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: { id vo me deficit Afte 6-8 ho s of - Meas e vita Compensato mechanisms BP 100/60, ine
eated to inceased n sing signs, inc ding es t in peiphea o tp t >30m/h CVP 6
- {  Thickness capia pemeabiit intevention, the CVP . vasoconstiction with a weak
thead p se, dop in
b n with b n and evapoate f id oss patient wi estabish
sstoic bood pess e,
inj  of 52% fom b n inj  adeq ate f id othostatic hpotension and
TBSA vo me, eectote ed ced CVP.
- Edema at baance.
affected aeas The phsioogic effects of Ateations in menta stat s
the b n compicate tiss e
- Assess fo
- Deceased
: ne oogica stat s can occ  fom sevee Awake, ethagic,
damage that occ s afte Afte seies of vo me depetion and st po
ina o tp t the b n ins t.
n sing ateed sodi m eves,
Coag ation factos ae patients ae aso at isk fo
affected, potein is
inteventions, the
patient wi: seiz es.
{: denat ed and ce a
i ‘ine o tp t content is iconized. These - üave stabiized - üpekaemia;
factos, co ped with the vita signs Ce sis ca ses potassi m No signs of
modeate, dak Ahthmia, sow cadiac
diation of the capiaies - Maintain ine ate, diahea, twitching, shifts fom intavasc a hpekaemia and
concentated to intestitia space.
and sma vesses ead to o tp t of at GI hpemotiit hponatemiapesent.
i Excess inceased capia east 30 cc/h
potassi m pemeabiit and f id - üponatemia;
- Maintain se m
eves shift fom the sodi m eves Bo nding p se, Noma atio is 10:1 to
i Deceased intavasc a space to tachcadia, weakness, 15:1. Ratios geate than
- Maintain se m Ratio 12:1 afte f id
se m Sodi m intestitia space. pao, headache, edema 20:1 ae associated with
In addition to potein and
potassi m epacement.
eve eves dehdation.
eectote shifts, an - B‘N/ ceatinin
i Eevated inceased insensibe wate - üave stabe
hematocit oss occ s. In the heath hematocit
ad t, this oss is eves
Weight: estimated at 30-50 m/h.
BP ʹ 80/60 The b n patient͚s
insensibe f id oss ma :
be as m ch as 300 to 3000 - Meas e and { id vo me deficit
m pe da. ecod ine ed ces gome a Intake eq a to o tp t.
(Citica Cae N sing b o tp t ho ; fitation and ena bood
‘den, p.970) epot ine fow ca sing oig ia.
o tp t ess than
30m fo 2
consec tive ho s.

- Weigh patient Changes in weight can

dai. povide infomation on Patient abe to
f id baance and the maintain weight.
adeq ac of vo me

Initiate and administe Initia goa is to coect
IV theap sing cic ato vo me deficit. 0.9% NSS administeed
Pakand fom a:
- p    Isotonic saine wi apid

 expand extace a f id
vo me.

- {oow s bseq ent Coection of wate deficit

IV theap as is s a accompished b D5 ½ NSS inf sing at
odeed, a hpotonic so tion. ___/h.
depending on 
  Refeence: Medica
 S gica N sing b
 B nne and S ddath
Citica Cae N sing b
‘den and Stac