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Department of Education

Division of Bohol
Yanaya, Bilar, Bohol

Semi - Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) Format

DLP No.: Learning Area: Grade Level: Quarter: Duration: Date:

  MAPEH 7 2 60 September 30, 2019
Learning Competency/ies: Identifies the musical characteristics of Code:
representative selections of Cordillera, Mindoro,
(Taken from the Curriculum Guide) MU7LV-IIa-f-1
Palawan and other of the Visayas after listening.
Key Concepts / Understandings to
be Developed
Adapted Cognitive Process
Domain Dimensions (D.O. No. 8, s. OBJECTIVES:
The fact or condition of
knowing something with Remembering Identify the types of songs in Visayas.
familiarity gained through
experience or association
,Skills Give the functions of music to the lives of the Visayan people.
The ability and capacity acquired Applying
through deliberate, systematic, and
sustained effort to smoothly and
adaptively carryout complex
activities or the ability, coming
from one's knowledge, practice,
aptitude, etc., to do something

Attitude Valuing Appreciate the music of the Visayan people.

Values Valuing

2. Content Di Visayan Music (Vocal Music)

3. Learning Resources DLP in MAPEH, LM in MAPEH, pictures

4. Procedures
4.1 Introductory Activity  Prayer
 Greetings
 Thought of the Day
 Checking of Attendance

4.2 Activity
Let the students copy the Activity no. 2.1 in Music.

The Visayan region is the home to some of the Philippines’ well-known

singers like Yoyoy Villame, Manilyn Reynes, Vina Morales, Pilita
Corales and Dulce. It is also the home of some of our favorite folk
music, like Si Pelimon, Pakitong-kitong, Ili-ili Tulog Anay, Rosas
Pandan and Matud Nila.
The long list of Visayan songs includes lullabies, working
songs, drinking songs, harana and children songs. One of the most
popular Visayan musical styles is the balitaw which is a song-and-
dance debate between a man and woman. It deals on topics on love
and marriage. Usually, the pair who renders a balitaw must not only
15 minutes good singers but also good actors.
Here are some examples of songs for its type of Visayan
1. children’s song ex. Pinalangga Ko
2. working song ex. Si Filemon
3. serenade song ex. Matud Nila
4. ballad ex. Sa Lungsod sa
5. nonsense song ex. Pakitong-kitong
6. drinking song ex. Condansoy
7. love and marriage ex. balitaw

Teacher will ask the following to the students:

4.3 Analysis  Are Visayan songs really important to the lives of the Visayan
people? Why?
5 minutes  What is the most popular Visayan musical styles? Tell
something about the song.
4.4 Abstraction Teacher will discuss the Visayan music.

Managsaon was derived from the word Mangahat which means song
from the mount of Basay, a place in Negros. It is a kind of “fresh
epic” where two groups of male and female sing through chanting in a
call-and responsestyle.
Kinds of Managsaon of Mangahat
1. Dinoplop - song for dance
2. Daygon - Christmas song
3. Portino - fairies’ song for the sick
4. Hinaplos - song while massaging
5. Sinulog - street dancing

4.5 Application In your activity sheet the answer of the following questions.

10 minutes 1. Give examples of songs for its type of the Visayan songs.
2. What are the kinds of Managsaon of Mangahat?

A. What type of songs are the following:

1. Matud Nila
4.6 Assessment
2. Pakitong- kitong
3. Sa Lungsod sa Buenavista
4. Si Pelimon
Analysis of 5. Condansoy
Products B. Give your answer to the following questions:
1. What is a balitaw? How do you describe the
singers in a balitaw?
10 minutes 2. What is a Managsaon? From what word is it
derived from?
3. How is a Managsaon sung?
4. What kind of Managsaon is sung while massaging?

.4.7 Assignment Enhancing /

improving the
day’s lesson

5.      Reflection  

Checked/Monitored:   MARIA LILETH P. CALACAT

School Principal II