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Writing: Ron Rummell 0802

Art/Maps: David Dotson Shadowrun Developer: Jason M. Hardy

Missions Logo: Jeff Laubenstein, Matt Heerdt Layout & Design: Matt Heerdt
Shadowrun Missions Developer: Art Director: Brent Evans, Kat Hardy
Jackson Brunsting
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The heavy slapping sounds of tactical boots moving mend, but that time wasn’t wasted. Necalli fortified the UNDER FIRE
at an unrestrained run, the thumping of blood with ev- door with the heaviest pieces of debris nearby.
ery heartbeat, the dying screams of a teammate, and “Sit-rep?” asked Coszcatl, followed by a ten-second
the thunderous roar of gunfire could not suppress the rundown of where they were from Patli. The gunfire INTRODUCTION
frantic voice in the back of her head. It kept screaming paused outside, signaling the end of the spirit. The team
RUN! Move faster! Then something bit deep into her moved to cover behind a stack of plastic sheets, expect-
thigh, and she spiraled down to the asphalt. ing the door to burst open any moment. Instead, time MISSION
“Coszcatl is down!” cried Patli. Pivoting, she threw seemed to creep by. None of their commlinks could SYNOPSIS
up a magical barrier to hold back the rain of lead—if only get a signal. Something scraped at the metal doors, like
briefly. someone was pushing a heavy object against it. All eyes
were locked on the metal door when Patli screamed.
“I’ve got her!” screamed the chrome warrior named
Necalli as he scooped up his leader without breaking The insect soldier spirit had its mandibles locked on
stride. the shaman, her face twisted in a death scream as an SCENE 2
The team sprinted another half block, covering extra acidic poison entered her veins. Necalli leapt into the
ground with the aid of Patli’s guardian spirit. It was then creature, spurs drawn. Coszcatl opened fire. The spurs
that the barrier broke and the team started taking fire bit deep and the bullets pierced, but the creature kept SCENE 3
again. The bullets sucked, but they weren’t the reason fighting.
the team was running. The massive insect spirit that had Smaller insect spirits started manifesting in the
torn apart their decker before they could react was what shadows nearby, and soon the team was surrounded. SCENE 4
sent them packing. What they couldn’t figure out was Focused on their foes, neither smelled the smoke from
why this gang was providing fire support for the bugs, the fire that had been started outside the building. Out-
but there was no time to think about it. There was only numbered and overwhelmed, the remaining pair fought SCENE 5
enough time to act. the insects until the smoke filled their lungs and flames
Necalli spotted an old building from the days be- licked the plastics around them. The final insect spirit
fore the bomb. It looked sturdy and it looked secure, faded into nothing. Coszcatl slid a new clip into her rifle SCENE 6
with metal doors and no ground-level windows. The out of habit before looking to her fallen comrades. Ne-
sign above the doors read Janus Plastics MFG. With calli lay on the floor, torn open from navel to sternum,
any luck, they could slip their pursuers inside. With a next to Patli’s sprawled corpse. Coszcatle felt the toxins
strong kick from Necalli, the doors opened, and the coursing through her blood, the caustic smoke choking
team rushed in. her lungs. Outside the only doors not engulfed in flames SCENE 8
Patli ducked inside and sent her spirit to attack was a heavily armed, hostile gang.
the gang. Their screams were like music to her as she She stood and made her way to the door, noticing
pushed the doors closed and turned her attention to the wound on her leg had reopened, and took heed of PICKING UP
Coszcatl. Healing energies flowed from her hands and that voice in the back of her head once more. THE PIECES
Coszcatl stirred. It took a little time for the wound to This time, it screamed Go down fighting!





Introduction gamemasters should omit this information. It adds to
the scene, but does not contain important information.

Debugging offers solutions to potential problems

SRM 08-02 Can You Dig It is a Shadowrun Missions living that may crop up during the encounter. While it’s UNDER FIRE
campaign adventure. Full information on the Shadow- impossible to foresee everything that a group of player
run Missions living campaign is available at facebook. characters might do, this section tries to anticipate
com/SRMissions/ and includes a guide to creating common problems and other suggestions for dealing INTRODUCTION
Missions characters and a regularly updated FAQ. All with them.
maps, player handouts, and other playing aids are
found at the end of this document.
Running the Adventure SYNOPSIS

Preparing Gamemastering is more of an art than a science,

and every gamemaster does things a bit differently. SCENE 1
the Adventure Use your own style when it comes to preparing and
running the adventure and do whatever you feel is
SRM 08-02 Can You Dig It is intended for use with SCENE 2
best to provide the best Shadowrun game you can
Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, and all character and rules
for your players. Shadowrun Missions adventures are
information refers to the Fifth Edition of the Shadow-
designed to run in a standard four-hour convention
run rules. SCENE 3
time slot.
Please keep this in mind when running the adventure.
Adventure Structure You should leave at least 15–20 minutes at the end of
SRM 08-02 Can You Dig It consists of several scenes. the time slot to complete any necessary paperwork and
These scenes form the basis of the adventure, which pass out the players’ Debriefing Logs. (Make sure that
should be completed in approximately four hours. If you have enough copies of the Debriefing Log for this SCENE 5
you are running short on time, you should streamline adventure to give one copy to each player after running
each scene and be a little more generous with clues, the adventure.) This section offers some guidelines you
target numbers, and other requirements to aid in guid- may find useful in preparing to run SRM 08-02 Can You SCENE 6
ing the players through the adventure. Dig It (or any Shadowrun Missions adventure).
Each scene outlines the most likely sequence of
events, as well as how to handle unexpected twists Step 1: Read The Adventure
and turns that inevitably crop up. Each one contains the
Carefully read the adventure from beginning to end.
following subsections, providing gamemasters with all
Get a feel for the overall plot and what happens in SCENE 8
the information necessary to run it.
each scene. That way, if something different happens,
Scan This provides a quick synopsis of the scene’s
you won’t be caught off guard and you can adapt
action, allowing you to get a feel for the encounter at PICKING UP
things smoothly.
a glance. THE PIECES
Tell It to Them Straight is written to be read aloud to
the players, describing what their characters experience Step 2: Take Notes
upon entering the scene. You should feel free to modify Take notes for yourself while reading through the ad- LEGWORK
the narrative as much as desired to suit the group and the venture that you can refer to later on. Possible things to
situation, since the characters may arrive at the scene by note include: major plot points (so you can see them all
different means or under different circumstances than CAST OF
at a glance), the names of various non-player charac-
the text assumes. SHADOWS
ters, possible problems you notice, situations where you
Behind the Scenes covers the bulk of the scene, think a particular character can shine and other things
describing what’s happening, what the non-player you’ll want to keep in mind while running the adventure.
characters are doing, how they will react to the player
characters’ actions and so forth. It also covers the setting
of the encounter, going over environmental conditions
Step 3: Know the Characters
and other properties of the location as well as providing Prior to the start of the adventure, examine the PCs’ DEBRIEFING
any descriptions of important items. record sheets and Debriefing Logs for your reference LOG
Pushing the Envelope looks at ways to make and have basic information about their important abil-
the encounter more challenging for experienced or ities handy so you can refer to it during play. Also go
powerful characters and other ways you can add some over the characters and keep their previous events list-
“extra spice” to the scene. This subsection should usually ed on the Debriefing Logs in mind when determining
only be used for home games, or games where time is non-player character actions in various scenes if such a
not a factor. At most convention and Open Play events, dynamic has been included.

Step 4: Don’t Panic! some adjustment to suit a particular group of char- COVER
acters, especially a more experienced and powerful
Gamemastering involves juggling a lot of different group. The scenes and NPC descriptions offer tips on
things. Sometimes you drop the ball and forget some- adjusting the NPCs to suit the abilities of the char- UNDER FIRE
thing or you just make a mistake. It happens, don’t acters in your group. To adjust the power level of an
worry about it. Nobody is perfect all of the time and NPC, refer to Helps and Hindrances (p. 378, SR5).
everybody makes mistakes. Just pick up from there Take the player characters’ abilities into consideration INTRODUCTION
and move on. Your players will understand and forget when assessing the NPCs in this adventure and mod-
about it once you get back into the action. ify them accordingly.
Step 5: Challenge the Players Mission Difficulty
Gamemasters should challenge the players, but should Gamemasters are encouraged to use their own judg-
ment, and to adjust the difficulty of the encounter to SCENE 1
not generally overwhelm them. This is not to say that
games cannot be deadly. If the characters die through take into account the abilities of the players. If the
their own actions and repercussions of those actions, players have no magical support, replace magical de-
then so be it. But the idea is to challenge the players and fenses with mundane ones. If the players are weak on
their characters, not to overwhelm them. If the enemies combat, reduce the number of enemies by one or two.
and challenges are too light for the characters present, Conversely, if they’re steam-rolling the opposition, add SCENE 3
then increase them. On the other hand, if the characters one or two enemies to the fight. Missions should be
are badly outmatched by the enemies, then tone them difficult and something of a challenge but should not
down. Make things difficult but not impossible. be insurmountable. SCENE 4
A simple method for adjusting difficulty is to simply
increase the dice pools and Professional Ratings of the
General enemies. A simple +1 or +2 to all combat and defense SCENE 5
Adventure Rules tests gives enemies a minor boost in power, while a +3
or 4 will make them truly formidable. Adding to their
Shadowrun Missions adventures use the rules present- Professional Rating will give them a larger group Edge SCENE 6
ed in Shadowrun, Fifth Edition (SR5). Standard rules such pool to draw from, and gamemasters are encouraged to
as success tests, glitches, critical successes, and other use this Edge when logical.
common mechanics are described in SR5 and are not Often a combat scene will tell you if it’s supposed
repeated in this adventure. to be challenging or is simply there to serve as filler
Please keep in mind when preparing for the adven- or a minor obstacle that the players should steamroll SCENE 8
ture, that the PCs will not necessarily be comprised of a through. When possible, use this as a guide to know
balanced party. It’s entirely possible that the party will be when to tweak the enemies and encounters. If it doesn’t
made up entirely of technomancers or back-to-nature say, assume the scene should present a challenge to the PICKING UP
shamans. If the characters run into a brick wall because power levels of the players. THE PIECES
of such complications, show flexibility and use your best
judgment in how you lead them back to the plot. A Note on Loot and Looting
Gamemasters should be careful what they allow play-
Non-Player Characters ers access to, because they can and will try to steal
Non-player characters (NPCs) are essential to any ad- everything not nailed down (and even then, they CAST OF
venture. They are the allies, antagonists, and back- often have pry bars and claw hammers to deal with SHADOWS
ground characters in the adventure that interact with those nails). Shadowrun Missions operate under the
the player characters. NPCs in this adventure have al- assumption that two players who have run the same
ready been created and can be found throughout the missions will have roughly the same amount of re- PLAYER
adventure. sources available to them (give or take some nego- HANDOUT
Minor NPCs are found in the individual scene that tiation and a little bit of minor loot fenced), so when
they appear in, and generally have a brief write up, noting players are able to steal and fence a lot of gear or are
only their important skills and the gear they are carrying. able to get their hands on high-priced vehicles, cyber- DEBRIEFING
Major NPCs can be found in the Cast of Shadows at decks, or foci, it can unbalance the game and make LOG
the end of the adventure, and have more detailed write it unfair to players who didn’t have the opportunity
ups, and include most of the skills and the gear they to get those items. Gamemasters should avoid letting
have access to. the players get into a position to do high value looting
The NPCs in this adventure should generally stand whenever possible.
up to the average player character but may need

Paperwork street. A gang ambushes the team by throwing a young COVER
ork girl in front of their car in an attempt to cause an
After running a Shadowrun Missions adventure, there accident. After any driving tests are made, the gang at-
are several important pieces of paperwork that need tacks. In the area, the runners find evidence the gang UNDER FIRE
to be filled out. killed the Aztechnology security team and have been
The first is to make certain to distribute a copy of taking other people away. Some information here du-
the adventure’s Debriefing Log to each player. As the plicates evidence they can find at the dig site, giving INTRODUCTION
gamemaster, please make certain to fill this out and teams two chances to find it.
sign off on it for each character. In the interests of At the dig site, the team finds evidence that bugs
time, you may have each player fill out the sections, MISSION
took the workers after the workers broke through the
with appropriate values that you give them. Please SYNOPSIS
asphalt into a tunnel. The tunnel runs directly to the Ter-
consider the PCs actions in the scenario when providing mite spirits’ hive. The bugs used a special Termite insect
Reputation modifiers, per those rules (p. 372, SR5). spirit power to create a concretelike cover for the open-
The second is to make sure that all players have SCENE 1
ing. The runners find it is weak in spots and could be
updated their character’s Mission Calendar. PCs are reopened easily.
allowed to go on one run per week. The calendar is The team should contact their Johnson at this SCENE 2
used to track the character’s monthly lifestyle expenses, point, informing him of the fates of the missing peo-
adventures, and their downtime exploits. ple. Juan offers the team a retainer if they assist by
monitoring the bug hive for a day while he pulls in SCENE 3

Mission Synopsis
more resources. The team can turn him down and
end the run here. If they accept, he instructs them to
move to a safe area and await his arrival—giving them SCENE 4
A fire in some abandoned plastics-manufacturing a day’s worth of rest.
buildings is creating a caustic smoke problem in the Juan arrives with Atzi, Tenoch, and several armed Az-
CZ. Anytime the runners are outdoors through the mis- technology agents. Tenoch carries a bag of explosives
sion, the smoke causes visibility penalties and poten- equipped with an electronic detonator. Juan allows the
tial fatigue issues. runners to watch as his team gears up to plant the explo- SCENE 6
Juan leaves the runners a message to meet him in sives under the hive. They spray on a special chemical
Club Apex, a hot new sports bar located in a reclaimed stealth pheromone and the agents enter the tunnel. The
building in the CZ. The first challenge the runners face is team watches as the agents run into a wall the Termite SCENE 7
the troll doorman. Provided the runners are legal age to workers built in the tunnel. The Aztechnology agents’
drink and surrender their weapons, he lets them in with- biomonitors spike from the stress of the situation as
out an issue. Runners can try to negotiate or sneak past they take down the wall. The agents’ stress breaks the SCENE 8
the door guard in various ways, or they can call Juan to pheromone’s effect, and the runners watch the agents
get them past. If the team calls Mr. Johnson for help get- are killed—leaving the explosives in the tunnel and not
ting in, he uses it against them later in the negotiations. in place at the tunnel entrance to the hive. PICKING UP
Juan meets with the team in a formal business set- Juan hires the runners to go into the tunnel and move THE PIECES
ting, bringing along an HR person (Atzi, a human) and the explosives under the hive building, while the re-
a finance person (Tenoch, a dwarf). Juan explains the mainder of his team provides cover above ground and
team needs to go into a bad neighborhood and look for keeps the exit clear. The runners are equipped with spe-
some missing construction workers, as well as a miss- cial ammunition and a coating of the pheromone stealth
ing Aztechnology team that was sent to look for them. spray. The team encounters a few situations that call for CAST OF
Atzi and Tenoch contribute to any negotiations with the Composure Tests while exploring the eerie tunnel, until SHADOWS
players, bringing their areas of expertise to the discus- they reach the center of the hive where the explosives
sion. Once the team agrees to a price, Juan provides can be planted. The runners witness a termite queen
them with the location and more specifics. manipulating an open astral gateway, calling for anoth- PLAYER
If you have time, an optional roleplaying scene is in- er Composure Test. The runners’ final Composure Test HANDOUT
cluded after the meet. A Taco Temple delivery guy ac- comes when the team is near the tunnel exit—the ter-
cidentally backed into a runner’s vehicle, causing cos- mite workers have started building a wall to close off
metic damage. There are pedestrians with commlinks the tunnel. If any runner fails three Composure Tests, the DEBRIEFING
recording the whole scene. stealth pheromone effect is broken, and the hive starts LOG
After the team resolves the meet, and optionally sending spirits to drive out the invaders.
deals with the delivery driver, they head toward the lo- Provided the team escapes the tunnel, and the ex-
cation Juan provided. The smoke in this neighborhood plosives were planted correctly, there is an enormous
is very thick, limiting the team’s visual range. Shot-up, explosion that shatters the hive and ends the threat.
burnt-out cars line the sides of the neighborhood’s Juan thanks the team and pays them for their efforts.

Scene 1: some biz today, come to Apex at 2 PM. You will receive COVER
an AR invitation at the end of this message—simply se-
Burning Down lect Accept or Decline. Should you accept, you will re-
ceive a club pass and AR guide to the conference room.” UNDER FIRE

the House The message ends, and you realize that you have about
three hours to clean up and get there.

Scan This Behind the Scenes

This scene is just an introduction to the chaos happen- The team has some time (about three hours) before the SYNOPSIS
ing around the CZ and to the Johnson, and sets up the meet at Apex (for information on Apex, see the sidebar
meet. The most important takeaways for the players are in Scene 2: Inside the Pyramid). Find out how the team
smoke and increased gang activity throughout the CZ. intends to spend the time before the meet, how they SCENE 1
The players have a few hours before the meet, so they intend on getting to the meet, and if they take any pre-
can pick up respirators or other gear. Find out how each cautions to avoid the smoke outside. Knowing how they
runner is getting to the meet, as this information is use- get to the meet and if any of them drive is important for SCENE 2
ful for Scene 3: Walking Taco and Scene 4: Nasty Grrls! Scene 3: Walking Taco and Scene 4: Nasty Grrls!
Chicago’s Exterminators urban brawl team won and
the celebration got a bit excessive. There was a lot of SCENE 3
Tell it to Them Straight drinking, a little rioting, maybe a not-so-little fire, but it’s
After you wake up and fetch a snack from the process- not every day your home team makes it into the play-
offs. The litter and garbage that the tailgating fans and
ing unit, it’s time to catch up on current events. You
stop scrolling through feeds briefly when you hit a pair parties generated is strewn around the streets. Traffic is
of local newscasters reporting something more than a light, and most people are sleeping off the effects from SCENE 5
feel-good piece. the previous night or avoiding the hazardous smoke
“Last night’s Exterminators victory against the New from the fires. The majority of people encountered are
Orleans Tombstones was bittersweet. It’s always great hung over or still buzzed from the night before. SCENE 6
to see your urban brawl team make it to the playoffs, but Fatigue Tests due to air quality can be bypassed by
the celebration was out of control in some parts of the using a respirator (Rating 3 or better) or a gas mask. Note
city.” The newscaster cuts to video feed of building fires. that gas masks only have a one-hour clean air supply SCENE 7
“Flames engulfed three blocks of vacant buildings in the canister. Due to the increased demand, respirators are
Harwood Heights neighborhood of the former Con- selling for Rating x 75 nuyen (up to Rating 6) and gas-
tainment Zone. An unusual amount of caustic smoke is mask replacement canisters are selling for 75 nuyen. SCENE 8
coming from a group of three buildings that had been
used for plastics manufacturing. Lone Star believes a
dumpster fire grew out of control and caused the blaze.”
The feed cuts back to the two newscasters. URBAN BRAWL (P. 41, SR5) THE PIECES
“That’s right, Joe. To make things worse, it’s been The megacorps have been growing new sports that give
reported that area gangs have been shooting at emer- consumers/fans the addictive rush of fast-moving action and LEGWORK
gency personnel attempting to respond to the fire. One bone-crushing violence. Right now the most popular sports are
gang, known as the Nasty Grrls, has reportedly hijacked
urban brawl and combat biking. Urban brawl is a no-holds-barred
a fire truck that was en route to assist. Many emergency CAST OF
variant of capture-the-flag played on city streets with guns and
assets have been pulled back to protect first responders. SHADOWS
Lone Star officials issued a public warning asking resi- magic. Combat biking is something like polo, only played on
dents in nearby neighborhoods to stay inside due to the motorcycles. By psychopaths.
potential dangers of the resulting smoke and height- PLAYER
ened gang activity.”
An incoming video message to your comm inter- CHICAGO EXTERMINATORS &
rupts the feed. Answering what you assume to be a po-
tential job, you see a troll. He is Latino with a medium NEW ORLEANS TOMBSTONES DEBRIEFING
build, large, flat nose, and small, curled ram’s horns. His LOG
After weeks of media hype, sports fans everywhere
hair is dark and worn long, slicked back, pulled into a celebrated Chicago’s urban brawl playoff victory. These two
ponytail. He has medium-sized Aztec-style ear plugs in teams are giants in the sport, offering the best players each city
his earlobes.
has to offer. The bloody match did not disappoint its corporate
“Greetings,” he says. “I am Juan Xihuitl (pronounced
sponsors, dominating the market share of viewers.
she-wheat), but you may call me Juan. If you wish to do

The fires in the CZ created a smoke/smog hazard for
runners who venture outdoors. The amount of smoke and air
contamination vary throughout the mission. This results in two
Inside the UNDER FIRE
challenges for the team: Fatigue Tests and visibility modifiers.
See the chart below for the amount of smoke and modifiers Pyramid INTRODUCTION
the team run into when outdoors during each scene. When
the Fatigue Frequency indicates a roll is needed, the team Scan This MISSION
checks for Fatigue Damage (see below). Specifics on the
Mr. Johnson (Juan) and two of his assistants meet with SYNOPSIS
frequency of Fatigue Tests and visibility modifiers are located
the team in a private room. The assistants are a dwarf
in each scene.
accountant and a human HR person, each taking a
Since this scene takes place at the runners’ home, part in advising Juan during negotiations. Juan hires SCENE 1
Lifestyle is used to determine the frequency of initial Fatigue the team to find out what happened to two groups
Tests for any time outdoors. Runners with lower Lifestyles of missing Aztechnology employees. He wants them
start closer to the fires and air contamination. As the runners to investigate an area in the CZ a few blocks from the SCENE 2
move to different neighborhoods, the amount of pollution (and fires. The team is to contact him for further informa-
Fatigue Tests needed) correspond to the new neighborhood. tion, and potentially an additional paying assignment,
once they determine what happened.
Lifestyle Visibility Modifier* Fatigue Frequency
High none
Medium –1
test every 6 hours
Tell it to Them Straight SCENE 4

Low –3 test every 3 hours This neighborhood has a thin haze of grey-white
Squatter –6 test every hour smoke. Chemicals in the smoke sting and burn the SCENE 5
lungs of anyone foolish enough not to be wearing a
*Visibility Modifier applies to thermographic
respirator; occasionally you spot another pedestrian
vision as well as normal/low light. SCENE 6
having a coughing fit.
Despite the smoke, the sprawl is still busy. The
FATIGUE FROM closest parking is a half-block from Apex, in a small lot
near a Stuffer Shack. As you make your way to the club,

ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE it’s easy to notice someone spent time and money on
the neighborhood. It’s still a pretty crummy place to SCENE 8
(P. 172, SR5) be, but there are no gang tags, squatters, or trash can
fires in sight. You guess the Aztechnology ads scattered
Fatigue damage is Stun damage you incur through doing
throughout the area have something to do with it. PICKING UP
something strenuous or by being in the middle of something The neon-pyramid Apex logo shines through THE PIECES
stressful. It’s caused by harsh environments, hard exertion, the smoke, and you see the club has a line of people
and drek like that. Fatigue damage is resisted with Body + stretching half the length of the building. Your comms
Willpower, not with any armor. Fatigue damage cannot be are spammed with information about tonight’s main LEGWORK
healed while the condition causing it still exists. event, a Containment Zone Wrestling match. Walking to
As with running fatigue, the DV from a harsh environment the door, your AR passes ready, you spot a troll wearing
starts at 1S and increases over time. Unlike running fatigue, a respirator acting as the club doorman. An ARO above
if you keel over in a hostile environment the damage doesn’t the door clearly reads: NO WEAPONS, OVER 21 ONLY.
stop rolling in.
Read the following once PLAYER
the team gets past the doorman: HANDOUT
Pushing the Envelope Inside the club, the air is crisp and clean. You
There should be no need to push the envelope here; see the central area has been reconfigured to DEBRIEFING
this is a roleplaying and informational scene. LOG
host a steel-cage area sporting the Containment
Zone Wrestling logo. A number of stationary
Debugging lights and cameras hang suspended over the
As long as the runners accept the invitation and go to the cage, and an occasional camera drone does a
meet on time, there should be no need for debugging. test flight in the area. Three island bars are lo-

cated on the first floor, with the early crowd lin- Once the team agrees to COVER
gering around them. do the job, read the following:
Your AR feed directs you up the stairs to a
“Recently, Aztechnology won a contract to UNDER FIRE
platform for VIPs (where the rich like to watch
restore GridGuide service in the reclaimed CZ.
their blood sports in comfort), and then up
One of our work crews disappeared three days INTRODUCTION
another flight of stairs to an enclosed area re-
ago. We became aware of an issue when the
served for Aztechnology employees. As you
work crew did not sign out from work. It became
arrive, an attractive Hispanic human woman, MISSION
a greater concern when the crew did not report
dressed in a tailored Summit dress with Aztec SYNOPSIS
to work the following morning. Aztechnology
stylings, opens the door for you. “Greetings
dispatched a security team to look into the situ-
and welcome to Apex. My name is Atzi. Please
ation. The team reported difficulty working with SCENE 1
come with me.”
locals, mostly in the form of an unwillingness
She smiles as she guides you through a hall-
to cooperate and provide information. The team SCENE 2
way and to a soundproofed conference room.
failed to check in yesterday afternoon.
Inside the room, standing to greet you, are the
“You are to discern what happened to both
troll whose message you received earlier and a SCENE 3
the workers and the team, find their current lo-
male dwarf. The troll’s suit is the height of cur-
cations if possible, and report back to me for
rent Aztlan fashion, a marriage of traditional
further instructions. Should further action be SCENE 4
Aztec warrior garb and a modern-day suit. The
warranted, new instructions will be provided
dwarf is of average build and wears a Syner-
at that time. I’m forwarding coordinates to the
gist business suit that has similar Aztec details SCENE 5
workers’ dig site, which is their last known lo-
worked into it.
cation. The security team was operating in the
The troll smiles and speaks while motioning
nearby area when we lost contact. You will re- SCENE 6
for everyone to be seated. “Good afternoon.
ceive a list of missing personnel from which to
Thank you for your interest in this business
work, as well as their employee RFID info—al- SCENE 7
proposal. As stated in the message, my name
though we have not had any luck obtaining a
is Juan Xihuitl, but you may call me Juan. You
signal from those. Any questions?”
have already met Atzi, my human resources as- SCENE 8
sistant.” He motions toward the human woman
who guided the team into the conference room. Behind the Scenes
“This is Tenoch, my financial consultant.” He The air quality outdoors in this area results in a –3 Vis-
motions toward the dwarf. ibility Modifier and a Fatigue Test once every three
hours. Inside the building, there is no need for Fatigue
“Introductions out of the way, let’s get to biz.
Tests, and there is no visibility penalty. LEGWORK
I would like to retain your services for some The team arrives at the club and has to get through
investigative work. You would be searching for the doorman, Manny. Manny uses his Rating 3 hand-
information regarding the disappearance of a held sensor to sweep every person who enters the club. CAST OF
work crew and a security team. The work takes He checks for weapons, explosives, and ammunition. If SHADOWS
place in the CZ. I would like to extend an offer they are not carrying firearms, explosives, or other re-
stricted/forbidden weaponry and they have identifica-
of 5,000 nuyen each, with the potential for an
tion showing them to be of legal drinking age, he waves PLAYER
extended contract or bonuses depending on the team through. If the team wants to bring in forbid- HANDOUT
performance and results. If this is acceptable, den items, does not have identification, or includes
we can talk details.” underage members, they need to find a different way
into the meet. They can always call Mr. Johnson, who in- DEBRIEFING
structs Manny to allow them into the club, but that gives LOG
the team a –2 dice pool Negotiation penalty.


When the walls came up, the people of the CZ still needed If you’re intentionally trying to hide something on your
their entertainment. Bloody combat arenas and no-holds- person that somebody else is looking for, and you’ve taken INTRODUCTION
barred fighting pits popped up throughout the zone. The fights a little time to hide it (like a Complex Action or so), make
served as both a source of entertainment for the masses and an Opposed Palming + Agility [Physical] v. Perception +
lucrative income for the underworld. The gentrification of the Intuition [Mental] Test. The observing character’s dice pool
Zone by Project Takeback shined a light on this unlicensed is modified by the item’s Concealability, and he can choose to
fighting, making the practice even riskier due to the threat of use Palming in place of Perception. If you’re being physically
incarceration. patted down, the searcher can use Agility and his Physical SCENE 1
Fortunately, the sport remained popular enough to garner limit instead of Intuition and the Mental limit. Additionally,
corporate backing along with a shred of legitimacy. The any negative Concealability modifier is cut in half, and any
positive Concealability modifier is doubled.
fights, known for their brutality, were similar in many ways
to Aztlan’s Ars Cybernetica (also known as Sangre Y Acero
or Eztlitzli) gladiatorial combat pits. Aztechnology blended Concealability Example Items SCENE 3
traditional MMA fighting with augmented warriors and Modifier*
a loose set of rules to creating a less lethal version of Ars –6 RFID tag, bug slap patch, microdrone,
Cybernetica in Chicago that has a broader market appeal in contact lenses
the UCAS. Containment Zone Wrestling was born. –4 Hold-out pistol, monowhip, ammo clip,
credstick, chips/softs, sequencer/passkey, SCENE 5
autopicker, lockpick set, commlink, glasses
During the negotiations with the team, Atzi and –2 Light pistol, knife, sap, minidrone,
Tenoch each contribute to the discussion. Atzi counters microgrenade, flash-pak, jammer, cyberdeck, SCENE 6
arguments from an HR perspective, citing negative qual- rigger command console
ities of the runners from any files Aztechnology might 0 Heavy pistol, machine pistol with folding
have, calling out any present runner’s Notoriety and pub- stock collapsed, grenade, goggles, ammo SCENE 7
licly available information (such as P2.0 info), and talking belt/drum, club, extendable baton (collapsed)
about the current availability of other teams. Atzi astrally +2 SMG, machine pistol with folding stock
perceives the team to ensure no spells are cast at Juan, extended, medkit, small drone, extendable
Tenoch, or herself to influence the negotiations, and to baton (extended), stun baton
look for any information that can be used in the negoti- +4 Sword, stun baton, sawed-off shotgun, PICKING UP
ations (such as knowing if they are being influenced by bullpup assault rifle THE PIECES
drugs or spells). If she detects a mental manipulation +6 Katana, monosword, shotgun, assault rifle,
spell being cast, Atzi counterspells while alerting Juan, sport rifle, crossbow
Tenoch, and Apex security. Tenoch counters arguments +8 Sniper rifle, bow, grenade launcher, medium
to raise the rates offered, reminding the team that the drone
pay is extremely high for investigation services and mak- +10/Forget Machine gun, rocket launcher, missile CAST OF
ing vague references to “the allotted project fund.” This about it launcher, staff, claymore, metahuman body
results in both assistants adding teamwork dice to Juan’s *Applies to observer
Negotiation Test with the team. To speed up the scene,
the total dice added can be purchased hits of +4 dice, +2 PLAYER
Social limit instead of rolling individually. Juan sends the runners the coordinates to the location HANDOUT
The base pay offered for the investigation is 5,000 of the work site, which is also the area where the secu-
nuyen + 200 nuyen per net hit (to a maximum of 5) per rity team disappeared. He forwards a list of the people
runner. For negotiations, runners may roll Negotiation who disappeared as well (six workers and four security). DEBRIEFING
+ Charisma [Social] vs. Juan’s 16 dice [8] (+ teamwork When speaking with the team he is professional but hon- LOG
dice/social limit increase). The team may use teamwork est, willing to provide any information that might help.
as normal to increase their dice pool and limit, but re- The construction crew working at the dig site had six
duce the negotiator’s limit based on the Notoriety of members, two trucks, a steamroller, and a portable ce-
characters at the negotiations (as specified in the SRM ment mixer. Aztechnology reclaimed their equipment,
FAQ) or if they had to call for help getting into the club. but were not able to find any sensor information from

the vehicles that would help with finding the missing ORTEGA, TROLL DOORMAN COVER
people. The security team was in a Bulldog step van,
which was recalled after their disappearance. The van
showed signs of small arms damage and a few dents, B A R S W L I C ESS
but no other information could be obtained from it.
9 3(5) 4 9(11) 3 3 3 3 2.78
The neighborhood where the construction was tak-
ing place is one city block from where the fires are cur-
Initiative: 7 + 2D6
rently smoldering. It is a Squatter neighborhood that
Condition Monitor: 13
consists mostly of low-rent apartments, a Stuffer Shack, MISSION
Limits: Physical 12, Mental 4, Social 4
and a retirement home. Armor: 10 SYNOPSIS
Skills: Bar Management Knowledge 3, Computer 2,
APEX Etiquette 3 (Corporate +2), Intimidation 5, Law
Knowledge 3 (Liquor Code +2), Leadership 4, Local SCENE 1
Apex, the pinnacle of sports entertainment, brought to you Scene Knowledge 4, Perception 4, Pistols 4, Running 3,
by Aztechnology Corporation. If you take care of your body, Unarmed Combat 5
Qualities: Thermographic Vision, Troll Dermal Plating +1
you might be attractive enough to wander into the hottest
new sports bar in Chicago. Want to experience the danger Armor, Toughness
Augmentations: Boosted reflexes (alpha), datajack (alpha), SCENE 3
and nightlife of the CZ without the stench of the unwashed
flare compensation (alpha), muscle replacement (2),
SINless masses? Now young, athletic, and attractive
smartlink (alpha), tetrachromatic vision gene therapy
people like you have a place to be among other successful (+3 to perception) SCENE 4
individuals. Enjoy sports? Apex has over 40 trids featuring Gear: Armor vest, handheld sensor (Rating 3) w/MAD
the finest in sports entertainment. If that’s not enough swag, scanner, Hermes Icon commlink (DR5), micro-
patrons can watch the action on the central jumbo-trid! Love transceiver, 2 plasteel restraints, olfactory scanner (for SCENE 5
meat? Our signature vat grown Mmm-eat!™ steaks, chops, use in detecting explosives and chemical propellants)
ribs, and wings can’t be beat! Try one or all of them with our (Rating 3), respirator (Rating 4)
24 award-winning dipping sauces! Weapons: SCENE 6
If you love sports, and you love yourself, you’ll love Beretta 201T [Light pistol, Acc 7, DV 6P, AP —, SA/
Apex—and that’s the chip truth. BF, RC (1), 21(c), folding stock, laser sight, regular
ammo] SCENE 7
Unarmed Combat [Unarmed combat, Acc 12, Reach 1,
DV 11S, AP —]
Rating Attack Sleaze Data Proc. Firewall THE PIECES
4 5 4 7 6
7 3 4 6 3 2 3 1 6
Installed IC: Bloodhound, Crash, Sparky, Tar Baby
Initiative: 7 + 1D6 Slaved Devices: Security cameras, door locks,
Condition Monitor: 12 entertainment cameras, trid displays CAST OF
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 4, Social 4 Spiders: One always on duty SHADOWS
Armor: 9 Sculpting: The Matrix sculpting resembles an
Skills: Etiquette 2 (Corporate +2), Intimidation 3, Leadership Aztechnology pyramid shaped into the letter “A” (the
2, Music Scene Knowledge 2, Perception 3, Pistols 4, Apex logo), but the pyramid is detailed to resemble PLAYER
Running 2, Sports Knowledge 3, Unarmed Combat 4 metal girders. The IC appear to be sparkly flames HANDOUT
Qualities: Low-Light Vision (Sparky or Bloodhound), or barrels rolling down the
Gear: Armor vest, micro-transceiver, 2 plasteel restraints, girders (Crash or Tar Baby). There is always a spider
Renraku Sensei commlink (DR 3), respirator (Rating 4) on duty, sculpted to look like a giant-sized gorilla, who DEBRIEFING
Weapons: keeps watch from the top of the pyramid. LOG
Beretta 201T [Light pistol, Acc 7, DV 6P, AP —, SA/ Security Procedures: Bloodhound is always on duty as
BF, RC (1), 21(c), folding stock, laser sight, regular a patrol program. If Bloodhound detects intruders,
ammo] it immediately begins tracking them. Tar Baby is
Unarmed Combat [Unarmed combat, Acc 8, Reach —, launched next, followed by Sparky, then Crash. Should
DV 6S, AP —] an IC get bricked, it uses its next Combat Turn to reboot
that IC before moving to the next one.
Pay Data: There are data files on the host which have 100
nuyen value per player on NooseNet.

If the runners are caught attempting to break into the

(1, PROFESSIONAL RATING 4) host before or during the negotiation, Juan insists the UNDER FIRE
B A R S W L I C ESS decker responsible does the investigative job for free
to make amends. If the runners do not comply, he ends
2 3 4 3 5 6(7) 5 2 5.7 INTRODUCTION
the negotiations and asks the whole team to leave—
making certain to mention that Aztechnology has a
Initiative: 9 + 1D6
long memory. This should get the runners to cooper-
Matrix Initiative: 8 + 3D6 MISSION
ate, but if they choose to walk, the run is over.
Condition Monitor: 11 SYNOPSIS
If a team member is caught breaking into the host,
Limits: Physical 4, Mental 8, Social 5
Armor: 6 attacking staff at Apex, or other unprofessional activity,
Skills: Blades 1, Cybercombat 5, Electronic Warfare 5, they do not receive a loyalty increase from Juan at the SCENE 1
Electronics skill group 6, Hacking 7 (vs. Personas +2), completion of the mission.
Intimidation 2, Perception 3, Pistols 1 (Tasers +2)
Augmentations: Cerebral booster 1, datajack Scene 3: SCENE 2
Gear: Armor clothing, area jammer (Rating 4), Renraku
Sensei (DR 3), Sony CIY-720 w/ Armor, Biofeedback,
Encryption, Exploit, Guard, Hammer, Sneak, Stealth
Walking Taco SCENE 3
Yamaha Pulsar [Taser, Acc 5, DV 7S(e), AP –5, SA, (Optional) SCENE 4
RC—, 4(m)] w/(10x) taser dart]
Knife [Blades, Acc 5, Reach 0, DV 4P, AP –1]
Scan This
A Taco Temple driver named Pete Schlotsky backed
Pushing the Envelope into a runner’s vehicle, causing minor damage. The
Atzi notes in the meeting that the fighter lined up for driver doesn’t have money to pay for the repairs and SCENE 6
wants to run the claim through his insurance.
the undercard match has canceled. Since they already
have a crowd and are on short notice, they are willing
to pay 2,000 nuyen for one runner to step into the ring Tell it to Them Straight
with Hector “The Eagle” Quauhtli, a troll, for one round
After retrieving your gear from the bouncer, you head
(5 Combat Turns) in an unarmed match. No arma- SCENE 8
out of the club and back to your ride. With a little luck,
ments, armor, or spells are permitted in the match. As- maybe you can get the job done and score some other
sistance is available afterward from an on-call medical work to supplement this paycheck.
team (using First Aid dice pool of 16). Onsite betting As you approach your car, you hear a crunching
on the match is permitted up to 500 nuyen, allowing noise. Despite the smoke, it’s easy to spot the Chrys-
the winner to double their money. ler-Nissan Jackrabbit that backed into your ride. A few
pedestrians nearby have stopped to rubberneck. Drek! LEGWORK
HECTOR “THE EAGLE” Guess luck’s not on your side today, chummer. It looks
like the other guy’s ride took the worst of it, though.


Behind the Scenes SHADOWS

10 5(8) 6(9) 9(12) 5 4 5 4 6 3 6

The air quality outdoors in this area results in a –3 Visibil-
ity Modifier and a Fatigue Test once every three hours. PLAYER
Pete Schlotsky just finished a Taco Temple food de- HANDOUT
Initiative: 14 + 4D6
Condition Monitor: 13/11 livery and was backing out of his parking spot when he
Limits: Physical 13, Mental 6, Social 7 hit a runner’s vehicle. With all the smoke in the area, his
car sensors didn’t notice the other vehicle. Pete’s very DEBRIEFING
Armor: 1 LOG
Skills: Automatics 5, Blades 5, Intimidation 6, Perception 2, sorry it happened, but he doesn’t carry any money
Pistols 4, Unarmed Combat 6 when making deliveries (and doesn’t have any personal
Qualities: Adept, High Pain Tolerance 3 funds to pay either). He wants to run this through his
Adept Powers: Attribute Boost (Strength) 5, Attribute Boost insurance company, The Admiral. He is sure The Admiral
(Agility) 5, Improved Reflexes 3 will take care of the damages, but he needs to enter the
Gear: None runner’s SIN and vehicle identification info for the claim.
Unarmed Attack [Unarmed, Acc 15, Reach 1, DV 12S,
runner’s SIN and vehicle identification info for the claim. The easiest way to avoid any entanglements or COVER
The damage is mostly cosmetic. Any runner who public notice is for the players to tell Pete not to worry
succeeds on an Automotive Mechanic + Logic [Mental] about the damages. He seems very relieved, but says he
(2) Test realizes this would take about four hours of work should submit it to make sure they are not out for dam- UNDER FIRE
to repair the damage in an equipped shop (400 nuyen, ages. His insistence is fairly weak, so good roleplaying
unless the runner has a mechanic contact—which re- by the players or an Etiquette + Charisma [Social] (1)
duces the cost by ten percent per level of Loyalty with INTRODUCTION
Test convinces him to drop the argument. Pete thanks
that contact). the runners repeatedly for their generosity, and tells the
If the runners give SIN info to Pete, he submits it to runners he was accidentally issued an extra employee MISSION
The Admiral for a claim along with his vehicle’s senso- discount code for the Taco Temple. He offers to give the SYNOPSIS
ry data. The Admiral, in turn, runs the vehicle’s ID code code to the runners as a thank-you for their kindness.
and runner’s SIN for verification as standard policy. If
the vehicle was reported stolen or was involved in crim- SCENE 1
inal activity, or the runner’s SIN is associated with any
active warrants, a Lone Star patrol is dispatched (and no PETE SCHLOTSKY
claim will be paid). If the runners use a Spoof Chip in the SCENE 2
vehicle, no patrol is dispatched even if it was associated
with criminal activity in the past. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 6 2
Runners providing a fake SIN have it checked against SCENE 3
a Rating 3 verification. In game terms, the gamemaster Initiative: 6 + 1D6
should make a Simple Device Rating (3) x 2 Test with a Condition Monitor: 10
Limits: Physical 4, Mental 4, Social 5 SCENE 4
threshold equal to the rating of the fake SIN. If the num-
ber of hits is under the threshold, the system reports no Armor: 6
problem. Skills: Delivery Routes Knowledge 5, Fast Food Knowledge
3, Influence skill group 3, Navigation 3, Perception 2, SCENE 5
If the runner’s SIN passes, the insurance company
pays for the repairs at the end of the mission. Should Pilot Ground Craft 3, Unarmed Combat 2
Qualities: Accident Prone, Bad Luck
the runner’s SIN fail the verification process, informa- SCENE 6
Gear: Armor clothing, Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit
tion regarding the SIN is flagged as discrepant in the
[Handling 4/3, Speed 3, Accel 2, Body 8, Armor 4, Pilot
database (granting the runner +1 Public Awareness and
1, Sensor 2, Seats 2], Transys Arthur commlink (DR 1) SCENE 7
no claim is paid). The claim status is not immediately
available to Pete or the runners. A dispatched Lone Star
Unarmed Combat [Unarmed, Acc 4, Reach —, DV 3S,
patrol does not arrive for 30-45 minutes, and any smart
runner should be long gone (see Pushing the Envelope
for less-than-smart runners).
The three pedestrians who witnessed the accident
stopped to watch the scene unfold. They are electron-
ic witnesses who post anything interesting that occurs
into the Matrix.

Taco Temple is a spinoff from Aztechnology’s Loco Foods 3 3 3 3 3 4 2 3 5.6 CAST OF

convenience brand (or at least, that’s one of the common
Initiative: 5 + 1D6
theories about its ownership). Taco Temple has emerged as
Condition Monitor: 10
a top contender in the low-budget fast food market. Aligned Limits: Physical 4, Mental 5, Social 5 PLAYER
to compete aggressively, the franchise boasts high flavor and Armor: 6 HANDOUT
low price points. It’s mostly highly processed soy, but special Skills: Data Warehouses Knowledge 4, Electronics skill
menu items change weekly. The popular 5 Cred menu will fill group 3, Etiquette 2, Matrix Chat Rooms Knowledge 4,
a chummer up for only 5 nuyen (not including any heartburn Running 2, Unarmed Combat 2, DEBRIEFING
Qualities: Electronic Witness LOG
and indigestion meds that may be required afterward).
Aztechnology currently has a marketing promotion going Augmentations: Cybereyes 1 w/image link and low-light
on with Taco Temple. Anyone who mega-sizes a meal from vision, cyberears 1 w/sound link
the 5 Cred menu gets a free music download of the hit song Gear: Armor clothing, Common Denominator Element
commlink (DR 2)
“Burrito for My Omae!”
Unarmed Combat [Unarmed, Acc 4, Reach —, DV 3S,
AP —]
Pushing the Envelope Scene 4: COVER

If the runners had Pete file a claim for damages but

failed the SIN or Vehicle ID check, a Lone Star patrol is Nasty Grrrls! UNDER FIRE
dispatched. They arrive 30-45 minutes after the claim
is submitted. This is a bad neighborhood, so they are
suspicious of everyone at the scene and detain and
question anyone still present when they arrive. If any A gang of maggots (servants to the bug spirits) has set
runners have an active warrant or the vehicle is stolen, up an ambush in the area. They placed lubricant on the
the patrol attempts to take them into custody. street between some wrecked cars. Their gang throws MISSION
a little girl into the street to make cars swerve, and the SYNOPSIS
gang begins to fire on any accident survivors.
(4, PROFESSIONAL RATING 3) Tell it to Them Straight
The smoke thickens as your team closes in on the co- SCENE 2
ordinates, limiting your visibility. Between clouds of
4 3 4 3 3 2 3 3 6 smoke, you see graffiti in both meat and cyberspace.
A few burned-out cars are pushed to the sides of the SCENE 3
Initiative: 7 + 1D6 road, but there is no moving street traffic. Suddenly,
Condition Monitor: 10 emerging from behind one of the burned cars, a little
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 5 ork girl falls into the street in front of you. SCENE 4
Armor: 12
Skills: Clubs 3, Law Enforcement Knowledge 4, Local
Crime Knowledge 3, Perception 3, Pistols 4, Running 3, Behind the Scenes SCENE 5
Unarmed Combat 4 The Nasty Grrrls gang has been terrorizing this neigh-
Gear: Armor jacket, jazz x 2, Renraku Sensei commlink (DR borhood for two months. The gang is made up of wom-
3), sunglasses (image link, smartlink) en who were not accepted into the Desolation Angels,
Weapons: or those who were thrown out of the gang for various
Ares Predator V [Heavy pistol, Acc 7, DV 8P, AP –1, SA, reasons. The gang hates and preys upon the weakest
RC—, 15(c) w/ smartgun system, internal]
in society, in stark contrast to the Desolation Angels.
Defiance EX Shocker [Taser, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP –5, This neighborhood is at a –6 visibility penalty and
SS, RC—, 4(m)] runners must make Fatigue Tests hourly due to the SCENE 8
Stun Baton [Club, Acc 4, Reach 1, DV 9S(e), AP –5, 10 smoke. The neighborhood where the construction was
charges w/internal battery] taking place is one city block from where the fires are
currently smoldering. It is a Squatter neighborhood that PICKING UP
consists mostly of low-rent apartments, a Stuffer Shack, THE PIECES
and a retirement home.
Debugging Have the players make a Perception + Intuition
[Mental] (3) Test, reminding them of the visibility pen- LEGWORK
This scene is a roleplaying scene, but the players have alties prior to the test. If a player succeeds, they receive
lots of opportunities to cause problems for themselves. +3 dice on the Surprise Test. Follow this roll with a Sur-
If they get into trouble here, they can always run away. prise Test, rolling Reaction + Intuition (3) to avoid sur- CAST OF
The smoke in the area makes avoiding pursuit easy, prise (p.192, SR5). Edge can be spent to avoid surprise. SHADOWS
and since it’s a bad neighborhood with low visibility— Surprised drivers cannot react to avoid the girl.
even the Star won’t stray too far to chase them.’ If the team is driving, determine whether the run-
ner piloting the vehicle can avoid the little girl. If so,
they must make the Piloting Test indicated below. If the
team decides to plow straight through the little girl, the
threshold for the Piloting Test is reduced by 2 (they still DEBRIEFING
need to test to determine if they slide/crash from the LOG
The gang set an ambush for unlucky travelers. The
roadway between the burned cars is coated in Ul-
tra-Glide Industrial Lubricant (see p. 16). The driver must
make a Pilot Ground Craft + Reaction [Handling] (4) Test

to avoid a crash. The visibility penalty applies to the Pi- the collection and return of all valuable Aztechnology COVER
loting Test roll. Drivers using a vehicle control rig can resources left on the dig site, the lack of cooperation
reduce the threshold by the control rig’s rating. Pilots re- from the community, the feeling of being watched. The
ceive +1 die from using AR piloting or +2 dice from VR notes and video/audio footage also show that on their UNDER FIRE
piloting. Glitches on this test result in the team’s vehicle second day of investigation, the troubleshooter’s sha-
hitting the girl as well as crashing, but by spending Edge man witnessed bug spirits near the dig site. The team
they can avoid hitting the girl. A crash result disables the was on foot at the time and had planned on retreating to INTRODUCTION
vehicle for the scene. their van, but small arms fire cut them off. As the decker
If the team is not driving, the little girl is still used as hit the asphalt, his team was separated and forced to
a distraction. The gang attempts to catch the team by retreat north. The last recordings show the removal of
surprise if they approach her. If the runners approach his head from his perspective along with the glee of the
on the street, they may still slip on the lubricated area. Nasty Grrrls gang’s decker. Once the last of the informa-
Two gang members are hidden behind the burned- tion is obtained from this jury-rigged deck, it burns out SCENE 1
out cars on either side of the road. The two gangers on and is destroyed.
the right side are the ones who threw the girl into the Assuming the ork girl survives, she can be very help-
street. The gangers on the left side shove an old, burned ful to the team. Her name is Ellie, and the gang took SCENE 2
wreck into the street behind the girl to block the road. her family from the brownstone apartment they now
These gangers remain behind cover and fire on the team occupy. She knows the gang took some people from
until they exit their vehicle, at which time the gang en- the retirement home too. She heard them talking about SCENE 3
gages with rusty machetes. the home and something about all the “good drugs” the
Two gangers drive a stolen fire truck across the road old people have. She thanks the runners for getting her
behind the team to block their escape, while the gang away from the bad women in the gang. SCENE 4
leader uses the fire truck’s water cannon on the runners. Inside the retirement home, the runners find sever-
Once the truck is in place blocking the road, the two al dead staff members and patients. Along with them,
gangers in the cab also engage the team. the team finds fifteen living but malnourished elderly
From above and to the right side of the road, two metahumans of different metatypes. The dispensary
gangers take cover in windows of the Shady Acres Re- has already been ransacked, but the team can find pre- SCENE 6
tirement Community. These gangers fire at will on any scription drugs on the gang boss worth a street value of
target of opportunity. Firing into the Shady Acres Retire- 1,000 nuyen per runner. A Medicine + Logic [Mental]
ment Community can cause complications for the run- (2) Test lets a runner know the drugs are necessary to SCENE 7
ners, as there are still retiree residents inside. The run- keep the remaining patients alive.
ners may notice some of the elderly patients looking out If the runners speak with the residents, the team
other windows to see what is happening outside with finds they are nervous and scared to talk with them after SCENE 8
a Perception + Intuition [Mental] (2) Test. Any glitched their treatment at the hands of the gang. An Etiquette +
attack tests or indiscriminate fire into the building using Charisma [Social] (3) Test is required to get the residents
ammo with an AP value can potentially harm or kill the to open up to the team. The threshold is increased to 4 PICKING UP
retirees. Elderly patients resist damage with 6 dice, and if the runners killed residents during the ambush, but if THE PIECES
they have a single condition monitor with eight boxes. the runners give the medicine back to the residents it
Damage from a glitched test is the base damage for the is reduced by 2. Below is the information the team can
weapon used. Any injury causes them to fall to the floor obtain by talking with the residents.
or flee the window. • The gang has been set up here for two months.
The gang’s decker is in the upper floor of the brown- The residents saw the gang ambush and take CAST OF
stone apartments to the left, located in the little girl’s away other people, along with able-bodied work- SHADOWS
room. Another ganger is in the room with her, acting as ers from the home. The gang even took a large
a guard while she is in the Matrix. number of the home’s residents away. The gang’s
The decker is already in the Matrix using Hot Sim VR. captives are taken to an apartment complex half PLAYER
She engages any active decker or extreme threat first a block away, and the residents do not usually see HANDOUT
(like someone in military-grade body armor), rigger sec- them again. One of the residents saw the crew
ond, and the lowest rating commlink/gear she detects that was working on the street, and the repairs
third. When the team gets to her body, the runners find were being done in front of the same house. The DEBRIEFING
she cut off the head of the Aztechnology team’s decker residents believe they are only kept here because LOG
and ran wiring from the decapitated head into her data- they have biomonitors that report them as alive
jack and piercings to jury-rig a connection to the head’s and trigger a monthly shipment of prescription
internal cyberdeck. drugs and a nuyen transfer. Two of the retirement
The Aztechnology cyberdeck contains information home employees did return briefly after they
on the troubleshooting team’s investigation. It details were taken away, but they acted strangely. The











employees left shortly after speaking with the modifiers as appropriate based on the team’s actions on
gang leader and did not return. the Social Modifiers Table, p.140, SR5. The team may
• The retirees also saw the Aztechnology team in also choose to use magical means to obtain information SCENE 8
the area. The gang hid from them the first day. from the captive.
The second day the Aztechnology team was
snooping around, the gang ambushed them 1 net hit The gang knew the bugs were PICKING UP
with the help of some giant bugs that came back and it was only a matter of THE PIECES
from the building down the street. The retirees time until they took over. They
say they haven’t seen anything like that since decided to side with them, and
cut a deal with the insect shaman LEGWORK
Bug City, and they are scared because they
thought the bugs were all gone. The team was who is in charge.
on foot when they got ambushed and got into a 2 net hits The gang supplies bodies to the CAST OF
running firefight trying to flee the area. The retir- shaman and the insects leave SHADOWS
ees don’t know exactly what happened to them. them alone.
They are pretty sure the team is dead based on
3 net hits About a week ago, they stopped
comments the gang made. After the gunfight, PLAYER
seeing the shaman, and have been
the smoke started. The retirees have no other HANDOUT
talking with a different guy who
pertinent information.
stays in the hive building instead.
If the team manages to capture any gang members 4 net hits The bugs got upset when the work DEBRIEFING
alive, they are uncooperative and try to escape when- crew broke into the tunnel, and LOG
ever possible. The runners may use Intimidation + Cha- the gang was given orders to keep
risma [Social] versus the gangers’ Charisma + Willpow- people out of there. When the
er, modified by –7 dice penalty (General Modifiers) as Aztechnology team arrived, the
the team are enemies who are seeking information that gang set them up and ambushed
is harmful to the ganger and her goals. Use additional them.

(P. 201, SR5)
5 net hits The Aztechnology team retreated, When a vehicle crashes, it and any passengers must COVER
and the gang chased them into an resist damage equal to the Body of the vehicle. This damage
old Janus plastics manufacturing is resisted by Body + Armor –6 AP. The damage is Stun if the
plant (losing eight of their vehicle’s Body (the base damage) is less than the character’s UNDER FIRE
members in the process). In order Armor, and Physical if the Body of the vehicle is equal to or
to cut their losses, the gang leader greater than the character’s Armor. Crashes are mentally
had them block the doors and traumatic as well. Any character caught in a crash must
burn down the building with the make a Composure (4) Test, taking a penalty to their actions
security team trapped inside. equal to how many hits they missed the threshold by, for a MISSION
number of Combat Turns equal to the same number. SYNOPSIS
Note: Due to road conditions and visibility, the runners
NASTY GRRRLS are assumed to be driving through the area slowly. As a
result, the damage from the impact is only ½ of the Body of
the vehicle, rounded down.
4 5 4 4 4 3 4 3 5
Initiative: 8 + 2D6
Condition Monitor: 10 SYSTEMS (PPS)
Limits: Physical 6, Mental 5, Social 5
(P. 159, RIGGER 5.0) SCENE 4
Armor: 9
Skills: Blades 5, Firearms skill group 5, Intimidation 3, The passenger protection system (PPS) is a well known
Perception 2, Pilot Ground Craft 3, Unarmed Combat 6 and trusted series of systems and modifications made to a SCENE 5
Qualities: Toughness vehicle to keep its passengers safe in the case of a collision
Augmentations: Boosted reflexes or other “adverse vehicular situations.” PPS components
Gear: Armor vest, Renraku Sensei commlink (DR 3) include four-point harnesses, padded surfaces, quick- SCENE 6
Weapons: deploying air bags, and in some cases fast-drying foam. A
Defiance T-250 [Shotgun, Acc 4, DV 11P, AP –2, SS/SA,
PPS has a Rating of 1 to 6, with the Rating added as a dice
5(m) w/(20x) explosive rounds] SCENE 7
pool bonus to any Damage Resistance Tests by passengers
Knife [Blade, Acc 5, DV 5P, AP –1]
Rusty Machete [Blade, Reach 1, Acc 6, DV 7P, AP –2] from damage due to crashes or any other vehicular activity
(including ramming) that is not an attack by a weapon. SCENE 8


3 3 3 5 6(7) 5 2 5.7 5 (P. 104, RUN & GUN) LEGWORK
Zeta-ImpChem initially intended to develop an innovative
Initiative: 8 + 1D6
industrial-grade degreaser. On paper and in computer CAST OF
Matrix Initiative: 9 + 3D6
modeling, that’s exactly what they did. But when they tested SHADOWS
Condition Monitor: 11
Limits: Physical 4, Mental 8, Social 5 their creation, they discovered the viscous liquid not only
Armor: 9 didn’t remove grease, it was itself almost impossible to
remove without specialized solvents. More importantly, any PLAYER
Skills: Cybercombat 5, Electronic Warfare 5, Electronics
surface coated with their experimental cleaner became HANDOUT
skill group 6, Forgery 3, Hacking 7 (vs. Hosts +2),
Intimidation 2, Perception 3, Pistols 4 for all practical intents and purposes friction-free. Zeta-
Qualities: I C U, Ninja Vanish, Juryrigger ImpChem wasted no time in rebranding their failed cleaner as DEBRIEFING
Augmentations: Cerebral booster 1, datajack an industrial lubricant. Though chemically improbable, Ultra- LOG
Gear: Armor vest, area jammer (Rating 4), Renraku Glide works—the coating produces a zero-friction surface
Sensei (DR 3), decapitated Aztechnology decker that all but eliminates wear and heat in machinery. Sold to
head w/internal Hermes Chariot cyberdeck (w/Armor,
consumers in jugs and spray cans, Ultra-Glide is popular
Biofeedback, Encryption, Exploit, Hammer, Sim Module,
with security providers who use it to coat approaches to
Sneak, Stealth)—can only operate hot sim via direct
wired connection through a datajack potential breach points. It can also be used in squirt weapons
Weapons: or in standard paint grenades (applicable skill tests apply). To
Remington Roomsweeper [Heavy pistol, Acc 4, DV 8P, move across a surface (per meter) coated with Ultra-Glide
AP –2, SA, 8(m) SYNOPSIS
w/(16x) explosive rounds]
Unarmed [Unarmed, Acc 4, Reach 0, DV 3S, AP —]
requires a Gymnastics + Agility (3) [Physical] Test, or an
Agility (4) Test to hold on to an Ultra-Glide coated item.
5 4(5) 3(6) 4(5) 4 3 3 4 0.4 Water cannons can be used to blast a single target or UNDER FIRE
to spread water over a wider area in an attempt to strike
Initiative: 6(9) +2D6 multiple targets. The area attack takes a Complex Action
Condition Monitor: 11 INTRODUCTION
and allows the user to attack up to two additional targets
Limits: Physical 7, Mental 5, Social 5 within two meters of another target. A single Attack Test
Armor: 12 is made against all targets, and they make their Defense MISSION
Skills: Close Combat skill group 5, Etiquette 3 (Street +2),
Tests separately. The DV is reduced by 2 for each additional SYNOPSIS
Firearms skill group 6, Gunnery 6, Heavy Weapons 4,
target. Water cannons can also be used for laying down
Intimidation 5, Leadership 4, Negotiation 3, Sneaking 3
Augmentations: Dermal plating 3, muscle replacement 1, Suppressive Fire (p. 179, SR5), consuming four shots, and
they can take advantage of the same rules as Flechette
reaction enhancers 2, smartlink, spurs, wired reflexes 1
Gear: Armor vest Suppressive Fire (p. 120, Run & Gun).
Weapons: SCENE 2
Ruger Super Warhawk [Heavy Pistol, Acc 7, DV 9P,
AP –6, SS, 6(cy) w/(6x) APDS, smartgun system, WATER DAMAGE
external] Water damage comes into play when water is delivered
Spurs [Unarmed, Reach 0, Acc 7, DV 8P, AP –2]
with sufficient force and pressure to cause injury. Water
damage does not directly affect any Condition Monitors; SCENE 4
FIRE TRUCK instead, it has a chance to knock characters down. The
base Water damage for knockdown purposes for a water
Hand Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats cannon is 10S. The targeted character rolls Agility, reducing SCENE 5
2/2 3 1 18 10 2 2 2 the Water damage by the number of hits. If the remaining
damage is higher than the character’s Physical limit, the SCENE 6
Upgrades: Water Tank, External Water Cannon Water damage knocks them down, as if they had forcibly
Weapons: taken a free Drop Prone action. Additionally, the area
Water Cannon [Gunnery, Acc 5, DV 10S(water), AP around the target with a radius of 5 meters is slippery for SCENE 7
–half, FA, RC —, 1000 (connected to water tank)]
the next ten minutes. Any action involving movement in this
*See Sidebar
area, including Defense Tests, take a –2 dice pool penalty.
Active fires in that same area have their DV reduced

HOST: SHADY ACRES by the water cannon’s damage code. Also, any exposed
and unsealed electronics may be damaged. For any such PICKING UP
Rating Attack Sleaze Data Proc. Firewall devices, make a Device Rating (3) Test; failure means water THE PIECES
3 4 3 5 6 hit the sensitive innards of the device and bricked it (see
Bricking, p. 228, SR5).
Installed IC: Patrol, Track, Binder, Probe
Slaved Devices: Door maglocks, elevator, kitchen
appliances, heating/cooling, access to the CAST OF
pharmaceutical dispensary safe SHADOWS
Spiders: There are no active Spiders.
Sculpting: The Host is sculpted to appear as the Shady
Acres Retirement Home when it was in pristine PLAYER
condition. The Patrol IC appears as a security guard HANDOUT
who walks the hallways. Probe IC appears as a nosy
nurse who investigates the intruder. Binder IC takes the
form of an administrator who bogs down the intruder DEBRIEFING
with endless paperwork. Track IC is sculpted to look LOG
like an orderly.
Security Procedures: Patrol IC is always active (it scans
once every 1D6 Combat Turns for intruders). Upon
detecting an intruder, the host launches Probe, then
Track. The host then deactivates Patrol and replaces
it with Binder on the following initiative pass. If an IC
is crashed, the host prioritizes launching Probe, then
Track, then Binder.
Pay Data: 0 nuyen (The SYNOPSIS
pay data formerly contained on this 17
host has been stolen by the Nasty Grrrls hacker.)
Pushing the Envelope Scene 5: COVER

If the players are having too easy of a time fighting

the gang, have one of the gangers throw a Molotov The Dig Site UNDER FIRE
cocktail on the lubricant to set it ablaze. This creates a
flaming surface under the runners to deal with. See Fire
Damage sidebar.
Runners find the worksite still marked with orange
cones. Working materials and tools still remain in the
FIRE DAMAGE (P. 171, SR5) area. The dig site has been partially covered over with
a concrete-like material. Clues leading to a nearby SYNOPSIS
Fire damage is Physical. It can also make things catch apartment building point to the abduction of the work-
fire. To determine if something catches fire, roll Armor Value ers by bug spirits.
+ Fire Resistance – Fire AP (see Fire Armor Piercing Ratings
table, below). The threshold on this test is the net hits rolled Tell it to Them Straight
on the fire-based attack. If the item succeeds, it is not on fire SCENE 2
You enter a cul-de-sac made up of mostly brick brown-
(for now). Armor accessories are excluded from the test but
stone apartments, with one concrete stucco building
the gamemaster may require them to make their own test.
standing out aesthetically. Ahead, through the smoke, SCENE 3
When something catches fire, the fire has an initial you see the orange cones that mark off the area that
Damage Value of 3. This damage is taken at the end of each was the worker’s dig site. Approaching it cautiously,
Combat Turn, and the DV increases by 1 at the start of each you find it abandoned. The cones and yellow tape still SCENE 4
subsequent Combat Turn until the item is completely destroyed mark it as a construction area, and a few assorted dig-
or the fire is put out. You can fight the fire a number of ways ging tools have been left behind. As you step to the
(water, smothering, etc.), making an Agility + Intuition Test and edge of the cones and peer through the smoke, it ap- SCENE 5
reducing the fire’s DV by 1 for each hit. Remember, as long as pears the dig site was filled in with concrete—in stark
the fire is burning it can ignite any nearby flammables, including contrast to the asphalt making up the remainder of the
road. A dark rust-colored smear of dried blood leads to SCENE 6
furniture, vehicles, foliage, and elves.
the edge of the new concrete, where it stops abruptly.


Behind the Scenes
Type of Fire AP
This neighborhood is at a –6 visibility penalty and Fa- SCENE 8
Open Flame –2 tigue Tests are made hourly.
Fire-based spells spell Force The workers at the dig site accidentally broke into a
Flame-based weapon –6 tunnel leading to the termite hive in the nearby apart- PICKING UP
ment complex. Termite spirits swarmed and abducted THE PIECES
the workers. Termite workers have the ability to create a
concrete-like material, and they used it to create a thin
Debugging surface over the dig site—making it appear filled in. LEGWORK
If the team is inexperienced or light on combatants, With a Construction, Bug Spirits, or similar Knowledge
reduce the number of gangers and/or the professional Skill + Logic [Mental] (2) Test, a runner knows the materi-
al is not concrete. If 4 hits are scored, the runner identifies CAST OF
level of the gangers. If the team is still getting wiped
the material as being created by termite spirits. SHADOWS
out, have the fire truck’s water cannon run out of water.
Runners could also be made aware that there is an op- A Perception + Intuition [Mental] (2) Test allows the
tion to flee from the area and regroup, perhaps by fol- runner to find a weak spot in the material—a crumbling
lowing the little girl as she runs away to a hiding spot. corner that could be reopened with a little work. The
tunnel under the concrete layer leads directly to the ter-
mite hive (this is why the spirits removed the workers).
Alternately, if the team uses the digging tools or other DEBRIEFING
implements and checks the area near the blood smear, LOG
they can break into the tunnel. One worker’s partially
exposed body is at the base of the opening, cemented
into the tunnel wall underneath the team’s feet. The tun-
nel runs from the apartment building to where it joins
with the local sewer.

A Perception + Intuition [Mental] (4) Test allows the ner glitches, the concrete they stand on cracks and COVER
runner to spot the outline of a worker’s Sony Emperor their foot falls through into the tunnel up to their ankle,
commlink (DR2) covered in cement-like material. The forcing them to resist 3S damage (no armor penalty).
team can chip it out of the cement easily once it is spot- If the runners call other contacts, try to steer them UNDER FIRE
ted. A Hardware + Logic [Mental] (3) is required to re- back to calling Juan (their Mr. Johnson). The problem is
move the cement and restore functionality to the device. in an area of the CZ that is mostly Aztechnology-con-
The commlink has footage similar to the hidden camera trolled, so other corps want to avoid entanglements if
footage below, but from a first-person perspective. possible. Contacts not affiliated with a corp lack the in-
A successful Computer + Intuition [Data Processing] dividual resources to deal with a hive. MISSION
Test versus 4 dice allows the team to spot a functional If the team decides to attempt entry into the hive, SYNOPSIS
camera running silent in the area. The camera is a De- remind them that the building has been plastered with
vice Rating 2 hidden camera that watches the street in a concrete-like covering. They would need to break
front of the apartment. The camera was designed to re- through it to gain entry. If they decide to go in anyhow, SCENE 1
cord building visitors—not what happens on the street, proceed to Scene 6: Nest Full of Trouble, but modify
so the image quality is poor and grainy. the scene to have Juan call the team for a status report.
The video reveals a worker with a jackhammer break- SCENE 2
ing through the asphalt. Suddenly, the worker stops
the machine and waves his friends over. A few of the
Scene 6:
workers gather nearby and talk for a while, all the time
looking down at the hole. The worker with the jackham- Nest Full
mer starts it up again, while the others use hand tools
nearby to widen the hole. After a few minutes they stop
and seem amazed that the asphalt is crumbling away
of Trouble SCENE 4

into a large tunnel underneath the street. They all gather

around the tunnel. A few seem to capture images with Scan This
their commlinks, others stand around and talk—seem-
The runners call Juan to explain that the workers have
ingly puzzled. Suddenly, materializing from thin air near SCENE 6
been taken by bugs and the Aztechnology security
the workers, is a swarm of large crawling insects. The
team is dead. Juan tells them to wait nearby at a safe
insects grab the workers and drag them underground.
distance from the tunnel, where he will meet up with
One worker is killed in the process, leaving the blood SCENE 7
them. Juan offers them an additional paycheck if they
streak on the asphalt. Over the next two hours of foot-
age (which can be sped up), the insect creatures work agree to monitor the insect hive while he gets his plan
from the tunnel to construct a new top layer for their in place. SCENE 8
tunnel by regurgitating the concrete material in place.
The camera has no other useful footage after the tunnel
was sealed.
Tell it to Them Straight PICKING UP
The termite hive is a large, five-story apartment No. Nope. Nada. Not getting paid enough to deal with THE PIECES
building. The inside of the hive is reinforced with a layer bugs today. Time to call Mr. Johnson. A few blips later,
of the same concrete-like material, which can be seen you see Juan’s troll mug appear on your comm. After a
quick explanation of your investigation, there is a long LEGWORK
through some the windows. The concrete layer covers
and seals the insides of all openings into the building pause while Juan absorbs everything you just said.
above ground. Astrally, the hive is very active, with ter- Your commlinks register a payment for the services
mite worker spirits crawling on its surface. you have already provided.
If the runners call Juan, proceed to Scene 6: Nest Full A moment later, Juan speaks in a grave tone. “Amigos,
of Trouble. we must stop them. This hive is a major threat not only
to the people who call this neighborhood home, but to PLAYER
all Chicago. I have a plan, but it requires your assistance. HANDOUT
Pushing the Envelope I will need you to monitor the hive while I make the ar-
There is no need to push the envelope here. rangements and bring in some resources. Everything
should be ready in about a day. For this, I can pay an DEBRIEFING
extra 1,000 nuyen to each of you.” LOG
If the team cannot figure out what happened, have the Once the runners agree to help Juan:
runners make an Edge Test. The runner with the most
hits spots some of the smoke drifting from the cracks “Stay in a safe place nearby and contact me
in the concrete material covering the tunnels. If a run- if you see any unusual activity. By that, I mean

a swarm of bugs manifesting, leaving the hive, the hive, while his other forces provide cover at the top COVER
or the hive doing something they are not doing of the tunnel to secure the escape route. The runners
now. I will meet with you tomorrow.” can watch with Juan as the Aztechnology team gets
caught in the tunnel by the bugs and are killed. The ex- UNDER FIRE
plosives are not in correct position, so Juan offers the
Behind the Scenes team a payday to pick them up and move them under
If the runners ask, Juan would normally use his securi- the building. His forces keep the tunnel exit clear while
ty team to watch the area—but the Nasty Grrrls killed the team moves the package.
them. If the team is unwilling to assist, he tells them he MISSION
understands and reaches out to other teams. He asks Tell it to Them Straight SYNOPSIS
that they do not act, just monitor and report anything
unusual until his forces are ready. After a brief sit-rep with your Johnson, he asks you to
For negotiations, players may roll Negotiation + make your way to meet him at the dig site. The air here SCENE 1
Charisma [Social] versus Juan’s 16 dice [8]. Since ne- is still foul and smoky, but it shows improvement since
gotiations are taking place via commlink, and the team the day before. The fire must be dying out.
already met and negotiated with Juan once, tailored Right on time, you hear the muted rumble of a SCENE 2
pheromones and First Impression no longer apply. The Toyota Talon with blackened windows. Juan, Atzi, and
pay for monitoring the bugs for Juan is 1,000 nuyen + Tenoch step out from the SUV and hustle to meet with
you as it swings to face away from the hive before park- SCENE 3
100 nuyen per net hit (to a maximum of 5).
While the team monitors the hive and nearby area, ing. Tenoch carries a heavy canvas backpack. Three
there are no strange occurrences. This allows the team Aztechnology Roadmasters roll past and set up in a tri-
angle around the dig site. Troops in security armor exit SCENE 4
to recover using the Natural Recovery rules, p. 206, SR5.
Stun Damage recovers at a rate of Body + Willpower the Roadmasters and begin to set up a defensive posi-
(1 hour) Extended Test, with each hit recovering a box tion. A few other troops begin to break open the con-
of Stun Damage. Physical Damage recovers at a rate of crete-covered dig site.
Body x 2 (1 day) Extended Test, with each hit recovering “Thank you for keeping an eye on the nest,” Juan
a box of Physical Damage. If the team chooses to hole up says. “I’ve forwarded the pay to your comms. The plan is SCENE 6
in the Shady Acres Retirement Community, they have ac- simple. Aztechnology developed a few toys during the
cess to a sterilized medical facility and supplies, allowing Bug City crisis, and I’ve brought them out of mothballs.
them to heal with no environmental penalties to the roll. Since you have been part of this, I will allow you to stay SCENE 7
and watch if you choose to.
“Once that tunnel is open, we are going to coat the
Pushing the Envelope breaching team with an experimental pheromone that SCENE 8
There is no need to push the envelope here. Either the was developed. It is designed to render them invisible to
players take the job or they do not. termite spirits long enough to deliver their package. They
will carry an explosive device that has been impregnated PICKING UP
with a variant of KE-V insecticide, and they will be armed THE PIECES
Debugging with KE-V ammunition. There should be enough explo-
The team can say “No” and refuse to watch the bugs. If sives in Tenoch’s bag to obliterate this hive.” LEGWORK
they turn down the job, Juan pays them the agreed-up-
on fee for their investigative work and the mission is Allow the players to interact with
over. If the team decides to walk away, they later find Juan. If they choose to stay for the CAST OF
out Juan and his team managed to detonate explosives SHADOWS
assault on the hive, read the text below:
under the hive but were not able to escape the blast. In
this instance, Juan can no longer be used as a contact. The Aztechnology team finishes opening a
two-meter hole into the tunnel that leads to the HANDOUT
Scene 7: hive. A team of six check over their gear a final

Hole in Juan time before getting sprayed head to toe with a

chemical from a tank clearly marked with bio- DEBRIEFING
hazard symbols. They take the explosives pack
Scan This from Tenoch and climb into the hole.
Juan, Atzi, and Tenoch arrive to meet with the runners. Juan pulls up an AR feed and shares it with the
Juan explains that his plan is to send a team into the team. It shows first-person camera views from
tunnel with explosives and set them to detonate under each of the six Aztechnology team members,











along with their call signs and biomonitor read- blood and gore spray across the AR visual feed.
ings. The Azzies pass a few bodies walled into Biomonitors spike and flatline on five members
the tunnel with a cement-like substance coating of the Azzie team. The sixth member, the one SCENE 8
them, looks of horror frozen on their faces for carrying the explosives, no longer transmits au-
all time. A few worker drones are spotted, and dio or visual information—just a faint bio sign. PICKING UP
the Azzies make their way past them without Juan looks to your team. “The explosives are THE PIECES
incident—it seems like the pheromone works! not in place. I can offer your team 5,000 nuyen
They make good time, getting about two-thirds and 100 rounds of KE-V ammunition each to finish
of the way to the building before they run into a this task. You can make use of the stealth pher-
cement wall blocking off the passage. omone as well. Now that the wall is down, the
The Aztechnology team is forced to stop and pheromone should buy you the time you need.” CAST OF
work to bring down the concrete barrier. The
work is slow, and it draws attention from the Behind the Scenes PLAYER
nearby spirits. As the team breaches the wall,
This is a dangerous encounter. The gamemaster should HANDOUT
their biomonitor readings start to show signs stress the eerie and disturbing nature of the bugs and
of extreme stress. Suddenly materializing from bug tunnels to heighten the runners’ anxiety. If the play-
the darkness, a huge termite warrior begins to ers are not careful, this could be a very deadly situation. DEBRIEFING
assault the team. It is quickly followed by an- The canvas pack Tenoch carries contains thirty-five LOG
kilograms of Plastic Explosives (Rating 15) with a det-
other warrior materializing. Swarms of work-
onator cap inserted (p. 436, SR5). The explosives are
ers grapple and hold down three team mem- treated with a KE-V variant designed to destroy bug
bers, including the one with the explosive bag. spirits. When the explosive pack detonates, it explodes
Screams of horror flood your audio feed, while with a DV of 8P. From the dig site, the tunnel extends

Aztechnology’s experimental stealth pheromone offers
one hundred meters until it is directly underneath the COVER
Termite hive. The blast value is –1 per meter away from definite tactical advantages to anyone opposing the bugs.
the detonation in the tunnel, so characters placing the As long as the coated individual does not interact with
explosive will want to be clear (or almost clear) of the drone spirits, including but not limited to offensive actions, UNDER FIRE
tunnel before detonating. If the pack should somehow drones treat them as if they were part of the environment
explode in an open area the blast value is –2 per meter. and not as a threat. Of course, there are limitations that
The detonator cap is slaved to Tenoch’s commlink for impact its usefulness. The first limitation is the short INTRODUCTION
detonation purposes, but a timer could also be set if the effective duration: the pheromone only lasts approximately
runners request that as part of their plan. five minutes. The second limitation is defined by whether the MISSION
For negotiations, players may roll Negotiation + user can keep their cool and behave naturally while in the SYNOPSIS
Charisma [Social] versus Juan’s 16 dice [8]. The pay for presence of the insect spirits. Sweat and erratic behavior
planting the explosives for Juan is 5,000 nuyen + 500
can easily alert drones to the intruder in their midst. The
nuyen per net hit (to a maximum of 5). SCENE 1
final limitation is the nature of the chemical mixture. Limited,
Movement speed and the Running skill are excep-
short-term usage has no lasting ill effect, while prolonged
tionally important to place the explosives. The players
need to go one hundred meters to be directly under- and multiple uses of the pheromone can result in serious SCENE 2
neath the hive and place the explosives in the entryway. health complications. Overexposure to the pheromone can
They can drop the explosive pack within ten meters of cause rashes, bleeding sores, nerve damage, and even
the entrance to the hive and it still has enough power to organ failure. In game terms, each application after the SCENE 3
be effective. If they shortchange the run any more than first requires a Toxin Resistance Test (p.409, SR5) against a
that, the hive will only be partially destroyed. Power 10 toxin (+1 power for each additional application).
It is clear from the video footage taken by the Az- SCENE 4
Runners who fail this test pick up the Blighted negative
technology team that the tunnel is littered with debris quality (p. 169, Run & Gun). The negative quality starts at the
and hazards. Drones and vehicles are severely ham- six-month rating, but it progresses to the twelve-month and SCENE 5
pered in the tunnels, reducing Handling by 3. Noise
then twenty-four-month levels if there are additional Toxin
in the tunnels increases to 6, as does the background
Resistance failures to the stealth pheromone.
count (as it becomes aspected toward termite spirits). SCENE 6
To determine if a runner can keep their cool and act
When the team enters the tunnels, each runner
should make a Composure Test and the gamemaster naturally in the presence of insect spirits while coated
should make a note of the results. See the Stealth Pher- with the stealth pheromone, have them make a Composure SCENE 7
omone sidebar. Test (Charisma + Willpower). One hit is all that is required
Two-thirds of the way into the tunnel, the team en- to maintain the stealth effect. A Composure Test must be
counters the bomb technician partially walled into the made each time individuals are in the presence of insect SCENE 8
tunnel. He looks up, coughs blood, and asks them to spirits or stressful situations, or when they are physically
take the pack and detonator the remainder of the way. exerting themselves.
There are two worker spirits slowly walling him into the PICKING UP
Track Composure Test failures on the chart below. With THE PIECES
tunnel as he speaks with the team. The team is able each failure, the runner’s situation gets worse.
to retrieve the bag without alerting the hive. Attack- 1. Your heart is pounding. Your skin feels clammy. (Social
ing or otherwise stopping the Termite drones (which LEGWORK
Limit is temporarily reduced by 1)
bear striking similarities to the residents of the Shady
2. You start sweating. Your hands tremble. (Agility is
Acres Retirement Community), cause them to attack
and alerts the hive to intruders. Runners should make temporarily reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1)
a Composure Test when they witness the carnage on 3. The stress of your situation triggers a fight-or-flight
scene and the technician being walled in while still alive. response, and adrenaline floods your system. You can no
See the Stealth Pheromone sidebar. longer attempt to calmly pass yourself off among the insect
Deeper into the tunnel, the team passes by two more spirits. (The character suffers panic-induced disorientation PLAYER
Termite worker spirits who are materialized and work- as described in the sidebar. When the stealth pheromone HANDOUT
ing on the tunnel. Once the team reaches the hive en- fails, and every Combat Turn thereafter, two termite soldiers
trance, let the runner placing the charge catch a glimpse arrive to destroy the invaders.)
of an enormous Termite queen holding open an astral DEBRIEFING
gateway to let more Termite spirits through (the queen LOG
Gamemasters should make the runners roll their
is currently occupied and only interacts with the runners
Composure Tests:
if they attack it). The spirits continue coming from the
• Upon entering the tunnels.
other side of the gateway until the explosives deto-
nates or the queen is attacked. The sight of the Termite • When they locate the dead AZT team and bomb
queen is grounds for another Composure Test, and the technician.
• As they witness the termite queen manipulating an
astral gateway.
• When they see the drones walling off their escape
MISSION SYNOPSIS in the tunnel. 22
gamemaster should make a note of the results. See the exit being closed off requires a Composure Test. See the COVER
Stealth Pheromone sidebar. Stealth Pheromone sidebar.
As the team is exiting, they encounter a group of 4 If combat begins, drones assist any soldiers with
Termite Workers thirty meters before the tunnel exit. Melee Teamwork and through Friends in Melee (see UNDER FIRE
The workers are sealing the tunnel off using their con- sidebar). If no soldiers are present, drones use Subduing
crete-like material. To bypass the workers and move Combat (p. 195, SR5) to detain the intruders for soldiers
to deal with.
through the opening requires an Escape Artist + Agili-
ty [Physical] (1) or a Gymnastics + Agility [Physical] (3) Any remaining bugs flee or are destroyed once the
Test. Failure on the test alerts the termite workers to explosives are detonated, ending the scene. MISSION
intruders and cancels the effect of the stealth phero- SYNOPSIS
mone. The workers engage the invaders immediately,
while two termite soldiers materialize and attack (with
two more arriving each Combat Turn). The sight of the
Characters may attempt to increase their running distance
by performing a Sprint Action during their Action Phase. In this
KE-V AMMUNITION action, they make a Running + Strength [Physical] Test. Each

Vector: Contact hit increases the distance a character can move in a Combat
Speed: Immediate Turn by either 1 meter (for dwarfs and trolls) or 2 meters (for SCENE 3
Penetration: 0 elves, humans, and orks). Characters are allowed a maximum
Power: 8 number of Sprinting Tests equal to half their Running skill per
Combat Turn, minimum of 1. Sprinting characters also suffer SCENE 4
Effect: Acid Damage, Berserk (see below)
With the advent of insect spirits and various deadly fatigue if they sprint for too long.
Awakened insects such as the wyrd mantis, chemists SCENE 5
have been working on a more potent insecticide than
commercially available produces. KE-V (or KEV) is a
combination of concentrated insecticides; their combined (P. 172, SR5)
effects on insect physiology produce internal acids (treat
If you sprint over multiple consecutive Combat Turns or
as Acid damage) that dissolve the critter from within. KEV SCENE 7
during multiple Action Phases in the same Combat Turn, you
is also toxic to metahumans if ingested (but not on contact).
risk taking fatigue damage. For every consecutive Action
Insect spirits hit with KEV may go berserk in the same
Phase or Combat Turn in which you use the Sprint action, SCENE 8
manner as those who follow Bear (see p. 321, SR5).
you take a cumulative 1S DV of fatigue damage, which
Insect spirits receive a – 3 dice pool penalty to their
means that the second time you take it without dialing it
damage resistance tests due to their severe allergies to PICKING UP
back you take 2S, then 3S, etc. If you’re only running (using
insecticides. THE PIECES
your running movement rate) instead of sprinting, this
damage is taken every 3 minutes.
You might go berserk when you take Physical damage HARDENED ARMOR (P. 397, SR5)
in combat or if someone under your care is badly injured. CAST OF
If the modified Damage Value of an attack is less than
Make a Simple Charisma + Willpower Test (wound modifiers SHADOWS
the Hardened Armor rating (modified by AP), the attack
apply). You go berserk for 3 turns minus 1 turn per hit, so 3 or
does no damage. Don’t make a Damage Resistance Test for
more hits averts the berserk rage entirely. If you’re already
the critter; it might not even notice the attack was made in PLAYER
going berserk, increase the duration. When you’re berserk,
the first place. If the modified Damage Value of an attack is HANDOUT
you go after your attacker(s) without regard for your own
greater than the Hardened Armor rating (modified by AP),
safety. If you incapacitate the target(s) before the time is up,
then perform a Damage Resistance Test for the critter as
the berserk fury dissipates. DEBRIEFING
normal. Additionally, half of the Hardened Armor rating
(modified by AP, rounded up) counts as automatic extra hits
DISORIENTATION (P. 409, SR5) on this test.

Disorientation causes the victim a –2 dice pool modifier

to all actions for ten minutes, due to confusion.

Action: Complex COVER
4 4 4 5 4 4 4 4 4 2 4
Range: Special
Duration: Instant Initiative: 8+2D6, Astral Initiative 8+3D6 UNDER FIRE
A lot of critters have bad breath—this one’s breath is Condition Monitor: 10
actually toxic. The critter with this power can incapacitate Limits: Physical 6, Mental 6, Social 6
Armor: 8H (against non-magical attacks) INTRODUCTION
targets with a nauseating stench. This is treated as a ranged
Skills: Assensing 4, Astral Combat 4, Construction 4, Perception 4,
attack using the critter’s Exotic Ranged Weapon skill + Agility Unarmed Combat 4
[Physical]. The damage is a toxin attack with an inhalation Powers: Immunity to Normal Weapons (while Materialized),
vector (Speed: Immediate; Power: critter’s Magic; Effect: Animal Control (Termites), Astral Form, Enhanced Senses
(Smell, Thermographic Vision, Ultrasound), Hive Mind,
Stun damage, nausea; see p. 409). Armor is useless, but
Inhabitation (Living Vessels), Movement, Sapience, Search
respiratory protection will help guard the target (see the
Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Severe), Evanescence
Toxin and Drug Protection Table, p. 408). This blast of breath Weapons: SCENE 1
extends in a cone out to (Body) meters and can catch up to Claws [Unarmed, Reach 0, Acc 6, DV 5S, AP —]
two targets who are within one meter of each other.
Type: P
Action: Auto
9 7 7 9 6 6 6 6 6 3 6 SCENE 4
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Initiative: 13 + 2D6, Astral Initiative 12 + 3D6
The critter secretes a toxin that is dangerous and Condition Monitor: 13 SCENE 5
harmful to others. Typically, the attributes for this poison Limits: Physical 12, Mental 8, Social 8
are Vector: Injection; Speed: 1 Combat Turn; Penetration: 0; Armor: 12H (against non-magical attacks)
Power: Magic; Effect: Physical damage. Some critters may Skills: Assensing 6, Astral Combat 6, Counterspelling 6, Exotic SCENE 6
have venoms with different attributes—these will be noted Ranged Weapon 6, Gymnastics 6, Perception 6, Unarmed
Combat 6
in their individual descriptions. Powers: Animal Control (Termites), Astral Form, Fear, Hive Mind, SCENE 7
Inhabitation (Living Vessels), Natural Weapon (DV 8P, AP –1),


Sapience, Noxious Breath, Venom
Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Light), Evanescence SCENE 8
Having one or more buddies around to worry your Bite [Unarmed, Reach 0, Acc 12, DV 8P + Venom, AP –1]
opponent is worth something in a fight. Whenever an Venom [Vector: Injection, Speed: 1 Combat Turn, Penetration: PICKING UP
attacker has at least one other person in the melee with 0, Power: 6, Effect: Physical damage.] THE PIECES
them, they gain a +1 dice pool bonus. The bonus does not Noxious Breath [Exotic Ranged Weapon, Acc 12, DV
increase based on the number of friends. A second option 6S+Nausea, Inhalation (bypasses armor)]
when friends are present is to use Melee Teamwork (p. 188). LEGWORK
This option offers a variable bonus (from zero to Attacker’s
Skill rating) but takes up the actions of teammates.
The rules for teamwork can be used by a group of PLAYER
attackers to bring down a more powerful or more highly Initiative: 29 + 2D6, Astral Initiative 24 + 3D6
skilled foe. On their Action Phase, an attacker can choose Condition Monitor: 17
to aid her allies. The attacker takes a Complex Action and Limits: Physical 23, Mental 18, Social 17
Armor: 24H (against non-magical attacks)
makes an Opposed Test using her Combat Skill + Agility
Skills: Assensing 12, Astral Combat 12, Con 12, Counterspelling 12,
[Accuracy] with all appropriate modifiers, including the Ally Gymnastics 12, Leadership 12, Negotiation 12, Perception 12,
in Combat modifier, against the opponent’s Intuition. Hits Spellcasting 12, Unarmed Combat 12
from this test are added as a positive dice pool modifier for Powers: Animal Control (Termite), Astral Gateway, Banishing
the next ally to attack the same opponent. The next ally can Resistance, Compulsion, Enhanced Senses (Ultrasound),
Fear, Hive Mind, Sapience, Search, Spirit Pact, Wealth,
also use these hits as a bonus on their own teamwork test,
Concealment, Guard, Natural Weapon (DV 15P, AP –1)
hoping to build the number of hits they are passing on to Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Severe)
the eventual attacker. Three teamwork attacks can be made Weapons:
before a standard attack must be made.
MISSION SYNOPSIS Bite [Unarmed, Reach 0, Acc 23, DV 15P + Venom, AP –1]
Venom [Vector: Injection, Speed: 1 Combat Turn, Penetration:
0, Power: 12, Effect: Physical damage.]
Pushing the Envelope Scene 8: COVER

If you need to increase the difficulty of this encounter, in-

stead of having the tunnel partially sealed at the end you Aftermath UNDER FIRE
can instead have the termite spirits finish sealing it with
a thin concrete wall as the team approaches. The team
must breach a Structure 8, Armor 12 wall to continue out.
Breaching the wall alerts the spirits to their presence un- The team gets paid. This scene describes the aftermath
less the team takes exceptional precautions. of the hive fight.
Debugging Tell it to Them Straight
If the players decide to walk away instead of staying to If the explosives were set SCENE 1
watch Aztechnology’s team enter the hive, allow them correctly, read the following:
to do so. Shortly after the team walks away they re-
ceive a call from Juan asking if they are still close and if The explosion is massive, shattering the SCENE 2
they would return and assist him. Juan makes the same building from the base up. Debris scatters for
offer of 5,000 nuyen and 100 rounds of KE-V, along several blocks, shredding manifested spirits
with the stealth pheromone. The team is able to review SCENE 3
near the building. The shockwave blasts you to
video and audio feeds from the original team (instead
of watching it live). If the team refuses to return, Juan, the ground with your ears ringing and unable
Atzi, and Tenoch enter the tunnel to plant the explo- to hear. The air is thick with dust and the smell SCENE 4
sives, destroying the hive but getting caught and killed of cordite.
in the blast. Juan approaches your team with a broad
The team may get into real trouble on this encoun- SCENE 5
smile across his face. “You did it! The loss of so
ter. The team always has the option to flee. The insect
spirits are defending their hive and only pursue a short many saddens me, but this victory will prevent
many deaths. You have my thanks. Know that SCENE 6
distance. If the players live long enough to get out of the
neighborhood, they are home free. I will not forget your contribution here!” With
If the players are foolish enough to engage the that, your commlinks receive a transfer of the SCENE 7
queen while she is working the astral gateway, she con- agreed-upon funds.
tinues to concentrate on keeping the gateway open
and attempts to get rid of the nuisance by summoning SCENE 8
termite soldiers. If the runners continue to attack her If the explosives were not set
or pose a serious threat to her health, she attacks them correctly and the players survived,
with her full powers. read the following: PICKING UP
It is possible the bugs drop the whole team and they THE PIECES
lose an Edge to survive or die per normal rules (see Scene The explosion is massive, throwing you to the
8: Aftermath to describe the aftermath to players). ground and coating you in dust and debris. Your
ears are ringing from the blast and you cannot LEGWORK
hear. Shaking your head in a vain attempt to
clear it, you notice that the building still stands. CAST OF
Pouring forth from the fractured side of the SHADOWS
apartment are wave after wave of Termite spir-
its. Your team scrambles to their feet, and as the PLAYER
creatures start swarming the area, barely man- HANDOUT
age to flee in time.

If the team was dropped during Scene
7: Hole in Juan, read the following:
You awaken feeling like you’ve been hit by a be-
hemoth. Slowly turning your head to the side, you
see an EMT from Aztechnology working on you

and your teammates. When they notice you are
awake, they motion to someone outside of your
Debugging COVER

There should be no need to debug this scene.

vision. It’s then that you see Atzi approach. She has
someone else’s blood on her suit and she has been
crying, although she seems composed now.
“The hive is destroyed. Juan and Tenoch sac-
rificed themselves to see it done. I will see that
you receive what Juan had promised. He would
the Pieces MISSION
want that.” Atzi then turns and walks away, hav- SYNOPSIS
ing no desire for further conversation.
• 5,000¥ + 200¥ per hit (to a maximum of 5 hits) SCENE 1
If the team refused to help Juan during for investigating the missing workers and secu-
rity team
Scene 6: Nest Full of Trouble or Scene
• 1,000¥ + 100¥ per hit (to a maximum of 5 hits) SCENE 2
7: Hole in Juan, read the following: for watching the hive while Juan pulls in resources
Your comm registers an incoming video mes- • 5,000¥ + 500¥ per hit (to a maximum of 5 hits)
sage. Opening the feed, you see a montage of for helping Juan destroy the termite hive
videos taken from around the CZ that feature a • (optional) 100¥ per runner for stolen paydata
massive explosion and white cloud of concrete from Apex SCENE 4
dust. An Aztechnology logo appears prominent- • (optional) 2,000¥ for fighting Hector “The Eagle”
in the undercard match
ly in the corner of the screen. The video then SCENE 5
plays a sad, heroic theme as it shows images
• (optional) +/– up to 500¥ for ringside betting
of individuals outfitted in AZT gear. The images • (optional) 1% Lifestyle cost reduction from the
employee-discount code at Taco Temple SCENE 6
end and linger on Juan Xihuitl for a moment
• (optional) 1,000¥ per runner for selling the drugs
before they fade into darkness. Text appears on
that were stolen from the retirement home SCENE 7
the screen. “At Aztechnology, we value our loy-
al customers and the good people of Chicago.
When an infestation of spirits preyed upon the
Karma SCENE 8
weak and innocent, these brave women and • 2 Karma—Survived the mission
men gave their lives to ensure your freedom. • 1 Karma—Returned the drugs found in the
retirement home to the residents PICKING UP
At Aztechnology, no sacrifice is too great.” The THE PIECES
video ends. • 1 Karma—Survived the gang ambush
• 2 Karma—Helped Juan to destroy the insect hive
• 3 Karma—Overall adventure challenge LEGWORK
Behind the Scenes
If the hive was destroyed and the runners did their part
during the attack (even if they were dropped during Gamemaster Reward CAST OF
the attack)—Juan, Atzi, or Tenoch meets with the team When running this adventure, you may choose to
and ensures they receive the agreed-upon payment. count the Missions as “played” for your personal Shad-
If Juan was killed during this mission (because the owrun Missions character. You must choose to do this PLAYER
runners were incapacitated in the tunnels, or if they re- the first time your run this Mission only, and take the HANDOUT
fused to participate in destroying the hive), runners on optional results to match those the team you game-
this mission may no longer use him as a contact. mastered for earned. You may not choose to wait for a
“better” attempt to choose your rewards. You’re on the DEBRIEFING
Pushing the Envelope honor system here, so please don’t skew the adventure
to help the players gain extra rewards just so that you
This scene is intended to wrap up the aftermath of the can get better results.
fight for the players. There should be no need to push You will earn a flat amount of Karma and nuyen, re-
the envelope. gardless of how well (or poorly) the players do, listed be-
low. For other missions’ results and rewards that you track

on the Debriefing Log (Objectives completed, reputation bought at character creation, and gain a +1 Loyalty to COVER
and contacts earned, etc.), take the average results of the these contacts, with a maximum Loyalty of 4. Gam-
group you’re gamermastering for. So if four out of six emasters should not grant these lightly, and players
players earned a point of Notoriety, you will earn one as should have to work to earn these contacts by going UNDER FIRE
well. If only two players out of five earn a +1 Loyalty with the extra mile to impress the NPC, offering up favors, or
a contact, you would not get that +1 Loyalty. paying them well above the standard rates for informa-
• Karma Earned: 9 tion or services. INTRODUCTION
• Nuyen Earned: 12,600¥ • +2 Loyalty from Juan if the runners help him de-
stroy the hive.
Reputation • If Juan is killed during the run, he is no longer
accessible to the runners as a contact.
During the adventure, runners may perform actions
that will add to their Street Cred, Notoriety, or Public
• If a runner is caught breaking into the Apex host,
attacking staff at Apex, or other unprofessional SCENE 1
Awareness (p. 372, SR5). Besides the scenario-specific
activity at Apex, they do not receive a Loyalty in-
gains listed below, gamemasters should consider the
crease from Juan at the completion of the mission.
characters’ actions throughout the game and award SCENE 2
additional points as appropriate. If a player earns Pub-
lic Awareness or Notoriety, don’t be afraid to give them
extra points.
• +1 Street Cred if the team tried to stop the
Legwork SCENE 3

insect hive When a PC gets in touch with a contact, make an unop- SCENE 4
• +1 Street Cred if the team was successful in posed Connection + Connection Test for the contact.
stopping the hive The results of this test determine how many ranks of
• +1 Notoriety for any player who attacks information the contact knows about the question. If SCENE 5
the retirement home gangers with callous the relevance of the subject is a specialty of the con-
disregard for the residents tact, they get +3 to this test. The player then makes
an unopposed Charisma + Etiquette + Loyalty Test, the SCENE 6
• +1 Notoriety for any player who sells (or takes results of which determine how many ranks of infor-
a cut of the money from) selling the retirement
mation the contact is willing to divulge for free, up to
home drugs instead of returning them to the SCENE 7
the max ranks of information they know. If the con-
tact knows more, they will require a payment of 500¥
• +1 Public Awareness for any player who – (Loyalty x 100¥, minimum 100¥) per rank of informa-
participates in the undercard match with SCENE 8
tion they still know.
Hector “The Eagle.” If the PCs have worked all of their contacts, and are
• +1 Public Awareness for a player whose SIN still missing important information, they may request PICKING UP
failed the verification test performed by the that a contact ask around. If they do so, have the Con- THE PIECES
insurance company tact make an extended (Connection + Connection (1
• +1 Public Awareness if the team becomes hour)) Test. Additional information will be available at a
violent or behaves in an outrageous manner cost of 1,000¥ – (Loyalty x 100¥, minimum 200¥). LEGWORK
with the Taco Temple delivery driver (and the A Matrix Search action (p. 241, SR5) may also be
Electronic Witnesses on the scene are able to utilized to gather information from the following charts,
using the appropriate thresholds and search times. CAST OF
post footage)

Contacts Harwood Heights

Contacts to Ask: Any Street
Successfully completing objectives or performing the HANDOUT
actions listed below will earn characters specific Mis-
Contacts Matrix Search Information
sions contacts at a Loyalty of 1, and should be given
0 0 Oh! The new reality show! I DEBRIEFING
the Contact Sheet included with this Mission. If they
love it! What do you think about LOG
already have that contact, they gain a +1 Loyalty to
that contact (up to a maximum of 4).
Characters might interact with NPCs not specified by 1 3 The block is mostly residential
the Mission, and may earn these NPCs as a contact at squats, with a few peddler shops.
Loyalty 1. They may also work with non-Mission-spe- 2 6 Janus Plastics Manufacturing
cific contacts that they have already earned or that they was once located in that block.

3 — Something keeps most of the Tenoch is a dwarf who works as a COVER
scavengers out of that area. I’m financial consultant.
not sure what, but I heard it from 3 — While both have day jobs listed
an old bum once, and it seemed on the books, you won’t find UNDER FIRE
credible. either tied to a desk. They work
4 — The old Janus buildings are what’s as troubleshooters, and they are INTRODUCTION
causing all the smoke. That brittle good at their jobs.
plastic is smoldering away with no 4 6 Atzi is an Aztec Mage, not the
signs of stopping. blood kind, while Tenoch is MISSION
cybered. Not the kind of people SYNOPSIS
you keep on retainer to push
Juan Xihuitl papers.
Contacts to Ask: Any Aztechnology, fixer, Mr. Johnson SCENE 1
5 — They have worked for Juan Xihuitl
in other cities before he came
Contacts Matrix Search Information here. The rumor I heard is that SCENE 2
0 0 Is that the old Cream-o-Wheat they all ran together on various
guy? Aztechnology operations.
1 1 He’s a Johnson for Aztechnology. I SCENE 3
heard he’s a free blood spirit.
2 3 People say he’s kinda touchy
The Admiral
Contacts to Ask: Any rigger, smuggler, coyote, me-
about being “professional.” It’s
more like he sees runners as chanic, or professional driver
deniable, disposable assets. He’s SCENE 5
not in Chicago to make friends. Contacts Matrix Search Information
0 0 Are you naming body parts now?
3 — He actually has nothing to do
with blood magic, ritual sacrifice, 1 3 The Admiral has dozens of cheap- SCENE 6
or any of the bogeyman stuff looking trid ads for insurance.
we’ve come to associate with 2 — I don’t know what is worse—The
Aztechnology. He’s just a regular Admiral or not being insured. They
mundane troll, though he is as have a reputation for trying to
ruthless as any Johnson. avoid paying claims. SCENE 8
4 6 Aztechnology won a new contract 3 6 The Admiral runs SINs and
to expand GridGuide service into vehicle ID of any cars and owners
the former CZ, which is probably involved in accidents. If there is PICKING UP
why he’s hiring for this particular a problem with either database THE PIECES
mission. He seems to be planning check, kiss your claim goodbye.
in advance for the long game. 4 — Insurance carriers have been LEGWORK
5 — Juan is a traditionalist and all known to tip off the Star to fake
business, but he is a genuinely SINs and stolen vehicles when
good guy. If and when it hits the they come across them. Be CAST OF
fan, he’s a great ally to have. careful, chummer! SHADOWS

Atzi/Tenoch Stuffer Shack Near PLAYER

Contacts to Ask: Aztechnology, Mr. Johnson, fixer Harwood Heights
Contacts to Ask: Any Street
Contacts Matrix Search Information DEBRIEFING
0 0 No idea, omae. LOG
Contacts Matrix Search Information
1 1 I have only heard the names. They 0 0 Thanks for signing up for our
always work as a pair. They are daily deals! The first soydog is on
definitely Aztechnology. us! *Soydog offer is contingent
2 3 Atzi is human woman who works upon a 30-day, non-revocable
as an HR consultant, while agreement to receive Stuffer

Shack daily deals up to three hitting the streets. After a little COVER
times daily as well as unfettered checking, I found that the scripts
access to commlink data. point back to this place.
1 3 It’s a 24-hour convenience store. UNDER FIRE
Stock up on antacids if you plan
on eating there, just like any other Nasty Grrrls
Stuffer Shack. You have never Contacts to Ask: Any gang, Becky99, or Lone Star
heard of Stuffer Shacks?
2 — The place is more of a dive than Contacts Matrix Search Information MISSION
most Stuffer Shacks, mostly 0 0 Their new song “Bring the SYNOPSIS
because of the neighborhood. Misery” is bleeding-edge metal!
There are some rough gangs in 1 3 The Nasty Grrrls are an all-female
the area. gang known for their cruelty. SCENE 1
3 6 This Stuffer Shack has a Ghost help the poor soul they
reputation for gang violence. They catch when they need some
put in armor glass to protect the entertainment.
clerk, but customers get assaulted 2 — The crew is made up of those who
there on a regular basis. were cast out from the Desolation SCENE 3
4 — Lone Star response time to Angels, and from those who never
that location is terrible. There made the cut. Some folks say that
has been improvement on the is what made them so bitter. SCENE 4
response time since the corps 3 6 They’ve been pushing prescription
started moving further into the drugs on the streets over the last SCENE 5
Zone. Still, I don’t know any Star two months. I’m not sure where
willing to risk their neck going in they’re getting the scripts, but I
before they have a lot of backup can say with certainty that none of SCENE 6
ready. them are doctors.
4 — Word on the street is that they’ve
Shady Acres won their last few skirmishes with
neighboring gangs. No survivors
Retirement Community on the losing side either. My guess SCENE 8
is that they have some kind of new
Contacts to Ask: Any medical or drug dealer
Contacts Matrix Search Information PICKING UP
0 0 Looking to pick up a day job?
1 3 It’s a run-of-the-mill retirement
home. It was built in an old Security Team LEGWORK
apartment building, so they use Contacts to Ask: Any corp or Lone Star
an elevator to shuttle the elderly
between floors. Nothing special Contacts Matrix Search Information CAST OF
here. 0 0 Aztechnology IT security is the SHADOWS
2 — Residents sign away everything, best. Sign up for Aztechnology
and the home makes sure they Grid access and get free
have what they need to stay alive. troubleshooting service for 6
3 6 The place has seen better days, months!
but it keeps the lights on and 1 3 The team has been operating
keeps its patients alive. They in Chicago for a while now. DEBRIEFING
have a decent clinic and trained They are competent, can think LOG
staff. Some of the staff have been for themselves, and keep a low
known to help out locals who got profile.
banged up. 2 — They take care of off-the-
4 — Over the past two months, some book issues for Aztechnology
prescription drugs have been and are good enough to

handle themselves in rough family files. Aztechnology would COVER
neighborhoods. Word is that a few probably use those files to keep
other corps tried to influence them employees in line too.
with bribes but they were not UNDER FIRE
3 6 Aztechnology’s local security The Fire INTRODUCTION
team is a tight group. The four Contacts to Ask: Any Lone Star, fireman, Doc Wagon,
them have enough talent to handle or EMT
most problems the street throws MISSION
at them. Nothing in their history Contacts Matrix Search Information SYNOPSIS
shows that they were susceptible 0 0 Music Search Results: Classic
to outside influence or had any Rock “We Didn’t Start the Fire”
desire to leave Aztechnology. 1 3 The fire has spread to a few
4 — Each of the security team would neighboring buildings but was
have been vetted, chipped, and contained before it can go further. SCENE 2
probably monitored by the Azzies 2 — The locals are not helping. Every
for any disloyalty. They had good time a First Responder turns their
jobs here, so it’s likely that the back on a piece of gear to address SCENE 3
corp had some ace up their sleeve the fire, one of the locals steals
to keep them in line if need be. that gear.
3 6 The Nasty Grrrls made off with
Aztechnology a fire truck, killing about a dozen
responders in the process. The first SCENE 5
Work Crew responders are now only going into
Contacts to Ask: Any working class, bartender, or Harwood Heights in force.
4 — City officials made the decision
to let it burn. It’s easier to let a
Contacts Matrix Search Information few blocks of slum burn down SCENE 7
0 0 That’s a big corp, omae. Lots of than deal with loss of life and
work crews. No idea where to funding for more gear. The
even start. standdown order was quiet, but SCENE 8
1 3 Since Aztechnology won it’s implicit. The first responders
the contract to renovate the are surrounding the neighborhood
GridGuide, a number of work to keep the fire inside. PICKING UP
crews has been sent into the CZ.
The one you’re looking for has
been pretty successful in getting
its repairs done on time. Contacts to Ask: Any corp, rigger, smuggler, mechanic
2 — The crew is made up of some
good guys. Sure they like to relax Contacts Matrix Search Information CAST OF
after work, but who doesn’t? The 0 0 Service not available. SHADOWS
word is that when they’re on the 1 3 GridGuide is the basic service
job, they’re pretty solid. used by most vehicle pilot
3 6 There is no information available HANDOUT
to give the impression that the 2 — Guide service is spotty and
crew is disloyal, was looking to outdated in the CZ at best. At
switch employers, or otherwise worst, it’s just plain unavailable. DEBRIEFING
walked off the job. 3 6 Aztechnology won the contract LOG
4 — Each of the work crew would to renovate the broadcast hubs
have been chipped and vetted throughout the CZ. So far, the
as Aztechnology employees. project is ahead of schedule –
The corp usually has some which should net the corp a nice
files on employees that include bonus from the city.

4 — The corp has teams cutting
corners to advance the timeframe
Pete Schlotsky COVER

as much as possible. Word is that Contacts to Ask: Restauranteur, beat cop, mechanic
they are using low-grade parts so UNDER FIRE
they can double bill the city when Contacts Matrix Search Information
the guide malfunctions. 0 0 Who?
1 3 He drives for Taco Temple. The
guy can’t make much when he’s
Lone Star competing with drone deliveries. MISSION
Contacts to Ask: Any police, detective, Nick Ryder, 2 — He’s driven delivery for a few SYNOPSIS
lawyer competing chains before. He’s
nice enough and the employers
Contacts Matrix Search Information liked him, but he never seems to SCENE 1
0 0 Visit our Lone Star public-access last too long.
Matrix site for more information 3 6 Taco Temple’s delivery service
on how Lone Star serves the SCENE 2
is only used for large orders
community. that a drone can’t deliver, and in
1 3 The fires in Harwood Heights areas too dangerous to risk an SCENE 3
were caused by locals celebrating expensive drone.
the Exterminators victory. The fire 4 — That guy is a walking accident
spread to an old manufacturing waiting to happen. I’ve never SCENE 4
plant. The plastics inside have seen anyone with worse luck. He
been smoldering, but air-quality can’t hold down a decent-paying
tests show that the fire is burning job, but at least he tries to do SCENE 5
itself out. something with his life.
2 — Harwood Heights is in a really
bad neighborhood. None of the SCENE 6
Star liked to go there without the
smoke. The fire might clear out
some of the scumbags that haunt
the place.
3 6 First responders were ambushed SCENE 8
by locals when attempting to
respond to the fire. Several
firefighters were killed, and PICKING UP
some responding officers were THE PIECES
wounded. The gang responsible
for the ambush got away, taking
the fire truck with them. LEGWORK
4 — After the ambush, the brass
decided to monitor the areas CAST OF
around that neighborhood. They SHADOWS
want the fire and locals contained.
When the fire burns itself out, the
Star is going in for some payback PLAYER
when the media has moved on to HANDOUT
something else.


Cast of Shadows Tenoch COVER

Juan Xihuitl 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 4.88 2

Juan Xihuitl (pronounced similar to “She-Wheat”) is a Initiative: 8(9) + 2D6

Mr. Johnson for Aztechnology. Juan represents AZT’s INTRODUCTION
Condition Monitor (P/S): 10/10
interests in Chicago, and is interested in using Project: Limits: Physical 6, Mental 6, Social 8
Takeback to recover as many of AZT’s lost assets as Armor: 9 MISSION
possible, including Aztechnology’s lost pyramid/arcol- Active Skills: Athletics skill group 3, Close Combat skill group 8, SYNOPSIS
ogy. He’s a very traditionalist corper, and smart run- Computer 3, Con 5, Demolitions 9, Etiquette 4, Firearms skill
ners tread lightly around him as he sees them as they group 8, First Aid 4, Instruction 4, Intimidation 5, Leadership
really are: deniable, disposable assets. He doesn’t play 6, Navigation 2, Negotiation 4, Palming 3, Perception 4, Pilot SCENE 1
games, he doesn’t tolerate fools, and he doesn’t cod- Ground Craft 1, Pilot Watercraft 1, Sneaking 4, Survival 2,
dle shadowrunners. Throwing Weapons 3
Juan Xihuitl is very traditional and respects his Aztec Knowledge Skills: Corporate Politics 4, Finances 8, Psychology 3 SCENE 2
heritage. He is a medium-size Hispanic troll with a large, Languages: Aztlaner Spanish N, English 4, French 2, German 1,
flat nose and small, curled ram’s horns. His hair is dark Japanese 2
and worn long, slicked back, pulled into a ponytail. He SCENE 3
Qualities: Photographic Memory
has medium-sized Aztec-style ear plugs in his ears. His Augmentations: Cortex bomb (kink bomb), data lock 5 (alpha),
suit is the height of current Aztlan fashion, a marriage of datajack (alpha), increased hearing spectrum (alpha), math SCENE 4
traditional Aztech warrior garb and a modern-day suit. SPU (alpha), reakt, synaptic acceleration
Gear: Fuchi Cyber-X7 commlink (DR 7), glasses (Rating 3) (w/
B A R S W L I C ESS EDG M image link, smartlink, electronic vision magnification), medkit SCENE 5
7 3 3 7 5 4 4 4 6 5 8 (Rating 4), stim patch (Rating 2), Synergist Business suit w/
custom fit concealed holster, tag eraser, Respirator (Rating 6)
Maneuvers: SCENE 6
Initiative: 7 + 1D6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12/11 Weapons:
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 6, Social 8 Colt America L36 [Light Pistol, Acc 6, DV 7P, AP —, SA, 11(c)
w/(110x) regular ammo, silencer/suppressor, smartgun
Armor: 9(12)
Active Skills: Arcana 6, Assensing 6(10), Blades 5, Computer 4, system, external, (3x) spare clips]
Con 5, Etiquette 5 (Corporate +2), First Aid 4, Leadership 4, Defiance EX Shocker [Taser, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP –5, SS, 4(m) SCENE 8
Negotiation 8(12), Perception 5 9), Pistols 4, Unarmed 6 w/(40x) taser dart]
Knowledge Skills: Aztlaner Cuisine 5, Aztlaner Sports 4 Shiawase Arms Monsoon [Assault Rifle, Acc 5, DV 10P, AP –1,
(ollamaliztli +2), Chicago Area 2, Corporate Finances 5, SA/FA, RC 1, 20(ml) x6 w/(120x) APDS, smartgun system, PICKING UP
Corporate Rumors 6 (Aztlan +2), Corporate Security 6 (Aztlan internal, electronic firing, melee hardened, spare clips] THE PIECES
+2), History 5 (Central American +2), Psychology 4 Extendable Baton [Club, Reach 1, Acc 5, DV 6P, AP —]
Languages: Aztlaner Spanish N, English 5, Japanese 3
Qualities: Adept
Initiate Grade: 2
Metamagics: Adept Centering (Chanting), Masking B A R S W L I C ESS EDG M
Adept Powers: Astral Perception, Danger Sense 4, Enhanced 3 3 2(6) 2 5 5 4 5 6 3 7 SHADOWS
Perception 4, Improved Ability 4 (Negotiation), Improved
Potential (Social), Mystic Armor 3 Initiative: 6(10) +3D6
Gear: Armor clothing, contacts (image link), earbud (sound link), Condition Monitor (P/S): 10/11 PLAYER
Transys Avalon commlink (DR 6), Respirator (Rating 6) Limits: Physical 3, Mental 7 Social 7 HANDOUT
Weapons: Armor: 7
Ares Light Fire 70 [light pistol, Acc 7, DV 6P, AP —, SA, RC Active Skills: Animal Handling 4, Arcana 8, Assensing 6, Astral
—, 16(c)] Combat 1, Conjuring skill group 7, Etiquette 4 (Corporate DEBRIEFING
Ceremonial Dagger [blade, Acc 5, Reach 1, DV 9P, AP –1, +2), First Aid 1, Instruction 2, Leadership 5, Negotiation 4, LOG
Troll Reach] Perception 3, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Pistols 2, Sorcery skill
group 7
Knowledge Skills: Human Resource Management 7, Law 5
(Corporate +2), Corporate Politics 4
Languages: Aztlaner Spanish N, English 4, Japanese 3,

Mandarin 3, Portuguese 1, Sperethiel 2
Qualities: Focused Concentration (4), Aztec Magician (Resist
Spirit Of Beasts COVER

Drain with Willpower + Charisma) (Force 7, Bound, 3 Services)

Initiate Grade: 2 UNDER FIRE
Metamagics: Spell Shaping, Quickening B A R S W L I C ESS M
Gear: Area jammer (Rating 4), medkit (Rating 3), refined reagents 9 8 7 9 7 7 7 7 7 7
(50), Summit dress INTRODUCTION
Spells: Calm Pack, Compel Truth, Eyes of the Pack, Levitate, Initiative: 14 + 2d6
Mind Probe, Powerball, Powerbolt, Resist Pain, Increase Astral Initiative: 14+3D6
Reflexes, Heal Condition Monitor: 13
Bound Spirits: Guardian spirit (Force7, 5 services), spirit of Beast Limits: Physical 12, Mental 10, Social 10
(Force 7, 3 services), spirit of Fire (Force 7, 4 services) Armor: 14H (against non-magical attacks)
Quickened Spells: Increase Reflexes (Force 4, 4 Karma, 4 hits) Skills: Assensing 7, Astral Combat 7, Perception 7, Unarmed SCENE 1
Weapons: Combat 7
Ares Light Fire 70 [Light Pistol, Acc 7, DV 6P, AP —, SA, 16(c) Powers: Animal Control, Astral Form, Enhanced Senses:
w/(32x) regular ammo] Hearing, Enhanced Senses: Low-Light Vision, Enhanced SCENE 2
Unarmed [Unarmed, Acc 3, Reach 0, DV 2S, AP —] Senses: Smell, Fear, Immunity to Normal Weapons,
Materialization, Movement, Sapience
Guardian Spirit
(Force 7, Bound, 5 Services)
Spirit Of Fire
(Force 7, Bound, 4 Services)
8 9 10 9 7 7 7 7 7 7 B A R S W L I C ESS M
8 9 10 5 7 7 8 7 7 7
Initiative: 15 + 2d6
Astral Initiative: 14+3D6 Initiative: 17 + 2d6 SCENE 6
Condition Monitor: 12 Astral Initiative: 14+3D6
Limits: Physical 12, Mental 10, Social 10 Condition Monitor: 12
Armor: 14H (against non-magical attacks) Limits: Physical 10, Mental 10, Social 10 SCENE 7
Skills: Assensing 7, Astral Combat 7, Blades 7, Clubs 7, Armor: 14H (against non-magical attacks)
Counterspelling 7, Perception 7, Unarmed Combat 7 Skills: Assensing 7, Astral Combat 7, Exotic Ranged Weapon:
Powers: Astral Form, Fear, Guard, Immunity to Normal Weapons, Elemental Attack 7, Flight 7, Perception 7, Unarmed Combat 7 SCENE 8
Magical Guard, Materialization, Movement, Sapience Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Confusion, Elemental Attack:
Fire, Energy Aura: Fire, Engulf: Fire, Immunity to Normal
Weapons, Materialization, Sapience PICKING UP
Weaknesses: Allergy (water, severe) THE PIECES





Juan Xihuitl (Pronounced similar to “She- Juan Xihuitl (Pronounced similar to “She- Juan Xihuitl (Pronounced similar to “She-
Wheat”) is a Mr. Johnson for Aztechnol- Wheat”) is a Mr. Johnson for Aztechnol- Wheat”) is a Mr. Johnson for Aztechnol-
ogy. Juan represents AZT’s interests in ogy. Juan represents AZT’s interests in ogy. Juan represents AZT’s interests in
Chicago, and is interested in using Project: Chicago, and is interested in using Project: Chicago, and is interested in using Project:
Takeback to recover as many of AZT’s lost Takeback to recover as many of AZT’s lost Takeback to recover as many of AZT’s lost
assets as possible, including Aztechnol- assets as possible, including Aztechnol- assets as possible, including Aztechnol-
ogy’s lost Pyramid/Arcology. He’s a very ogy’s lost Pyramid/Arcology. He’s a very ogy’s lost Pyramid/Arcology. He’s a very
traditionalist corper, and smart runners traditionalist corper, and smart runners traditionalist corper, and smart runners
tread lightly around him as he sees them tread lightly around him as he sees them tread lightly around him as he sees them
as they really are: deniable, disposable as they really are: deniable, disposable as they really are: deniable, disposable
assets. He doesn’t play games, he doesn’t assets. He doesn’t play games, he doesn’t assets. He doesn’t play games, he doesn’t
tolerate fools, and he doesn’t coddle shad- tolerate fools, and he doesn’t coddle shad- tolerate fools, and he doesn’t coddle shad-
owrunners. owrunners. owrunners.


Aztechnology Mr. Johnson Aztechnology Mr. Johnson Aztechnology Mr. Johnson
Male Troll Male Troll Male Troll

Connection Rating: 5 Connection Rating: 5 Connection Rating: 5

Loyalty: Loyalty: Loyalty:

Key Active Skills: Etiquette, Leadership, Key Active Skills: Etiquette, Leadership, Key Active Skills: Etiquette, Leadership,
Negotiation Negotiation Negotiation

Knowledge Skills: Aztlaner Cuisine, Az- Knowledge Skills: Aztlaner Cuisine, Az- Knowledge Skills: Aztlaner Cuisine, Az-
tlaner Sports (ollamaliztli), Chicago Area, tlaner Sports (ollamaliztli), Chicago Area, tlaner Sports (ollamaliztli), Chicago Area,
Corporate Finances, Corporate Rumors Corporate Finances, Corporate Rumors Corporate Finances, Corporate Rumors
(Aztechnology), Corporate Security (Az- (Aztechnology), Corporate Security (Az- (Aztechnology), Corporate Security (Az-
technology), History (Central American), technology), History (Central American), technology), History (Central American),
Psychology Psychology Psychology

Uses: Jobs, Corporate Information, Gear Uses: Jobs, Corporate Information, Gear Uses: Jobs, Corporate Information, Gear



SRM 08-02: CAN YOU DIG IT? Fought Hector “The Eagle” and Won / Lost (circle one)
The stolen drugs were returned to the retirement home
Aztechnology’s contract to rebuild GridGuide in the CZ was go-
The stolen drugs were sold for profit
ing smoothly until a few days ago. Workers have disappeared.
Retirement home residents were killed or injured by the team
A corporate team went to find them, but now they are gone too. during the firefight with the gang
Can the runners find out why? The team helped Juan destroy the Termite hive
The Termite hive was not destroyed
Juan died


Names Character Improvement Karma Cost


Previous Available Street Cred Juan Xihuitl (Connection 5) gained at

+2 Loyalty (maximum 4)
Juan Xihuitl (Connection 5) died—runner
Spent Notoriety may no longer use Juan as a contact.
Remaining Available Gained an employee food code at Taco
Public Awareness Temple, good for 1% discount in Lifestyle
New Career Total costs per month

Previous Available ¥ GM’s Name

Earned ¥
Spent ¥ GM’s Signature
Remaining ¥


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