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word meaning in context

aim apuntar he aimed with the gun

allay aplacar, disipar, despejar allay those fears, allay the doubts, allay the anger
atone for expiar algo (for sins), compensar He knew of no way to atone for his guilt

balk negarse, evitar thought and feeling were balked in him (se resistió)
bargain regatear, negociar
batter sb maltratar, golpear
be in awe of sb sentirse intimidado
be itching to.. estar que se muere por hacer algo
estar con los nervios de punta, a la
be on edge defensiva

be on the lookout for estar al acecho de he should have been on the lookout for that
the forest is teeming with birds, teeming with
be teeming with rebosar de people, with
hacer señas a alguien para que entre/se
beckon sb in/over acerque he beckoned the waiter
blast quemar, abrasar the heat blasted his hands
bloom florecer a plant blooming and wilting

blot out tapar la vista, tachar, hacer desaparecer

blurt soltar(decir), desembuchar he blurted defensively
boast alardear, jactarse
bobbing balancearse
boom retumbar
bristle erizarse the cat's fur bristled
brood meditar melancolicamente
brood rumiar, meditar melancolicamente she sat brooding on the unfairness of life
obsesionarse con algo, darle muchas
brood over sth vueltas stop brooding over it
bubble bullir hot water bubbling

buckle abrochar(fasten), torcer, combar (bend) she was buckling her shoes
bulge sobresalir the bag was bulging with books
bump darse un golpe i bumped my head
cap tapar the forehead capped with black hair

catch hold of sb agarrar (grab, grasp) Mr Jones caught hold of Mark by the collar and…
caution warn he cautioned him
clange sonar an alarm clock clanged
he could hear the iron tongue clapping against the
clap slap, dar un golpecito, una palmada metal sides
clasp abrochar, agarrar/sujetar firmemente
clasp hands darse un fuerte apreton de manos a white hand clasping a black hand
clatter hacer un ruido estrepitoso it clattered to a stop against a wall
click chasquear
clutch agarrar firmemente to clutch an object in your hand
cock ladear, inclinar his head was cocked at an angle

come off tener lugar you get too nervous when sht's coming off
condemn condenar Jan's presence condemned him
convey transmitir, expresar, comunicar words that convey info

cower encogerse (de miedo) If only he could cower Jan and Britten into awe
arrastrarse (creep), avanzar muy
crawl lentamente sth cold crawled over his skin
creak crujir, chirriar a bed spring creaked
cuss maldecir don't cuss me
frotar suavemente (secar), tocar
dab ligeramente she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief
dangle colgar the bag dangled from her arm
dart ir como una flecha he darted to the…
despise despreciar, menospreciar white people despise blacks
doff descubrirse, quitar he doffed his cap
doublecross engañar,traicionar if they try to doublecross us, I'll let you know
drawl hablar arrastrando las palabras in a drawling voice tinged with uneasiness
dread tenerle terror a man about to shoot and dreading to shoot
drip gotear, chorrear sweat dripped from his chin
drone zumbar droning in his ears
droop caer his eyelids drooped
drug drogar a sense of fatigue drugged him with sleep
dupe engañar, embaucar the woman duped her husband
ease calmar, aliviar
ease moverse con cuidado the guy eased to the door
ebb retroceder la marea like water ebbing and flowing from…
ebb and flow fluir y refluir like water ebbing and flowing from…
edge forth avanzar poco a poco the sun edged forth
encompass abarcar, englobar
endow /in'dau/ dotar a (provide income for) to be endowed with

endure aguantar, soportar (v.t.), perdurar (v.i.) He knew that he wouldnt be able to endure it
engulf envolver, sepultar, tragar
envelope envolver a strange sensation enveloped him
feign fingir He asked, feigning ignorance
finger toquetear
flick glopear suavemente, con el dedo he flicked his cigarette

flinch estremecerse, acobardarse he squeezed his arm until he flinched with pain
fling arrojar, lanzar he flings his hands high into the air
flit revolotear she flitted from room to room
flung lanzó pp de fling
flush ruborizarse, enrojecerse he flushed warm with anger
fumble with manejar torpemente she fumbled with her stockings
fuse fusionar, amalgamar
preocuparse, ingauietarse, armar un
fuss alboroto let's stop fussing
gasp dar un grito ahogado, decir jadeando
gaze stare, mirar fijamente
get plastered emborrarse mucho they're getting plastered
giggle reirse con una risita tonta
glimpse vislumbrar, alcanzar a ver he glimpsed the ball sailing toward him

glitter relumbrar beady eyes glittering
glow brillar lights glowed softly
grit rechinar his teeth gritted
grope buscar a tientas he groped for neutral words
growl gruñir
guffawe reirse a carcajadas
heat calentar i'll heat your coffee
tirar, empujar, levantar, mover con
heave esfuerzo we heaved the box onto the shelf
hiss silbar, bufar the rusty radiator hissed
yawned and hoisted his arms; her foo hoisted upon
hoist levantar, alzar, izar the chair

hurl at tirar, arrojar, lanzar he hurled the bloody head squarely into their faces
impel impulsar he felt impelled to say sth
irk fastidiar, irritar the song irked him
jam meter a la fuerza his hands jammed deep into his pockets

jar enervar (irritate); to jar on one's nerves He'd jar them out of their nerves
jerk agitar nerviosamente his arms and legs jerked nervously

jerk moverse con brusquedad the train jerked to a stop; she jerked away from him
jot down anotar, apuntar Britten was jotting sth on a pad
lain pp de lie=tumbarse, acostarse
lash fustigar, azotar, amarrar lashed by fiery whips of fear and guilt
lay off dejar en paz lay off the boy
leap saltar the rat squealed and leaped at his trousers
lipse cecear
loaf around gandulear
lug llevar, arrastrar algo pesado he lugged his suitcase to the end of the block
arrullar, mecer(baby);calmar(fears);
lull ahuyentar(suspicions) the warm room lulled his blood and …

lurch dar bandazos, sacudidas, con un vehiculo as the car lurched over the snow…
lurke merodear, estar escondido
moan gemir the suction of air through the furnace moaned
mumble mascullar "…", he mumbled
muse reflexionar, meditar
she mussed her hair; his clothes were mussed and
muss desordenar tumbled
mutter mumble, hablar entre dientes
nestle acurrucarse he fel the gun nestling to his skin
nudge golpear suavemente con el codo she nudged him in the ribs

pace walk across, caminar de un lado para otro he's been pacing up and down the room
part abrirse lips parted
peep in mirar a hurtadillas peeping in through the fence
mirar algo detenidamente, con ojos de
peer at miope he peered through the frosted glass
pin sujetar, inmovilizar the man was pinned to the floor
they had pinned the disappearance of Mary upon
pin sth on/upon sb colgar a alguien el mochuelo de algo Jan

plunge caer(fall, v.i.), sumergir, meter (v.t.) she plunged the knife into his heart
poke around husmear no one should poke around in…
poke out sacar, asomar she turned and poked out a red tongue at him
pouting haciendo pucheros "…", she said pouting
prod on to empujar a hacer algo prodding him on to
prop apoyar he propped his feet upon the rungs of a chair

prop prop sth against sth, apoyar algo en algo sat with his feet propped upon his suitcase
prophesy predecir
pry fisgonear, husmear, curiosear no one would be prying around..
pry into sth entrometerse en algo i dont mean to pry, but…
pucker fruncir, arrugar

pucker up fruncir los labios (purse one's lips to kiss sb) come over here and pucker up!
puf dar caladas he puffed the cigarette
pulse latir
purse fruncir to purse one's lips
entretenerse haciendo un poco de esto y
putter around de aquello i've been puttering around the house all day
quicken acelerar he quickened his pace
quiver temblar
raid asaltar
rake off sacar he rakes off money in graft
ram clavar, hincar, estrellarse contra algo he rammed his hands into his pockets
rear upon encabritarse, ponerse a dos patas the rat reared upon its hind legs
redden enrojecerse Jan's face reddened
reel tambalearse
reforge reforjar
to render sth useless; he was rendered unfit for
render hacer active service
rove vagabundear roving
rumble retumbar my stomach's rumbling
sag combarse, hundirse, caerse(pechos) the bed sagged in the middle
sap minar (confidence/health) the excitement was sapping his energy
saucer platillo she set a cup and saucer at his plate
scamper irse correteando it scampered up the steps
scare get, conseguir, agenciarse the can't scare money out of you
scramble ir gateando
scurry correr a toda prisa, salir disparado the rat scurried to the other side
scuttle escabullirse the rat scuttled across the floor
seal decidir their fate was sealed
sear quemar, abrasar his hand seared with fire
seep colarse, filtrarse a light that seeped through the window
seethe hervir, bullir the fire seethed
seize grab, coger to seize sth
seize apoderarse, embargar a hysterical terror seized him
shatter hacer añicos shattering a pane
envainar (put into sheath); revestir (cover a
sheathe pipe) Fear shethed him in fire

shed despojarse de, quitarse he had shed an invisible burden he had long carried

shed derramar, emitir (send out) the lamps shed a faint shimmering cone of yellow

shimmer brillar the lamps shed a faint shimmering cone of yellow

shove empujar
shove poner, meter he shoved it under the pillow
shrug encogerse de hombros to shrug one's shoulders
shudder dar sacudidas
shudder estremecerse he shuddered with the intesity of his loathing
shy away evitar, rehuir when he reached her hand, she shied away
skid resbalar, patinar it skidded over the floor
slacken aflojarse the choking tightness slackened a little
slam dar un portazo he slammed the door
slant inclinar
slant inclinarse he held the head at a slanting angle
slap dar brochazos they were slapping the paster
slap pegar, dar una bofetada if you say that again, I'll slap you!
slouch down sentarse encorvado he slouched far down in a seat
slump down desplomarse, dejarse caer she slumped down in the seat
smother asfixiar, ahogar he had smothered her
snag enganchar the rat snagged the trousers in his teeth
snap break, romperse sth would snap within him
snap partir (break)
he snapped the knife open; she snapped the book
snap open/shut abrirse/cerrarse (de un golpe) shut
snap out decir bruscamente snapping out his words
snare atrapar, hacer caer en la trampa to snare sb into sth
he snatched his hand away; he snatched them from
snatch sth from sb quitar, arrebatar, arrancar, robar her
sneak acercase sigilosamente sb sneaking upon him
snoop fisgar, fisgonear, husmear
snuf apagar he snuffed his cigarette
sob sollozar
sop up absorber to sop up one's soup with some bread
sprawl extenderse
sprawl repanchingarse, tumbarse her legs sprawled wide apart
spring saltar The rat sprang to one side
squeak chillar the rat squeaked and…
squeak crujir the planks squeaked
squeal chillar the rat squealed and leaped at his trousers
bizquear, torcer la vista, entrecerrar los The man was squinting at him ; mirar con los ojos
squint ojos entornados
stagger tambalearse He staggered trying to lift her
andarse con rodeos, con evasivas,
stall entretener quit stalling boy!
stammer tartamudear he stammered

stamp dar una patada en to stamp one's foot (dar una patada en el suelo)
stifle reprimir stifling a yawn

stoop agacharse, andar encorvado he stooped and saw…; She walked half-stooped
strain one's eyes forzar la vista she strained her eyes in the gloom

stray apartarse, desviarse their eyes strayed
strut pavonearse they're rich but they don't strut
stuff sht into sth meter algo en algo stuffing the booklets into his pockets
stumble tropezar
suffuse bañar(luz) suffusing a red glare over everything
suit oneself hacer lo que uno le de la gana suit yourself!!
surge levantarse her body surged upward
sway swing, balancearse
sweep away erradicar (abolish)
swing balancearse
swirl arremolinarse
swoop descender en picado the pigeon swooped down
a hard pain throbbed in his hand (tener un dolor
throb vibrar, latir punzante)

thrust push out (sacar); empujar con fuerza (push) he thrust the feeling from him
tilt inclinar he tilted his head

tingle cosquillear, hormigueo his skin tingled (sintio un cosquilleo por el cuerpo)
tingle with estremecerse i was tingling with excitement
topple caerse, volcar the chair toppled
toss and turn dar vueltas en la cama
trail off irse apagando her voice trailed off wistfully
trickle correr sweat trickled down his temples
to tuck sth under sth, she tucked the shirt into her
tuck meter skirt
tug at tirar de algo she ran over and tugged at his sleeve
tumble caerse he slipped and tumbled forward
tumble dar volteretas, revolcarse his clothes were mussed and tumbled
tumble down collapse, venirse abajo, derrumbarse this corner of the city tumbling down from rot
turn sb loose soltar a alguien
moverse nerviosamente (la nariz, las
twitch cejas..) he couldnt do it, his hands were twitching
urge instar, pedir con insistencia she urged him to do sth
veer virar …looped and veered
vow jurar the man vowed never to leave
wade in meterse, meter baza
wag menear, mover the dog wagged its tail; he wagged his head
wail lamentarse, gemir "Oh!Oh!", she wailed
rechazar (attack), desviar (blow),
ward off protegerse as though to ward off a blow

waver flaquear, dudar (between), vacilar titubear

weave zigzaguear, serpentear weaving in and out of the line of traffic
weave tejer
weep llorar
whack golpear fuertemente, hit
wheel revolotear the bird wheeled
whimper gimotear, lloriquear "I'm scared", she wimpered
whine quejarse

whip reforzar (bind), incitar, agitar he would whip the black people into a tight band
whip fustigar, azotar he felt winds whipping his house
whir runrunear the car whirred over…
whirl turn
whiz pasar zumbando the car whizzed
wilt marchitarse a plant blooming and wilting
wipe secar, pasar un trapo wiped sweat
wobble tambalearse his knees wobbled, giving way
arrancar (pull), soltarse, zafarse (to wrench She wrenched herself free; you nearly wrenched my
wrench oneself away) arm out…
he caught her arm and yanked her back into the
yank tirar de, jalar de room
yearn anhelar, desear to yearn to do sth

word meaning in context
armful brazada, monton que se lleva en el brazo an armful of firewood; an armful of clothes
awe sobrecogimiento
batch pila, lote a batch of booklets
bead gota (drop), cuenta de un collar beads of sweat broke onto his forehead
bickering peleas, disputas shouts and bickering
billowing nube, humo que se mueve
blackout apagon
as though to ward off a blow; his death came as a
blow golpe (stroke) y golpe (shock) blow to us
booklet folleto a batch of booklets
bosom pecho, seno, busto
bowel intestino large bowel (intestino grueso)
bowels entrañas in the bowels of the earth
brood camada, prole
butler mayordomo
buzzer timbre in answer to a buzzer
chunk pedazo, cacho eating in huge chunks
a loud rattle of fine lumps of coal sliding down a
chute rampa, tolva, tobogan metal chute
cinders ashes
clasp broche, cierre, hebilla he stooped to fumble with the metal clasp
clot coagulo

clover trebol to be in clover: darse la gran vida, vivir a lo grande

cobweb telaraña cobwebs brushed his face
coils espirales, bobinas

coyness timidez he watched the expression of coyness on her face

cradle cuna
cue stick taco he was toying with a cue stick
dashboard salpicadero the car dashboard
deadlock punto muerto talks ended in deadlock, to reach a deadlock
defiance desafio
despair deseperacion with fear and despair
doorknob pomo
draft corriente de aire
dread terror, pavor an organic sense of dread seized him
dresser tocador
drop-leaf table mesa de alas abatibles
eagerness impaciencia
elation euforia elation filled him; they reacted with elation
embers brasas a red bed of embers glowing in the furnace
fang colmillo bared long yellow fangs
fender parachoches it was just a fender bender
fleck mota tall buildings flecked with tiny squares of…
foreboding premonicion she had a foreboding about that house
forefeet patas delanteras
frenzy frenesi

fur pelaje cut's fur
furnace caldera
gal chica, muchacha
gallows la horca the gallows await you
gasp bocanada, suspiro her breath going in a long gasp
glare resplandor the glare of the sun
glint destello, centelleo the glints of her white teeth
gloom penumbra she strained her eyes in the gloom
graft soborno, corrupcion, chanchullo he rakes off money in graft
grasp alcance, be within one's grasp he had another goal within his grasp
grimace mueca
grit sémola de maiz his mother put a plate of grits on the table
he was going round and round in a groove and did
groove ranura(de un tornillo), surco(de un disco) not see things.
grub comida, papeo go on and eat your grub
grunt gruñido a surly grunt sounded
gurgle borboteo, gorjeo gurgle of liquor
gutter alcantarilla
handkerchief pañuelo she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief
hankering anhelo, ansia to have a hankering for sth
hatchet hacha
haul botin
heap monton, pila
hem dobladillo the hem of her slip
hind legs patas traseras the rat reared upon its hind legs
hold-up atraco a hold-up in a bank
hum murmullo, zumbido he heard the upward hum of the draft
hurdle obstaculo, valla there will be hurdles in life
imprint marca, huella his fingers left an indelible imprint
iota pizca, apice there's not an iota of truth in it
lessening disminucion he felt a lessening of nervous
loaf barra loaf of bread

loathing odio he shuddered with the intesity of his loathing

a loud rattle of fine lumps of coal sliding down a
lump trozo, pedazo metal chute
mole lunar a tiny mole above her mouth
morass ciénaga; lio, laberinto morass of paperwork; morass of regulations
moss musgo, moho a rolling stone gathers no moss
mound monton, pila, monticulo the oblong mound of fresh clay
newsreel noticiario a short newsreel
ninny bobo she acts like such a ninny
nook rincon he looked into every nook and corner
nostrils ventana de la nariz
nourishment alimentacion the nourishment of our bodies
oatmeal avena (en copos) she brought a bowl of hot oatmeal and milk
oblong rectangulo the oblong mound of fresh clay
pad bloc, desk pad=bloc de notas He was jotting sth on a pad
pail cubo
pallet paleta, palé
pane vidrio (hoja de), cristal shattering a pane
paper mill fabrica de papel

pinnacle cumbre, cima (mountain peak)
pit fosa, hoyo, pozo he was lying at the bottom of a dark pit
pitch punto , extremo, grado her sobbing rose to a high pitch
poodle caniche
prank travesura i suppose mary was up to some of her pranks
quilt edredon she hid beneath the quilt
racket jaleo you boys cut out that racket
railing barandilla, reja, verja holding onto the railing
rake rastrillo, rastrillar
rake-off comision, tajada
a loud rattle of fine lumps of coal sliding down a
rattle ruido metal chute
riddle enigma, misterio
rip rasgadura there's a rip in your shirt
roar rugido

rot podredumbre, putrefaccion this corner of the city tumbling down from rot
rung peldaño he propped his feet upon the rungs of a chair

running board estribo de un coche

Was this whole thing a ruse to confuse and trap
ruse ardid, truco, artimaña, treta him?
rustle susurro listening to the soft rustle
scalp cabellera, cuero cabelludo
scrap trozo, pedazo scraps of paper
seesaw balancin, subibaja he was riding a seesaw
seizure embargo, confiscacion

shattering aplastamiento there was a shattering of wood as the box caved in

sheen brillo, lustre yellow sheen
shove empujon he gave her a shove
showdown enfrentamiento, confrontacion to have a showdown with sb
signboard cartel publicitario
sill alfeizar window sill
skillet sarten
slant enfoque (point of view) He's here to try to get a new slant on things
slate pizarra slate-colored
slip undergarment, viso the hem of her slip
smear mancha cover the smear of blood

smudge mancha, manchon the street lamps were faint smudges of yellow
whites living in a smugness, a security, a certainty
smugness satisfaccion that…
spittle saliva, baba white spittle at the corners of his lips
stare mirada fija his sullen stare

steering wheel volante

stink escandalo, lio, follon they'll raise a stink in the papers
stopper tapon he brought a bottle and took out the stopper
stroke brazada long sweeping strokes
swelling hinchazon

swig trago grande to take a swig
swirling remolino a deep swirling river
tangle maraña ensnared in a tangle of…
thigh muslo
thirst sed thrist for vengeance
tinge matiz, tinte with a tinge of…
tinkling tintineo the tinkling of the fork
tiptoe puntillas to walk on tiptoe
tread paso he heard the soft but firm tread of Peggy
trunk baul
tug tiron the tug of a force
tusk colmillo bared long yellow tusks
tuxedo esmoquin
undertone trasfondo in an undertone (por lo bajini, en voz baja)
wad monton a wad of papers
wail gemido, lamento, llanto
wand varita magica the sorcerer casted a spell with his wand
warmth calidez, calor, cordialidad
whim capricho, antojo wayward whim
whip azote, latigo lashed by fiery whips of fear and guilt
whirlwind torbellino in a furious whirlwind of draft
whit apice, pizca he disturbed her not a whit
whorl espira in whorls twisting like tornadoes

word meaning in context
amid en medio de, entre
agin against to be agin the government
there was nothing amiss, there is sth amiss in the
amiss que falta, que falla o no concuerdo living room
as though como si
behind the curtain en la trastienda
bitterly tremendamente he was bitterly proud
briskly dinamicamente, vivamente he walked alongside Jack briskly
commandingly autoritariamente
derisively burlonamente he smiled derisively
somnolientamente, adormilado,
drowsily perezosamente to feel drowsy: tener sueño
dully debilmente, palidamente dully gleaming water
faintly ligeramente, debilmente
fanwise en forma de abanico spreading fanwise
feebly weakly, sin energia it was feebly lit from the street lamps outside

feverishly febrilmente she looked at him feverishly from deep sockets

gaily alegremente
gingerly con cautela gingerly lifted the rat
glinting destelleando
grimly forzadamente he was smiling grimly
gruffly asperamente, bruscamente "Hi", he said gruffly
harshly severamente he judged harshly
hastily precipitadamente, apresuradamente he acted too hastily and accidentaly
hauntingly de forma evocadora, inquietante a voice humming hauntingly
headlong de cabeza she fell headlong
headlong precipitadamente
honky-dory a pedir de boca, excelente How is it? Honky-dory
in overalls en peto
intently atentamente the girl listened intently to her teacher
leisurely lentamente, relajadamente they waited leisurely
limply sin fuerzas holding them limply in her hands
oddly enough aunque parezca mentira, cosa rara Oddly enough, they were…
plaintively lastimeramente the cat mewed plaintively

queerly de un modo extraño, raro, extrañamente Mr Dalton gazed at him queerly

scarcely hardly, apenas that could scarcely be heard
squarely de lleno, directamente look squarely at a problem

stonily friamente, gelidamente, impasiblmnt he looked stonily at the floor

swiftly rapidamente
tinged with con un dejo de, matiz in a drawling voice tinged with uneasiness
to and fro de un lado a otro
sin querer, sin darse cuenta, sin ser
unwittingly consciente Unwittily, Jan's desire to…
utterly totally utterly different
wearily cansinamente

wistfully melancolicamente, con nostalgia her voice trailed off wistfully

word meaning in context
awed asombrada awed admiration
aimless sin proposito, sin rumbo he seemed aimless, lost, like a chubby puppy
ashy intensamente palido he came into the kitchen with his face ashy
bated con ansiedad, sin respirar with bated breath=conteniendo el aliento
beady eyes ojos redondos y brillantes beady eyes glittering
bewildered desconcertado
blazing ardiente blazing terror
blurred borroso blurred vision
chubby gordinflón, regordete he seemed aimless, lost, like a chubby puppy
clenched apretado with clenched teeth
constricted coartado, angosto feeling constricted inside
cramped apretado being cramped into so small a space
crimson carmesí the furnace gleamed in the crinsom darkness
crinkled arrugado crinkled bacon
crisp crujiente, fresco, limpio, nuevo the crisp roll of bills
crook sinvergüenza
crouched agachado, de cuclillas he stayed crouched
crumpled arrugado the paper was crampled and soiled
cunning astuto, ingenioso, malicioso a cunning idea, he performed with cunning
curt cortante, seco a curt remark; the tone of curt hostility…
cushy comodo, facil a cushy job
dank frio y humedo the dank smell of rotting timber
dazzling deslumbrante, resplandeciente dazzling yellow
deep sockets cuencas profundas (de los ojos) she looked at him feverishly from deep sockets

diffident timido, poco seguro de si mismo he stood diffident

dim tenue, poco iluminado a dim light burning in a shaded niche
dingy sucio, lugubre
distraught consternado,angustiado to be distraught with grief/worry
dreadful espantoso, terrible you look dreadful

dull apagado, palido, sin brillo, sordo a dull light, a dull hair, a dull sound…
elated euforico to be elated
enraged enfurecido like a enraged beast
ensnared atrapado ensnared in a tangle of…
entwined entrelazado with their arms entwined
exacting exigente to be exacting with oneself
faint apenas visible, debil(luz), leve Jan's lips twisted into a faint smile

famished hambriento, famelico, muerto de hambre we're famished!!

fear-ridden atormentado por el miedo
feigned fingido in a tone of feigned surprise
fiery abrasador, muy fuerte fiery pain
flecked salpicado tall buildings flecked with tiny squares of…
fleshy carnoso his face was fleshy but stern
flowing largo y suelto she was in flowing white clothes
fluffy suave y esponjoso
foolproof infalible he had to make his story foolproof
forthcoming disponible no explanation was forthcoming
giddy mareado

gleaming reluciente dully gleaming water
persistente, que atormenta y corroe por
gnawing /'no:in/ dentro a gnawing feeling; gnawing hunger
good-natured bondadoso, afable

guilt-ridden atormentado por el remordimiento

haunted angustiado haunted and pleading look

heightened aumentado, intensificado it gave him a heightened sense of the value of himself
huddled acurrucado, apiñado
husky ronco his throat so husky that no words came
impelling que te impulsa gripped by the same impelling excitement
inky manchado de tinta, oscuro(fig) into a vast pool of inky silence
jutting sobresaliendo
keen profundo keen sensation
limp flojo, lacio y sin vida, mustio
lolling repanchingandose white women lolling on beaches
looming inminente, amenaza en ciernes looming walls

escabroso, morboso (tale), espeluznante

lurid (imagen), chillon(color) in a lurid objective light
meek docil, sumiso, manso not a meek black boy like him
mildewed mohoso, enmohecido mildewed bread
mingled mezclado with a mingled feeling of…
mock fingido, de burla mocked adulation
mounting creciente, que va en aumento with a mounting feeling of fear
muffled sordo, apagado,amortiguado "..", a muffled voice called
nestling enclavado, acurrucado
ninny bobo i acted a ninny
numb entumecido, dormido his lips were numb

ornate ornamentado, vistoso, recargado they have a very ornate living room
outraged indignado, colerico
outrageous indignante, vergonzoso
parted separado Jan's lips parted
peeved molesto, picado, fastidiado she seemed sort of peeved when I told her…
pensive pensativo
pleading suplicante haunted and pleading look

pliant=pliable flexible, acomodaticio, maleable feeling her body warm and pliant to his

poised listo (ready), suspendido en el aire poised in the air; the jaguar is poised for attack
pouting que hace pucheros her pouting lips
puzzled confundido
queer odd it was queer
ransom rescate to hold sb to ransom; send a ransom note
rash precipitado I don't want her to do anything rash
rasping aspero the rasping feet of the rat
receding que va bajando (la marea) the long withdrawing sound of a receding wave
regal majestuoso regal pride
rickety destartalado a rickety old car
rimmed con pestaña, con borde de.. her white-rimmed eyes
ringed con forma de anillo

riveted fascinado his eyes were riveted
rotting que se esta pudriendo the dank smell of rotting timber
roving errante, ambulante he kept talking in a roving glance
ruffled alborotado ruffled feathers
sappy ñoña she's a sappy girl
sassy impertinente shut your sassy mouth
sheer fino(que pasa la luz) wings streched so taut and sheer
shrilly estridente, agudo
sightless blind, ciega
slackening que disminuye, que se afloja the tension slackening
sleek elegante a sleek car
slippery resbaladizo, escurridizo
smoldering que arde lentamente smoldering embers
smutty obsceno, soez, impudico a film, a joke
soapy cubierto de jabon soapy hands
soggy empapado soggy soil, soggy grass
soiled sucio, deteriorado the paper was crampled and soiled
speachless mudo
splintered hecho astillas the splintered box
inhospito(landscape), crudo (realidad),
stark desnudo(truth) her tear-wet eyes looking at him in stark fear
startled sobresaltado, sorprendido he was startled
startled espantado, asustado a look of startled horror
stern severo his face was fleshy but stern
stifling /staiflin/ sofocante, agobianet a stifling hot day
stout robusto, corpulento she was taller and stouter than her
stout firme, solido, fuerte he gave a stout kick with his foot
stung herido, pp de sting "I'm not", he said stung
sullen hosco, huraño his sullen stare
surly hosco, maleducado a surly grunt sounded
swell fenomenal!
swift rapido
tantalized atormentado
tattletale cotilla, chismosa
taut tenso/tirante wings streched so taut and sheer
throaty ronco, gutural, de garganta the throaty undertone
thronged with atestado, lleno de gente

tingling que da cosquillas, hormigueo he felt a tingling sensation enveloping all his body
tinny de lata
trembling tembloroso
tremulous trémulo
uneasy molesto, intranquilo
unfolding que se extiende, desplega

veiled tapado, cubierto con un velo, velado his eyes watchful, but veiled
to keep a watchful eye on sb; his eyes watchful, but
watchful vigilante, atento veiled
wayward discolo, caprichoso wayward whim

wholehearted incondicional, sincero, sin reservas to go wholeheartedly

withdrawing que se retira the long withdrawing sound of a receding wave
wobbly que se tambalea I'm wobbly