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“Over 3000 organizations

from 15 different industries

in Southeast Asia are
seeking for sales talent at
every experience level”
According to a survey conducted by Hays (2018)

With the robust growth of Indonesia’s maturing economy,
companies are experiencing stiff competition for skilled and experienced
talent. According to a survey conducted by Hays, over 3000 organizations
from 15 different industries in Southeast Asia are seeking for sales talent at
every experience level. This number of demands has proven how sales
talent is needed for in a company. After all, they are one of the key factors
for the company’s growth. Hence building an A-quality sales team is
crucially important for your company.
The success of your company’s product partly depends on how your
sales team sells it to your targeted market. Sales play a significant role in
filling the gap between the customer’s demands and the product offered
by a company that can satisfy their demands.

Based on research by New Voice Media,

68% of people would commit to a product if sales

rep listens to their demands and calls with
relevant information, with an expectation of
staying loyal to the company’s product.

53% of customer loyalty depends on their sales experience, as New

Voice Media says. Obviously gaining customers trust and loyalty will not be
easy, but the merits are worth to fight for. Sales play a big role in the
process of achieving this, hence hiring the right and qualified sales talent is
important for your business.

In this book, you will be able to learn and understand key factors that
are essential to hiring the right talent for your sales team. This includes an
explanation of the roles and emerging skills of a sales team, as well as how
and when to hire talents. Building the right team would require an effective
hiring process, understanding your employees and innovative techniques
that would benefit your business growth.

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The Key Role of Sales Roles and Emerging
Team in The Company Skills for Sales Team

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Chapter 3 Chapter 4
How To Hire The Right Conclusion

The Key Role of a Sales Team in a
The sales team is essential in contributing to the success of a company. In many
ways, they help the business grow by bridging the gap between products and services
sold to the needs of potential customers. There are three key points that highlight the
importance of a sales team.

Sales Lead Conversions

A company’s sales team understands their target customers very well. They are
essentially the link between a company and its customers. Their job is to prospect and
inform customers regarding the product and service to further inform and convince
their customers. Moreover, it helps to build a strong connection with customers for a
sustainable relationship that can be converted to leads. The graph below shows the
vast difference between leads sourced by sales and marketing. The sales team has
sourced 13% more leads compared to the marketing team.

Business Growth
In concentrated and competitive markets, every company is trying their best to attract
as many customers as they possibly can. This can be done through effective customer
interaction that would result in gaining their trust and loyalty. As aforementioned, the sales
team plays a pivotal role in this aspect as they are the ones who are in constant interaction
with potential customers.

With the advancement of technology, customers can easily leave a review on any
social media platform. This could be very helpful for the sales team as a positive review,
comment or recommendation would increase the chances of a customer’s successful sales
transaction. It can help establish more leads therefore allowing the business to grow further.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 5

Customer Retention
It is crucial for businesses to look after existing customers because it is easier for
businesses to maintain or retain customers rather than acquiring new ones.

In order to do so, companies should perform sales follow-ups that can be in the form of
setting up after-sales calls or meetings. This is a great way to maintain and build a positive
relationship and gives the customer an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience of
the product or service. By doing so companies will have a long term customer retention for
business growth.

Importance of a Sales Team

The sales team plays a significant part in the company since they are the ones who sell
the products in exchange for revenue. Without sales, there will be no business growth. Hence,
they are the ones who understand your target client better than anyone else.

Finances Online said 57% of clients choose to do buy a product

because of good customer service provided by the sales rep. This
is because the ability of the sales team understands the concerns,
questions and thought processes that these clients have.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 6

According to LinkedIn, 51% of clients say that a trustworthy sales rep is the no. 1 factor
that determines successful decision-making results (or in other words: client’s loyalty in buying
company product). A good and trustworthy sales rep is a person who is reliable, respectful,
stay relevant to client needs and honest. The importance of a good and trustworthy sales rep
is proven by the fact that 57% of clients would be encouraged to buy the product if the sales
rep is not pushy and respectful. Staying relevant with what clients need is also expected by
76% of clients, according to Salesforce. So make sure, your sales team and rep have these

The sales team will be able to build effective relationships with customers in a way that
no automation or artificial intelligence can. The sales team is able to gather detailed customer
information that would help your marketers generate an effective marketing plan.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 7

Roles and Emerging Skills for Sales Team
Roles in a Sales Team
Generally, a sales team organizes customer data and deeply analyzes consumer
insights in order to enhance and improve personal interactions that would cater to their
individual needs while looking for an increase in sales. The roles of a sales team vary
widely as it depends on the objective and sophistication of a company. Here are five
common roles in a sales team.

Sales Force Representative

The Sales Force Representatives are basically like hunters, they hunt for
prospects through cold-callings and creating an ideal customer profile. The number of
sales representatives depends on the size and bandwidth of a company. Their tasks
include Sales Development, Sales Force Communication Management as well as Sales

Common responsibilities include:

- Connecting the sales team to relevant content that would maximize customer
satisfaction in a buying cycle.
- Qualify and connect with prospects
- Communicate any updates to the sales force
- Empower peers to promote best practices in sales

Average Salary:
IDR 10,120,000/month

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 8

Account Executive
After sales representatives have reached out to prospects, it is the account executive’s
job to close the final sales deal. Account executives create presentations, demonstrate the
sales plan, write proposals and negotiate. Given their responsibilities, they have a greater
impact on the ultimate outcome of a deal compared to other roles in the sales department.

Common responsibilities include:

- Utilizing technology solutions to help determine essential requirements of a project
and communicate them to stakeholders, partners and facilitators in a concise and
cost-efficient manner.
- Assist with any business-related cases
- Plan and monitor
- Set and draw out requirements for the company, communication and management
- Close the final sales deal

Average Salary:
IDR 5,063,000/month

Sales Administration
The sales administration are the ones who have the most knowledge of the business
and the business domain. They are capable of solving problems that the sales force
representatives and account executives cannot. The sales administrators review and
evaluate any tasks done by the sales representatives and designate a sales target.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 9

Common Responsibilities:
- Provide office support to members of the sales department who are working on
the field
- In charge of all individuals in the sales department, including setting sales targets
and other duties
- Train and coach all new employees about company protocols
- Do an in-depth research in order to fully understand the market environment
- Design sales strategies with the management team and ensure that the plan is
executed properly
- Report the performance of the sales department to management team,

Average Salary:
IDR 3,750,000/month

Customer Success Planner

This individual must ensure that customers are happy and satisfied with the sales.
They do not only focus on winning deals but also on how to maximize the lifetime value of
customers by following up and retaining them. Quick response is the key to building a
successful long-term relationship with the customers as it wins their hearts, minds and trust.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 10

Common Responsibilities:
- Keep customers for the long-term
- Direct a monthly SOP meeting for every product
- Deepen and widen relationship with customers to up-sell and cross-sell
- Create forums for communications in order to address any off-cycle problems
and bridge and gaps

Average Salary:
IDR 7,265,000/month

Sales Operations Manager

The sales operations managers are essentially leaders. They oversee everyone in
the sales department and are responsible for ensuring that everyone is on the same
page, working together in sync to reach their target. They are in charge of measuring
and analyzing sales performance, as well as making financial decisions and reports.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 11

Common Responsibilities:
- Conduct design and presentation
- Overlook all aspects of the department
- Come up with strategies and techniques to reach sales targets
- Plan future course of action for their team members

Average Salary:
IDR 17,808,000/month

Emerging Sales Skills That Are Essential to Build Sales Team

The future of sales is changing every single day. The advancement of technology and
the rapidly changing needs of customers are reshaping the foundations of sales in this era of
time. Despite having technology and automation replace several roles in the sales process, it
will never reach the effectiveness of human interaction when it comes to connecting and
engaging with new customers.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 12

According to HR in Asia, sales and marketing talents with knowledge in big data,
e-commerce and transformation experience would be in big demand as companies strive to
progress on their digitalization efforts. The three graphs below are based on a survey
conducted by Hays that covers over 3000 organizations from 15 different industries in the
Southeast Asia region. The results have indicated that sales were the most sought after job
type for all three experience levels in a company. This proves the importance of having a sales
talent to help reach business objectives in the coming future.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 13

These are the kind of skills that would drive success for
salespeople as it focuses on human-to-human interaction:

Oral Communication
The ability to communicate is a basic,
yet crucial skill that every salesperson should
have. Many things can be outsourced and
automated, but conversations cannot.
Empathetic conversations create trust, secure
commitments and uncover challenges.
Human-to-human conversation creates a
connection and moves a relationship forward.

People Management
There are more and more people
involved in a buying decision than there was
ten years ago. When the sales cycle involves
connecting individuals from every position,
from your contact person to their boss, to a
financial representative, to an internal
champion, to an end-user it is essential to
navigate and influence the dynamics
between all these people. Skills like good
teamwork, collaboration, and mediation are
becoming more crucial t for tasks like this.

Social Media
Digital communication is the most
cost-efficient, fastest and convenient way to
connect to a broad audience with minimal
effort. Thus, it is important for Sales and
Marketing to be able to harness the power of
personal branding and create unique
content online to inform and stay connected
with prospects and customers.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 14

Time Management
From constructing tactical plans on a
daily basis to creating quarterly and annual
strategies, the salespeople should always
think one step further. Those who have the
ability to identify and stay focused on the
most important tasks are the ones who will

Not only do they have to know how to
navigate their customer’s businesses, but
they also need to act as a leader towards
their internal team. They must be able to
manage and guide their team through the
entire process of engaging with customers. A
good leader inspires, challenges and
encourages buyers while delivering clear and
consistent values that evoke trustworthiness
and desire to collaborate.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 15

How to Hire The Right Talent
When To Hire
Two correct reasons for hiring a new candidate is when you are sure they will make a
positive impact on your business and when you are prepared to provide them with training
and support. Below are several patterns that can serve as a sign of when to hire a new sales

Understand your buyer’s behavior Refer to your business strategy and

and sales process growth plans
When building a sales team from Sales should always be closely tied
the ground up, you should consider the to the growth and scale of a strategy so
process your customers go through when that you can look at your planned activity
buying. How many people are required to for the coming future. Analyze your
sign off on the purchase decision? Are strategy properly and see if your current
there multiple friction points that may sales team is enough to support it.
prevent them from doing so? A key Another great indicator is your lead flow, it
deciding factor would be the buying can tell you whether hiring a new sales
behavior of your customers. If there are member would be the best idea or not.
multiple stakeholders that need to be You cannot expect that by hiring a new
influenced, your sales team would need sales representative, you will be able to
to initiate conversations, answer inquiries, bring in more revenue, knowing that there
address concerns and negotiate terms. are no leads to get that revenue from.

Never assume that your first

salesperson would know what to do and
is able to sell your products with ease,
regardless of their past sales experience.
Instead, you should build a strong
foundation and structure such as
playbooks, scripts, as well as progresses
thus far. This will help your team have a
successful start to head in the right

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 16

Identify the Right Talent

‘SEARCH’ acronym method

Before the hiring process begins, you should have an ideal candidate profile to help
you quickly identify potential talents and move on to the interview stage. To help this process,
you can apply the ‘SEARCH’ acronym method.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 17

Skills they ought to have
To apply for a position, of course
Experiences from past work
As cited from NACE, 91% of
candidate has to have skills and employers value work experience as an
competencies related to the position important qualification. But why? Past
they applied for. Otherwise, they would work experience can help determine
not be able to perform finely and don’t and prove candidate’s competence in
let this be your bad hiring decision. Note doing their assigned job. Because work
that skills and competencies are experience allows the candidate to
different. apply and prove their skills.
Skills define specific activities Past work experience is also
that you learned, while competencies important to see whether a candidate
are a combination of skills, ability, and knows their values and strive for
knowledge. Skills tell what types of self-development, or not. A candidate
abilities a candidate must have to that willing to try out and experience
perform a specific job. While new things, learn and improve their
competencies tell how a candidate skills mean they are adaptive.
perform a specific job.

Attitude in the workplace Results they
R bring from their
The reason is simple, one existing jobs
person’s attitude can affect the whole As explained, work experience is
team or even organization--negatively
needed to prove competency and it
or positively. It affects the surroundings’
measures from the result. A candidate
morale and productivity. A negative
should be asked about the problems
attitude could create a bad
and challenges they faced on their
atmosphere of hostility, anxiety, and
previous job, how did they solve the
tension among employees. While a
problems and tackled the challenges,
positive attitude would result
and what was the outcome from their
otherwise--it helps team building,
solutions? It also helps determine
bonding, and increases productivity.
whether the candidate has a
problem-solving skill.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 18

Cognitive skills
Habits they ought to have
Cognitive skills consist of Similar to the attitude a
attention, memory, logic, and candidate ought to have in the
reasoning. These are the most basic workplace, good habits can improve
skills a candidate must have in order to productivity and create positive
survive in the workplace, or even life in atmosphere. Here are the important
general. Cognitive skills can help good habits to look from a candidate:
determine whether a candidate has the problem-solver, dependable,
ability to analyze and solve a problem, responsible, attention to detail, initiative,
recognize patterns of events, and and consistent.
detailed. Tests are required to test out
these skills, usually by giving the
candidate case study, quiz, or puzzle to

Once you adjust these traits with the job position, you will have an easier time
determining the right candidate.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 19

Recognizing top talents
Pay attention to indicators such as loyalty to a company, achievements, relevant past
experience, personality traits and beware of red flags.

Loyalty: You would want to hire an employee who will stay

with you for the long run. Loyalty is an essential trait to have
as it would be pointless in hiring a professional who will bail at
any sign of conflict. Take a good look at their employment

Achievements: Seek for notable achievements and

successful deals made with clients. Listen to their pitch on
how they can contribute to your company’s revenue. Career
trajectory is also important as the candidate who has been
climbing up the career ladder shows their drive and

Experience: It is an advantage if a candidate has experience

from a similar company, dealing with similar products and
services. Fluency in industry jargon and sales concept is a
stand out as it shows that they have much interest in learning
about sales and expand their knowledge and abilities.

Personality traits: Personality and disposition are important

in a great salesperson. Any involvement in a team sport
shows teamwork and leadership, as well as voicing our

Red flags: Ensure that the candidate’s resume is not falsified.

Find a balance between soft skills and hard skills presented.
Great sales talents would include detailed information on
sales quotas in their resume. The irrelevant and outdated
experience presented in their resume simply shows that they
only want to fill up their resume. Gaps in employment without
good reasoning may indicate they have achievement

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 20

Hiring Strategy
Hiring the top sales talent suited for your company is getting challenging every single
day, especially in a highly competitive market and the current trend of job-hopping. Thus, by
creating brand awareness to the public will increase the chances of talented individuals to
apply to your company. Ensure that your company website is updated with detailed

Below are four key points of information to have on your website when it is well established.

What makes your Why a candidate What are the What is the
company unique should work in company’s vision ideology of the
and different from your company and mission company
other competitors

Writing an attractive job description increases the chances of attracting the right
candidate. Keep in mind that you are writing for the candidate, therefore, keep it concise and
simple as you do not want to scare the candidate with too many requirements. List out
specific duties and desired skills and do not make it hard for them to apply.

Know where to look for talents

Writing a job posting is a starter, but sometimes it might not be enough. In order to
recruit top talents, there are three places where you can find more and potentially better
candidates. A survey by Deloitte has shown that diversifying requirement channels has an
effectiveness rate of 85%

- College Career Fairs/Alumni: Fresh talents serve as an opportunity for companies to

strategically build candidates with leadership potential. Although they do not have
much experience, they are committed and willing to learn.
- LinkedIn and Social Media: LinkedIn and other social media platforms and job posting
websites can help you reach out to more candidates.
- Sales Recruiting Firms: Hiring a sales recruiting firm may cost you some extra money,
but they save you the trouble of having to interview unqualified candidates.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 21

Quotes From Experts

“When I interview Inside Sales Reps, Account

Executives, or Sales Development Reps I do several

“Test their phone interviews before even considering whether or

not to bring them in for an onsite interview. If they can’t
selling skills on engage me on the phone, why would I ever consider
the phone” hiring them for an inside role”
-Sally Duby, GM at The Bridge Group

“Interviewing entry-level candidates for BDR/SDR

roles can be challenging. They typically have no
previous track record in sales. While interviewing, I like to
educate them on the difficulty of sales, the high volume
of calls they need to make daily, the rejections they’ll
“Discover their receive throughout the day, and how their earnings are
tied to their success on the phones. I insert doubt in
determination” them as to why they might not like sales. Some
candidates agree and ask about their jobs, and some
candidates fight back with determination. Those are the
BDRs I want to hire.”
- Jonathan Samuels, Founder and CEO at The Sales

“ Just like in sales, being proactive vs. reactive

will always go further as far as quantity and quality of
the candidates you work with. Don’t rely solely on the
“Always be ‘post and pray’ approach to posting a sales job and
expecting the right candidate to apply. Actively build
proactive, not your network, ask for referrals, be social on LinkedIn, turn
your own team members into brand ambassadors, and
reactive” have the support and budget of your executive team to
help you hire A-Players. Once you make hiring your
number one priority, then you will be able to fully
commit to the search.”
-Nicole Giggie, Account Executive at Treeline, Inc.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 22

Build Ideal Candidate Profiles to Match the Requirements of Your Sales Strategy
Mistakes that employers often make before the hiring process is when they have not
defined what they need from their salespeople. Therefore, keep in mind to always create a
clear outline using the ‘SEARCH’ acronym method mentioned above, and build your job
description around it. Good traits that you might want your ideal candidate to have includes
proper behaviors to sell to clients, good attitude and cultural intelligence, skills to excel in a
particular selling environment, as well as characteristics such as competitiveness, resilience,
persistence, and determination.

Build a winning brand identity

Always establish the reputation of your brand to the public. Take advantage of your
company’s social media to position yourself as a market leader. Let everyone know that your
company’s work environment is positive, works with prestigious clients, good reputation
among competitors as well as keeping a healthy financial performance. These will give you
an edge during the recruitment process. According to a survey by Deloitte, this has proven to
have a 71% effective rate.

effective rate.

Highlight your company’s culture

Having a strong workplace culture greatly impacts business growth and productivity.
Culture is important because it represents the company’s ‘personality’. The company’s
culture defines the working environment in a company, the ethics of behaviors, values, goals,
and missions held by the company.

You would not want to be a friend with someone who has a polar opposite
personality with you. This applies the same to the company, and that is why you need to
highlight your company’s culture in the hiring process. According to research by Deloitte, 88%
of employees conducted that having a clear workplace culture is important. Because
ultimately, company culture is what gives the employee’s working enjoyment and

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 23

To test out whether a candidate is fit for the company culture, a few personality tests
are required. But forget not, a clear measurement and scoring are needed to determine the
candidate’s cultural fit. Later on, you can also ask them what they know about your company
culture in the interview and complete the additional information they missed.

Offer competitive compensation

For every good talent out there, there is a risk that their current employer will have a
better counter-offer. Compensation is an important factor to attract and retain talents on
your sales team. Here are five examples of a sales compensation plan.

Salary Only Compensation Plan:

This plan lets you decide ahead of time on how much you
will be paying your salespeople. The number of sales they
make has no effect on their salary.

Commission Only Compensation Plan:

This plan allows employees to receive pay based on their
performance. If they do not sell anything during that
month, they will not get paid.

Base Salary Plus Commission Plan:

This is the most common plan as employees will get a
fixed yearly salary as well as commission, securing them
with a steady income and economic incentive to sell.

Base Salary Plus Bonus Compensation Plan:

This plan would work well for employees who are
consistent in hitting sales targets.

Absolute Commission Plan:

This plan requires you to pay your employees when they
reach a specific target or milestone.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 24

*Note: The graph below reflects the survey responses regarding the deployment
and effectiveness of the talent practices. The blue bars on the left represent the
percentage of organizations that “agreed” or “strongly agreed” to deployment of the
talent strategy. The grey bars represent the percentage of this group that reported
the practice to be “extremely effective” or “effective”

The graph above is obtained from a survey by Deloitte, showing other

methods that are effective for retaining talents in a company besides offering them
a compensation plan. The top two methods that are seen to be most effective
would be to have special remuneration schemes for roles that have a big impact
on organizational success, as well as using workforce analytics to pinpoint
influential employees who are at risk of leaving the company.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 25

Impact of Building Hiring Strategies for Your Team
Hiring new talents without a plan often results in an over-stretched, complicated and
unclear process that would make the job of filling vacancies longer and more costly. On the
other hand, an efficient hiring process brings abundant benefits to a company’s
performance as it reduces cost, improves candidate experience, as well as give an
opportunity to be competitive and grow faster.
As mentioned in the previous chapter and as part of the strategy, it is important to
know where to look for talents. This is why you will need a wide talent pool. Because by
knowing where your targeted talents are, it can greatly reduce the cost of advertising your
job vacancy relentlessly, instead you can just look for a potential candidate directly from the
talent pool database. Another option of using the service from Sales Recruiting Team also
works too although it costs extra money, it saves you the time and hassle of recruiting and
by having clear requirements of ideal candidate it makes the team easier to shortlist the
candidates for you.
In addition, building your ideal candidate profile is no less important. By stating
clearly what you need from a candidate, it saves you the time by shortlisting potential
candidates. And by doing so, it attracts the candidates who confidently applied because
they feel they are suitable or qualified. By having clear requirements, it’s easier to turn down
the candidates that are over or under-qualified.
A winning brand identity can also make your hiring process easier. According to
LinkedIn, good employer branding can significantly improve your hiring success by 72% and
reduces the cost of hiring down to 43%, hence what makes it important. Because, instead of
spending all your time and money to advertise your job vacancy, candidates will be looking
for a job opportunity for you and actively applying.

“good employer branding

can significantly improve
your hiring success by 72%
and reduces the cost of
hiring down to 43%, ”
According to LinkedIn,

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 26

Again, highlighting your company’s culture can be beneficial to shortlist the
candidates. By highlighting your company’s culture, the candidates with the same vision,
mission, and values as yours will be interested in applying, while those who don’t will turn
away. Likewise, companies with a strong culture saw a 4x increase in revenue growth,
according to Forbes.
The last important point is, offering competitive compensation. Obviously,
compensation is attractive to candidates. Amidst this talent war shortage, talents are being
fight over and thus people are willing to pay more than the average to get the best talents
under their hands. Indeed money is not everything, but by having competitive compensation
strategy based on your values, it will be easier for you to attract talents and retain them.
By utilizing the techniques and methods mentioned above, you will obtain
higher-quality and more engaged hires that will support your company to achieve growth
at a faster pace. Research by Hay Group proposes that companies who score high in
engagement have 4.5 times more revenue on average. Numerous studies have also proven
that high employee engagement leads to improved customer satisfaction.

“By utilizing the techniques and

methods mentioned above, you will
obtain higher-quality and more
engaged hires that will support
your company to achieve growth at
a faster pace. ”

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 27

In a highly competitive market, companies are in a constant race to obtain
long-term customers for a more secure future. Therefore, having the right sales talent who
truly understands your company and target audience would allow you to build a lifelong
relationship with your customers. A sales team is so important in a business that without
them, businesses will shut down from the lack of revenue.
And being the most recruited roles in the tech industry in such a limited talent pool,
we realize that having the right strategy to hire the right Sales talent is necessary to survive.
By considering these steps, successful hiring is guaranteed:

1. Know when and where 2. Identify the right talent with 3. Build a good employer
to hire clear qualifications branding

4. Highlighting your 5. And recognize and

company culture reward their talent

Furthermore, you will need to always improve your hiring strategy for a successful
hiring with a low retainment percentage. That is why a company should identify with their
mission and vision, have a mapped out plan for upcoming years and strategize their next
steps. A well thought the pre-planned hiring process is the key to finding the right talent for
your company. Hiring the right talent is never an easy task as it comes with many
complications, but with the right strategy, it is achievable and can lead to long-term
success for your company.

Hire The Right Talent For Your Sales Team 28

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