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Make a website!!!

IB OBJECTIVES: Strand 2: Business/Employment; Strand 3: Internet and Networks, Multimedia, Personal

and Public Communications; use HTML and CSS to create a website.
Language Objectives: Reading, Writing

1. Using what you already know about cell phones, discuss with your collaborative groups
the real world impact of cell phones on society.
2. As a group decide on what impact your would like to focus on (Environment, business,
health, etc).
3. Using the internet, research real world examples, making sure to outline the articles
4. You and your group will then create an entire website dedicated on the impact of cell
phones on the world. In order to do this you will have to agree upon a look and feel of
the website and create a CSS file for it. Your focused topic and style are completely up to
you and your group, but it must be consistent.
5. Each webpage must have a summary of the focused topic that includes citations

When completed, each group member will turn in your individual webpage AND group CSS file via
managebac where I will then upload it to a REAL WORKING website 😊

- Global CSS file
- 4-5 linked webpages with a common Theme (1 per student)
- Each page should have the SAME navigation
- Images, videos, sound, or other webpage content
- HTML tags that either call CSS inline or use the global CSS

Website Rubric
0 10 20 25
Topic The webpage does not The webpage varies The webpage varies The webpage fully
Information follow the theme greatly from the overall slightly from the follows the theme
and/or contain Topic group website, but still theme of the overall and contains major
Information includes minor topic website, but still contributions to topic
Information includes the major Information
contributions to topic
CSS The webpage does not The webpage only The webpage only Each page uses the
include any CSS includes inline CSS includes the external external CSS file and
references properties CSS, but fails to includes at least one
incorporate any inline CSS property
inline CSS properties
HTML There are more than There are 6 or more There are less than 5 There are less than 2
Quality 10 HTML scripting HTML scripting errors HTML scripting errors HTML scripting errors
errors and/or code is and code is sometimes and most code is and all code is
improperly indented properly indented properly indented properly indented
HTML use The webpage does not The webpage uses The webpage uses all The webpage follows
use any structural structural elements structural elements all structural rules
elements (html, head, (html, head, body) and (html, head, body) and uses multiple tag
body) or only uses a uses at least 4 different and includes multiple that are used
single html tag HTML tags html tags appropriately (i.e.
using paragraph tags
to separate different