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SEQURETEK was incorporated in November 2013 with an aim to “Simplify Security”.
Todays' Security technology offerings are full of point products and solu ons for security issues
faced by organiza ons. Security technologies are complex and difficult to implement, integrate and
manage. This o en leaves gaps in customer IT environments that are o en exploited by a ackers,
hackers and actors with malicious intent.

Our mo o as an organiza on is to look at simplifying security in the areas we have chosen for
ourselves – i.e. endpoisnts, end users and overall organiza onal security. This is being achieved
through a combina on of our products that are delivered through an on premise and SaaS model
depending on the organiza on needs.
SEQURETEK EDPR - Endpoint Detec on, Protec on and Response, is a first of its kind industry offering that OUR
looks to simplify how enterprises manage their endpoint security. As organiza ons become boundary less, DIFFERENTIATOR
EDPR endpoints have become the new perimeter. Sequretek EDPRsimplifies the security at the organiza on's
end points and datacenter devices. Today, there are mul ple different technology products that secure the
endpoint. They range from tradi onal An Virus / An Malware to An Advanced Persistent Threats (An SEQURETEK probably is the one of the very few
APT), Device blocking, Data Leakage Preven on (DLP), Patch Management, Applica on Whitelis ng. companies that offers a blend of its own core
Sequretek EDPR replaces all of these technologies (o en from different companies) with a single product - threat intelligence products along with both
single agent on the device and single management console. The product beta was release in November on-premise and cloud solu ons. Our end point
2017 and announced general availability in Q2 Fy19. detec on, protec on and response technology
– EDPR is the industry's only product that
SEQURETEK IGA - Iden ty Governance and Administra on focuses on access lifecycle management of replaces up to five different endpoint
technologies for our customers. Our products
organiza on's employees. Companies need to determine what access privileges need to be given to users
are built using the latest machine learning /
for different technology elements that organiza ons have invested in i.e. applica ons, shared services
ar ficial intelligence technologies, modularly
IGA (folders/files/printers), infrastructure (Wifi, VPN, Network, Internet) and endpoint control elements (USB,
designed for easy enterprise consump on. We
removable devices, admin rights). These privileges are typically linked to the employee's life cycle within
are the only security company offering an
the company (role and/or loca ons). Managing excep ons based on specific employee needs with integrated EDPR product (AV, An APT, Patch,
relevant approvals and auditable workflows is an integral part of the product. IGA manages the complete App Whitelis ng and DLP) across
life cycle of access governance along with automated provisioning/ de-provisioning of users, applica ons heterogeneous pla orm that can scale for
and privilege access. large enterprises and SMBs alike. Our MDR
offering is built so as to have the ability to cross
SEQURETEK MDR - Managed Detec on and Response. Enterprise visibility of security posture, compliance leverage various exis ng components of
levels and overall IT risk is of paramount importance to all organiza ons. MDR focuses on delivering these security for our customers for automated
key tenets for brand protec on, compliance and risk against security threats in real me. MDR components response orchestra on. Proprietary user /
MDR use latest technologies. Managed and proac ve threat detec on through highly trained and efficient Deep enterprise behavior analy cs engine,
learning and machine learning algorithms ensure advanced anomalies and threats in customer proprietary threat feeds (local and global) and
environments are detected. This eliminates the need to manually write new correla on rules and improves specific use cases and algorithms for faster
detec on rates for user & en ty behavior anomalies, malware and other threats. The big data security threat detec on and response differen ates us
pla orm allows for advanced analy cs for user, en ty and malware behavior. Automated Incident
as a managed security provider of choice for
response through built in workflows, last mile system provisioning and de-provisioning ensure fast
our customers. We are a core security startup
response to iden fied threats. This helps organiza ons to drive towards automated response/recovery on
company; having no distrac ons that plague
security events and incidents. The product is currently in Beta and expected to be made generally available
some of the other players in the industry for
shortly. In the mean me, Sequretek's cloud based SOC pla orm today crunches about 600 Million events
whom security is a miniscule part of their
on a daily basis across 4000+ devices and has been successful in preven ng major a acks in our customers
offering. Our single-minded focus on security,
base. Company has built out its own threat intelligence feeds (sourcing data from over 80 sources
technology differen ators in our products,
worldwide), a dedicated malware research lab that works in conjunc on with the analysts for be er
nimbleness and responsiveness being a startup
response to threats and leveraging ML technologies for be er predic on.
is something that draws customers toward us