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Vencint C.

Laran GE 9-N**

Prefinal Exam Paper

1. How would you say that Dr. Jose Rizal life in Dapitan when he was in exile?
Answer: Rizal’s life in Dapitan is a textbook Rizal life. Rizal showcased brilliance in his different
fields. Rizal was able to teach children, cure the sick people, he was able to construct the first
water system in Dapitan, he also was responsible for curing Malaria which was plaguing
Dapitan at the time. Countless discoveries were also done on Rizal’s credit at his time there.
Rizal also cultivated the land there. Generally, Rizal’s life in Dapitan was a very eventful and a
very productive one.
2. How would you relate on your educational experiences and of Dr. Jose Rizal education
experiences in his early studies?
 At the Traditional Village School
 At Ateneo
 At UST
Answer: I can relate very much to Rizal’s educational experiences. My mama and papa
taught me how to read, count and set my foundations straight. They also read me the bible
every single night. I went to Barangay Abgao Day Care Center with a very curious mind.
With Mrs. Asuncion R. Paler guiding me, I was off to the right track. It was at SJC that I
experienced bullying at my nursery years. I honestly wanted to fight my classmates
because they would plunge my face at the school sink. It was then that I promised that I
would never come back to SJC; but time and time again God had other plans in mind. I
experienced everything during my elementary and High School days. I had highs and lows
but thankfully God got me through.
3. Why do you need to study the revolution that failed? And what is the significance towards it?
Answer: I think we need to study and understand the revolution that failed because it is a big
key for our generation to learn the lessons from the past. These lessons are vital for us going
forward and will also aid us in understanding that the freedom we have today should never be
taken for granted.
4. How did Dr. Jose Rizal contribute to the reform movement?
Answer: Dr. Rizal contributed massively by his literary works he made. In the El Filibustirismo
and Noli Me Tangere we found out vital knowledge that opened the minds and hearts of the
Filipino people regarding the value of freedom, equality, goodness and righteousness. The La
Liga Filipina was also a crucial group that Dr. Rizal founded. Dr. Rizal also gave the reform
movement an inspiration that if united we a small nation can find or place in the world and
attain the bright future that our beloved country truly deserves.
5. What are the consequences of Dr. Jose Rizal’s activities and writings?
Answer: “The pen is mightier than the sword”. This was Dr. Jose Rizal’s infamous mantra.
Indeed, Dr. Rizal wrote timeless pieces that the world (especially the Philippines will never ever
forget. It is in these writings that the Filipinos found inspiration and the courage to rise up and
claim the illusive freedom that the Philippines deserves. To this day, these writings and
activities have a foothold on Philippine society. It is by Dr. Rizal’s activities and writings that we
are reminded about our Filipino Values, Cultures, Traditions and of course our identity as a
people. These activities and writings also made Rizal such a divisive and a controversial figure
who left an indelible mark in the annals of the Philippines. Finally, it is by these writings and
activities that made Rizal an enemy of the Spanish government. Ultimately, these activities and
writings led to the untimely death of Dr. Jose Rizal.
Vencint C. Laran GE 9-N**

6. What truly happened on his last hours and execution of Dr. Jose Rizal?
Answer: Rizal received a lot of visitors, he wrote his last works, bode farewell to his loved ones
and most importantly, he confessed his sins, heard mass and received Holy Communion.
7. What are the final works of Dr. Jose Rizal and what are its significance?
Answer: “Mi Ultimo Adios” was his final work. Its significance was the fact that this was Rizal’s
way of bidding farewell to his compatriots and remind them to keep on fighting until the ultimate
goal of attaining the Philippines the freedom it rightfully deserves is attained.
8. What is the significance of Dr. Jose Rizal in your college education?
Answer: I think Dr. Jose Rizal is very significant in my college education by the fact that his
values are very usable in my studies at present. Jose Rizal’s never give up mentality is vital in
facing the troubling times we may face as students. Rizal also had a strong foundation in his
family which in their selves provide keys in how to rise above various challenges we go through
9. Is Dr. Jose Rizal still relevant among millennials? What is your view towards this question?
Answer: “Times change, but values remain”. This is a saying I heard from China bank. This
statement is my anchor to answer this question. Yes, Jose Rizal is still very much relevant
among millennials because his teachings of living the right life and living the proper Filipino is
very much applicable to this day. The problem of today’s generation is the fact that technology
has reformed our way of life and our way of thinking. Everything comes so easy today that
millennials like us tend to be impatient and take things for granted. This is where Dr. Jose
Rizal’s teachings and values come in. Indeed, our generation today and is in need of a strong
guide considering how fast things come and go in today’s world. I think no one would be a
better model than Dr. Jose Rizal himself.
10. How would you explain for yourself the life and legacy of Dr. Jose Rizal as a national hero of
the Republic of the Philippines?
Answer: This was a question where I did not know where to start. Nevertheless, I can say that
Rizal’s life was one full of lessons, full of controversy, full of love and full of challenges. Come
to think of it, I think Rizal’s life is just like everybody else. The only difference was the legacies
that he left which were of the charts. From his superior intellect and countless discoveries and
his love story is something we should marvel at. As such, I think Jose Rizal’s ultimate legacies
lie in the novels El Filibustirismo and Noli Me Tangere and the fact that Rizal laid down his life
to the cause of freedom and the glorious future the Philippines rightfully deserves.