histology labs.
Developed with leading academic institutes, it is the only solution created by educators,
for educators. Its easy to use interface provides everything needed to produce high
value, digital slide based teaching material. Whats more, it is the only system that is
compatible with all major digital slide formats.

• Reduce lab costs • Maximise teaching efficiency
• Increase practical class sizes • Standardise histology course material
• Minimise demonstrator overhead • Integrate rare cases into slide sets

Unique Features
Teach Share
Create unrivaled teaching material that students can interact with. Don't Give students unlimited access to teaching material anytime,
just annotate tissue features, add descriptions, questionnaires and anywhere. Connect with other universities using SlidePath software
multimedia files such as lecture notes, presentations and videos. Even to share rare or interesting slides, and integrate slides produced by
link to external web resources to get the most of exsiting online content. any major slide scanner (Aperio, Hamamatsu, Zeiss).

Assess Manage
Only Digital SlideBox allows educators to add assessments to their Simple and powerful tools provide educators with unparalleled
digital slides. Quickly create and attach questionnaires, invite user and content management. Organise classes, courses and
students to answer then review submissions on a class or student assessments quickly and easily. Assign coursework to classes
by student basis. Even provide rapid feedback to students by with a single mouseclick, review completion rates and notify
presenting correct answers for review. students of impending deadlines.

Student practicals can now be run Safari 2 + by a single faculty member. Ireland. Internet Explorer 5+ Anita • info@slidepath. As part of their continued drive to provide a modern. Mac OS X a national Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).com Fax: +353 1 7007555 Fax:+61 9439 2738 . 2065 NSW. effective medical curriculum. Invent DCU.Digital SlideBox Your entire histology lab. the University chose Supported Internet Browsers Digital Slidebox to deliver existing histology coursework. project coordinator at the University. speak with a SlidePath representative today. To find out how SlidePath can help your Institute improve its histology/histopathology curriculum. Since switching to Digital SlideBox. student satisfaction has improved and Required Plug-ins they really appreciate and benefit from having access to slides outside of the laboratory. Oral Histology Firefox 1. 133 Alexander St.5+ "Before we used Digital SlideBox. “Digital microscopy’ has developed quickly and now offers students the opportunity to Minimum Recommended PC Processor navigate around a histological section at a variety of magnifications. Tel: +353 1 7007576 Tel:+61 9431 5368 www. NT. What attracted us to SlidePath and their Digital SlideBox application was their understanding of Higher Education and their focus on functions that Minimum Recommended Memory have real educational value. European Head Office Australasian Head Office SlidePath. the University of Bristol has been designated Windows 98. Dublin 9. Sydney.” 512MB+ Minimum Monitor size and Resolution 19” with resolution 1024x768 Minimum Internet Bandwidth 1Mbps SlidePath Products and Services SlidePath provide both software products and slide digitisation services for exploiting digital microscopy in education. XP. 2000. lecturer in Anatomy. Case Study Recommended Technical Requirements University of Bristol Supported Operating Systems One of the top 10 ranking UK universities. much as one would Pentium IV (or equivalent) using a conventional microscope. SlidePath.slidepath. Australia. running practicals with up to 90 students with limited Netscape 8+ specialist teaching resources was a challenging task. Crows Nest.” Adobe Flash media player 8 Dr Phil Langton. with students completing coursework faster than when using microscopes. online.