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$ 99
you need for
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808 FREE Delivery for Seniors & Those with Restricted Mobility
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC 2037 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt BC 250-378-2155


News, opinion, community events since 1996! Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
Tel: (250) 378-5717 Fax: (250) 378-2025 Email:
Govt of BC
International Quilt Day
State of emergency International quilt day is Saturday
March 21. If you are a quilter or own a
The emergency declaration, an-
nounced Wednesday by Minister of quilt, hang it outside as a friendly wave
Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike to your neighbours and friends. Friday & Saturday Smorg
Farnworth, is in effect for 14 days, but Post a picture of your quilt at:
may be extended or cancelled at any facebook/International Quilt Day Mer- Tel (250)378-8283 • 1953 Nicola Ave
time. ritt 2020, then we can see how many
Declaring a state of emergency al- quilts we actually find. Happy hunting!
lows the Province, through the minister,
to implement any provincial emergency It’s Spring!
measures required with access to land Spring equinox comes with two nota-
and human resource assets that may be bly different features in 2020.
Merritt’s Auto Glass 2001 necessary to prevent, respond to or al- First is the inescapable way the coro-
INC. leviate the effects of an emergency. This navirus pandemic has reshaped almost
Specialists includes securing the critical supply every aspect of life. And that includes “The human being is built
ICBC Claims chains to make sure people have access the cancellations of annual equinox rit- to be a few simple things
•Commercial •Residential to essential goods and services, and that uals and celebrations around the world,
infrastructure necessary in a response is — a patron of peace, a scholar of
•Automotive •Industrial including popular places such as Stone-
readily available. henge in England and Chichen Itza in kindness, and an instrument of truth.”
2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire) The state of emergency is initially in ­— Mike Bhangu
378-4531 effect for 14 days, once issued, and may But on a brighter note, the sun and
be extended or rescinded as necessary. Earth continue their eternal business un-

Starz ★
The state of emergency applies to the impeded by a virus­— and we’re getting
whole province and allows federal, pro-
vincial and local resources to be deliv-
ered in a co-ordinated effort.
Covid-19 by the numbers - Mar 19
a little jump on things this year.
This is the earliest arrival of spring
equinox in 124 years. It came on Thurs-
day, March 19, for almost all of the Amer-
We are announcing 40 new cases of icas. Much of the rest of the world will Weekly special
CAFE PUB LIQUOR COVID-19, for a total of 271 cases in BC. see its arrival in the early hours of Friday, Every Tuesday: Men’s & Kids’
Tues-Sun TUES-SAT STORE It is with sadness that we announce
March 20.
that another patient who tested positive hair cut. . . . . . . . . .$10.00
(Closed Mon)
(Closed Sun/Mon)
for COVID-19, a resident from the Lynn
Valley Care Centre, has passed away. We
Community OPEN Monday to Saturday
offer our heartfelt condolences to their
Legion closed 2063 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt
2350 Voght St., Merritt • 250 378-2254 loved ones and the staff who cared for Effective Monday, the Legion closed 250-378-9000 • Cell 250-315-2118
them. its doors until further notice. Sorry for
Of the total cases, 152 are in Van- the inconvenience this may cause.
couver Coastal Health, 81 are in Fraser Trinity services suspended
Health, 22 are in Island Health, 12 are in There will be no Sunday service on
Interior Health and four are in Northern Sun. Mar 22 & 29. Further info will follow.
Merritt Real Estate Services Heath. FIERCE Merritt LGBTQ2+ SPACE FOR YOUR AD
Additionally, of the total COVID-19 “Be a unicorn in a field of horses” TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700
FOR RENT cases, 17 individuals are currently hos- Gay Meet & Greets. FMI and to get on
1 BEDROOM VIBE . . . . . . . . . . . $1200 + utilities pitalized, nine are in intensive care and MARKET@UNISERVE.COM
the mailing list go to www.fiercemerritt.
the remaining patients are at home in
3 BEDROOM townhouse . . . . . . . $1600 + utilities 
1 BEDROOM bsmt suite. . . . . . . . $750 inc utilities We know that social distancing is an Q101’s complete list of cancellations
2 BEDROOM bsmt suite. . . . . . . . . $900 + utilities important line of defence for all us – stay- Check Q101’s website (
ing a fingertip-to-fingertip distance away for a comprehensive list of community
3 BEDROOM 4plex. . . . . . . . . . . . $1050 + utilities
from each other, but no touching. Equal- event & service cancellations. If you have
3 BEDROOM upper floor . . . . . . . $1200 + utilities cancelled events to add to the list, please
ly important is maintaining our connec-
3 BEDROOM house on Bench. . . . $1500 + utilities tions with friends, family and colleagues email Michael Reeve at
DOWNTOWN prime commercial space, call for details while many of us remain at home. or Roger White/Tyler Cronsilver at dj@
CO-WORKING office space. . . . . . $600 inclusive — BC prov. health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry or call 250-378-6133.
Please feel free to stay in touch as MP Dan Albas calls for more transparency
inventory may change very quickly.
3499 Voght St. Merritt about BC Interior coronavirus cases ➢ Carpentry
➢ Laminate
➢ Flooring
➢ Kitchen/Bathroom Tiling
➢ Painting/Staining
➢ Complete Yard Maintenance/
Earlier this week, MP Dan Albas, Conservative MP for Central Okanagan-Similka-
(250) 378-1996 direct line to the meen-Nicola, called on health officials to be more transparent about coronavirus cas-
Clean up
Property management department es in the region. He said he would like health officials to either release information
Call for all your residential or about what community or communities the cases are in or explain why information
commercial property management needs! is being provided about the location of some cases elsewhere in the province but not
the Interior Health region.
If they can’t release the community locations, Albas urged health officials to “ex-
plain exactly why privacy rules apply to [Interior Health] in a way that doesn’t apply
What’s in the $82B to another health authority.”
The province’s Health Ministry argues protecting patients’ privacy will help those
emergency response package? experiencing symptoms feel safe coming forward. Source:

TMX says it will carry on

• A temporary boost to Canada Child Benefit pay-
ments, delivering about $2 billion in extra support. With the rapid developments
• A new Emergency Support Benefit to provide up to around COVID-19, Trans Mountain’s priority is maintaining the health and safety
$5 billion in support to workers who are not eligible of our workforce, their families and our communities. They are committed to main-
for EI and who are facing unemployment. taining the uninterrupted operation of the Trans Mountain pipeline and continuing
• Doubling the homeless care program. construction of the Expansion Project while taking a number of steps to help flatten
• Extending the tax filing deadline to June 1 and the curve and slow the spread of the virus.
allowing taxpayers to defer until after Aug. 31
tax payments that are due after today and before
Opinion Rumours abound In this size of town, we all hear things. In
fact, we know people who are involved, however far it may be from being officially
confirmed or vetted for a press release.
• $305 million for a new Indigenous Community This week, we’ve heard that people in certain local work environments have been
Support Fund to address immediate needs in First tested because of a spouse or family member infected with COVID-19. After testing,
Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation communities. it takes 72 hours to find out the official results. But of course it’s not official until it’s
• The package — which includes $27 billion in direct noted. But it’s probably safe to assume COVID-19 is here in Merritt. Please do what is
supports and another $55 billion to help business asked to slow the contagion. Time to all pull together, for everyone’s sake. —KL
liquidity through tax deferrals — represents more
than three per cent of Canada’s GDP. Productivity I’m great at multi-tasking. I can waste time, be unproductive,
Parliament could be recalled as early as next week to and procrastinate all at once.
pass legislation to bring in the fiscal measures, and A nice Scottish lad moves to New York. - After 6 months his mom calls him and she
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said supports could asks how he finds the Americans. Horrible, he says. They always yell and scream.
start flowing in weeks. — He hates how they pound on the walls and stomp the floors. Oh pure! she says,
how do you get by? I just relax in bed, playing me bagpipes, says the lad.

FRIDAY EDITION — MARCH 20, 2020 #3399 Merritt’s Auto Glass 2001
Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 T: (250) 378-5717 F: (250) 378-2025 E:
Specialists INC.
PONT GRAND AM, new batt., p/locks, PANASONIC dvd home theatre sound

Your photos or art on a mug — great gift!

a/c, p/b,rks recent updates, no dents system, 4 small speakers, 1 large sub-
FREE METAL DETECTING. I will $3950 378-2676 woofer, dvd machine $150 378-8823
metal detect your property for free. 50% 02 CHEV Grand Am, needs motor work TECHNICS 4-component stereo sys-
ICBC Claims
split on any relics or valuables. Owner or good parts car. New coil pack. Fix or tem old school, with speakers, lk nw
chooses. Exc landscaper, so your lawns use for parts. Open to offers OTF util. $400obo 280-0543
•Commercial •Residential
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
won’t be hurt. All trash dug will be re- trailer 378-2370
moved from site. Glass nails, etc. Darrell BRND NW black unlocked iPhone 7 w/ •Automotive •Industrial
93 OLDS Cutlass 3, auto 4-dr, v6 $1000 accessories, case, charger, and earbuds. P
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808 936-9356
obo call/text 378-1613 d over $470 sell for $325 378-5004 2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)
FOUND: Samsung phone, 2500 blk
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC
Coldwater Ave. Call to ID 378-6808 10 GMC Sierra SLE, ext cab, 6.5’ box, 5.3 IPHONE 5S, 32G, Koodo, power button
vortek, 131k, 2 sets tires $12,500 936-8083 sticky, crack in corner of screen, works
I COLLECT pop bottles & cans, if you
have empties to get rid of, 250-525-0471 04 VW Passat wagon 1.9 ltr turbo, brnd good. $100 378-4177
Complete renovation services MUSIC PERFORMERS CLUB for  kids nw
or adults w/ something prepared to share, heated
snw tires on stck VW alloy rims, 2 RC drone & helicopter Black Hawk
seats, p/drs, p/w, exc shape, a lot edition for teen or adults, hardly used $50
Local contractor/carpenter available for any like an open mic focusing on instruments. or er
work over last 3 yrs, clean inter., leath- ea 315-1988, cell 250-305-4928
seats, moon roof, starts/runs well even HOME  SECURITY System Still in
Grand Piano provided. FMI text Cecilia - on cold mornings,
renovation work you need done: 250-315-0022 or offers. Rodney 315-2257 some oil leaking, reas. box  pd $289, reduced to $100. 378-6027
or text
Mon Eves 6:30pm, Feb 24 & Mar 2. LK NW, Panasonic model No: KX-TG-
Flooring Kitchen Doors WILDERNESS & SURVIVAL first aid 518x8. NEW steel rims to fit ¾ - 1ton Chev F37OC 5 handset cordless phone w/ an-
Text or call 315-3367
5-day wilderness & survival first aid & swering machine, Bluetooth, App Alerts.
Drywall & cabinets Trim work skills courses, will be offered by Arctic Red 235/75RX15 m&s tire, for lt truck, very All handsets c/w a belt cliff. Don’t need it
painting Bathroom Bathroom & Wilderness Training, in Merritt through the gd tread $75 Joe 378-2676 any more, got rid of the landline.$75obo
summer months (June, July, Aug, & Sept) 04 HONDA Pilot, 110k, grey. 94 Mazda 378-5004
Windows fixtures kitchen tile FMI and to schedule your spot, email Judan- truck, 225k 378-4478 for sale - recreational or text 250-378-5223. 06 BLUE Nissan Titan SE 4 door pick
All work guaranteed, reasonable rates, reliable Cost is $600/person or $1000 per couple. up, automatic, all wheel drive, gasoline 17’ CEDAR strip canoe, very good cond
$900obo brand new oars. 14’ alum boat
GET READY for spring & Easter break. fueled, complete with paint matched w/ trailer $1200obo Harry 315-6109
Friday & Saturday Smorg
References available upon request Going on holidays? I’ll take care of your canopy. US Speedo, alloy wheels, cruise
Text/call Ken 604-679-1827 home or pets. Honest, reliable. Bill 315-3621 control, trailer hitch, a/c, gd cond $7500 1 SNWMBL helmet $25. 2 motorcycle
THIS COWGIRL is back for ranch & Call Al 250-212-9868 to view .
helmets 378-8823 Tel (250)378-8283 • 1953 Nicola Ave hse-sitting, exc refs, RCMP appr’d. Also 80 GMC 1/2-tn 4x4 shrtbx, grt shape, offers, SPRING SPECIAL 20 ft cedar strip
avail. For housecleaning 378-7435 89 1-tn dual tire, 454 gas, grt shape, 250 canoe with tandem trailer and 8hp ob
value $4000 offers, 14 ft frontier fg ca-
SPACE FOR RENT for small get to- diesl wldr in bx, open to offrs. 06 Chrysler noe square back refurbished $410 looks
gethers/birthday parties. $20 to $25 per 300, exc shape, 216k, offerss 280-1250
English Conversation
sharp,  Harvey 250-319-2101 Kamloops

hour. Conayt Friendship Soc. 378-5107 TIRE CHAINS 66” long, incl. carry
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets case $50 378-1337
02 24FT WESTWIND travel trailer, Free Drop-in English Practice
exc. cond. $10,000. 315-9592
Practice Groups
Mondays at noon, Trinity United Church 4 TIRES, winters 225-70R16 on rims
$200 315-4781 09 POLARIS razor 800 side-by-side
04 FORD Ranger xlt 4x4, canopy 126k $5300obo. 16’ Nash travel trailer, exc Starts: January 21, 2020
TC PAINTING inter. only, licensed & $7000 378-1860 cond., everythng wrks $10,000 378-6915
98 SKIDOO & battery 925cc triple, as
now Tuesday
When: Every in Merritt!
and Wednesdays fro
insured 315-1644
DYNAMO DEB offering houseclean-
for sale - pets / livestock is, ads tune-up $450 3 Tim 15-7024 Improve
9:00am your English,
to 10:00am
ing, yard work, dog-walking 280-9650 WTD:  Female guppies 378-6289 OLDER PSE Elite compound bow with Where: Merri= Civic Centre, 1950 Mame=e Ave
SPRING CLEANING, & reg. house- LOOKING FOR cage for cockatiel sights/quiver $130 378-5038 meetinformaDon:
For More new people and
Contact Liza or Min at
2WD 250cc quad, less then 200km driv-
cleaning 378-4022 778-207-0334
DRYWALL, textured ceiling, painting. EASY TRAINER dog collar, used en. Except for some paint fade, exc cond.
have fun together!
rns lk nw. $1000 firm. 936-9356
Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066 twice,  pd $160, sell $85 378-6027 When? Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 9am to 10am
CERTIFIED TREE FALLER, w/ wd SIMCO roping saddle, gd cond,  Front RECUMBENT exercise bike $75. Jean
chipper, sml truck & trailer, will do resi- & back cinches $550 Ron Summerfelt 378-2733 Where? Room #1, Merritt Civic Ctre, 1950 Mamette Ave.
dential, fruit trees, etc. 378-6431 250-755-6817 JAYCO 19.8’ trvl trlr, qun bd, nw mat-
DYNAMO DEB is back to do house- AWESOME CKC black lab for stud 378-5038 tress, 3brnr range & ovn, pntry, micrwv, •Practices are free of charge & drop-ins are welcome
cleaning, cooking & personal shopping. 55-GAL. Tank for reptiles w/ light & full bthrm, 100w solar panel on roof w/ •Contact us for more details at 1-866-672-0855
280-9650 regulator inside. LED lights through-
cover. 280-9433 out, power tongue, power awning. Cus-
NICOLA VALLEY PAINTING, All for sale - miscellaneous tom-mounted dry box. Reduced price to
interior painting services 10% off this $13,500. Call 315-9491 & come have a
winter, call Eric 250-315-5194 PLUM TREES for sale $10 & $15. 1502 look anytime.
BUDGET BROS PAINTING + Orme St. 378-4471
Renos. Fully insured & family-owned. Se- BLOW OUT on take home wine mak-
COMPL. cntrl for RV or trlr $75 378-8140 Playing M/W/F CMS gym 8:30-11:00am; Tues. 6:30-
nior discounts 25% off, 15 years experience, ing kits. $20/ $30 each. Come take a HEALTHCARE Exer-Glide plus $25 8:00pm Civic Center; and Thurs. 6:30-8:00pm CMS
100% customer satisfaction! Free estimate look.  2865C Pooley Ave 250-378-6622 378-2460
call Dennis 378-6866 & Louis 778-877-5505 SOCLEAN CPAP machine, with 3 new 2HP Mariner outboard motor, exc cond. gym. Come for fun and exercise, drop-ins welcome.
Merritt Real Estate Services SMALL ENGINE repair, tune-up, lawn- filters $150. 378-2458 280-0493 Demo paddles and instruction available.
mower blade sharpening & balancing. TONE TABLE organ, offers. Old Can- SOLOMON SNOWBOARD 150cm
936-8083 non elect. typewriter, offers. 378-3484 with Morrow boots and JL bndngs, exc FMI call Gary (250) 280-0105 or Ayton (250) 378-5691
FOR RENT HANDYMAN w/ small trailer available 15-PC SET of heavy duty Stainless Steel cond.$150obo 280-3478
for rubbish removal. Doug 378-7600 pots & pans in great cond. $75 378-2458 10’ FIBREGLASS boat $150 315-8087
1 BEDROOM VIBE . . . . . . . . . . . $1200 + utilities NW HOME BUILDER offering serv. 36.5 INCH Rocky Mountain Bighorn 2HP Mariner motor $300 280-0493
3 BEDROOM townhouse . . . . . . . $1600 + utilities as prjct mgr + nw renovation projects. Horns.   BC legal pin. Full curl.  $300 TREADMILL Pro-Form 520i exl. cnd.
Specialize in finish carpentry, flooring 378-0216 $500. Free Spirit Compact Home Gym
1 BEDROOM bsmt suite. . . . . . . . $750 inc utilities tiling & laminate. free est. Call/text Ken ACORN stairlift 378-6505 $100. AB Lounge 2 $25. Vata Health Vi-
604-679-1827, thomsonfamilydk@hot- LILAC HEDGE 7x20 feet. You need bration Machine $500. 378-5691
2 BEDROOM bsmt suite. . . . . . . . . $900 + utilities a bobcat to dig it, & must take all. 1st 25 FT. 50 amp. RV extension cord, hard-
ly used. $100 378-9009 List your garage sale &/or get our listing mail-out
INDIAN CUISINE/TIFFIN SERVICE come, 1st gets. 250-378-2410
3 BEDROOM 4plex. . . . . . . . . . . . $1050 + utilities in Merritt. $250 per month, 6 days a MOBILITY scooter $250, gd cond., TC 300Win mag pro hunter w/ muzzle Email:
week. Call Harpreet Singh 604-720-1021 smaller size, grt for women & inside brk, 3x9 Burris scope, ammo brass dies,
3 BEDROOM upper floor . . . . . . . $1200 + utilities PIANO Lessons all ages welcome. house, turns easily, Shop-rider brand. etc. $1250 378-4904
FMI  250-315-7314 $22/half hour PORT. ice fishing fire pits, no mess on
3 BEDROOM house on Bench. . . . $1500 + utilities Don 378-0934
PIANO lessons, violin lessons,  theory 2 SCOTTY 24” manual downriggers the ice, grt Xmas gift 378-4904
DOWNTOWN prime commercial space, call for details exams, $18/half hour.  Cecilia 315-0022 with cables   $150. 3000  watt Moiomas- TEETER Inversion table exercise unit

CO-WORKING office space. . . . . . $600 inclusive

EAGER, RELIABLE man w/ 4x4 truck & ter inverter (in box)  $170. King Kooler $200 250-408-4016
Property Management Ltd.
trailer, avail. Dump runs, deliveries, plywood, insulated tote  42”x34”x24”  $50. Briggs MAN. treadmill, gd cond. $50obo
sand, gravel, appl., housewares Greg 315- Stratton Pacer fire pump with 50 ft hose 378-2632
Please feel free to stay in touch as 7525, (250)320-2054 Fast, courteous service with strainer  (0 hrs)  $360. 7’6”older EXCALIBUR Equinox hunting cross-
WOODY’S TREE services, pruning, re- Achilles inflatable  $295. Winchester bow. 350 fps. Mutiplex scope, custom
inventory may change very quickly. moval, hedges, anything to do with trees Model 12 3” mag (ex shape). Parker strings, 2 dozen+ arrows, c/w arrow
315-8087 Hale 243. offrs on all. 378-5038 fletcher + target. Too many goodies to AVAILABLE RENTALS
3499 Voght St. Merritt GRANNY’S House Quilting & Retreat 6 NEW filters for Roomba 6e (Costco) list. Mint cond. $600OTF top of the line
has fabric and sewing notions. 378-3734 $15 378-2458 metal detector  936-9356
· Lakeside Carriage House - 1 bed, 1
(250) 378-1996 direct line to the employment opportunity 4 WALKING plows $75 ea obo 378-1880 for sale - tools/equipment
bath $1100/month includes utilities
Property management department MERRITT LEGION looking for p-t MOVING SALE: Twin Star elegant TRUCK BOX util trlr $250 936-8271
bartender/serrver 378-5631 electric classic flame fireplace. gives a
wonderful ambience with real flame ap- PRESSURE washer pump $25
· Upper Level - 3 bed, 2 bath
Call for all your residential or MERRITT DESERT INN: Bartend- pearance.!! Too large for my apt. 13.5” 315-1447

commercial property management needs!

ers, barmaids & servers for pub, cafe & deep, 42”wide, 37”high. Can deliver in 2 NEVER-USED turban fans 12” w/
liquor store, etc. Job application & refer- Merritt area. $400obo.  250-674-3282 base, pd $50ea. 9’4” white PVC pipe Call now for an application
or download plus
from ourutilities
ences req’d. Must have Serving It Right! new $20. 2 12’4” ASB cell core pipe • 250-315- 0000
Apply in person, or make appt by calling COSTCO CARPET beautiful  8x10  $60/both 378-3484
soft shag in warm brown tones. Used · Upper Level - 3 bed, 2 bath
very little. $100 250-674-3282 SML older 24” rototiller $50 378-2458
JOHN DEER lawn tractor dump cart $1750/month includes utilities
– EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Conayt NW ELECT. acoustic handmade classic $150. Porter Cable reciprocating saw
Friendship Society – for a copy of job re- Stagg guitar with built in tuner, comes $75. Used roofing metal 25 pieces, 16’ · Upper Level - 3Merritt
bed, 2 bath
Management Ltd.
quirements/duties please email to: recep- with Profile premium bag.  $400.    250- long, snow guard & caps, $250 315-9984 or call 250-378-5107 674-3282 Can deliver in Merritt area.
4 GALLONS Restore Ddeck Start $5ea. SMALL TRAILER 8’6” from back to
plus utilities
childcare 378-5165 hitch, box 5’10” long, gd for small car
SPACE FOR YOUR AD BABYSITTING COURSE certified 4 WHL scooter $300 w/ chrgr 378-2275 $400 378-2370 · Ranch - 4 bed, 3 bath
TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700 babysitting services avail. evenings & PARACORD bracelets, keychains, etc. SHOPMATE 1/2” reversible elect. Drill
wkends. Genuine, attentive, caring, help- Various styles, colours, sizes. Check out $10 378-1336 $3200/month + utilities
ful, hardworking. Plenty of experience instagram account: grewolf _designs to TRAILER 9ft x 6ft, loading tailgate, nw
MARKET@UNISERVE.COM with babies. Electra 280-3237 see some examples. Or call 250 280 4004 pnt/spare tire, gd for quads & skidoos · Carriage House – 2 bed, 1 bath
WILL MIND your children all day or ASHFORD traditional spinning wheel, 378-4904
after school 378-0870 gd condition, w/ bobbin, knitting knob- 34’ COMBINATION ext. Cord/trouble $1500/month includes utilities
for sale - appliances by, fleece $200. Large antique pitcher & light $25 378-1336
basin, blue $60. Bernice 378-9678 27” WIDE Craftsman snowblower, lk
KIMCHI fridge, mdl Dimchae Depa
189D, nw cond. w/ manual in Eng. & FREE: 2 garbage cans full of rabbit ma- Start. Joe 378-2676
nw, used only 3-4 times $1225, elect. Call now for an application or download from our website:
Korean, nw $2200 sell $800obo Harry nure for garden. Dan 378-2136 • 250-315- 0000
315-6109 71/2’ ARTIFICIAL Christmas tree. Very RIGID 6” joiner, new condition, seldom
used. $250 280-3478
LRG commercial coffee urns $50ea realistic looking; some lights missing. LIKE NEW Craftsman 16” throat, scroll for sale house/property 2 BDRM modern mobile; #110 El-
315-9984 $20obo 378-2801 Dorado MHP; 1401 Nicola Ave. Pref
saw$125. Joe 378-8802
5-ELEMENT smooth top elect range, gd FREE: Leftover Ostomy supplies 378-6289 4000LB rv winch, for quad, etc., nw/ FOR SALE by ownr. 3-bdrm 2 full + quiet adults/snrs. f/s; w/d. Avail. im-
cond $300 280-0857 24” TALL illuminated Santa Claus $30. 2 1/2 bth hse. 3100 sq ft Uppr Bnch, med. $950.00/mo. 250-280-1595
never used $125 525-0043
CHARCOAL Broil Master lame bbq w/ 378-2676 overlookng glf course. Lrg bck dck, 2-BDRM Clapperton Manor apt
full prop. tank $75 378-4022 GRANNY’S House Quilting & Retreat 6’6” X 9’ util trlr w/ 4’ sides, gd for ski- lndscpd. Randi (250) 819-7727 $950 incl ht/hot wtr, lndry in bsmt,
doo $900obo 378-2577
PORT. a/c $125, used 1 season 378-5546 has fabric and sewing notions. Nw fabric 2 RIGID longneck sump pumps, gd MOBILE home, Kijiji 1420321806 no dogs,t cats ok w/ refs. Randy
OLDER washer, works gd 280-0857 from Katja’s Quilt Shoppe 378-3734 315-2249 525-0144
wrkng cnd $990b0. Alumn. dry bx 5’x
NR NEW Maytag washer motor (single UNPASTEURIZED raw honey: $40 for 2’x 2’, gd cond $250obo 604-825-1942 MANUF’D HOMES. Lrg manuf’d 2-BDRM bsmnt, n/p, n/s, Mar 1
built model $40 315-1447 8 cups, $20 for 4 cups, $10 for 2 cups, $5 home, 3-bdrm, 1-bth w/ 2 shds, crprt 378-6038, 778-639-0244
for 1 cup. Locally grown organic garlic, wanted/wanted to buy for 1 car $52,900 w/ financing avail. 2-BDRM grnd lvl ste, nw pnt/ crpt,
STACKING Frigidaire washer/dryer $10/lb. 378-4947
$400obo 280-0543 MOBILE HOME, rent to own 378-2275 w/ dwnpmt. Call to view 315-1000, hot wtr ht, util incl., n/p, priv. prkng,
for sale - furniture 1-800-361-8111, wwwbuyandsell- immed. 378-2047 1601 Bann St.
SMALL powerhead for Electrolux vacu- ATV, 4wd, automatic, decent shape, must
um cleaner378-2136 DINNER table w/leaf $50obo 2 wood have papers 315-7771 2-BDRM house 1 block from down-
08 WINFIELD 16’x80’ mbl home set town Mar 1. 3-bdrm duplex nr
18 CF upright freezer $250 frost-free chairs $25ea, great shape 378-3990 FREE Used fence boards, unpainted or up in MHP. Vry spacious, lk nw inside.
525-0043 unstained 6’ tall x 5 to 6 inches wide by Bob’s Mini Mart Mar 1. 525-0240
QU SIZE mattress $50 280-0857 3 bdrms,d 2 full bths, pntry, walk-in
PORT. dshwshr GE, A1 cond. $500. ROUND OAK table on pedestal, 2 leafs 1 inch thick. We are on the highway just 2-BDRM 1-bth bsmt ste, n/p, n/s no
closet, SS appl., (only 7 mos old) from parties, no laundry, util./internet incl
Louis 604-825-1942 before the land fill. 378-3748 City Furniture, w/ extended 5-yr warr..
incl. 4 chairs $125 378-6683 UPPER kitchen cupboards, reas .as pos- $850 378-8188
for sale - automotive $149,900, neg 604-814-1060. LOGAN LK. reno’d, 3 bdrms 1.5
SECTIONAL couch, ends recline, de- sible 378-0064
DOUBLE CITY LOT in rural-type baths upstrs & 3 bdrms 1 bth dwn-
07 KIA Portage, champagne edition, cent con., green. $65 Trish 315-5373 350 OR 400 motor to fit 78 Firebird, neighbrhd, nr school, parks & Cold-
4x4, loaded, sunroof, well-maint., 1 own- HIGHBOY dresser $25 936-8271 must be running cond 280-0543 strs. Gas f/p upstairs & wd f/p dwn-
er, hway driven only, new tires $6000 1940’S stl queen bd w/ headboard 378-2136 WTD: someone with gd heart, honest water River walk. Ready to build on. str. Sundeck off diningrm. Fncd bck
315-3891 Prop. Guys #10822 280-1017 yrd w/ gate to prk your mtrhome or
2 SINGLE bed rails with casters $20 to help ASAP with vehicle, have health 5th whl. Off-st prkng for 5 vehicles.
02 CHRYSLER Neon $800. 315-9592 each 315-9491 problems/handicapped, need mech.- for rent
WHT canopy 8’x73”w, nw shocks to FREE queen size futon sofa bed in good sound vehicle, automatic, as reas. as Nw triple-glazed wndws/floorng/pnt
2-BDRM 1/2 duplex Collettville inside & out. Prefer employed/retired
open back window, mint cond. $300obo condition with cushions. Vry nice & use- poss. 936-8474 $850+ util 280-0543
936-8474 tenants. Refs & dam. dep. req’d.
ful.  Solid constr., gd value. 378-9452 ]ROOF TRUSSES: 24’ with 4:12 pitch, 3-BDRM main level $1400 cable Smoking outside only. $1600/mo. +
4 20” TIRES off Dodge pick-up WHT desk $30. Tv stand $30 378-0838 need 12 or 13 378-7505 and utility not included reference util.
P275/60R20, very gd cond., lots of tread COUCH, lt tan w/ black markings HUB CAPS for 81 Chev Scottsdale C-10 required great location washer dryer
$150 Harry 315-6109 1-BDRM Bsmt Suite, Mar 1, incl.
7’2x2’9 d, nr new 936-8474 truck 778-288-4095 on site call or text 2936-8612 heat, hydro/optic TV/cable/insuite
4 HONDA 15” whls, incl hub caps $50 WINTER TIRES 235/75R/15 for Maz- RM for rent, refs a must 315-3290 laundry.  $800/month suit. for 1 prsn
Joe 378-2676 for sale - electronics/software
da 4X4 light truck. A Plus for me if on 1-BDRM furn apt, nr NVIT & hos- wrkng, student or senior. No parties,
01 FORD Focus, runs great, new brakes, 50’ SATELLITE cable, offers. 378-3484 Rims. I am in Merritt area. 250-674-3282 pital incl util. $750 n/p, n/s 378-3488 Absolutley no smoking of any kind
perfect for new driver $1500 280-4811 HP ELITE book 19” laptop c/w scroll WTD: inside storage for a 35’motor- LOOKING for roommate, female, in ciagrettes, marijuana, or vaping in
P235/75Rx15” LTD m&s tire $75 378-2676 plug-in /windows $30 378-4572 home, Merritt area. Don 315-7820 country, bring your horse. 378-7435 home. 315-8253 for inquiries.