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Handout 1

Classes and categories of cars

Part 1 / Exercise 2

→→ Examples of common types and categories of passenger cars

Source: Matthias93 Source: Rudolf Stricker

Type of the car Microcar Type of the car Subcompact car / Supermini
Segmentation A-segment (minicar) Segmentation B-segment (small car)
Brand of the car Smart Fortwo Brand of the car Renault Twingo I
Length 2.5 m Length 3.4 m
Weight 850 kg Weight 890 kg
Other examples VW Polo, Opel Corso

Source: OSX Source: S 400 HYBRID

Type of the car Compact car/small family car Type of the car Midsize car/large family car
Segmentation C-segment (medium car) Segmentation D-segment (large car)
Brand of the car VW Golf VI Brand of the car Opel Insignia
Length 4.2 m Length 4.9 m
Weight 1,200 kg Weight 1,600 kg
Other examples Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Other examples Ford Mondeo, VW Passat,
Toyota Corolla Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3 Se-
ries, Audi A4
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Handout 1

Source: IFCAR Source: Rudolf Stricker

Type of the car Full-size car Type of the car Luxury car
Segmentation E-segment (executive car) Segmentation F-segment
Brand of the car Mercedes E-Class Brand of the car Audi A8
Length 4.9 m Length 5.2 m
Weight 1,800 kg Weight 1,900 kg
Other examples BMW 5 Series Other examples Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7
Series, VW Phaeton

Source: Matti Blume (MB-one) Source: Lothar Spurzem

Type of the car Sports car Type of the car SUV - Sport utility vehicle
Segmentation S-segment (sport coupés) Segmentation J-segment
Brand of the car Porsche 911 Carrera (incl. off-road vehicles)
Length 4.3 m Brand of the car VW Tiguan
Weight 1,600 kg Length 4.4 m
Other examples Chevrolet Corvette, Ferrari, Weight 1,700 kg
Lamborghini Other examples Mercedes M-Class,
BMW X Series

TOGETHER_Eco-driving_5_Handout 01.pdf