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Theme : The story deals with the conflict between man's duty towards the state and
to his own conscience. Dr.Sadao is a surgeon who has been brought up in traditional
Japanese culture and is a patriot who dislikes Americans. However, he is also a
doctor whose duty is to save lives and hence could not let the American soldier
bleed to death. The story condemns racial discrimination and hails the quality of
humanity above all else.

Value Points for character sketch :

Dr.Sadao :

• Skillful Japanese surgeon

• dutiful son - became a doctor / scientist to fulfil his father's wishes

• very traditional - did not marry Hana without his father's approval

• loving husband and father - concerned about the safety of his family

• respected his wife - consulted her on all matters esp. the soldier

• very smart - fulfilled his duty as a doctor and as a patriot.

• disliked Americans - considered them beneath him and not worthy of


• compassionate, generous and brave - saves Tom, gives him a boat and asks
him to signal if he ran out of food.

Hana :

• Ideal wife, mother and adheres strictly to Japanese culture

• Patriotic

• Compassionate - she helps treat Tom even though he is the enemy

• supports her husband in his decisions

• dignified lady - does not lose control when the servants defy her
• loving mother - worried about the future of her children in case her husband
is arrested.

Tom - the American POW :

• he was tortured and shot while trying to escape

• displays fighting spirit - speedy recovery from a major injury

• grateful - surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity of Dr.Sadao and his


• brave

The General :

• Dr.Sadao's patient

• old, ailing and trusts only Dr.Sadao

• had more faith in American trained doctors

• Selfish - keeps Dr.Sadao to treat him instead of sending him to help the
soldiers who needed his services

• Self-absorbed and forgetful - does not send the assassins as he was constantly
worried about his health.

Humanity vs Patriotism - this is the most asked question in this lesson. I have given
you a few questions. Here is an answer to one of the questions . You may modify it
to write other similar answers.

Humanity is the essence of our existence (or) Humanity vs Patriotism

We are human beings - the most superior species on earth. Emotions such as
empathy, love, humanity, compassion and devotion make us superior. Humanity
transcends territories, caste, creed, race, religion and colour. We are divided into
various countries, states etc. based on ethinicity and man made laws. But for nature,
there is no such discrimination. For the sun, sea, air, rain we are all the same.

Humanity has no boundries or prejudices while patriotism is loyalty to one country.

Both are essential for human beings. Humanity is a virtue which unites the entire
human race as one, whereas patriotism is comparitively narrow. While it is
absolutely essential to be patriotic, it is important to be guided by humanitarian
values at the same time.