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UPLine Finance Company

"UPholding Progress"


( ) First Loan
( ) Repeat Loan : __________ Date Filed : _____________
Amount Applied for : __________ Loan Term (in weeks) : _____________
Loan Purpose : _______________________________________


Last Name First Name Middle Name

Name of Spouse or Guardian

Last Name First Name Middle Name

Spouse or Guardian Occupation Spouse or Guardian Employer and Employeer Address

Client Home Address

GG Number: SLS Number: Age: Birth Date: Civil Status:

Source/s of Income Number of Years with Source of Income:

Years in Community: Number of Household Members: How many are in school? How many ae not in school but
of school age?
Name of Houseold Members with Source of Income: Occupation:

Business Growth over the years (Brief Narrative):

Market Conditions of the Business/es (Brief Narrative):

This portion is for UPLine Finance Company oly

Endorsed By SLS Chairperson:

Date Received by ABM:

Name & Signature of Chairperson Review of previous and/or current loans (as of: ________________)
Loan Type Previous Loan Remarks

In connection with my loan application with

UPLine Finance Company, I hereby agree for its
representative to conduct interview and
Assessment of Loan Applied
gather relevant information from any
concerned person or entity to check the data I Mximum Approved Loan Loan Term
Loan Type
stated above. Further, I promise to pay Allowable Loan Amount (in weeks)
my liabilities with UPLine Finance Company
following the terms and conditions of the loan Prepared By: Recommended By:
_______________________ ____________________________
___________________________________ Loan Officer Assistant Bank Manager
Name & signature of Borrower Approved/Recommended By:

Name & Signature of Spouse/Guardian Bank Manager
Approved By:

_____________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________

CreCom Member Mgt. Credit Committee Mgt. Credit Committee
Note: Loan amount of up to P50,000.00 is for ABM approval; for more than P50,000.00 up to P150,000.00 is for BM approval: and for more than
P150,000.00 up to P300,000.00 is for Mgt. CreCom approval. LAF with incomplete data/requirements will not be processed.