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S/ Name of Coachee Agreed Loop Goals Developed Mile stones

1 JayNathy Group 1. To formalize 1. Finalized

2. To structure
business for 2. Now keeps
maximum proper record
output 3. The SME have
3. To diversify able to setup a
new business

2 Tomruk Ihub 1. To structure 1. So far, the

Multiverse the business business has
for maximum been
out structured to
2. To get 20 be goal
members oriented more
monthly who objective.
will use their 2. He now has 4
co-working members who
space. use the co-
working space.
More publicity
is on-going via
social media.
3. Now keeps
proper records
of business

3 St. Gentles Computers 1. For the 1. The SME has

and Communications business to be been able to
properly structure the
structured in business in
terms of terms financial
financial mgt, mgt by keeping
human proper records
resource mgt of all business
and in financial transactions
capacity thereby closing
all income
2. By doing the
above, he was
able to open 2
more business

4 Adonai Touch Global 1. To get an office 1. Still working

Limited space. towards getting
2. To structure the office space
the business 2. The SME now
3. Acquire 2 DI keeps proper
machine records of all
allowing to
plan towards
achieving his
set goals
3. He has been
able to
purchase a
scanner and a
5 Insight Tutorial Centre 1. To structure 1. Structuring of
business the business to
2. To get new ongoing. The
computers SME now
3. Get more keeps proper
knowledge records
about the 2. Working
business towards it by
more value
adding services
3. Currently
training on
web design

6 Light Speed Data 1. To formalize 1. The SME is at

business by the point of
registering the registering the
business with
CAC business.
2. Increase sales 2. He now keeps
output to proper
increase profit accounting

7 Abduljazee Welding 1. To formalize 1. The SME now

and Construction business keeps proper
2. To expand record.
business by 2. The SME is
opening a working
showroom towards
securing a loan
from Bank of

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