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THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT is made and executed on the 5th June 2019

Mrs. Uthra Renganathan

R6, Block 1, Kochar Panchsheel,
129, CTH Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate
Chennai – 600098

Hereinafter called the “OWNER/LANDLORD” of the ONE PART and in favor of:

Ms. Sonam Agarwal

M.I.G-18, Japan House, LaxmiBai Marg
Marris road, Aligarh - 202001

Hereinafter called the “TENANT” of the OTHER PART.

Whereas the OWNER/Landlord is the absolute owner of the apartment premises

situated at “B-242, Mahaveer Tuscan, Basava Nagar Main Road, Hoodi,
and Bangalore – 560048 (hereafter referred as ‘apartment’

The terms, Owner/Landlord and the Tenant, wherever the context so applies,
shall be taken to mean and include their respective heirs, executors,
administrators, legal representatives and assigns.


O1. That the duration of this Rental Agreement shall be fixed for a term of
eleven (11) months, with effect from Aug 05, 2017 and renewed thereafter
with an increase of 5% every 11 months, based on mutual consent.

02. That the rent of the schedule premises is fixed for a sum of INR 18,000/-
(Rupees Seventeen Thousand) excluding maintenance per month. A
dedicated car park is allocated to the tenant. The tenants understand and
agree that the maintenance have to borne by them and paid to the
association towards the usage of various amenities on time to avoid
disruption of the services. Additionally an one time ‘Move-In” and “Move-
Out” charges of INR 1,000 (Rupees One Thousand only) will have to
be paid by the Tenant to the association directly while entering and vacating
the apartment complex.
03. That the month of tenancy shall be as per English Calendar month. The
tenant shall pay the rent on or before 5th of every English Calendar month.

04. That the tenant shall pay the Electric charges AEH/Lighting as on Meter to
the concerned authority (BESCOM). Any additional interest/penalty along
with the electric charges, for the delay in paying those charges would be
borne by the tenant.

05. That the tenant will have to pay an advance of INR 150,000/- (Rupees
One Lakh and Fifty Thousand only) to the landlord towards security
deposit. The said amount shall not bear any interest and will be refunded
by the owner/landlord to the tenant at the time of vacating the schedule
premises after adjusting for any deductions for pending dues and damages.
The cost of damages, if any, would be deducted before returning the
advance. The tenant accepts to pay the cost of additional damages, if any,
if it totals to more than the deposit/advance amount.

06. That the tenant shall not sublet or underlet the apartment to any other
person or persons or business without taking written permission or consent
of the owner/landlord. The tenant is expected to allow the owner/landlord
or their representative to inspect the apartment, once in a month, if
required. The tenants cannot change the structure of the apartment.
Permission needs to be sought from the owner/landlord for fitting additional
electronic or other devices within the premises. The owner/landlord will
deduct expenses equaling to 1 month’s rent towards painting and cleaning
charges when the tenant vacates the apartment.

07. That the tenant shall keep the apartment in good and tenantable condition
and shall use the apartment only for residential purposes. The tenant is
expected to maintain the apartment in a clean and hygienic manner. The
tenants shall not grow rare types of plants/trees or breed pets without the
permission of the owner/landlord.

08. One month’s notice should be issued to the owner/landlord and vice-versa
before vacating the premises either by email or telephonic call. The tenant
shall not challenge any notice from owner/landlord and would vacate the
premises within a month’s duration.

09. Tenants are responsible to maintain peace and harmony and ensure that
neighbors and other association members are not disturbed.


Details of FIXTURES AND FITTINGS in the apartment:

1. 5 Ceiling Fans (Drawing -2, Dining -1 and Bedrooms(2) -2)
2. 5 Tube lights (Drawing -1, Dining -1, Bedrooms (2) -2, Kitchen -1)
3. 2 LED bulbs (within warranty) in bathrooms
4. 3 CFL bulbs (Drawing -1, Kitchen -1, Balcony -1)
5. 4 Fixed wardrobes (3 in 2 Bedrooms and 1 TV Unit in Drawing room)
6. 2 Geysers, one in each bathroom
7. Towel and clothes holders in the bathrooms
8. 5 curtain rods
9. Kitchen Trolleys and cupboards in working condition
10. Entire flat/apartment including and grilles has been newly painted with
superior quality Asian paints, main door polished, cleaned and acid washed

In witness thereof, the Owner and the Tenant have agreed to affix their respective
signatures to this rental agreement on the day, month and year above written.

WITNESSES Owner Tenant