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JOB TITLE / AIM: Civil Works for Construction of foundations/Building


SUPERVISOR/ JSA LEADER: Zakir Ali/Jabir Khan SCRIBE: Hafeez Ullah Khan
PARTICIPANTS : Asif Ali, Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Asif , Noor Hassan
Attach copies of any relevant documentation/ drawings.
Part 2: Job Safety Analysis
Job Steps:
1. Mobilization of People, Equipment & Materials
2. Leveling, back filling & compaction works
3. Steel fixing, Form works & concreting
4. Working at Height, erection/dismantling of scaffolding
5. Working at night shift hours
6. Demobilization

Part 3: Equipments / Tools to be used: Transit Mixture, Loader, Roller Compactor, Plate compactor, Vibrator, wheel barrows & Hand Tools,
Part 4: Contingency Plans. Standard PPE’s: First aid kit must be present at work site and the HSE personnel will be the first response in case of
emergency, ERPs & Emergency contact numbers to be in placed at job location

Part 5:JSA Review Process. After the job has been completed, JSA leader should note: any hazards, which were identified in the original JSA? In
case of any new hazard indentified by any of the working team member during the job, JSA review process should be carried on.
JSA No: JOB TITLE: Civil Works for Construction of foundations/building
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
1 Mobilization of equipment &  Involvement of unskilled personnel  Trained & skilled staff to be authorized for
Materials  Movement in restricted areas working
 Ensure JSA briefing to all workforce prior
to commence activity
 Deliver daily TBT
 Use of appropriate PPE’s
 Unauthorised/ uninspected  Only inspected Equipments/Tools must be
equipment/tools at site allowed at work site
 Use right tools for right job
 All tools must be colour coded
 Personnel injury / property damage  Ensure safe transportation of
 Manual handling equipment/materials at work site
 Slip, trip & fall  Ensure use of proper PPE’s, avoid
throwing of materials
 All of materials to be secured while its
transportation to work site
 Close safety supervision
2 Levelling, Back filling &  Personnel hit by Movement of heavy  Deliver tool box talk to all of vehicles
Compaction works vehicles/equipments drivers & operators
 Banks men should be available at site to
control the movement of heavy
 Keep away all unauthorized people during
movement of heavy vehicle/equipments
 Ensure Close HSE monitoring /supervision
JSA No: JOB TITLE: Civil Works for Construction of foundations/building
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
 Dust  Ensure use of appropriate PPE’s (dust
 Water sprinkling to be carried out on
regular biases to avoid dust
 Slip, Trip & fall  Excavated area should be properly hard
 Keep access/walk ways always clear from
any obstruction
 Ensure proper housekeeping of workplace
all the time
 Inclement weather condition  Stop work in case of any inclement
weather conditions (Rain, storm, fog etc.)
 Restrict movement of heavy
vehicles/equipments in rain/fog
 Fire & explosion  Ensure availability of inspected fire
extinguishers at site
 Flame arrestor to be installed in all
3 Steel Fixing, Form work &  Personnel hand injury while handling  Involvement of skilled labour
Concreting with steel & form work materials  Ensure use of proper PPE’s
 Manual handling  Deliver daily TBT before commencing
 Sharp edges work
 Ensure use of inspected & colour coded
hand tools
 Careful handling of steel & other materials
 Slip ,trip & fall  Ensure proper stacking of all materials
 Maintain good housekeeping all the time
JSA No: JOB TITLE: Civil Works for Construction of foundations/building
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
 Inappropriate PPE’s/Tools during  Use of appropriate PPE’s during concrete
concrete work works (Eye protection, rubber gloves, gum
 Ensure use of inspected tools for the right
 Skin contact with concrete or other
 Availability of fresh water at site
 First aid box should be in place at site
4 Work at height ,  Unskilled personnel  Skilled & trained scaffolders to perform
erection/dismantling of scaffolding  Inappropriate materials & hand tools work
 Inappropriate PPE’S  Use of proper PPE’s
 Sharp edges  Use of inspected & colour coded hand
 Improper material stacking tools
 Avoid to use damaged material for
erection of scaffolding
 Stack material properly at site
 Scaffolding collapse,  Ensure placement of base plate, sole board
 Personnel fall from height, falling of (as required) to avoid collapse of
objects from height scaffolding
 Improper Access  Ensure proper inspection of platform
 Slip, trip & fall before starting work at height
 Place scaffolding tag on platforms
 Use of full body harness during working at
 Don’t allow throwing of materials from
 Avoid any loose materials on platforms
 All materials should be properly stacked,
maintain housekeeping in the area all the
JSA No: JOB TITLE: Civil Works for Construction of foundations/building
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
 Access should be proper to avoid trip &
 Area should be free from obstructions of
 Be careful of SIMOPS
 Use scaffolding platform after proper
5 Working at night shift hours Poor visibility at night hours  Ensure proper lighting arrangement for
late night working hours
Vehicles/equipments hit with people,  Careful movement of vehicles in night
equipment or structure hours
 Place refection tapes at hard barriers,
 Banks men should worn high visibility
reflection vests
Slip , trip & fall  No working should be allowed in poor
lighting conditions
 Ensure proper housekeeping to avoid
6 Demobilization Same as item one Same as item one

Prepared By: Haafeez Ullah Khan Approved By:_____________________