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Miracle clay

Hugo J. C. Symens
“The magician” from Belgium
Later, back in his native country Belgium, Hugo took the clay as the
basic ingredient of his revolutionary healing programs.


5 The absolute truth about milk
Milk for each one of you
8 Chapter 1 General Guidelines
A What your body needs and why
B Programs in this book
C The miracle workers : green clay
Preparation & basic rules of
Oral administration
10 Vitamin A, Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin D, Vitamin E
11 stinging nettle
Horsetail tea
Olive oil
Brewers yeast and yoghurt
Milk and egg yolks
Fruits and nuts and wheat germ
How to grow wheat germs yourself
15 D The daily minimum intake for your
16 Chapter 2 Things that kill
The hidden dangers of traditional
Medication during pregnancy
Poisoning your body
X ray and scanners
The system is wrong
How to ruin your health without the
help of doctors
23 Chapter 3: The correct
Restoring your health
Alzheimer’s disease
Bacteria/ bedsores
Beri beri
Blood pressure a) too high
b) too low
Bone fractures
31 Cancer
Chron’s disease
Deafness in the elderly
Decalcification of the bones
Degeneration processes
Weakness of sight caused by diabetes
40 Epilepsy
Hair loss
Gall stones
Heart diseases
Hepatitis B
Inflammation/ Influenza/ Insomnia
Intestinal problems/ Kidney stones
Diseases of the liver and gall
Liver stones
Lung problems
Meniere’s disease
Menstrual pain
Multiple sclerosis
Nervousness/ Nettle rash/ Osteoporosis
50 Pains
Prostrate diseases
Slipped disk
Tumors, brain tumors, others
Varices (Varicose veins)
57 Chapter 4 Let the people judge
Chapter 5 Maternity & infant
Delivery with breech presentation
Breast/bottle feeding, powdered milk
Cot death
Nappy rash
Babies crying
64 Chapter 6 Children
Cold in children. The candy connection
Earache with children
Growing pains
Lack of appetite
Nervousness, lack of concentration
Under average school performance
66 Conclusion
Quick reference chart (unfinished)


CUZCO, Peru, October 1st, 1979. Following an ancient Inca

tradition, Hugo J. c. Symens and Ruth F. Salazar mix their blood
as a symbol of their unity. They, swear before God to be faithful
to each other, for good or for worse, until death do them part.
They spend their honeymoon in Taray, a small village about 30
kilometers from Cuzco, on the property of a friend. They heard
that 2 young women in the village recently died in childbirth
(because their waters didn't break). At that moment, Hugo
decided to help in future deliveries. A few months later he
assisted in 3 births in one week. In the course of the following
years, having been present at dozens of deliveries, he realized
two things. Assistance in childbirth mainly consists of waiting
until mother and child are ready for the delivery and
complications don't necessary imply an operation. It became
obvious that childbirth, involving almost no pain, is possible by
simply letting nature have it her way. Undoubtedly, the ease
with which most children were delivered was also related to the
fact that none of the mothers were corpulent. A healthy,
balanced nutritional diet not only takes care of the overweight
problem, but also assures optimum health.
Some years later, still in Peru, Hugo's children became ill. They
suffered from dysentery and had become infected with parasitic
bacteria. The condition of his daughter Sara (then 3 years old)
was worsening every hour. Hugo feared she would soon die
from dehydration, caused by the incessant diarrhea. All the
medication failed and Hugo desperately grabbed a book on
alternative healing methods. He read that bacteria can not
survive in a clay-based environment. So, he applied this
principle to the human body. Every day, he had each of his
children take a few spoonfuls of the clayish earth dissolved in
some water. After 5 days all the symptoms were gone — Later,
back in his native country Belgium, Hugo took the clay as the
basic ingredient of his revolutionary healing programs.
At first, he was approached by his friends and relatives for
cures against various small ailments, such as the flu, fever and
eczema. As he became more famous, Hugo Symens' knowledge
of the rules governing our body steadily grew. He is
increasingly called upon by terminally ill patients. For these
people he develops a healing system that is at last worthy for
the 20th century, and with which everything in the human body,
that is not completely dead, can be restored to perfect working
order. This is the simple theory :

Every human body that is still capable of absorbing the

necessary fuels, building substances, detoxifiers and protective
substances, has the ability to defend itself and eliminate any
unwanted 'guests' from the body, whether they
are parasites, bacteria or tumors... I

Ever since his return to Belgium in 1982, Hugo Symens has tried
to distribute his healing system to the general public. He cured
thousands of people through his advice by telephone and
through his lectures.
Only in 1991, 1,000 people were cured of terminal cancer.
Nevertheless, the authorities stubbornly refuse to take him
Hugo now calls himself "Magician" instead of "doctor", as it is
illegal to practice medicine in Belgium without the proper
diplomas. Anyway, his healing methods have nothing in
common with traditional medicine.
He is now Persona Non Grata with the Orde van Geneesheren'
(Belgian equivalent for the British Medical Association). Belgian
Physicians and Pharmacists received a letter from the 'Orde'
warning them for "the man who calls himself the Magician".
The letter asked to inform the public prosecutor if anyone with
complaints about Hugo Symens appears.
Need I add that not one complaint has been filed up till now? A
revealing detail : Hugo Symens does not hesitate to swallow
equal amounts of everything he gives to his patients, and he
radiates health. Did doctors swallow one TENTH of what
they prescribe to their patients daily?
After a week, the doctors would be extinct. I leave you to
consider the implications of this paragraph..

This is a dangerous book : it will teach you how to heal faster,

more efficiently and cheaper than any doctor in traditional
medicine could. With this book, you will be able to cure all the
diseases and illnesses on this planet, including so-called
incurable diseases like cancer, leukemia, Parkinson's, etc. And
it will be healed at a fraction of the cost of the traditional
medical treatment. Just READING this book will make you a
better healer than all the doctors who have studied medicine
for 7 or more years.
Naturally, the people who use this book, to keep themselves
and their dear ones healthy, won't need any expensive medical
treatment, medicines, or doctor's advice for the rest of their
lives. Therefore, they will be considered a threat to the
pharmaceutical industries. They will do anything in their power
to prevent the spreading of the information they have so
anxiously been trying to keep secret : HEALING PEOPLE IS
It is a crime to keep this information a secret. Authorities
should regard it as their sacred duty to keep their people
The information in this book is ESSENTIAL to good health and so
simple that it can be taught in primary schools. Everyone
should hear about this system, which can be truly classified
under the HEALING ARTS, so that we can work towards our
ultimate goal: a world without disease or pain, a world worthy
of humankind...


This was found in a newspaper in November 92, as if it were
the most normal case in the world!
The medical industry won't do a thing to prevent this.
Not one doctor advises the people to drink daily fresh raw
milk and some idiots among the alternatives claim that milk is
only useful for calve. What utter nonsense!!!
People need to maintain their weight of the bones until the last day
of their lives.
This is only possible if you add enough amounts daily. You may not
forget that with every move you make and with every step you
take, Calcium is used up. Don't think: "I'm not very active, I don't
need milk." This is absolutely wrong! Your heart is a muscle and it
works day and night! Every time the heart contracts, it uses
Calcium, by relaxing, it uses Magnesium. Your lungs too are
muscles: thousands of little bronchial muscles use Calcium and
Magnesium day and night.
The intestines also contain a lot of muscles. In fact, the whole body
is made of muscles. If you don't give your body the necessary
amount of Calcium, the blood itself will take the Calcium away from
your bones, only to let the heart and the lungs be able to operate.
That's why people have arthrosis and all sorts of decline of the
bones and weakening of the muscles. If the bones are practically
unable to give more Calcium, automatically the muscles become
weaker. A weaker heart, weaker lungs, bad digestion, you get
easily tired, etc. This may not happen! People should be healthy
from the morning until the evening... and they should be happy!
So, don't let anyone tell you untrue stories.
Two glasses of fresh milk every day is barely enough for the
necessary amount of Calcium. The following substances are also
found in raw milk: vitamin D, that is necessary to be able to absorb
Calcium, Magnesium and Tryptophan of which every little baby
remains so quiet and calm.
Not one woman may be persuaded not to give mother's milk!
Everyone who has read this explanation and who keeps on
discouraging mothers from breastfeeding their children, will be
cursed by me.
There is only one out of 10 000 mothers who, for some reason,
can't breastfeed her child. Well, this mother should give her
child raw milk, preferably from the cow or goat. Giving
'imitation milk' to a baby is completely irresponsible.
Sometimes you read in the newspaper about fathers throwing
their babies against the wall, after they had to get up 20 times
because their child was crying. Well, this has everything to do
with that useless powder milk. Bad digestion, stomach cramps,
constipation of the intestines and vains, the burning of the
child's buttock, all these problems are the result of pasteurized
milk or powder milk. Doctors advise hundreds of mothers to
give their child soya milk because the doctors claim the child
can't bear milk. But the child has never drunk real milk! By
drinking soya milk, the child doesn't get any Calcium into the
body. All these babies get a weakening of the muscles, the
English disease, rachitic and every form of weakening of the
bones and decline of the muscles. Milk is a valuable product, as
long as it is fresh and raw. The Holy Cows, think of India, have
everything to do with this milk, which is vital for life.
This explanation hasn't said everything about milk, but
hopefully it is sufficient to let at least the reader escape from a
lot of useless misery and pain.

Milk, for each one of you!

I have been seeing sick and healthy people for several years
now and more and more I have realized that of all the products
used to be cured in a healthy way, there is only one product so
vital and important: fresh RAW milk.
If I had to choose to use only one substance for the rest of my
life, I would choose milk.
Attention please! I am talking about fresh RAW milk. Officially,
90% of all the Belgian people die because of Cholesterol.
Cholesterol is a wrong fat that causes brain hemorrhage,
thrombosis and heart attacks. But this harmful fat is also
responsible for a lot of other diseases and deviations, such as
acne, high blood pressure, varicose veins, asthma, impotence
and even cancer and leukemia. How is that possible? Well,
wrong fats in combination with a lot of other poison, which is
found in meat, pasteurized milk and every oil that is heated,
causes the following: people get a deposit of these fats on the
inside of all the veins and blood vessels in the body.
A young body literally presses these fats to the outside: this is
called acne. The fat rendering inside the veins causes a
constriction of the blood vessels. Because of this constriction
and the same volume of blood, people get automatically a
higher blood pressure.
The fats are also kept between the hinges of the clacks. So, the
blood remains there, doesn't circulate anymore. But because of
the pressure of the heartbeat, the blood, the vein and
everything is literally pushed to the outside. This is called
varicose veins. Later on, the Calcium will be stuck in the fats
and people will get arteriosclerosis. This is all caused by
Cholesterol. But there is more. Not only the quality of the blood
is essential for the good functioning of all the organs and
glands in the body, also a good circulation of the blood is
essential. Every vain, big or small, gets constipated by using
more and more wrong fats.
All the organs and glands will work consequently worse.
They are not able to produce the female hormones for women
and the masculine for men as it should. That is why for example
it is proven that the sperm contains only one fourth of the
quality of the sperm 30 years ago. Every organ and gland, also
the bones (which are porous for 80%) and the brains get less
blood, loose some of their quality and work less good because
of the use of wrong fats, which are., piled up all over the body.
Within maximum 7 days, all these wrong fats can disappear
with anybody. It is sufficient not to swallow any wrong fats
anymore and to drink, during 7 days, fresh raw milk. Be aware
of the fact that there is only one product that takes the
Cholesterol out of your veins and lungs so quickly: fresh raw
milk from the cow.
No doctor nor minister of public health will tell you that. But,
notice that within 5 days, every heart patient runs up and down
the stairs after drinking this milk and staying away of the
wrong fats.
Milk is the solution for people with CHOLESTEROL,
The calcified fats are after all very quickly dissolved.
The Alzheimer Disease, cold hands and feet, the foot or the
leg the doctor claims to take away immediately, the wound that
doesn't heal anymore, all of these ailments are caused by
bad circulation of the blood and/or quality of the blood and
possibly by the use of cortisone.
I just now had a phone call: "My mother is 82 years old and she
suffers from problems with the heart." This was my advice:
"Take your mother to a farm, at the time the cows are being
milked. Let her drink the milk as soon as it comes out of the
cow. You'll see: she won't stop after 2, 3 or 4 cups, she will
drink 5 or 6 and maybe even more. If she drinks this milk, in the
morning and in the evening, her chances for a heart attack are
ZERO after 24 hours."
People who have cancer should from now on add the FRESH
RAW MILK during the first 3 to maximum 6 days. They can every
time drink maximum 1,5 liters in that period. If they wish, they
can, from the 7th day on, drink 2 glasses in the morning and 2
glasses in the evening. But they should drink it immediately
after the cow is milked.
After 3 tot maximum 6 days, all the fats at the inside of the
veins will be dissolved. Also the calcified fats will be
This means that the tumor won't find any wrong or calcified fats
anymore and because of that, an important part of the tumor's
menu, that it needs to maintain itself, has disappeared.
From the 7th day on, you follow the Cancer Program, but with 2
glasses of fresh raw milk daily.
I think you understand the importance of this fresh raw milk
now. It is a must for everybody .
By drinking this milk as fresh and raw as possible,
you decalcify and remove the fat from the whole body much
faster. Result: a better functioning of the muscles and
organs, a better memory, a better mood, more vitality, etc. So,
always follow a program in this book, but FIRST OF ALL: READ




An amputated leg or a removed uterus can't be magically restored

of course, and any dead tissue or organ cannot be brought back to
life. But apart from that, virtually anything can be cured, quickly,
painlessly and at minimal costs.
A human being needs seven substances for his or her survival air,
water, fats, vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and carbohydrates.
Everything else is nonsense!
These seven substances assure the perfect working of the human
body functions. To avoid becoming sick, people should take a daily
maintenance ration of these substances (read page 21). All these
substances used to be sufficiently present in human nourishment.
But, by neglecting the needs of our planet, by letting the industries
produce artificial fertilizers and highly poisonous insecticides and
by dumping all kinds of wastes on our lands into our oceans and
our atmosphere (even outside our atmosphere, in the form of
nuclear radiation) the health and the fertility of the land have
decreased dramatically.
Often three crops a year are extracted from the land, and with
each generation the crops prove to be weaker, less resistant to
disease and of less nutritional value. The vitamins found in a plate
of potatoes today, were contained in ONE potato 30 years ago.
For these reasons, maintaining good health in our days is
invariably linked to the intake of supplementary nutritive
substances and detoxifying substances, even though we may eat
healthy and biologically grown food.
To be in good health and not take this daily maintenance
ration is somewhat comparable to a car, which you refuse to add
fuel to, because it is already going perfectly, or oil
because the motor hums nicely, or put more water into
the carburator, or grease the parts, or pump air into the tires...
Try it with your car, and you will soon see the problems it causes.
Do the same to your body and you will become ill... People who
care about the future won't let it come to that! They daily
supply their bodies with the necessary BUILDING BLOCKS,


Any person starting a treatment mentioned in this book should also

follow the program to get rid of harmful bacteria or parasites (page
66) during 21 days without interruption.
This is unfortunately necessary because of the widespread
contamination with salmonella bacteria. After these 21 days, or
after the completion of a longer treatment, if such a program is
followed, an optimum situation will be reached. This should then be
maintained by daily intake of the 'daily minimum' (read page 21).
This maintenance ration can be taken daily until you are a 150
years old.
By following any of these programs, you will clear your body of the
toxic substances which you have been accumulating over the
years. At the same time you will give your body all the necessary
materials to enable it to function properly: energy, building
substances and protective substances. Because of these
necessities, your body will be able to defend itself successfully.
The inborn immunity system will work perfectly, as it should.
It is of great importance to follow the programs in this
properly, meaning, as they are written down. Don't ever
assume that adding this or that, or leaving out
something else, will not endanger the results, BECAUSE IT WILL!
The present book is the result of some 20 editions during
which the various programs were perfected. Their effectiveness
and precision are guaranteed.
By following the prescriptions of this book, your chances of
success are higher than 99%, even if you are terminally ill
and the doctors have given you only a few more days... THEY
You have good chances to make it anyway (read Chapter 4 : Let
the people judge...).
Don't let yourself be blindfolded to the truth any longer :

Text lost…
A from carotene and should therefore get Vitamin A from
dairy products (fresh cow's milk, butter and egg yolks).
Vitamin Β
These are not just the numbered vitamins (Bl, B6, B12 etc.), but
also Choline, Inositol, PABA, Folic Acid, Biotin and others.
The vitamins of the Β complex have many functions. They play
an important role in the functioning of the nervous system and
it is also of a vital importance to the health of the liver, the
eyes, heart, skin and hair.
Yoghurt and brewer's yeast are natural sources of the Vitamin Β
complex and help to assimilate the chemically produced vitamin
Β (tablets etc.).
You have an increased need of Vitamin Β if you :
- are on medication
- take the pill
- have parasites or harmful bacteria
- regularly drink alcohol
- are pregnant or breast feeding
- are recovering from an illness or from injuries or surgery
- exercise a lot or if you lead a very active life (sports,
heavy manual labor...)
- are stressed
- eat a lot of sugar
- smoke
-drink a lot of coffee

Vitamin C
2 to 6 grams of Vitamin C every 4 hours works as a perfect
EFFECT, and one that doesn't damage the liver.
These facts, discovered by Professor Paulinck, were published
in every major medical reviews throughout the world more than
15 years ago.
Doctor Klenner later discovered the powerful anti-inflammatory
effects of Vitamin C when injected in doses of 2 to 6 grams
every 4 to 8 hours.
It also works as a detoxifier and a tonic which will revitalize
tired people in no time. Vitamin C speeds up all processes of
An overdose is not possible. All surpluses of Vitamin C in the
body are easily secreted.
Patients terminally ill with cancer did not die 'the
same day', nor the day after, as predicted by the doctors.
Their condition steadily improved after administration of 10
grams of Vitamin C every 2 hours for several days.
In 1982 a doctor prescribed 6 grams of Vitamin C for my then 3
year old twin daughters, who both had a serious lung
infection. Even the pharmacist was of the opinion that
the doctor 'was overdoing it'. The doctor had informed us that
the children would probably have a 'major' diarrhea, but that
we needn't worry about it. The children were examined
6 hours later. The infection had virtually disappeared.
The doctor himself added "We are not able to do that
with antibiotics...".
With our knowledge of today, there wouldn't even have been
diarrhea (green clay!).
Why are the doctors of today still using antibiotics?

Take the prescribed number of tea spoons of Vitamin C
(Ascorbic Acid) in powder form, dissolve it in some water or
(freshly squashed) orange juice and drink it immediately. Give
children a straw to suck up the sour powder at the bottom of
the glass first. The rest of the 'lemonade' will then taste much

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is produced by the human body when the skin is in
direct contact with the sunlight. But exposing yourself to the
sunlight these days, has become dangerous because the
ozone layer is reduced by 50 %.
Vitamin D plays an important role in the formation of the bone
structure and the teeth. The absorption of Calcium is impossible
without vitamin D.
Cod-liver oil is a natural source of Vitamin D.

Vitamin Ε
Just like Vitamin C and green clay, Vitamin Ε is a powerful
detoxifying substance. It prevents premature ageing of the body
and its cells and it has a number of regulating functions. It
enhances the effect of the Kombu (pag.18), it prevents the loss
Vitamin A in the body and is unrivalled in removing eczema in
people of all ages.

Stinging Nettle
Stinging nettle is a detoxifying substance with a very
specific function: it removes the uric acid from joints, muscles and
nerves. If you have eaten meat all your life, the uric acid
might have crystallized, causing arthritis, polyarthritis and
Stinging nettle tea, correctly prepared, will make rheumatism
disappear within 24 hours (if you don't eat meat in the meantime),
and arthritis in 4 to 7 days - even terminal arthritis - (the
deformation will stay, however). Furthermore tea from nettles
helps to regulate blood pressure and relieves arteriosclerosis.
It also removes lactic acid from the muscles, the results of which
are clearly shown in athletic performances. Athletes (and
racehorses) are able to improve upon their personal record within 3
Combined with horsetail tea and Kombu, it can be used for losing
excess weight in a healthy and efficient way.

Take 5 large stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) and puree them. If you
can not get fresh stinging nettles, get dried ones from a health
food store.
Put the puree or two full cups of the dried nettles in a thermos or a
teapot and pour one liter of boiling water over them.
After 45 minutes you can drink it. People with high blood pressure:
drink a cup after the tea has brewed for 5 minutes, as waiting
longer could be dangerous, thereafter every 5 minutes.
You can leave the nettles in the tea until you have drunk it all.
Make fresh tea every day.
Horsetail Tea
Horsetail (Equisetum, available in Health Food stores &
Pharmacies) tea removes kidney stones in 9 out of 10 cases, and
brings general relief in kidney malfunctions.

Same method of preparation of stinging nettle tea, but leave to
brew for 45 minutes before drinking it.

Spirulina is a natural combination of essential vitamins and
minerals, the qualities of which exceed any chemically prepared
vitamin and mineral supplements.
Spirulina however, lacks iodine, and for every 5 tablets of spirulina,
one should therefore take 2 seaweed tablets or some Kombu
regularly (once a week) and 2 capsules of 200 I.U. Vitamin Ε (for
better iodine absorption).

Kombu is a seaweed, with a natural balance of vitamins and
minerals (including iodine), which can grow to a length of 15
meter. It should be preferred to seaweed tablets, because it is not
treated in any way, and it can be used in larger quantities.
Japanese Kombu is probably of a superior quality, considering the
purity of the water used for the cultivation of the weed.
If you have trouble adjusting to the taste of Kombu, you can
instead take seaweed tablets 2 to 30 times daily, but the use of
Kombu is preferable. A daily intake of 300 to 500 grams works very
efficiently and is beneficial to all healing processes. If you use
seaweed tablets, take those with the prescription '100% pure*.
People with cancer CANNOT TAKE SEAWEED TABLETS, they have to
use Kombu.

Let the Kombu soak in some water for 2 hours or more.
Puree the seaweed and eat it with a spoon
Alternatively you can mix it with some cargo rice or yoghurt.
You can also eat the leaves dry as salted snacks.
To get a better taste, you can add a banana or yoghurt.

Olive oil
This should be virgin olive oil, derived from the olives at the first
cold pressing. Do not use olive oil that has been heated, this only
causes harmful effects.
Olive oil feeds the bones, joints, muscles and nerves. Softly
massaging olive oil into the skin brings immediate, sometimes
permanent, relief from all nervous pains, muscle pains, bone pains
and pains in the joints or ligaments.
The oil also helps to revive the malfunctioning parts of the body.
Drinking olive oil regularly, or massaging it into the skin will
help bring degeneration processes to a halt. It also helps release
slime from the lungs and prevents the attachment of tumors.
The first time you apply it, you should massage it into the skin 3
times successively with an interval of 10 minutes, afterwards apply
1 to 4 times daily, and also each time the pain reemerges.

Brewer*a Yeast and Yoghurt

Yoghurt and brewer's yeast contain Vitamin Β in the most natural
form. They also help to assimilate other, chemically prepared
Vitamin Β tablets.
Yoghurt (if it is a living culture) restores the intestinal flora.
40 tablets of Brewer's Yeast and half a liter of yoghurt
(living culture) daily, together with clay and Vitamin C, are
sufficient to cure a completely depleted liver in 3 weeks. As a
consequence, stress, depressions, anxiety and phobia's
miraculously disappear.
These are the substances needed daily for the
normal functioning of the human body. A daily intake
reduces your chances of one of the aforementioned disorders to
Cancer patients. Heart patients and people with a high
cholesterol level must only eat yoghurt made of raw milk.
The yoghurt or the milk must not at any stage be heated above 37"
Celsius. Because of the low temperature, the yoghurt will remain
somewhat liquid. Any other type of yoghurt contains
cholesterol, and lacks Lecithin (cancer patients eating such
yoghurt can only do themselves more harm by eating meat!).
Here is how to prepare this raw milk yoghurt (At the moment it is
not on sale anywhere, not even in health food stores!):
Put one table spoon of yoghurt of a living culture in a
thermos. Add milk of a temperature of 37" Celsius.
Leave the thermos for 10 hours in an out of the way place.

Milk and Egg Yolks

Breast milk and fresh cow's milk contain inimitable substances and
tryptophan, an ingredient which assures that babies are relaxed
and sleep soundly. Tryptophan is also found in bananas.
Milk and raw egg yolks contain lecithin, which dissolves the fat in
the arteries and prevents varicose, brain hemorrhage, thrombosis,
heart attacks and a number of high-cholesterol related diseases.
Official sources state that in Belgium 40% of deaths are caused by
or related to high cholesterol. By consuming fresh cow's milk
and/or raw egg yolks daily, this situation would be non-existent.
By pasteurizing the milk and heating the egg yolks, the lecithin is
unfortunately rendered inactive and the cholesterol is released.
For someone who has cancer, this is equal with eating meat... A
cancer patient who eats meat, feeds especially the tumors in stead
of his own body.
OF MALICIOUS BACTERIAS. One out of the many advantages of
breastfeeding, is that the resistance for a lot of diseases, among
them leukemia and all sorts of cancer, becomes higher.
Raw egg yolks are better replaced by Spirulina (20 tablets per egg

Pollen contains the 8 essential enzymes necessary for the human

Fruits, Nuts and Wheat Germ

Fruit, nuts and seeds are the natural food of man.
A banana, an orange and a few nuts, and if possible some wheat
Germ proffer our daily dose of potassium.
Potassium is responsible for the quality of our blood.
If the blood is healthy, all the organs benefit.
Use fresh and unsalted nuts, preferably no peanuts.
People using cortisone should daily eat bananas, melon, nuts,
wheat germ and oranges (in the juice extractor, but do not
remove the pith, as this contains more potassium than the rest of
the orange).
How to Grow Wheat Germs Yourself
Fill 1/5 of a small glass container with wheat. Fill it to the brim with
water. After 12 hours, pour off the water and leave for another 12
hours, without adding any water. Fill the container every 12 hours
with water, but each time pour it off immediately, until the germs
are about 1/2 a centimeter long (3 to 4 days). Then they can be
eaten in their entirety.


adults :
To maintain perfect health from ages 16 to 150, one should take
daily :
- before every meal: 1 or 2 tea spoons of green clay in water,
followed by an appropriate dose of Vitamin C in powder.
- 7 to 11 Spirulina tablets and 2 seaweed tablets (preferable 100%
- 40 tablets of Brewer's yeast and 1/2 liter of (living) yoghurt
- 1 or better 2 glasses of fresh raw milk
If you want to do even a better job, add :
- 1 to 2 tea spoons of pollen with a little honey on an empty
- 1 table spoon of olive oil
- 200 to 600 I.U. (International Units) of Vitamin Ε

Children (up to 16 years old) :

The following should be observed for children:
- before every meal: 1 tea spoon of clay, followed by a pinch
of Vitamin C (adjust the dose according to the stools).
- 7 to 11 Spirulina tablets and 2 seaweed (100/100 pure).
- 10 to 30 tablets of Brewer's yeast and 1/2 liter yoghurt (living
1 or better 2 glasses of fresh raw milk
People suffering from headaches or getting worse headaches
should also drink stinging nettle tea (preferable 2 liters or more
every day).
To become and stay as healthy as possible it is best not to eat
meat. If this takes away too much pleasure in your life, eat poultry
occasionally. Use little or no fats, but if you must, use only butter
made from raw milk and olive oil from the first cold pressing. These
will not cause your body any harm. If you ate a meal which
contained fat, drink some lemon juice with or without some Vitamin
C afterwards. Do not completely fill your stomach. Preferably take
several small meals a day, instead of a few copious ones. Limit the
use of sugar (replace it with honey). Introduce the idea of sweets
only once a week for your children, as a special treat. Be moderate
with alcohol, or better still, do not drink it at all. Use products
which contain as little white flour as possible. Every day eat
coarsely ground whole meal bread and cargo rice. Eat fresh fruits
and vegetables (or their juices) daily.



A one-time use of antibiotics is enough to remove all the Vitamin Β
from your liver and to prevent the assimilation of new Vitamin B.
Every day a little of the Vitamin Β in your liver is used up, and soon
(within 3 years) you will end up with a completely depleted liver.
Drinking alcohol regularly has the same effect.
After the Vitamin B, the Vitamin A will start disappearing
from the liver. As a result, many of the people on antibiotics get
lung problems. Bronchitis easily becomes chronic, often the
eyes sting and become inflamed.
If you go to the doctor, what will he prescribe?
You guessed it...
Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria, which they do very
effectively. They fail however to distinguish between the
bacteria the body needs and those harmful to it and kill
(amongst others) the intestinal bacteria that ensures a good
digestion and all the Vitamins of the B-complex in the liver. Typical
consequences of the use of antibiotics are, amongst others :
hair loss, nervousness, depressions, irritability, tiring easily,
backaches, thirst etc. Resistance against infections is seriously
impaired. Taking antibiotics (anti-life!) means dealing a serious
blow to the metabolism of the body. The results could
last a lifetime. Many patients taking antibiotics as if they
were sweets (because this is how their doctors prescribed
them), ended their days in mental hospitals.
This accounts for about 90% of all the patients in mental
It is therefore most important to revitalize a depleted liver with the
necessary substances as soon as possible.
Responsible doctors will prescribe Vitamin C to their patients to
battle infections. Unfortunately many doctors are tempted by the
numerous gifts the pharmaceutical industries shower them with
according to the rate with which they prescribe antibiotics to their
Corticosteroids / Cortisone
The corticosteroids and cortisone that doctors prescribe to
humans, are identical to those injected in cattle to increase their
weight (One shot of cortisone can cause a weight increase of 100
kilograms within a month!).
Almost all animals bred for consumption have had cortisone
injections. The part of the animal's body in which the cortisone was
injected, is not removed in the slaughterhouse, it might be the very
steak you're having for dinner! The meat you're buying is not only
watery (noticed how it shrinks when you cook it?), but it still
contains cortisone. The cortisone tends to concentrate in the
organs of the animals, especially in the liver. Those of you who
regularly eat meat (especially liver or liver pate), will have an
increased risk of getting cancer.
In humans, cortisone weakens the resistance of the entire
metabolism, because the blood is affected and contains too much
water. Obviously the quality of the blood affects the functioning of
every organ in the body. The human metabolism goes haywire.
With each new exposure the risk of cancer increases.
If you eat a lot of meat, or if you take extra hormones (athletes,
women on the pill...), strange things will happen to your body.
If you are a man, your testicles can shrink, you run a high risk of
getting cancer of the prostate, you might grow breasts!
Women might get increased hair growth on the face (moustache)
or legs, baldness, a deeper voice, cancer of the uterus, etc.
The quality of our blood depends on the amount of Potassium in
the cells. The use of cortisone removes the Potassium from the
cells. It is then replaced by sodium, originally located around the
cells. The sodium absorbs water and the cells start swelling. The
body panics and tries to preserve all the sodium in the blood
(normally only small amounts of sodium are found in the blood
stream). This results in water retention both inside and outside the
cells. It is now easy to understand how people can gain 20 kilos in
2 months by simply having some cortisone injections.
Cortisone can cause asthma in children and babies, plus leukemia,
agranulocytosis, multiple myeloma and a number of other diseases,
which normally would be impossible to concentrate in one human
being. High blood pressure and disturbances of the heart rhythm
are other symptoms caused by high sodium and low Potassium
levels in the cells. Weight increases, the skin loses its elasticity
and becomes paper- like, bones become brittle and can snap like
matches. The blood, of vital importance for all the organs in the
body, becomes a black watery fluid...
The Annotated Compendium of Medicines for Belgium fails to
reveal that retention of sodium also causes kidney injuries, but this
oversight is understandable, as there are some 30 other additional
For your information, I will list them here.

The Compendium lists them under the following title:

'As additional symptoms should be noted:

- Clinical Symptomatology of the Gushing Syndrome with 'Moon
Face', Acne and Amenorrhea.
- Weakness of the muscles, Heart rhythm dysfunctions caused by
the excessive loss of Potassium.
- Serious Myopathies, especially in children.
- Diabetes, especially in patients with a predisposition for it.
- Osteoporosis (perforation of the bone), sometimes accompanied
by intense pains and spontaneous fractures, especially in post
menopausal women.
- Reduced resistance against infections such as those caused by
Mycobacterium, Tuberculosis, Candida Albicans and viruses.
Clinical symptoms of contamination are masked.
- Arrested growth.
- Minor gastro-intestinal symptoms; Probably an increased risk of
gastro-duodenal ulcer with the masking of symptoms with,
gastro-intestinal perforation or hemorrhage.
- Euphoria, agitation, insomnia, dizziness, headaches and
psychotic reactions, especially in patients with a psychiatric
- Cataract and increase of the intra-ocular pressing.
- With repeated intra-articular injections injuries of the joints may
occur: there is a risk of contamination.

It is my honest opinion that any doctor who is any worthy wouldn't

prescribe corticosteroids to his or her worst enemy after having
once read the additional symptoms.
The prescription or administration of such products is a
criminal act and should be forbidden by law. The same goes for
antibiotics and a number of other so-called 'medicines',
prescribed daily by doctors all over the world.
Injecting cattle with cortisone is already illegal in a number of
countries, but classical medicine happily continues to inject
human beings with the stuff.
Cortisone is in fact a substance which is secreted by the adrenal
glands to resist any unwanted 'intruders' in our bodies. The
cortisone the doctors prescribe however, is a synthetically
produced mixture of chemicals and plant extracts, and it is
administered in doses that are up to 10,000 times too high.
When you are treated with cortisone or another corticosteroid, the
adrenal glands stop producing cortisone themselves and start to
Since your blood becomes watery due to the cortisone treatment,
the chances of restoring your adrenal glands is practically ZERO.
If you DO feel that you (or one of your children with eczema) need
an extra dose of cortisone, help the adrenal glands in producing it
in the following way :
Massage the renal region softly with olive oil, while keeping
the spot warm with the help of an ordinary hair dryer.
Keep the kidneys and adrenal glands active (by putting on some
woolen pullovers or by taking a hot bath). The same principle is
also applied in the treatment for chronic sinusitis (page 70) and
influenza (page 59). If you would like to follow one of the programs
from this book, it is imperative that you know that
the sudden discontinuing of corticosteroids and other
poisonous 'medication' can be lethal.
If you follow the treatments as described in this book strictly,
however, you can safely discard your medication after 3 days.

Medication during Pregnancy

Pregnant women taking any type of medication (with the exception

of vitamins and minerals) are putting poison inside their bodies,
which is almost always harmful to the unborn babies.
Since all illnesses can be cured with the help of substances that
are beneficial to the body, the poisonous products of
modern medicine should be banned. Read Chapter 6 for more

Poisoning Your Body

A human being functions by the grace of seven substances : air,
water, fats, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates.
Once in a while, one may use a detoxifying substance for specific
purposes, such as stinging nettle tea, but that about wraps it up.
Anyone who follows any line of traditional medical treatment
and swallows medication, is literally poisoning their body (an
exception are the vitamins and minerals, but these unfortunately
don't even make up 5% of the content of medicines).
The warnings for 'overdoses' of Vitamin A, C, D and Ε are
essentially a way of deterring the people from using them. If you
do use them in large doses, you will soon have no need for
doctors and pharmacists, operations, chemotherapies or
Together with other products from the pharmaceutical industries
(vaccines, insecticides, artificial fertilizers) and meat, medication is
responsible for 95% of all the diseases and illnesses in the so-
called welfare states. The implications are that you will NOT catch
19 out of 20 of those diseases if you do no more than keep your
distance from the pharmaceutical poisons mentioned above.
Most medication offers no real cure, it just lowers the vitamin and
mineral levels in your body. It is poisonous, and the body treats it
thus (which is why you get all these adverse effects such as
headaches, depressions, breathing malfunctions, disturbances of
the heart rhythm, intestinal perforation, bone deterioration,
dizziness etc.). According to the World Health Organization only
300 different types of medication are necessary or even useful.
There are more than 200,000 drugs currently being used
throughout the world.

A vaccination contains nothing else than the disease bacteria and
viruses (fully virulent or in a weakened form), injected into your
body for the purpose of artificially inducing immunity to a
particular disease.
Unfortunately, this is not all it does. Vaccination is a major cause of
illnesses apparent either immediately or many years after the
The reactions to vaccination differ widely according to the quality
of the vaccine, the condition of the child, the know-how of the
doctor, the sterilized condition etc... Generally the adverse effects
of vaccines are very clearly noticed with small children. Did you not
notice that your baby started coughing or got bronchitis after such
an innocent injection? Didn't you wonder why it had diarrhea a few
hours after the vaccination? That it slept and cried a lot more than
usual? Did you not notice ANY difference in the baby's behavior?
The long term effects are probably even more gruesome :
the children who were vaccinated and bottle fed during their
infancy are the same children who now have pneumonia, who are
anemic, have no appetite, are often sick, cough a lot,
squint, have allergies, are nervous, have eczema...
Did you ever stop and wonder how you ended up with
4 epileptics in your family, or 3 diabetics, or 15 people
wearing glasses?
I have refused to have my youngest son and daughter vaccinated.
Children who ARE vaccinated, have their immunity system turned
upside down and are more susceptible to ALL KINDS OF DISEASES
than their counterparts who did not receive vaccination.
Children who were not vaccinated are in 99.9% of the cases
healthier than those who were. If they do get a disease, their
immunity system will deal with it much more adequately. The other
0.1% who do display adverse effects after contact with a virus
against which they would normally have been vaccinated, are the
children who - when vaccinated - would have been handicapped for
life with polio or mental disorders, or who would have died from
cot death a few days after the vaccination.
Multiple Sclerosis is one of the most horrendous examples of
diseases caused by vaccinating children. It is not by a car accident
or another shock to the system, as the doctors would have you
The disease starts to develop fully, soon after the car crash
because of the megadoses of antibiotics you are given in hospital,
and which completely ruin the natural immunity system of the
body! Leukemia, diabetes and most other serious diseases in
children are INJECTED!!!
Again, I'm afraid, the underlying cause of all this misery is the lust
for money. Obligatory vaccination for babies (paid for by the
parents or the government) is one of the many ways in which the
pharmaceutical industry secures the outlet of its products, and
therefore its income.

Further Reading :
The Case against Immunization RICHARD
MOSCOWITZ, M.D. Confessions of a
Medical Heretic Dr. R. S. MENDELSOHN
Homeopathy in Epidemic Diseases
Measles Virus Infection without Rash in Childhood is related
to Disease in Adult Life
The Lancet, 1985
The Merck Manual
A Shot in the Dark
Vaccinations and Immune Malfunction
Vaccinations and Immunization. Dangers, Delusions,

X-rays and Scanners

These are lethal
Some doctors, confronted with 'the mystery of the lost
tumors' in their patients after they had followed the anticancer
treatment in this book, had them undergo 300 OR MORE X-rays.
Others found it indispensable to have their patients checked under
a scanner, and then left the apparatus switched on over their
bodies for minutes on end, whilst they wondered where the so-
called incurable cancers might have gone to... The son of one of my
patients rightly called these doctors MURDERERS. Day after day
they continue their trade, fully aware of the fact that they are
harming people more than they are helping them!
A short scanner session bombards your body with
the radioactivity equal of 800 X-ray radiographs. On top of that
your body is injected with a highly radioactive material, to have a
better color contrast on the scanned pictures. If you didn't have
cancer before undergoing the scans, YOU MIGHT VERY WELL HAVE
The Dutch National Board for the Environment has warned that the
radiation emanating from recently treated patients is so high that
it might actually endanger other people.
If you are completely cured of your cancer (3 weeks or 3
months after starting the treatment in this book), you might want
to have the certainty of an X-ray radiography.
Alright, have one X-ray, or two or three, but not 300!

Remark : Ultra-sound scans are harmless and generally

provide more reliable information than X-rays.

The System is wrong

Our system of medical treatment is inherently wrong. We go to our

doctors when we are ill and then we pay them money to make us
better. As long as we remain ill, the doctor will be able to provide
for the daily needs for his or her family. If the doctor cures all the
patients, he will soon suffer from hunger...
It would be better to pay the doctors a small fee as long as we are
healthy. And stop paying them as soon as someone gets sick, so
that the doctors would strive to make their patients BETTER, and
not try to keep them under treatment as long as possible. In this
way, they would be able to cure 9 out of 10 people from influenza
in no more than 45 minutes (read page 59) .
Also, they wouldn't hesitate to prescribe entire families vitamins as
a preventive measure. At that moment not one doctor would claim
that 'it is still not proven' that Vitamin C, multivitamins etc. slow
down the ageing process. No doctor would disdainfully look at
horsetail tea and say 'if this cures kidney stones, I bet you there
would be a lot more people drinking it.
At that moment, the doctors confronted with recovered
ex-patients of theirs, wouldn't start screaming 'POLICE!',
but would listen because they might learn something. If illness
stopped filling the doctors' wallets, but health did, soon there
would be no sick people left in the country. So, let us all invite
our doctors once or twice a month to give us a prescription to
maintain our health — I can assure you that not many people will
be able to maintain perfect health for years without taking
additional vitamin and mineral supplements!
Most doctors have regular patients, and they try to keep those.
Going to the doctor with a serious ailment means that many people
are going to make a whole lot of money out of your unhappiness.
(The treatment your doctor will give you might continue for. years,
or the disease might be cured on the surface but will make a
glorious comeback and will probably stay with you until your
The quality of life decreases considerably after commencing
treatment, and will continue to decrease until the passing away of
the patient, which will be early and painful. Invariably linked to the
subject of classical medical treatment is pain, and this pain is a
thousand times bigger than the pain any human being would
normally suffer in the course of a lifetime.
Have a look around you, it happens daily in your neighborhood and
all around the world!
It is time you make your own decisions. Everyone, even doctors
who have been tricked by the system, or who suffer remorse about
their past deeds, can from NOW start to apply this simple, effective
healing system free of charge.



Use caution however in cases of epilepsy and diabetes,

and with treatments involving corticosteroids. Here it
is sometimes unwise to abruptly abandon treatment. DO NOT TAKE
If you've stopped the medication and sense an attack or oncoming
trouble, keep your pills close at hand to take a dose if necessary.
Medication for epilepsy patients often works 2 or 3 days after the
last pill was taken. In case you feel an attack coming up, take a
high dose (attack dose) to have the medication work faster.
It is better however not to take any risks and wait patiently until
the substances that detoxify your body and rebuild your strength
have made you well again.
The pharmaceutical companies have tried very hard to
hide their knowledge to preserve their income.
The privileged few who attend universities to become doctors are
mocked and manipulated by the industries all through their
studying years. In the end they wind up as spineless puppets who
hide behind their diplomas and titles to lie to people, to cheat on
them, to poison them and cut into their bodies, to burn their flesh
with radiation, to steal their money and to ruin their hopes for the
future.These doctors, prescribing medication to the ill and the
healthy (athletes), are comparable to madmen who find out the
most sophisticated torturing devices to extract money from their
Pharmacists also act irresponsibly, as if the only things at stake
were their incomes and they need not concern themselves with
trivial things such as their client's health. As some sort of
justification, they keep written accounts of their crimes. Classical
Medicine beats all the horrors, abuses and crimes the world has
known up to this day.


If you drink alcohol regularly, your liver is unable to absorb the
Vitamin Β in your food. It's not the quantity that counts, but the
frequency (one beer a day is enough). Every day a little of the
Vitamin Β in your liver is used up, and if no new Vitamin Β can
be assimilated, you will soon (within 3 years) end up
with a completely depleted liver (Antibiotics have the same
effect within 3 days). The consequences will be, amongst others:
hair loss, nervousness, depressions, irritability, tiring easily,
backaches etc. Most people with a depleted liver will be thirsty all
the time. Resistance against infections and microbes is seriously
impaired. It is therefore of the utmost importance to revitalize the
liver with the necessary substances as soon as possible. Other
factors detrimental to your health are : MEAT, ARTIFICIAL SUGAR,


Restoring your Health

When comparing the Miracle Treatment to traditional treatment,
we can see that patients are cured a lot quicker- There is no pain
involved. In most cases an amelioration of some sort becomes
evident almost instantaneously after starting the treatment. Even
patients with terminal cancers and patients given up by the
traditional medical world are cured in a period which seldom
exceeds three months. All minor diseases and illnesses are cured in
even shorter periods, varying from 45 minutes (the flu, sinusitis)
over 24 hours (bronchitis) to 3 weeks (small breast cancers).
The entire process is absolutely painless and will cost you
simply the price of the necessary ingredients. I would like to
emphasize here once again that it is essential to adhere to the
programs strictly.
If the program says "don't eat meat during the entire treatment",
don't expect to get positive results if you do eat meat.
The treatments in this book have reached their current degree of
perfection through ten years of experience in the field. Tampering
with them can be extremely dangerous in the case of cancer or
As most of our food (meat, eggs, poultry, vegetables ...) are
contaminated with the Salmonella Bacteria, it is advisable that
anyone starting a program in this book should also follow the
Salmonella Treatment (page 68) for 21 days. Once cured, continue
to take the daily minimum (page 21) until your dying day (when
you are 150 years old) .

Allergies can be caused by all kinds of substances; rough or
synthetic clothing, soaps, polluted or contaminated water, extreme
heat or cold, foodstuffs or food additives, dust, pets' hairs etc.
The accompanying symptoms can be tiredness, exhaustion, fever,
vomiting and diarrhea (the same symptoms occur in poisonings).
According to some doctors, the origins of chronic allergies are
psychological. This is yet another excuse to provide them with
clients with a duration of a lifetime dependency on poisonous pills
and tranquilizers.
Psychological problems should have ceased to exist years ago, as
they are all related to a shortage of Vitamin Β in the liver.
If a patient has not been treated with cortisone or another
corticosteroid, the patient's liver can be cured in 3 weeks and
possible allergies with a psychological connection will also vanish.
If you were treated with cortisone (pills, injections or ointments),
you should follow the cancer program (page 42) for 21 days
without interruption, even if the symptoms of the allergy have
completely disappeared after a few days. In some cases, depending
on the seriousness of the 'poisoning' and the resistance of the
body, the rash or the allergic reactions might disappear in a couple
of hours without treatment.
In trying to combat the unwanted substances, the body loses
energy, metabolic activity increases, causing fever. The body tries
to eliminate the substances from the stomach and the intestines as
soon as possible by inducing vomiting and diarrhea.
If one is susceptible to allergic reactions, adding more •poison' in
the form of pharmaceuticals, might worsen the condition.
During 21 days minimum WITHOUT interruption, otherwise until
approximately 2 days after all the symptoms have disappeared.
- 7 times daily 2 full tea spoons of clay, followed by one tea spoon
of Vitamin C in powder.
- 20 to 30 Spirulina tablets and 5 seaweed tablets
- 5,000 I.U. of Vitamin A and fresh carrot juice
- 80 or 120 tablets of brewer's yeast and 1 or 1 1/2 liter of yoghurt
(living culture).
- 2 to 6 RAW egg-yolks (not the whites!).
- 2 glasses of fresh UNHEATED UNPASTEURIZED cow's milk.
- 1 liter of tea from the stinging nettle
- 200 mg of Zinc
- 20 capsules of 200 I.U. of Vitamin Ε and Kombu
Throughout the entire treatment you MUST NOT eat:
meat or fat of any type, soups in which meat has been cooked,
beef cubes or any other type of stock with meat in it, fish,
onions, garlic, sugar, white flour or products containing it
(white bread, cookies etc.), polished rice, chocolate, coffee,
black tea, beer, alcohol or canned food.
Instead of salt you should use crushed seaweed tablets.
It is preferable not to smoke.
- It is possible that the nettle rash or allergy may return after a
short period. If you stick to the treatment, these reoccurrences
will happen less and less frequently and they will become shorter
and less intense each time. Once all the symptoms have gone,
one should observe the daily minimum (read page 21) to
maintain perfect health.

Alzheimer's Disease
Same treatment as 'Degeneration Processes' (page 47)

Pain in the middle of the stomach at first (around the navel), then
more to the right and lower. Tight feeling in the belly. Nausea.
Causes can be : an obstruction of the appendix by a small object
(i.e. a cherry stone), overextended bowels or a sudden change in
nutritional habits.
Put a large clay cataplasm (one kilogram or more) on
the belly. Take 10 to 20 tea spoons of clay in water. Take enough
Vitamin C to keep the stools soft and the infection
down (about one tea spoon for every 5 tea spoons of clay). Lie
down and wait until the pain recedes.
After an hour or so you will probably be able to stand up, and the
pain will have gone. Stay vigilant, however: if you overeat or eat
meals that contain a lot of fat, the pain could return. If it does,
take again 10 to 20 tea spoons of clay and some Vitamin C, and
The pain might return a couple of times during the following week.
Each time take clay and Vitamin C. If the obstruction can not be
removed, the body will encapsulate it with a kind of insulation
tissue so that it will not cause any more trouble for the rest of your
The following 'tricks' might also help to relieve the pain:
- If you are not nauseous, stand on your head or do the "candle"
(Yoga posture). Remain in this position for a few minutes at least.
If necessary, let someone assist you. Chances are that the
gravitational forces will pull the obstruction towards the earth
and free you from your predicament.
- If the pain is still there after half an hour or if you are
nauseous, take a bath in tepid water. The colder the water, the
easier the infection will be halted. In the water your body moves
around more easily, and the obstruction in your appendix might
just pop out. If it doesn't work, try the local swimming pool, but
don't take a hot shower!
- Try lying down; it is common knowledge in medical circles that
appendix complaints often disappear overnight.
- Putting a bag of ice on the stomach can effectively stop an
appendicitis. The cold will slow down or stop the infection.

Arteriosclerosis, or the hardening of the arteries, is one of many
diseases caused by a high cholesterol level in the blood. Everyone
needs cholesterol, in fact, our own body produces cholesterol. But
if we have too much of it (mostly because we eat meat regularly,
which contains a lot of fat), the cholesterol starts depositing on the
arterial walls, narrowing them. The cholesterol starts to bind the
Calcium in the blood, which hardens and narrows the arteries even
more, the blood stream can not flow freely through the body any
more and all sorts of nasty effects become apparent, ultimately a
thrombosis or brain hemorrhage could be the result. It is easily
understood that we begin best to eliminate the calcium on the
arterial walls when the deposits are still small. In that way, they
can be eliminated by the blood stream without blocking the
arteries. The substance which is able to dissolve the cholesterol on
the arterial walls is Lecithin. Our bodies are able to produce
Lecithin by themselves if Vitamin B6, Inositol and Choline are
present in the blood. We can also take Lecithin (derived from soya)
orally, which at the same time proffers the necessary B-vitamins,
Choline and Inositol.
Lecithin is also present in (raw unheated) egg yolks, fresh
(unheated) cow's milk, olive oil and nuts.
The Lecithin will first dissolve the cholesterol on the arterial walls,
and also prevent new cholesterol or Calcium deposits, and it will
take care of the transportation of the cholesterol to the places
where it is needed in the body, or else it will make sure the
cholesterol is eliminated.
Same treatment as 'Diseases of the Heart' (page 57).

Eating meat is the cause of arthritis, gout, polyarthritis,
rheumatism and many other diseases. Eating 200 grams or more of
meat produces too many harmful substances for your kidneys to
eliminate in one day.
The fats that are released into the blood stream attach themselves
to the arterial walls and hamper the circulation of the blood, with a
number of dangerous consequences (high cholesterol, varicose,
cardiac arrest, thrombosis, brain hemorrhage, cancer of the
Even more uric acid starts to build up between the nerves, muscles
and joints, causing rheumatism.
After some years, sometimes decades, the uric acid starts
crystallizing, causing arthritis and gout.
Decrystalizing and ultimately eliminating the uric acid is the main
task of the stinging nettle tea, which you should drink in large
quantities until you are cured.
- Daily minimum (page 21)
- 2 to 3 liters of stinging nettle tea will make the arthritis
disappear after about 4 days. It could take a week if the arthritis
is terminal.
- During the entire treatment you can not eat meat or poultry of
any kind (it is precisely the long-term effects of eating meat that
we are trying to cure).
- If after some time one or more of your joints start swelling, you
have probably got polyarthritis or a related disease. The
swellings can be very painful. Massage the joints while
generously applying olive oil several times daily. You could also
apply a clay cataplasm to the sore spots.
This will also soak up excess fluids around the joints (Eating Kombu
and Vitamin Ε will stimulate the glands to excrete fluids in the
normal way). Keep on drinking 2 or 3 liters of the tea every day.
After 2 weeks you will be cured of your polyarthritis. - Arthritis and
polyarthritis will not reappear if you observe the daily minimum
(read page 21) and try to restrict your intake of meat.

Arthrosis, Decalcification of the bones, Osteoporosis, Rickets and
menstrual pains are all caused either by a treatment with cortisone
or by a lack of Calcium in the body.
The human body needs Calcium during its entire lifetime. Adding
extra Calcium is needed until the age of about 35. If the body is in
need of Calcium before that age, Calcium will be extracted from the
bones, with the dreaded results mentioned higher. The bones
become porous, intense bone pains and spontaneous fractures (i.e.
for no apparent reason) are only a few of the possible
A cortisone treatment will induce exactly the same results in no
more than a few months, and a host of additional effects (muscle
deterioration, heart rhythm deficiencies, perforation of the
intestinal wall, euphoria, agitation, insomnia, headaches, giddiness
Calcium deficiencies frequent especially with women who are
breast feeding. They need Calcium and Vitamin D supplements.
Without the presence of Vitamin D, the Calcium in the body will not
be absorbed. Vitamin D is formed in the skin, when the body is
exposed to the rays of the sun. Glass or heavy pollution will
prevent the ultraviolet rays from reaching your body in sufficient
quantities. As a food supplement, cod-liver oil is still the best
known source of Vitamin D. Lack of Vitamin D in children often
results in flat feet, bow legs, knock-knees, a hollow chest and a
large round forehead (the symptoms so typical for rickets)
A long, thin face, with sunken eyes and protruding or crooked
teeth, is an indication of Calcium deficiency in babies and children.
Often hereditary factors are mentioned in connection with these
symptoms, where in fact it are only the dietary habits that are
Arthrosis and related diseases can be stabilized within 48 hours
with the treatment below. The necessary substances you add to
your body will gradually start to build up the strength of the bones,
after some months they will have regained their former strength.
- follow the 'Salmonella' program (page 68)
- 6 spoons white clay
- drink stinging nettle tea, a minimum of 1 liter a day
- try to catch some sun (go outside for an hour) and/or 2 table
spoons of cod-liver oil
- a few glasses of raw milk as fresh as possible
always take the daily minimum (page 21) In
case of pain or inflammation:
- put a cataplasm
- rub some cold pressed olive oil of the first pressing
The first time rub it 3 times every 10 minutes. Later on rub it 1 to
5 times a day, and of course every time the pain returns. You can
also drink 1 to 3 little glasses of that oil during the first month, it
helps a lot.

Read also treatment for Lung Problems (page 62).
Follow the cancer treatment (page 42)
Exercise described under 'Slipped Disc'.
If muscle pain, nerve pain, or bone pain is involved, read the
treatment under the heading 'Pains'.(page 65)

Same treatment as Salmonella, (page 68)

Stop using talcum powder. Sprinkle white clay powder on the
sheets. Most bedsores will heal within 3 weeks and will not
reappear for as long as you keep on using clay between the sheets.

Follow the treatment for cancer (page 42) during 4 days. In
addition take daily:
- 20 leaves of Kombu of 20 cm, together with 30 capsules of 200
I.U. of Vitamin E.
- 200 mg. of Vitamin Bl, 200 mg. of Vitamin B6 (together with the
yoghurt and the brewer's yeast).
- 3 grams of Magnesium

Blood Pressure
1. Too High
Daily 1 to 3 liters of stinging nettle tea.
Drink one cup after the tea has been left to brew for 5
minutes if your condition is urgent (otherwise leave to brew for
45 minutes), another after 10, 15 and 20 minutes. Most likely your
blood pressure will return to normal after that.
Drinking the tea and observing the daily minimum (read page 21)
will guarantee you a normal blood pressure from the sixth month of
the treatment until the end of your life.
- It would be better to follow the Heart program (page 57) for
three weeks, and then start the treatment. Naturally you can not
eat meat or fats of any kind during the treatment (exceptions:
raw egg yolks, raw milk and butter made from raw milk).
- Inositol in doses of 2 to 3 grams works as a sedative, and
because of that, it has a lowering effect on the blood pressure.
Read the remark on Inositol under the heading Depressions'.
(page 48)
2. Too Low
Follow the Salmonella treatment (page 68) during 21 days. If you
do not display any symptoms of contamination with
parasitic bacteria, you can eat salt, cheese, baked or boiled eggs,
pasteurized milk.
Revert to a normal diet after 21 days, or your blood pressure will
be too high!
Continue to take the daily minimum (page 21) after the treatment,
and your blood pressure (and every body function) will regulate
themselves for the rest of your life.

Bone fractures
The percentage of bone fractures in the affluent states is alarming.
It can and should be at least 80% lower. Stories like “ I turned over
in bed and broke my leg”, or Ί bumped my arm and broke it' didn't
exist 50 years ago!
In former days, the only way to break a bone was by having an
accident or falling down a ladder. Bone fractures that used to be an
exception even with elderly people, are now frequent with 50% of
the population over 40.
The chances of a person getting bone fractures or cracks in the
bones, are directly related to the quantity of Calcium this person
had been able to assimilate. If you have been eating meat for the
last 30 years, or if you have been on medication for some
years,you will not only have weak muscles,but also an inferior bone
Nutrition plays an important role in the assimilation of Calcium.
And it is well known that all the processed and artificially flavored
food we eat just isn't healthy. The only way for your bone structure
to become healthy and strong again is through the assimilation of
Calcium in combination with Vitamin D (sunlight, fresh cow's milk,
cod-liver oil...)
If you put a clay cataplasm on immediately, the limb will not swell,
so it is possible to feel with your finger whether or not the bone is
still in place. There is, however, always a small chance that the
dislocation of the bone is too small to be felt.
With bone fractures it is therefore often wise to have a radiograph
taken (not more than TWO!) to check whether or not the bone
needs to be set.
If the bone doesn't need to be set, you can put on a splint yourself
with two wooden slats. Put a clay cataplasm of a thickness of about
3 cm on the broken limb. The clay will also greatly reduce the pain.
Renew the cataplasm every 3 to 6 hours.
From the third day on, put a thicker cataplasm at night, so that it
can stay on until the morning. If you start to feel pain again, it is
time to put on a fresh cataplasm.
PAIN IS WRONG, even when recovering from a fractured bone!
Use a double dose of the daily minimum (page 21) to heal your
bones faster.

~ Rest is essential in the healing of broken bones. Do not stand or
walk on a broken leg before the fracture has healed properly.
Using this program, it should take about 3 weeks, after which you
can carefully start using your arm or leg again.
If you can not follow the treatment described here for any
reason, you should let the arm or leg rest for a minimum of a
month and a half, 2 months if the bones have been set. If you try
to use your limbs prematurely, chances are that the bone will
break again.
- Sit in the sun as much as possible, so that your body can
produce Vitamin D in a natural way, which will stimulate the
absorption of Calcium.
Alternatively, if you don't have cancer, take 3 tablespoons of
cod-liver oil every day.
- During the three weeks recovery period, you should feel no
pain (if you do, renew the clay cataplasm).

Read the text under the heading 'Lung Problems' (page 62), to gain
a better understanding of the principles involved in curing lung
- 1 glass of FRESH UNPASTEURIZED cow's milk
- 1 glass of fresh carrot juice
- 30 tablets of Spirulina + 10 tablets of seaweed
- 200 mg of Zinc
- 50 to 150 grams of nuts (no peanuts)
- the daily minimum (page 21)
- + the 'Salmonella treatment' (page 68)

- Clay and Vitamin C in high doses will speed up the healing

Put a clay cataplasm on the wound (or some mud if no clay is
available). Renew frequently, until the wound has healed.
Intestines, liver, lungs (read also section Lung Problems), lymph,
pancreas, prostate, uterus.
All types of cancer are basically the same disease. That 's why
there is one cure for all the different kinds of cancer. The general
principle is as follows :
First the body must be cleared of all substances which can help the
cancer grow. This is done with the help of detoxifying substances
which cause no harm to the body. Subsequently, we make sure that
no new substances, on which the cancer feeds, enter the body
And we give the body the seven substances it needs for its
survival, so that all the body parts start functioning properly again,
and the natural immunity system is rebuilt. This process will take
from about 3 weeks (breast cancers, smaller than 1.5 cm) to 3
months (tumors the size of a football).
People who have just had a 'successful' operation in which a
cancerous growth was removed, should still follow the program for
three weeks. Only then, one can say, with conviction, that the
cancer has really gone.
Nine out of ten patients who had been told by their doctors that
the operation was successful and that they 'could eat anything
now', developed a new cancer. Within a year there would be 5 or 6
different growths, each of them about the size of a fist. The same
doctor then tells you: 'I'm sorry, lady, bad luck... There is nothing
we can do now.'.
Tumors often have an octopus-like construction. During operations
one of the 'tentacles' is often severed, but not removed from the
body: it will develop into a new cancer! When having a smear test,
small particles are scratched off the surface of the tumor, when
they reach the blood stream they will be transported to other parts
of the body, where they will develop a new cancer.
The treatment described below should be followed LITERALLY if
you are determined to get positive .results. Do not assume that
this or that can be left out or that something else can be added
without seriously endangering the results; there will be changes.
Do not play around with your life. The recipe described here has
reached its present degree of perfection through many years of
experience in cancer treatment. It will cure 999 patients out of
every 1000 from ANY cancer.
Remember that there is still hope as long as the death struggle
hasn't, actually begun (and even then there is still a chance the
patient can be saved)...
Every hour for the first 3 days, every 2 hours from the 4th day
onwards :
- 2 tea spoons of green clay, dissolved in some cooled nettle tea
(not in water!).
- half a tea spoon of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and a pinch of citric
acid, dissolved in freshly squashed orange or apple juice. Use a
straw to suck the sour powder at the bottom of the glass first. In
the case of a gastric hemorrhage or stomach complaint, leave an
interval of 7 minutes between the clay and the vitamin C, so that
the clay can form a protective layer over the bleeding spots.
- stinging nettle tea: 1 liter or more a day
Keep the stools soft, it isn't a problem if you get diarrhea.
Constipation should be avoided at all costs and can in the case
of cancer be lethal. Daily :
- 30 to 40 tablets of Spirulina until complete recovery (of a more
balanced composition than any manmade multi-vitamin and
mineral supplement)
- 10 to 15 seaweed or Kelp tablets, or 15 to 20 leaves of Kombu of
about 20 cm long.
- 20 capsules of 200 I.U. of natural Vitamin Ε
- 40 tablets of brewer's yeast and 1/2 liter of dextrorotatory
yoghurt, made from raw and unprocessed milk.
- 50,000 I.U. of Vitamin A
- 1 to maximum 6 raw egg yolks
- 1 apple, preferably acid-tasting ones
- 1/2 to 1 liter of buttermilk, made from raw/unprocessed milk.
- 1 glass of fresh carrot juice (3/4) with beetroot juice (1/4)
- 50 grams of apricot kernels (crack open the stones and eat
what is inside), alternatively almonds
- 200 milligrams of Zinc
- 200 micrograms of Selenium
- 1 shot of olive oil (if you have gall stones, omit this)
- cataplasm is a necessity!!!
In case this doesn't replenish you up completely, feel free to drink
fresh fruit and vegetable juices (drink immediately after
preparation). Best fruits for this purpose are apples, lemons,
oranges and pineapples. You can eat 1 small bowl of cargo rice.
You can under NO circumstances eat the following :
- meat, poultry and fish, animal fats
- soups or other dishes in which meat has been boiled or in
which meat, meat stock or extract of meat was used
- salt, pepper, strong spices
- butter or margarine, except butter made from raw, unheated
and unpasteurized milk
- oil of any kind, except olive oil of first cold pressing
- Kefir cheese or dairy products, except those listed below
under 'Foodstuffs acceptable in small quantities'
- alcohol, coffee, dark tea, soft drinks and fizzy lemonades
- potatoes and derived foodstuffs
- white flour or products which contain it (white bread, cookies,
pastries), sugar or products containing it (sweets, chocolate, ice
- pasta, pizza, onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, canned food,
polished rice, strawberries, grapes, dried fruit
- rhubarb, tomatoes, blanched celery, pulses (beans, peas,
lentils...), soya, asparagus, mushrooms, vinegar

The following foodstuffs are acceptable, but only in small

quantities :
- fresh raw cow's milk (must not be heated over 37° Celsius)
(maximum 2 glasses)
- cream and butter, but only if they are prepared from raw and
unprocessed, unheated milk. Any other dairy products are
- olive oil of the first (cold) pressing. Use this and lots of lemon
juice to season salads
- oat flakes (no sugar, raisins or anything else added)
- coarsely ground whole meal bread (maximum 2 slices a day).
It would be better to eat some home grown wheat germs (read
page 23) instead.
- locally produced honey, preferably extracted honey, maximum 1
tea spoon a day.

General Remarks :
- People who have trouble swallowing should at least take the
following : green clay, vitamin C, stinging nettle tea, Spirulina
and Kombu, yoghurt and brewer's yeast, in quantities as stated
- Children with cancer must under no circumstances take sugar-
coated pills, even Vitamin tablets such as Alvityl which are
chocolate-coated must be avoided at all costs.
- Use continuous cataplasms if you know where the cancer is
- Apply olive oil to the arms and legs. Drink one or a few shots of
olive oil a day. It will relieve the pain.
- Eat small meals frequently, 10 a day if you want to. Never eat
until your stomach is completely full.
- Whatever you are eating, use it in its most natural form. Don't
grind or cook your food (except rice).
Don't eat ANY fried or baked food. Eat as much greens as
possible, prepare varied crisp salads with vegetables and
apples, etc.
- Eat slowly and consciously. Chew well. Thank God (and the cook),
put some flowers on the table, your favorite music...
- Play board games with your family, hug and be hugged, be
happy, laugh a great deal.
- Stop taking your medication at once. If you are taking
corticosteroids, there is a (small) chance that discontinuing the
medication will make you feel unwell or aggressive or some such
side effect. If so, don't take any risks : take an 'attack dose' of
the corticosteroids to suppress these symptoms. In most cases,
if the treatment is followed strictly, no negative effects will
become apparent.
- Replace your tranquilizers and sleeping pills by yoghurt, brewer's
yeast, fresh cow's milk and a banana.
You will sleep much more soundly than before.
The use of painkillers will in most cases become redundant
almost immediately after starting the treatment.
- Adapt the doses for babies, toddlers and children. Overdoses
are not possible. Larger quantities will result in a swifter
I know this treatment is not an easy one, but if you follow it
conscientiously, you will be cured from cancer within 3 months.
Do not forget to read these pages regularly, making sure that you
follow the program correctly throughout its duration.

Inositol prevents cholesterol depositing on the walls of the
Read treatment for 'Diseases of the Heart', (page 57)

Chron's Disease
Follow the Cancer treatment (page 42) for 3 months.

Constipation is the result of eating too much meat (no fibers!) and
other processed food. The best way to avoid constipation is to eat
less meat.
This will automatically provide you with a diet containing more
natural fibers (cereals, raw vegetables, fruit...). Natural fibers are
best absorbed by our bodies if they are eaten in combination with
the food which produced them. Therefore do not eat food with
fibers added.
Slowly working intestines can be reactivated by observing the daily
minimum. The more clay you use, the faster your bowels will start
working actively again. If you have a predisposition for
constipation, take more Vitamin C (equal to the clay dose or more)
until your bowels are functioning properly.
Then gradually bring down the Vitamin C, but take care that your
stools remain soft (page 13). Keep the clay and the Vitamin C on
that level.
Emergency Measure:
A hot bath with lots of bubble bath (pour in 1 or 2 glasses) during
30 minutes. Top up with hot water if you have not yet insulated
your tub (Filling up all the unused space under and around the tub
with polystyrene foam will keep the water hot for hours on end.).
After 20 to 30 minutes, massage the stomach in large clockwise
circles. The hot water will relax the muscles and the foam will make
the stools slide out more easily. Use an old newspaper to wrap the
package up.
An additional problem with slow working intestines can be that the
stomach is not functioning properly, with results leading to ulcers,
gastric spasms, and other stomach complaints. If this is the case,
a high dose of Vitamin C might have some very painful
Therefore take the clay and Vitamin C in this order :
- one tea spoon of clay in half a glass of water
- wait 7 minutes
- another tea spoon of clay in half a glass of water
- wait 7 minutes
- 2 to 3 tea spoons of Vitamin C in a glass of water. Suck the
powder at the bottom first with a straw.
- Deafness in the Elderly
Follow the Salmonella Treatment (page 68) during 21 days.
Observe the daily minimum (page 21). After a few months your
keen hearing will astonish even doctors...

Decalcification of the Bones

Same treatment as Arthrosis (page 37)

Degeneration Processes
Under degeneration processes we classify all the diseases and
ailments that are generally described as 'old people's diseases',
such as deafness, weakening eyesight, cold hands and feet,
arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease. Every book on
degeneration processes states that 'eventually everyone will get at
least some of these symptoms'. Don't let them fool you ! If you
observe the daily minimum (read page 21), your chances of getting
one of these debilitating diseases that (normally) accompany old
age are ZERO. Even if you do no more than eat a pinch of Vitamin C
before every meal, your chances of getting any of the above
mentioned diseases (and many others) are greatly reduced. If,
however, you observe the daily minimum for your body, and
generally eat healthily, I can guarantee that you will be able to
hear well, see well, think clearly, remember well and cook your own
meals, until the very last day of your life (which will be a lot further
off than you have imagined until now).
Degeneration diseases are mostly the result of a worsening blood
circulation, that's why all of these diseases can be cured by the
same method...
The cause of poor blood circulation can be the obstruction of the
arteries or a weak heart. Lack of Calcium (one of the possible
origins of a weak heart) usually results in arthrosis, osteoporosis or
other forms of bone decalcification. Most forms of bone
decalcification are extremely painful and cause stiffness of the
limbs and often shortness of breath. Other consequences might be
a weakening of the vertebrae, pains in the neck, pelvis, hip, back
and lower limbs, general deterioration of the muscles (including
heart and lungs!).
Obstruction of the arteries is often caused by a high cholesterol
level. The excess fats in the blood stick themselves to the arterial
walls, blocking or narrowing the arteries, resulting in varicose
veins or high blood pressure. After some time the fat on the
arterial walls will start to retain calcium, which will cause the
calcification of the arterial walls, leading to arteriosclerosis.
Once a calcareous layer is formed on the inside of the arteries, the
flow of the blood stream may cause part "of the calcareous layer to
become loose. If such a calcareous particle becomes stuck in an
artery, so that the blood can not stream freely through it any more,
thrombosis, cardiac arrest or cerebral hemorrhage are caused
(depending on the place where the obstruction occurred).
None of the above will ever occur if you observe the daily minimum
(read page 21) and eat healthily.
Follow the treatment for Salmonella until completely cured or
maximum amelioration. If the doses seem too high, feel free to
adapt them. Do not force yourself to take too high a dosage,
especially in the beginning.
After a few weeks, taking large doses should not present a
Stinging nettle tea, a liter or more a day, during the first 21 days.
The 21 days start counting from the day on you took at least
5 x 2 spoons of clay. From the 22nd day on until you're a
150 years old, you take the daily minimum (page 21). Keep the
stools soft at all times, in the case of a constipation, take at least 5
to 10 grams of Vitamin C.

One of the most terrible things that can happen to any man or
woman is a depression. Such a state of gloominess and utter
misery is only possible by a serious poisoning or by a complete
malfunction of the liver.
Poisoning can be caused by drinking alcohol regularly, or by a one
time course of antibiotics.
Depressions can be cured completely in 3 weeks, following the
Salmonella treatment (page 68).
In addition, you should double or triple the number of brewer's
yeast tablets and the yoghurt.
- Anxiety, phobia's and muscle pains will disappear during the 3
weeks of treatment.
- Researchers recently discovered that Inositol, a Vitamin of the Β
family, in doses of one gram is as effective as Valium, Librium
and Meprobamate.
It makes tranquilizer medicines redundant. Since Inositol is a
Vitamin, there are no additional symptoms.
- Doses of 2 to 3 grams of Inositol have the same effect as a
sleeping pill. This is enhanced if the other Vitamins of the Β
complex, brewer's yeast and yoghurt are taken in simultaneously.
500 mg. to 3 grams of Magnesium has the same effect.

The function of the pancreas is :
1. to excrete the pancreatic juice, which contains enzymes
that will :
- break down carbohydrates (amylase)
- split up proteins (trypsin)
- split up fats (lipase)
2. to produce the hormone Insulin, which takes care of the
carbohydrate levels in the cells.
Lack of energy in diabetics is caused by low-sugar levels in the
body. Insulin helps to use up the fats stored in the body. Lack of
insulin is often the cause of obesity in diabetics. Diabetes is caused
by an excess of Xanthurenic acid in the blood. Xanthurenic acid is
produced from Tryptophan when the Vitamin B6 level in the blood
is too low.
(Under normal conditions the tryptophan will not be transformed
into Xanthurenic acid.)
In a few days, the excess Xanthurene will cause damage to the
pancreas to such an extent that the symptoms of diabetes become
As soon as the levels of Xanthurenic acid are brought back to
normal, however, the symptoms disappear. This is not really what
we call diabetes.
It becomes diabetes only in a further stage, when you do not give
your body the necessary substances for lowering the Xanthurenic
Normally a doctor will be called in, and nothing else will happen
than an extra injection of insulin into the body. This will make the
symptoms disappear, but the cause of the disease remains. The
excess of Xanthurenic acid continues to damage the pancreas. The
body's own insulin production will slow down because of the
repeated injections of insulin. Gradually the number of insulin
injections will have to be increased. By the time you get 5
injections a day, your pancreas will have ceased to function...
Note :
If a healthy person eats a lot of pears in one go, and he happens to
have a blood sample taken, the doctor will claim that he has a
diabetic condition (high blood sugar levels) and that he needs
insulin injections immediately because doctors can not
differentiate between harmless natural and detrimental artificial
A Vitamin B6 supplement will cause a drop in the Xanthurene level
and the disappearance of diabetes symptoms. To be properly
assimilated however, the Vitamin B6 should be taken together with
all the other Β Vitamins, preferable in a natural combination (for
instance brewer's yeast and yoghurt). Good sources of natural
Vitamin B6 are pears, bananas, yeast and cargo rice. As a diabetic
however, you will also need a supplement in tablets.
Extra Magnesium will help the Xanthurene levels to decrease as
well, because of the Magnesium, the effect of the Vitamin B6 will
be doubled, so that you will need only half as much to achieve the
same effect.
Natural sources of Magnesium are green vegetables, whole meal
cereals and nuts. Magnesium in concentrated form (tablets) is
available from your local natural food shop.
If we add Magnesium to our diet, a decrease in the Calcium levels
of the body could be the result. You should always take
Magnesium/Calcium orally in a balance of 1 to 2. Extra Calcium also
adds to the correct functioning of Vitamin A, C and D. Always take
the Calcium together with some Vitamin C (The Calcium needs an
acid environment to dissolve). Magnesium and Calcium are found in
a perfect balance (1 to 2) in green clay. As a diabetic however, it is
advisable to take extra Magnesium in the form of tablets.
The pancreas is a gland. All glands need Iodine to function
properly. To be able to use the Iodine (contained in seaweed
tablets) effectively, your body needs Vitamin Ε. 20 to 40 tablets
of Spirulina (100% pure) daily help to assimilate the Iodine
from the seaweed/Kelp tablets.
In some cases with cancer of the pancreas, diabetes was cured
after one week of treatment. Patients with diabetes in an early
stage (less than one year), were completely cured in one or two
People who had been suffering from diabetes between one and five
years, were cured in one to two months. Diabetes for more than 5
years and less than 10, will need about 3 months. I had some
patients who had been suffering from diabetes for more than 30
years. Their sugar level dropped within 45 days from 300/380 to
If you have been getting 2 insulin injections a day for less than 2
years, you can come down to one injection a day or dispense with
the insulin injections altogether. Naturally, you should take no risk:
the moment your body indicates that something is not going right,
take an injection straight away.
By following the treatment below, your general condition will
improve to such an extent that you might feel well although you
have a sugar level of 5001
If you have your sugar level checked daily, a high level does not
necessarily mean that you need an insulin injection immediately.
But you DO need an injection, if you experience any negative
effect. Remember however that the less insulin you swallow or
inject, the better your chances are for a complete pancreas
From now on until complete recovery daily :
- 1 or 2 liter (s) of stinging nettle tea or horsetail tea
- 7 times daily (or more) 2 tea spoons of green clay, each time
followed by a level tea spoon of Vitamin C in powder.
- 3 5 Spirulina tablets+ 25 Kelp tablets or 20 Kombu leaves
- 15 capsules of natural Vitamin Ε of 200 I.U., preferably together
with the Kombu
- 40 tablets of brewer's yeast and 1/2 a liter of yoghurt (living
- 4 tablets of Vitamin B6
- 1 glass of fresh carrot juice + 1 capsule of Vitamin A (25.000 I.U.)
- 1 glass of fresh cow's milk (unheated, unpasteurized) (no other
milk is allowed!)
- a handful of nuts (no peanuts)
- 2 grams of Magnesium
- 10 milligrams of Manganese
- 20 milligrams of Zinc
- 1 shot of olive oil
- 2 tablets of Chromium (is also found in yeast and mushrooms)
- 2 to 6 tea spoons of pollen with a little honey before each meal.
Recommended foodstuffs are coarse whole meal bread, cargo rice,
vegetables (except pulses), fruit, nuts (except peanuts),
cereals (germs and husks included).
From recovery until age 150 you take the daily minimum (page 21).

Treatment for weakness of sight caused by Diabetes

This condition most likely evolved through lack of Vitamin A,
although this has never been scientifically proven.
- Every half an hour 2 tea spoons of clay and an appropriate dose
of Vitamin C.
- Check your eyesight before and after, for instance read a
newspaper, clipped to a wall a few meters in front of you.
- During the entire diabetes treatment you MUST NOT eat:
meat or animal fat of any type, soups in which meat has been
cooked, beef cubes or any other type of meat- or bone-extracts,
sugar, white flour or products containing it (white bread, biscuits
etc.), polished rice, chocolate, coffee, black tea, beer, alcohol,
canned food, peanuts.
- Do not smoke.
- Butter is allowed but only if it is made from unpasteurized milk.
- 2 to 5 Egg Yolks are permitted if they are eaten raw and cold (do
not use the white).
- Have many small meals instead of 2 or 3 copious ones. Stop
eating BEFORE your stomach is completely full.
- Chew your food well.
- Avoid remaining inactive for too long (after an hour of immobility,
do something active for at least 5 minutes). Take walks, get some
fresh air, but do not exhaust yourself.
- Avoid excitement and stress.
- Try to take a hot bath every day.
- Do not get constipated (read Regulation of Stools on page 13)

All forms of diarrhea are stopped in a few of hours by the intake of
a few spoonfuls of green or white clay. Use white clay for babies
and infants.
4 tea spoons of clay in water. Repeat after 1 hour.
Patients following the cancer treatment should use stinging nettle
tea instead of water.

Same treatment as Diarrhea (page 52).

The classical medical treatment for eczema with children is a
cortisone ointment. This makes the eczema disappear within 24
hours in most cases, but the majority of the babies and children
thus treated, get shortness of breath soon after
Many of these children have to be hospitalized urgently within 3
months of the treatment because of serious breathing difficulties
(asthma). The parents often don't see the connection and of course
the deaths of some of these children are not officially related to
the cortisone treatment... People with breathing difficulties should
also read the section on 'Lung Problems'.

40 capsules of 200 I.U of Vitamin Ε should make the eczema
disappear (If it doesn't, continue to give 20 capsules of Vitamin Ε
for 2-3 days, after that 10 capsules for maximum 10 days).
Multivitamin capsules, extra Zinc, seaweed or Kelp tablets,
Vitamin C, Vitamin A and D can be added for quicker results. The
eczema might return after a day or two. Give a high dose again of
Vitamin Ε (20 to 40 capsules).
If in the future, the eczema does return, the length of time
between each attack will be greatly increased. Each time give
Vitamin E, until the eczema disappears for ever, acute and serious
- 2 tablespoons of olive oil
- 40 capsules of 200 I.U. of Vitamin Ε
- 2 tea spoons of clay in yoghurt
- 1 tea spoon of Vitamin C
- 2 tablets of a Vitamin Β Complex (Beviplex or similar)
- 20-40 tablets of brewer's yeast
- 4-6 multi-vitamin tablets
For your Diet Daily:
3 to 20 grams of Vitamin C, 3 to 8 multi-vitamin tablets, 40
capsules of 200 I.U., Vitamin E, olive oil, fresh carrot juice,
yoghurt, 10 tablets of brewer's yeast and clay until the eczema
has completely disappeared.

Pulmonary emphysema is a disease characterized by a permanent
distention of the lungs, in which the connective tissue of the lungs
is filled with thousands of air-filled blister-like expansions. They
take most of the available space in the lungs, so that the afflicted
person has breathing difficulties and is constantly short of breath.
There is no cure for pulmonary emphysema according to traditional
medicine (but they do push you to take useless medication).
In the early stages of the disease, it is recommended to take high
doses of Vitamin Ε and 2 grams of Vitamin C every hour. These 2
vitamins will remove the water from the lungs. Vitamin A is the
vitamin that ensures the proper functioning of the lungs!
Patients with lung diseases should always take a high dosage of
Vitamin A.
Don't forget that to be able to use the Vitamin A, your body will
need carotene, protein and fats.
The Vitamin Ε will also prevent premature loss of the Vitamin A in
the body.

Daily treatment to be given until all the water is removed from the
lungs and/or normal breathing faculties are restored:
- 100,000 IU. of Vitamin A
- 5 grams of Vitamin C, preceded by 2 tea spoons of green clay
EVERY 2 HOURS for the first few days, 3 times daily afterwards.
- 10 milligrams of Folic Acid
- 20 leaves of Kombu of about 20 cm. long, with 30 tablets of
Spirulina, together with 8,000 I.U. of Vitamin Ε
(40 capsules of 200 I.U.).
- a handful of nuts (no peanuts)
- Rub the chest daily with olive oil. After a few days start
exercising the lungs regularly by breathing in and out deeply.
This will bring back their former elasticity, and will speed up the
healing process.

Same treatment as for cancer, a duration of 3 months, (read page
After that take a double dosage of the daily minimum (read page
21) .
You can reduce the medication to the half after 14 days. If it
doesn't work perfectly, take the first dosage again. After 2
weeks you can try again to reduce, until you don't any
'medication' anymore. If necessary, put a cataplasm.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses and want to have regain
perfect eyesight within a year :
- Follow the Salmonella Treatment for 21 days (page 68).
- After this, take the daily minimum, (page 21)
In addition, daily, until you have perfect eyesight :
- in the morning, before breakfast : 2 full tea spoons of pulverized
bee pollen with a little honey.
- 1 glass of fresh cow's milk
- 1 glass of fresh carrot juice
- 30 Spirulina tablets
- ~ 8 seaweed tablets
- 200 milligrams Zinc
- 50 to 150 grams of nuts
- 3 times daily the following exercises :
1. Look at the tips of your fingers (hold them close to your
eyes) for four seconds.
2. Look as far away as possible (the horizon) for four
3. Look up by moving only your eyes, keeping your head still,
for four seconds.
4. Look down; head immobile, for four seconds.
5. In the same way, look left, then right.
6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 ten times.
- Squinting : cover the good eye with a black patch during most
of the day. The main thing to do is to strengthen the muscles of
the weaker eye (the above mentioned special exercises are not
even necessary).
When you remove the patch after a couple of hours, the weaker
eye will probably stay in position a few seconds. Wear the patch
regularly, until the eye moves evenly with the other one.
- The exercises can be done with or without glasses.
- For short- and long sightedness, have your lenses weakened with
1 or 2 dioptry every month. Do not let the eye specialist fool you
into believing that this would be dangerous. The only thing that
really harms your eyes is wearing glasses all the time. Keep in
mind that your eyes will have to adjust to the new lenses, so do
not worry if you don't see things as sharp as you used to during
the first few days. You will see as well with the new glasses as
you used to with the old ones within a week.

Hair loss
For at least two weeks daily :
Daily Minimum (read page 21) and a few tablets of a Vitamin
complex (Beviplex or similar).

Gall Stones
Can be easily avoided by observing the daily minimum (read page
If you already have gall stones, follow the treatment below.
Observe the daily minimum (page 21).
Try to eat winter radish daily during 2 to 3 months. This will reduce
the size of the gall stones.
After 2 or 3 months, drink daily a shot of olive oil with the winter
radish. The olive oil will wash away the small gall stones and the
grit and will eliminate them through the bowels.
Gall stone pulverizers exist. Ask for such a pulverizer if the
doctors insist that the operation is needed. Hospitals not
possessing such an apparatus will try to convince you that an
operation is the only solution. DON LET THEM FOOL YOU!!
The use of a gall stone pulverizer is a thousand times less
dangerous than an operation.

The causes of gout are physical or psychological stress. Working
overtime, lack of sleep, disease, poisoning, quarrels or losing
someone dear to you, can cause gout. The pain (like hundreds of
pin-pricks) is caused by the crystallization of uric acid and sodium
in the soft tissue around the joints.
To stop the production of uric acid, it is therefore of the most
importance that during the entire treatment NO MEAT is eaten.
If you are cured and start eating meat again in the first few weeks
after following the program, it is highly probable that the pain will
reappear within 24 hours.
Drink nettle tea (2 to 4 liters a day) to purify your body and
eliminate the effects of the uric acid, until the pain stays away.
People taking Vitamin C, yoghurt, brewer's yeast tablets, vitamins
and minerals daily, will not be affected that easily in stress
situations. They will also not be susceptible to this disease.
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) can prevent and cure gout. All the
other vitamins of the Β complex, Vitamin A and Vitamin Ε assist in
the healing process.
A lack of these vitamins can hasten the crystallization of uric acid
in the joints.

Take the above recommended treatment for a minimum of 21 days
(until 2 days after the disappearing of all symptoms)
- 7 times daily 2 full tea spoons of clay, followed by one tea
spoon of Vitamin C in powder.
- 2 0 to 30 Spirulina tablets and 5 seaweed or Kelp tablets or 300
grams of Kombu
- 5,000 I.U. of Vitamin A and fresh carrot juice
- 80 tablets of brewer's yeast, a Vitamin B5 supplement and 1 liter
of yoghurt (living culture).
- 2 to 6 RAW egg-yolks (not the whites!).
- a glass of fresh UNHEATED UNPASTEURIZED cow's milk.
- 2 to 4 liters of stinging nettle tea during the first day of the
treatment, later on a minimum of 1 liter.
- 200 mg. of Zinc
- 2 0 capsules of 200 I.U. of Vitamin E
During the entire treatment you MUST NOT eat:
meat or fat of any type, soups in which meat has been cooked, beef
cubes or any other type of meat- or bone-extracts, fish, onions,
garlic, sugar, white flour or products containing it (white bread,
cookies etc.), white rice, chocolate, coffee, black tea, beer,
alcohol or canned food.
Instead of salt you should use crushed seaweed tablets.
It is preferable not to smoke.
- To have instant relief from the pain in the joints, put clay
cataplasms on the sore spots.

Heart Diseases
Heart attacks, heart dysfunctions etc.
After 3 weeks a level of about 80% of the possible amelioration of
the situation will be reached.
Observing the daily minimum (page 21) and restricting the
quantity of meat you eat to a minimum (or better, not eating any),
are the key to perfect health within a couple of months.

Daily during 3 weeks :
- 7 times daily 2 tea spoons of clay, followed by one tea spoon of
Vitamin C in powder form (first 24 hours: every hour).
- 2 to 3 liters of stinging nettle tea
- 5 raw egg yolks (unheated)
- 2 x 1 liter of fresh unheated, unpasteurized cow's milk
straight from the cow, otherwise, don't drink ANY From
the 4th week on :
- daily minimum (read page 21)
- Do not eat meat or animal fats of any type, these will only
aggravate your condition.

Hepatitis Β
Can be easily avoided by observing .the daily minimum (read page
People who don't have a healthy liver, can get hepatitis B.
To get a healthy liver again, follow this treatment for 21
- 3 times a day 40 tablets of brewer's yeast.
- 2/3 liters of yoghurt (living culture)
- 7 times daily, 2 full tea spoons of clay in water or fresh raw cow's
milk and vitamin C.
During these 21 days, don't eat meat and fish, and don't drink
boiled or pasteurized milk.
After this, take your daily minimum.

Follow the treatment under 'Salmonella' (page 68) during 21 days.

Follow the treatment for cancer (page 42) until cured. In addition,
daily :
- 6 to 10 spoons of clay
- 20 capsules of 200 I.U. of Vitamin Ε
- 50 to 150 grams nuts

- Internal or external inflammations are effectively controlled by a
high dosage of clay and Vitamin C. Read Chapter I, III The Miracle
Workers (clay page 12, Vitamin C page 16).
- Treatment of Inflamed Wounds (read page 74)

2 tea spoons of green clay, 1 tea spoon of Vitamin C and then soak
in a really HOT bath (up to the chin) immediately after that- Stay in
the bath for 45 minutes, if necessary top up with hot water.

Doses of 2 to 3 grams of Inositol have a function equivalent to that
of a sleeping pill. The effect is enhanced if the other Vitamins of
the Β complex, brewer's yeast and yoghurt are taken
Alternatively, you can eat a banana about half an hour before you
go to bed (this works wonders with children!).

Intestinal Problems
- Slowly working intestines : same treatment as Constipation
(page 46).
- Diarrhea, Dysentery : see Diarrhea (page 52)
- Worms, Bacteria, Parasites : same treatment as Salmonella
(page 68)

Kidney Stones
It has been claimed that Vitamin C could cause kidney stones. The
opposite is true : Vitamin C contains a substance which will
suppress kidney stones. The amount of Vitamin C which could
cause a kidney stone of 1 cm, contains at the same time enough
'anti-kidney stone substance' to neutralize 10 stones of 3 cm.

Daily :
- The Salmonella treatment during 21 days (page 68)
- 2 to 3 liters of Horsetail tea

Same treatment as for cancer (page 42) during 21 days to 3

Diseases of the Liver end Gall-bladder

The liver is a vital organ. It is the largest gland in the
human body and it excretes bile. The function of the liver is to:
- neutralize toxins
- convert food into substances which can be used by the body
- dispose of or convert nitrogen
- produce new blood proteins
- transform fat into energy
- assimilate Vitamin A and Β and store it for later use
Most liver disorders and diseases can be easily avoided by
observing the daily minimum (read page 21) and adding one table
spoonful of olive oil.
The Vitamins of the Β complex and Vitamin A are the indispensable
substances to keep your liver healthy.
The liver provides the brain with the necessary Β vitamins.
It is therefore clearly that keeping your liver healthy will also
positively influence your brain functions and induce a healthy
state of mind (no depressions, anxiety, nervousness etc.)
A one-time course of Antibiotics or drinking alcohol regularly, is
enough to remove all the Vitamin Β from your liver, causing
depressions, nervousness, dryness in the mouth etc.
Luckily the liver has the ability to recover quickly, even though the
damage might be extensive.
A depleted liver can be charged again in three weeks, after which it
will function perfectly.
(This implies that theoretically within 3 weeks, 80% of the patients
in mental hospitals could be cured).
People who drink alcohol regularly (one beer a day is enough)
should follow the program below at least once a year to recharge
their liver with the necessary vitamins. If they don't, the effects of
the alcohol (hair loss, nervousness, irritability, tiredness,
sleeplessness, having trouble getting up in the mornings
etc.) will soon become apparent.
These effects will be significantly reduced or will disappear
completely after a three weeks treatment as described below. If
you are susceptible to bronchitis, pneumonia or other lung
infections, or you regularly have infections of the eyes or irritated
eyes, it means that the liver is also lacking in Vitamin A.
Follow the miracle recipe under the heading 'Lung Problems', (page
62) for a quick recovery.
Another cause of liver malfunctioning might be contamination by
bacteria (read treatment under 'Salmonella' page 68). If necessary,
combine the Salmonella program with the liver treatment.
Charging your liver with new vitamins and neutralizing harmful
bacteria is the beginning of a long and happy life...
During 21 days :
- the Salmonella Treatment (page 68) with a double or triple dose
of brewer's yeast and yoghurt.
- After this, take the daily minimum (page 21).
- Your liver will be unable to absorb the Β Vitamins if you do drink -
however little - alcohol. So you should stop drinking alcohol, or at
least during the three weeks of the program.
- Do not eat sugar or drink coffee and do not take the pill or
antibiotics while following the program.
- Once the liver has stored enough Vitamin Β again (3 weeks),
depressions will also 'miraculously' disappear.
- You have an increased need of Vitamin Β if you :
are on medication, take the pill, have parasites or harmful
bacteria, regularly drink alcohol, are pregnant or breastfeeding,
are recovering from an illness, injuries or surgery, lead a very
active life (sports, heavy manual labor...), are stressed, eat a lot
of sugar, smoke, drink a lot of coffee.
- The degree to which you eat healthily during the treatment will
speed up the healing process accordingly.

Keeping your liver healthy

Adults and children of 10 and over:
1/4 liter of yoghurt and 10 tablets of brewer's yeast daily is the
Ideal for adults would be 1/2 liter of yoghurt and approximately 40
tablets of brewer's yeast.
If you are retired or lead an inactive life, the minimum dose will be
Children under 10 take half the minimum dose for adults.

Liver Stones
Can be easily avoided by observing the daily minimum
(read page 21).
The treatment is the same as for gall stones (read page 56).

Lung Problems
Most doctors know that the body needs a sufficient amount of
Vitamin A in order for the lungs and the eyes to function properly.
However, except for the doctors who bought my book, I wasn't able
to find not a single ONE, who knew that Vitamin A can not be
assimilated in the body without the presence of carotene, zinc and
proteins. Eczema, acne, warts, itches, callosities on heels or
elbows, a dry vagina and dry skin are all related to Vitamin A
The overdoses of Vitamin A, D and Ε that doctors repeatedly warn
you about are so rare, and the deficiencies of the same vitamins in
our countries so obvious, that I begin to suspect that it is all a
comedy just to deter people from buying vitamins.
As is the case with all other deficiencies, we have to introduce ALL
the necessary substances in sufficient amounts into the body.
Just adding a high dose of one Vitamin in your body might result in
deficiency levels of a few or all other vitamins. Therefore take all
the ingredients within an hour or so.
Basic Treatment for all Lung Disorders
- 1 glass of fresh cow's milk (get it from the farm, don't heat it)
- 1 glass of fresh carrot juice (carotene)
- 30 tablets of Spirulina (100% pure)
- 200 mg. Zinc in tablets
- 50 grams of nuts (no peanuts)
- The daily minimum (read page 19)
If you have an infection of the lungs, you must take this also:
- 2 to 6 grams of Vitamin C every hour, until the infection has
During 3 more days, take 4 to 6 times daily a level tea spoon of
Vitamin C, preceded by an appropriate clay dose.
- If you have a diabetic condition, your body will not be able to
transform the carotene from the carrot juice into Vitamin A. Take
2 tea spoons of bee pollen, 3 grams of Magnesium and some
Kombu daily. These will help to restore the necessary enzymes in
your intestines.
- Untreated milk straight from the cow dissolves the slimes and
fats in the Lungs. Treated milk lacks Lecithin and should
therefore be avoided as it will only worsen your lung condition
and give you a high cholesterol level!
- Raw egg yolks contain a lot of lecithin, which will help to clear
the lungs of unwanted slimes and fatty substances. They can be
very easily digested, in contrast to cooked or baked egg yolks,
which can upset your stomach for several
- Cream, yoghurt and butter from raw’ milk will also be
beneficial for people with lung problems, on the condition that
these dairy products were not in any stage heated above a
temperature of 37° Celsius.

Meniere's disease
Recurrent attacks of dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, often
accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sometimes with headaches.
Meniere's disease is most commonly attributed to an increase in
pressure of the end lymphatic fluid in the inner ear. There should
be a noticeable improvement as concerns the hearing
ability and the tinnitus condition within 10 days.
Follow the cancer treatment (page 42) for 2 months, unless the
recovery is completed after 21 days. Start from the fourth day on,
so take the clay and the vitamin C every two hours instead of every
hour. Try to double the dosage of brewer's yeast and yoghurt for
the first 10 days. Take daily 2 tablets of vitamin B6.
- Put a clay cataplasm behind the ear starting from the third day.
Whenever you remove the cataplasm to change it, massage the
spot softly with olive oil (cold pressed from the first pressing). If
the ear gives you any pain, pour some olive oil in it, the pain will
be gone in a couple of minutes!
- Keep the stools soft at all times (read page 13), it isn't a problem
if you get diarrhea. Constipation should be avoided at all costs.
When you are completely cured, keep up the treatment for 2
more days (for a minimum of 23 days). Make sure you don't eat
red meat again (beef, veal, pork...), and observe the daily
minimum (page 21) until you are 150 years old.

Menstrual Pain
During the menstrual period, the body has less resistance
against infections. Many women suffer from painful periods.
Accompanying symptoms might be stress, headaches,
nervousness, insomnia, gloominess...
All these are caused by the dropped Calcium levels during the
Menstruation should be painless after about six months of
observing the daily minimum (page 21). In the mean time, take a
double or triple dose on the first day of your period to keep the
pain to a minimum.
- A supplement of Vitamin D is recommended, through both
sunshine and a spoonful of cod-liver oil daily. Magnesium is
present in ample quantities in the clay doses of the daily
- It often helps to massage the painful spots, bones, muscles and
joints with olive oil. Drinking 1 to 3 shots of olive oil will also
relieve the pain, especially during the first few months, when the
body is not yet restored to maximum health.

Multiple Sclerosis
The treatment is the same as the one for cancer. This is the most
effective program in the book. Those of you walking with a cane
will in most cases be able to do without in a few weeks.
MS-patients who have been confined to a wheelchair for no more
than two years, have a fair chance to walk again in two weeks.
Improvement will be noticeable, although it might be small.
Remember however that dead tissue can not be revived. You would
need a power higher than mine to do this.
When following the treatment below, your condition will be
stabilized within 48 hours and will not deteriorate any further as
long as the daily minimum is observed.
Follow the treatment for cancer (page 42) for one or a few months,
according to your condition.
After that, observe the daily minimum (read page 21).
- Don't strain yourself in any way during the first 10 days. Take
special care during the first three!
- Olive oil of first cold pressing should be massaged into the arms
and legs and at the back of the neck. Any further deterioration
will be halted by this. The olive oil not only feeds the bones,
joints, nerves and muscles but it prevents the outer edges of the
nerve cells from hardening, which is of the most importance in
MS-treatment. Olive oil, massaged softly into the skull is
beneficial for the functioning of the brain. It should also be
applied to the spinal area.
People who have nervous trouble, should follow the treatment for
the optimization of the liver for 3 weeks.

Nettle Rash
Is a skin reaction to internal or external irritation. Treatment
as for allergies (read page 33).

same treatment as Arthrosis, (page 37)

All pains of the bones, joints, muscles and nerves swiftly disappear
completely or improve significantly by massaging olive oil of the
first cold pressing into the skin on the sore spot.
The first time, 3 times in quick succession (interval of 10 minutes),
after that 1 to 5 times daily, but in any case EVERY time the pain
Muscle pains :
During 21 days WITHOUT interruption.
- 7 times daily 2 full tea spoons of clay, followed by half a spoon
of Vitamin C in powder form.
- 20 to 30 Spirulina tablets and 5 seaweed or Kelp tablets.
- 80 to 120 tablets of brewer's yeast and 1 liter of yoghurt (living
- 2 to 6 RAW egg-yolks (not the whites!).
- Fresh carrot juice.
- 2 grams of Magnesium
- 1 gram of Biotin
- 20 capsules of 200 I.U. of Vitamin Ε
- 1 liter of stinging nettle tea
- 1 to 3 shots of olive oil (if you suffer from gall stones, omit this)
- Wholesome food : Nuts, cargo rice, all kinds of cereals with
germ and husks, all kinds of fruits, vegetables and their juices.
~ During the entire treatment you MUST NOT eat:
meat or animal fats of any type, soups in which meat has been
cooked, beef cubes or any other type of meat- or bone-extracts,
fish, onions, garlic, sugar, white flour or products containing it
(white bread, biscuits etc.), white rice, chocolate, coffee, black
tea, beer, alcohol or canned food.
- Instead of salt you should use crushed seaweed tablets.
- If the muscles are inflamed, and/or the skin around them is red
and feels hot, use clay cataplasms (see page 14).

Same treatment as Salmonella (page 68)

Parasitic Bacteria
Same treatment as Salmonella (page 68)

Parkinson*s Disease
Same treatment as for Cancer (page 42)

See treatment for Lung Problems (page 62)

Same treatment as Arthritis (page 37)

Prostate Diseases
In the case of Cancer of the Prostate, follow the cancer treatment
(page 42) during 3 months. For any other prostate diseases, the
same program during 3 weeks.
In addition to this, daily :
- During the first week, 500 mg of Zinc. During the second week,
300 mg. From the third week until the end of the third month,
200 mg. From then on, 50 mg Zinc daily.
- 1 or 2 glasses of fresh cow's milk
- 1 glass of carrot juice
~ minimum 50 grams of nuts
~ 2 tea spoons of bee pollen with a little honey, preferably in the
morning before breakfast.
- the daily minimum (page 21).

Ideally, you should follow the treatment for cancer until cured
(page 42). In milder cases, the treatment below will be sufficient.
During 3 to 6 weeks daily:
- 1.5 liters of stinging nettle tea
- 1.5 liters of horsetail tea
- 3 times daily 4 tea spoons of green clay in water, followed by a
tea spoon of Vitamin C in powder form, dissolved in some orange
juice (or 6 times daily 2 spoons of clay, followed by a level tea
spoon of Vitamin C)
- 35 Spirulina tablets, 20 leaves of Kombu of 20 cm, 20
capsules of 200 I.U. of Vitamin Ε
- 1 or 2 glasses of fresh carrot juice, or half a kilo of cooked carrots
- Zinc tablets for a total of 200 mg
- 3 times daily 2 tablespoons of olive oil of first cold pressing
- 2 tablets of Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
- 10 tablespoons of Lecithin granules, can be mixed in with some
yoghurt or milk if preferred.
- 1 to 3 times daily half a liter of yoghurt and 40 tablets of
brewer's yeast.
- Always keep the stools soft (see page 13), if necessary, take a
table spoonful extra of Vitamin C.
- Do not eat meat or fats of any kind, no meat extracts or similar
during the entire treatment. Use as few spices, salt as possible,
and no sugar or products containing it, no white flour or products
containing it, no biscuits, white bread, spaghetti, white rice. Do
not drink coffee or alcohol during the entire treatment, do not
smoke. Ideally you should stick to the list of foodstuffs for cancer
patients (read page 42)
- Follow the treatment strictly until a day or two after all the
itching or colored spots have gone. Keep the treatment up for at
least 21 days, even if you seem completely cured before then.
Once healed, you should still observe the daily minimum (page
21) and eat a tea spoon or more of bee pollen every day.

Same treatment as Arthrosis (page 37)

Read the heading 'Arthritis' (page 37), to gain a better
understanding of the principle of curing rheumatism and related
- Daily minimum (read page 21)
- Daily drinking 2 to 3 liters of stinging nettle tea should make the
rheumatism disappear overnight. Do not forget that you can not
eat meat while following the treatment.
- If you start eating meat again after the treatment, it is a
strong probability that the pain will also return. Each time drink
nettle tea to make the pain recede.

= Rachiotis (page 67)


About 95% of the population over 20 years old, is contaminated

with the Salmonella Bacterium. About 20% of all meat and poultry
is contaminated by it. Owing to regular, low doses of antibiotics to
beef cattle, many strains of the bacterium do not respond to any
kind of medical treatment, as their numbers increase steadily.
Contamination with the Salmonella bacterium is also 10 times more
lethal than it was 20 years ago (e.g. more people die of it).
The symptoms are:
First stage : Pain at the temples and/or around the eyes- and /or at
the back of the head. Sometimes tingling, itching or hot hands or
Contamination longer than 5 years causes heart palpitations,
sometimes a very brief cardiac arrest and/or a feeling of anxiety
and/or hot flushes, sweating, nervousness, irritability. Very easily
tired and/or often a feeling of weakness and having trouble getting
up in the morning. Pain in the region of the kidneys and the liver.
Loss of hair. Final stage (15 years or more): Aversion of eating
and/or nausea, later vomiting, irregularly at first, later after every
If you display more than one of these symptoms, the chances are
that your body houses bacteria or parasites. In most cases it will be
the Salmonella bacterium. Your general condition will deteriorate
progressively. Studying and concentrating will become increasingly
difficult, and your memory will deteriorate (forgetfulness).
Depressions occur, and become more frequent and more intense.
Using antidepressants aggravates the condition, suicidal
tendencies may emerge, muscle pains and cramps will become
apparent after prolonged use.
The most common causes of death induced by bacteria are 'cardiac
arrest1 (women) and the inability to retain food in (men) 10 to 35
years after the initial contamination. The more one eats meat, the
faster the bacteria will develop. Ultimately, they will affect all the
organs in your body (liver and kidney functions especially will be
impaired). Analysis by clinical laboratories often does not reveal
the presence of 'unwanted guests' in your body. When in doubt,
follow the program for 21 days.
The treatment given below is specifically for Salmonella.
To make it applicable to other bacteria and parasites, the
system is:
During the first 6 days of the treatment you build up a clayish
environment everywhere in your body. You then continue the
program for the duration of one entire life cycle of the bacterium or
(After the first 6 days of treatment its reproduction will
have become impossible, all you have to do then is to maintain the
clayish environment until the last one of them dies.) The life
cycle of the Salmonella bacterium is 15 days (6+15=21).
Problem solved!
The program's minimum duration should be 21 days, thus ensuring
that any Salmonella bacteria in your system are simultaneously
During 21 days WITHOUT interruption.
- 7 times daily 2 full tea spoons of clay, followed by half a spoon of
Vitamin C in powder form.
- 20 to 30 Spirulina tablets and 5 seaweed tablets.
- 40 tablets of brewer's yeast and 1/2 yoghurt (living
- 22 glasses of fresh UNHEATED UNPASTEURIZED cow's milk.
- Remember that people who drink clay (daily minimum) every day,
can not become contaminated with the Salmonella Bacterium,
regardless of how many eggs or meat they eat.
- Eat lots of nuts, cargo rice, cereals with germ and husks, fruit
and vegetables and their juices. Eat several small meals a day (10
if necessary) instead of 2 or 3 substantial meals. Do not
completely fill your stomach. Eat your food as natural as possible,
avoid cooking, baking, frying, grinding...
During the entire treatment one CAN NOT eat:
meat, fat of any type, soups in which meat has been cooked, beef
cubes or any other type of meat- or bone- extracts, fish, onions,
garlic, sugar, white flour or products containing it (white bread,
cookies etc.), polished rice, chocolate, coffee, black tea, beer,
alcohol, canned food. Instead of salt you should use crushed
seaweed tablets. It is preferable not to smoke. People with a
drinking or smoking habit will not find it too big a problem to break
this habit after the first day of treatment.
Always regulate your stools (see page 13). Constipation must be
avoided at all costs (take higher doses of Vitamin C if you remark a
hardening of the bowel contents). In case of diarrhea, increase the
clay dose. Do NOT go under the prescribed doses.
Out of 4.000 women treated, 2 had a reoccurrence of the
symptoms after 14 days of treatment. They were both farmer's
wives (pig breeders) and they had eaten plenty of pork during
their lives. On the day of their periods the bacteria were able to
reproduce themselves. In such a case the treatment should be
repeated from the beginning again. People suffering from high
blood pressure should always drink stinging nettle tea during at
least six months, when they are taking high doses of green clay. If
you are over 60 and you think the doses are too high for you, take
a quarter of the prescribed dose the first week, and increase it
Some people get headaches (or the headaches they had, become
worse) in the first few days of treatment. They sometimes have
trembling legs. These symptoms are probably caused by the many
toxifying substances which have accumulated in the body which
are released into the blood stream. Another explanation might be
the abundant intake of potent building substances. People
displaying these symptoms should drink stinging nettle tea during
the first week of the treatment, preferably two liters or more a
day. The tea helps your body to get rid of the poisonous
substances faster. If you use a combination of horsetail and
stinging nettle tea, your kidneys will work much more effectively. It
might help to temporarily lower the doses of clay and vitamin C,
but one must keep in mind that the first day of the 21-day
treatment doesn't start until you take at least 10 spoonfuls of clay
Alternatively, and I find this a better solution, increase the clay
dose to 2 spoonfuls every half hour, the poisons released in your
body will then be encapsulated by the clay.
Same treatment as 'Depression' (see page 48).

Even Chronic Sinusitis will be cured within 45 minutes with the
following treatment :
2 heaped tea spoons of clay in water and 1 heaped tea spoon of
Vitamin C in juice.
Take a hot bath, as hot as you can stand it, and immerse yourself
as much as possible. Make hot compresses with hot water from a
thermos and a face cloth, and press them on the region of the
lower forehead/upper nose.
Every 10 or 20 seconds, pour new hot water on the washing cloth.
After 45 minutes the sinusitis will be cured.
- If the Sinusitis makes a reappearance in the next few days, simply
repeat the treatment. Always take the daily minimum (page 21),
eat nuts regularly to prevent a relapse.

Slipped Disc
In the second part of my lectures, I invite people with backaches to
come forward. After they do the exercise described below, 9 out of
10 of those people are relieved of their pain within 30 seconds.
Sometimes the pain disappears after a few minutes, but in most
cases relief is instantaneous.
With very few exceptions, this exercise will be beneficial for all
sorts of backaches, from the tailbone to the neck, including
pains in the shoulders and pelvic area.
Do the exercise not more than twice in the morning and twice in
the afternoon. If the pain does not get any better, it is high time
that you take some rest, unless you want to spend the next couple
of months in bed, not able to move during the first couple of days
because of the terrible pains...
Do not get tricked into any fancy massages or expensive therapies,
which might very well cripple you for life!
Place a chair at a distance of about 2 meters. Assume the posture
as indicated above. Slowly crawl towards the chair on your hands
and knees, while keeping your back hollowed slightly inwards. If
necessary, have someone assist you by pushing your shoulders
down. Keep the upper legs almost vertical, LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD.
Use the chair to get up, but keep the back arched inwards
while doing this. Walk a little with a straight back. Do not bend to
check if the pain is really gone. If you still feel some pain, you can
repeat the exercise once more.
It is very important to imitate the posture on the drawing as
Perfectly as possible, before attempting to move forwards. By
holding this position, like a cat stretching, all the
vertebrae automatically slip into place.
The discs, whether or not they are broken, slip inwards and any
nerves that were squeezed by the discs will be freed. This usually
makes the pain disappear.
Take caution however; the fact that this happened to you once is
an indication that there is a certain weakness in your back.
If you don't take any positive action, chances are that things like
this will happen to you again. It is therefore recommended that you
follow the Salmonella treatment (page 68) to make all your bones
and muscles strong and flexible again. Have someone massage
your back with olive oil every day, keep your back warm (sleep on a
sheep's skin or an electric blanket, wear woolen pullovers etc.) and
don't bend forward. If you have to bend, let your knees carry your
weight and keep your back straight.
If you observe the daily minimum after the 21 days program, after
6 months your bone structure will be comparable to that of a
healthy athlete. But don't forget that even the healthiest people
need Calcium daily, to keep their bones and muscles in perfect
working order. Stick to the daily minimum until you are 150 years

If you are already in bed howling with pain :

- Try to turn over on your stomach to do the exercise anyway.
- High doses of Vitamin C can work wonders. Put 40 grams of
Vitamin C in a drip, or take 4 full tea spoons in orange juice,
preceded by 8 tea spoons of clay. This often takes the pain away
in about 2 hours.
- Another method for releasing a squeezed nerve. Horrible pains
sometimes disappear within seconds with the following method:
Take a piece of rubber hose (about one meter long) and fit it
over the mouth of a funnel. Put the funnel over the slipped
disc on your back, and suck the air out of the funnel by means
of the hose.
- A short hot bath or a hot shower can also help. Bath foam
helps the relaxation of the muscles.

- Brain Tumors
- Others
Take megadoses of clay and Vitamin C as often as possible. Drink
nettle tea. Put a cataplasm over the tumor. After a few hours the
tumor will not be able to develop any further. Continuously having
a large clay cataplasm on the tumor, will make it lose its strength
and become smaller in a matter of hours. Ultimately it will wither
completely. Follow the Cancer treatment (read page 42).
Follow the Salmonella Treatment (page 68) during 21 days.
Each time you feel pain, take 2 tea spoons of clay extra
(intervals of 60 minutes).

Varices (Varicose Veins)

During 3 weeks daily :
- 7 times 2 tea spoons of green clay, each time followed by 1 tea
spoon of Vitamin C
- 2 to 3 liters of stinging nettle tea
- 30 Spirulina tablets, 20 Kombu leaves of 20 cm
- 40 tablets of brewer's yeast, 1/2 liter of yoghurt (living
- 20 capsules of 200 I.U. of Vitamin Ε
- 1,5 liter or more fresh raw cow's milk
Apply a thin clay cataplasm on the legs. When the clay has dried
(half an hour to one hour later), wash it off and apply a fresh
cataplasm. Make sure that the layer of clay is thin, especially in the
beginning of the treatment.
From the beginning of the 4th week, until you're 150 years old:
take the daily minimum (page 21)
- During the 3 weeks of the treatment you should not eat meat,
poultry or fish of any type, or products that contain them.
- If you want to use butter, only take butter made from raw
unpasteurized milk (health food stores).
- Of eggs, use only the raw yolks.
- Eat coarsely grounded whole meal bread and cargo rice, no white
bread or polished rice.
Open wounds, or complex wounds involving burns, can always be
healed by applying clay cataplasms directly on the wound.
This will bring immediate pain relief, but the clay will also
prevent inflammation. Renew the cataplasms frequently.
If the wound is festering, you could also sprinkle some clay
powder on it, but a clay cataplasm if probably more effective.


Theunis Sonia 16 December 1990

Dear Hugo,

During many years I had terrible pains at the back of my neck and
in my right arm. I was suffering from arthrosis and a tightening of
the vertebrae in the neck. I could not turn my head any more or
use my arm. I had continuous inflammations of the muscles, which
were very painful.
I had a lot of medication, injections, massages, acupuncture,
infusions, ...
None of the treatments I tried, helped me to get rid of the pain.
I was unable to work for almost 4 years. On November 22nd, 1990,
I started the cancer treatment in your book. After 3 days, I already
noticed some positive results. The pain was almost gone, and I
could move my head a little. Now, the 21 days of the treatment are
over, and I just take the Daily Minimum.
I'm very happy, because I am completely cured
The specialist concluded that the inflammations have
disappeared completely.
On the 3rd of January, I will start to work again. For me,
this is a miracle
I hope many sick people will take your good advice.
Thank you so much "Magician",

Dear Sir,

We are the parents of X. and we would like to let you know how
much her condition has improved. I will give a short account of
what happened.
On the 14th of January 1989 we came to see you with our 4 year
old daughter. She was and is allergic to household dust and
goosefoot. She had been on antibiotics since her birth,
nevertheless she was hospitalized with pneumonia 3 times. There
was no noticeable improvement.
It is now 7 months since we first came to you, and I can assure you
that she has not been ill for even one day since. Even the
pediatrician had to admit he had never seen her so well and this
without taking any medication. This is the program she followed on
your advice. During 3 weeks she took :
Beviplex - 1/2 a day
Alvityl - 6 a day
Brewer's yeast
White clay in yoghurt of living culture Vitamin C - 3
pinches a day Now she takes :
Alvityl - 2 a day
Brewer's yeast - 8 a day
Vitamin C - 1 pinch a day I would like to add that we are also taking
our daily vitamin doses, and that we haven't needed a doctor in 7
months. I would like to express my gratitude for what you did, and
I hope many more people will follow your sound advice.
We're always at your disposal if you want further information,

Letter published in "Blik", a Belgian newspaper


My name is Lieve. I live in Blankenberge (Belgium). In issue 181

of Blik you printed an article about the Magician Hugo Symens
from Blankenberge. I was unfit to work for 13 years, I spent
more time in hospital than at home, I suffered
unbearable muscle pains and nervous pains. I had arthritis, took
kilos of pills, had massages and acupuncture. Barely able to walk, I
dragged myself to the magician's house on June 20th 1989. He
gave me some vitamins, and told me to rub my skin with a
special oil to relieve the pains. I followed a clay cure and
drank tea of freshly picked stinging nettles. I followed his advice
very strictly. Now, 3 months later, I feel reborn. I eat, drink
and sleep like a normal healthy person. Hugo is a magician,
without him I would be dead now.

Lieve Debruyne

Asten, The Netherlands, April 2nd 1991

Mr. Hugo,
Thank you so much for your assistance on the telephone and the
directions in your book. The lumps in my breasts have disappeared.
I followed the treatment for 3 weeks, and they disappeared as if by
During my latest visit to the doctor he said : "It is gone. Well, these
things happen. Come and see me again in 2 months time, things
will probably keep going wrong with you." So, I'm going back in 2
months time (I've had the lumps for 3 years), and then I'm gonna
tell him why things with me won't "go wrong".
Thank you very much, Hugo the Magician.
I showed your book to a number of people, and they've started
treatment too, with your help over the phone. Jolly good, don't you
I bought the Panorama edition last week with the article about you
in it. Too bad they're so critical about your way of life. Your goal, to
make this healing system public, is thus pushed to the background.
People (especially the Dutch) like sensation. However, please find
enclosed some stamps for your daughter Xenia, and a contribution
for your cause. Thank you.



The golden rule here is patience. When the time has come, the
mother feels a natural urge to push the baby out. 80% of the
births in which I have assisted take place less than 10 minutes
after the pushing has begun.
In 40% of these births, the baby came out without pushing or after
the mother had pushed just once or twice. It is not necessary to
force you and your baby through a painful process of which
the sole perspective is to have the baby arrive on earth
In hospital, a child is born when the doctor decides it is time. When
the baby is not ready for it, unnatural means are used (penetration
of the vagina, forceps, vacuum pump, caesarian).
This results in a number of disorders which never occur in
deliveries at home.
The purpose of the penetration of the vagina with the index and
middle finger is to make an estimate of the dilatation of the cervix.
It is a superfluous procedure in 99% of the deliveries, as maximal
dilatation is reached when the contractions are 10 seconds apart.
The penetration squashes the entire vulva area, by the pressure
exerted by the hand, which is too big to enter the vagina further.
The baby is startled and retreats, generally the next contraction
comes only after 3 to 20 minutes, the second one sometimes after
30 to 45 minutes.
The entire birth process is disturbed, and sometimes halted. The
doctor will in most cases want to proceed with the delivery right
away (he's on a tight schedule). The harassed baby will oppose any
further tampering with all its might, but it will eventually lose the
battle, and most likely be traumatized for life.
At university, doctors are still taught that they should break the
waters between two contractions, as this would make the delivery
less painful for the mother. By breaking the waters artificially,
however, the pressure on the stomach is lowered and the
contractions might not resume Until a few hours later. When the
waters break naturally, it is mostly in the middle of a contraction,
and often the baby will then be delivered within a few minutes.
Contractions might start 12 hours or more before the actual birth
takes place. Often the contractions might stop again for a few
hours. The contractions will become longer and the intervals
Wait until the contractions are separated by 10 seconds. There will
seldom be complications if you let nature have its way. One of the
complications might be that the baby is turned in the wrong way.
In most cases the baby will automatically turn into the right
position when its time has come.

Delivery with breech presentation


If this is not the case, you can help by:

1. CAREFULLY pressing the head down and at the same time push
up the bottom end and the upper legs with your other hand (so
that the size of the baby is reduced).
2. Once you have a good hold of the baby, softly bring both hands
closer together so that the baby's spine bends more and takes
up less room.
3. Push the head gently downwards and push the baby's bottom
up, the baby will easily slide into a transverse presentation.
4. Slowly move the head downwards and the bottom up,
maintaining enough pressure so that the baby's spine
remains bent.
5. Once the baby is in the correct position, only push the bottom
down softly so that the baby's head find its way to the exit. The
delivery should cause no further problems.
If the waters have not broken yet, do it yourself right at the
beginning of a contraction, so that the mother can start pushing
If the baby's head is already too far down and prevents the
fluids from running out, the mother will have to be assisted -
AFTER the breaking of the waters - in assuming the 'candle'
(yoga posture) for a few seconds. The baby will slide back a
little. Assume normal position and the waters will flow out. After
a few minutes the baby shall follow.
Giving birth is a natural process. Death rates for women giving
birth in hospitals are much higher than for women delivering at
home. This is linked with the fact that doctors are more concerned
with the premium they get than with the welfare of the mother and
Don't let yourself or your baby suffer unnecessary!

Breast Feeding, Bottle Feeding Powdered Milk

All mothers should breast feed their children. Mother's milk is
irreplaceable and builds resistance against diseases, even against
those occurring only later in life.
Mothers observing the daily minimum (page 21) and
eating reasonably healthy, do not get chapped nipples. Babies who
are breast fed, will have reduced risks of catching all sorts of
infant's diseases.
Antibiotics (use Vitamin C instead) and other medicines are fed
to the baby through the mother's milk. The baby will get intestinal
and liver problems as a result of this.
Fortunately the opposite is also true : If the baby is sick, and the
mother takes vitamins and the daily minimum, these will also
be fed to the baby through the mother's milk.
When you make the switch to bottle feeding, you should start
adding vitamins to the baby's diet, to maintain good
resistance against infections. Vitamin preparations for babies such
as Alvityl are available in special dispensers from your
Give about a table spoon a day, until the baby is old enough for the
children's tablets.
Babies fed on powdered milk will also get intestinal problems and
many other disorders. They will wake up a lot at night and cry more
than breast fed babies.
POWDERED MILK IS BAD for your baby, as well as milk in cartons or
bottles which have been pasteurized. This milk is worthless for
babies as well as for adolescents, adults and elderly
Every year thousands of babies end up in hospital with intestinal
disorders, all of them caused by the use of powdered milk or
pasteurized milk, instead of the fresh cow's milk or mother's milk,
they should have had.

Cot Death
In 1988 the representatives of classical medicine officially
announced that 90% of the cases of sudden infant death syndrome
(cot death) were caused because the babies were lying on their
stomachs. Until 1988 all doctors and pediatricians were taught that
babies should always sleep on their stomachs, so that - in case
they vomited - they would not choke in it. I wonder, hasn't there
been ONE amongst all those learned physicians between 1913 and
1988 who noticed that hardly any baby died from choking in their
vomit, but a whole lot of them died from lying on their stomachs?
Or that the percentage of dead babies due to cot death while lying
on their backs was but a fraction of that of the babies that died
while sleeping on their stomachs?
I am convinced that a healthy condition of the mother during and
after the pregnancy, and breast feeding the baby as long as
possible (6 months to 2 years) are crucial factors in the prevention
of cot death.

Nappy Rash
A baby won't get nappy rash as long as you are breastfeeding it, so
delay bottle-feeding your baby as long as possible. Nappy rash will
quickly disappear if you powder the irritated skin with white clay
instead of talcum powder. As a preventive measure "you could also
sprinkle some clay powder on the nappies.

Babies Crying
Points to check :
- Is the baby hungry? By nestling it against your breast you will
see immediately whether or not this is the case.
- Is its diaper wet?
- Check if anything is hurting the baby. This could be anything
ranging from a tight ribbon to a safety pin or a lost needle.
- You should always keep in mind that there usually is a reason for
a baby to cry. Do not forget that it is very important for the
baby's happiness that he/she feels loved, you should hug and
cuddle your baby frequently.
My wife makes it an issue not to let a baby cry, not even for a
Those who claim that crying is good for the baby's lungs,
probably haven't given the matter much thought: Anyone in
distress, but babies in particular, should be comforted
A baby who knows that there is someone out there who will come
when it needs it, will cry less to start with.

Just like adults, babies are less susceptible to diseases or even
immune to them if their natural resistance is in optimum condition.
They will be less susceptible to all kinds of infections, though they
will of course occasionally catch one or another infant's illness, and
they will get better faster. Young mothers should take a double or
triple dose of the daily minimum (page 21). For mothers who are
breast feeding, 40 tablets of brewer's yeast and half a liter of
yoghurt daily are a must. Adding some Calcium tablets or mixing
some white clay through the yoghurt will not only improve the
quality of the mother's milk, but they will also build up her
resistance against infections. They will not get postnatal
depression, hair loss, split fingernails, brittle bones, nervousness
or any of the other afflictions many young mothers suffer from.

The daily minimum should also be observed for children

(read page 21):
- 1 tea spoon of clay, followed by a pinch of Vitamin C
(adjust the dose according to the stools).
- 7 to 11 Spirulina tablets and 2 seaweed or Kelp tablets.
- 10 to 30 tablets of Brewer's yeast and yoghurt (living culture).
Most children who are used to sweets don't like the taste of the
Spirulina or seaweed tablets. If this is the case with your
children, give them chocolate coated multivitamin tablets (Alvityl
or similar) instead.
Spirulina is of coarse healthier, but it is important that they learn
to take care of their health in a joyous manner, and not by being
forced into eating things they do not like.

Check if the child has any symptoms of Salmonella contamination
(page 68). If it does, follow the Salmonella treatment during 21
days. Adapt the doses according to the child's age.
Example (for children of about 6) : Daily 2 full tea spoons of clay,
Vitamin C 1 level tea spoon, 7 Spirulina tablets, 2 egg yolks' etc.
You can combine the treatment for asthma and Salmonella.
Daily, until 2 weeks after complete recovery :
- 1 glass of fresh cow's milk
- 1 glass of fresh carrot juice
- Zinc tablets adding up to a total of 100 mg
- 20 Spirulina tablets and 5 seaweed tablets or 20 Alvityl tablets
- 50 to 150 grams of nuts (no peanuts)
- Daily minimum for children (page 19)
- The asthma will probably be gone about one and a half
months. It will not return as long as the child takes the daily
minimum for children.

Cold (coughing) in Children : The Candy connection

In our humid climate almost all children cough regularly until they
are about 5 years old. However some cough more often than
others. The difference lies in the resistance the children have.
A child that eats sweets in between meals, will not have much
appetite at noon and will leave its soup, carrots and potatoes
untouched on the plate.
Because it has had no proper meal it will be hungry by 2 in the
afternoon and will therefore again resort to crisps etc. At 4 o'clock
it won't be hungry enough to finish all its sandwiches etc. Now, if
this happens once a week, there is nothing serious to worry about,
but if this is the regular course of things, this will be a child that
will be prone to infections, earaches, colds and coughs etc.
Then the doctor is called, who prescribes antibiotics instead of
Vitamin C to battle the infection, and the mess is complete.
Only few doctors draw the parents' attention to the reduced
resistance of their children due to the antibiotics, and even less
doctors tell them how to recharge the child's liver with a Vitamin Β

Earache with Children

Disappears in 30 minutes or less by giving the child 4 to 5 grams of
Vitamin C in water or orange juice.
If possible accompanied by 2 tea spoons of clay (don't mix it in with
the Vitamin c!).
Let the child suck the sour powder at the bottom of the glass with
a straw. Repeat after 2 hours if’ necessary. Let the child eat a tube
of Vitamin C tablets (Redoxon or something similar), a quarter of a
tablet at the time, during the course of the next few days to
prevent re-emergence of the pain.

Growing Pains
Sometimes the children's bones and their muscles will grow at a
different rate, which can result in painful strains in the limbs.
Optimize the general condition with the Salmonella treatment
(read page 67).
Adapt the doses according to the child's age. Rub the painful spots
with ample olive oil. The first day 3 successive times (with an
interval of 10 minutes) in the morning, and once in the afternoon.
Afterwards once or twice daily, but in any case if the pain reoccurs.
The oil will not only take away the pain, but will also correct the
situation of the muscles.

Lack of Appetite
After 2 weeks of clay (2 tea spoons daily), your child's appetite will
be back to normal. If the child doesn't like the green clay, you can
use white clay mixed with some yoghurt.

Nervousness. Lack of Concentration. Under Average School

Children displaying symptoms like nervousness, restlessness, lack
of concentration should follow the Salmonella treatment (page 68).
After 21 days, you will remark that they are less nervous though
lively; they will be able to understand things better


After I had discovered the miraculous qualities of Vitamin C and

green clay, I felt the authorities had to know about this system ; It
could mean an improvement in the National Health of more than
50% within a year!
I wrote repeatedly to the press (30 Belgian newspapers and
magazines) and the Belgian Court, stating that I could vouch for
the complete recovery of (then) 90% of all cancer patients and 99%
of all children with leukemia within 3 months. All in all I got 2
replies. One from the secretary of Queen Fabiola, stating that
regrettably the Queen could not take a position in medical matters,
and one from an editor-in-chief whose only remark was that my
letter was full of spelling mistakes...
In the last couple of years my wife and I have discovered how to
cure some 40 so-called 'incurable' diseases. I wrote our king
: "Magician? Sire, I cannot but call myself a magician! If I would
claim I was a normal human being, I would imply that all the
doctors in our country are utter fools!" (I hope that letter got
further than the secretary) Meanwhile there are some 1,000
apprentice-magicians in Belgium, amongst them a fair number
are nurses and doctors. I would like to thank all of them
for their courage and cooperation.