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Alvin Tanguan


Introduction to Psychology

Right now, in the hierarchy of needs of Maslow, I am prioritizing was love and
belongingness and self-esteem, the two other needs before these two are not
important to the current me. Physiological need I will not going to be hungry as long
as I have my family, I am grateful that my family supplies me the most of the
physiological needs. Safety needs I do not really mind my own safety, I will even
sacrifice my life if I can in order to save my family, in the end, we will die so why
fear it? I think dying will also answer my questions about life.

In my lifetime the only kind of love I received was the filial love that came from my
parents, but I only get half of it because my father does n really put an effort to
show what is fatherly love, when I was a child I envy those who have a father with
them, but as I grew up I realize that love cannot be forced upon, so I promise to
myself that if I have a child in the future I will surely show what I lack when I was a
kid. Aside from that was friendship most of the friends I have, were fakes so I never
really trust anyone other than the friend I really know. Can you call it a friendship
when a person says flowery words straight to your face, but you can see a looming
shadow behind them holding a knife? As I grew up I thought of the question “what is
love?” with that I start figuring out the answer to that question, but after failing
once I realized that the love I know is only the tip of the iceberg, it is only a part of
it, so how can I even comprehend the whole if I cannot even comprehend the tip.
With that I hit a bottleneck and cannot go any further, I am still looking for the final
piece that will lead to the answer I have been looking for.

In the hierarchy of needs of Maslow, this is what I really need because my self-
esteem is too low when I was a kid I was always bullied because of my body size
add to that, I was afraid of human, whenever a human look at me I always hide in
the corner when I was a child, but I cannot blame myself from having fear in
humans, human really is scary. So currently I am improving my self-esteem by
believing in myself, my new friends also help me improve my self-esteem they
believe that I am capable of doing things not what others before say to me. I also
found a way to improve my self-esteem, from what I read “Think of them as ants
that can be trampled that way you will not fear them” it really helped me a lot.
Because of that I now did not fear humans I now hate them and found them