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I received a copy of TAROT FOR THE NEOPHYTE, Phase One, sometime around 1970. It was
written by Carl W. Stahl under the Rosicrucian initiation name of Frater Librastro. I have made only
minor corrections to the text and added three endnotes for purposes of clarification.

The companion volume to this book is TAROT FOR THE NEOPHYTE, Phase Two, which
elaborates upon the symbolism of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards of the Tarot, and includes
colouring instructions.

August 25, 2005

Thomas W. La Porte

In Memory of
Carl W. Stahl
1914 - 1980


Phase One


The use of the Tarot provides one with the tools to develop and progress spiritually with the intention
that this spiritual progress be used by you to aid in your physical, emotional, and mental progress
also. Before we can have progress on the material plane there must be progress on the spiritual plane.

In the following instructions we will use the Case deck, as it is on these keys that the following
interpretations are based. Do not colour your Tarot Keys until told to do so. In fact you will not
colour them until Phase Two at which time you will have gone through the Keys one complete time.

These Tarot Keys represent something that is already in your head, your heart and your entire
physical and mental make up. Knowledge of the meaning of the cards is not essential to their use.
You do not have to learn the Hebrew letters, the astrological symbols, nor anything else to use these
Keys. If you wish to learn these things later, fine. But for now let us concentrate on the immediate
and practical use of the cards.

We all have hopes and fears, problems and frustrations, which we would like to solve. Whether these
problems are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual the Tarot Keys will help you solve them.

All basic human thinking is done in picture form. First we see and then we speak. The pictures form
in our minds and then we label and use them as a means of expression. If our pictures are not clear
and distinct, but fuzzy and blurred, so will be the results we achieve from them.

The first step in the use of Tarot is in using the actual Tarot Key. Sit or place yourself in a
comfortable position and look at one of the Tarot Keys for five minutes. Concentrate your full
attention on it, not with the intention of memorizing it, but to simply observe the picture on the card
attentively. Before breakfast would be the best time to do this but any other time will do as well.
Only try to do this exercise at approximately the same time every day so as to set up a definite

Do not spend more than five minutes looking at any one Tarot Key and of course you will start with
Key 0, Aleph, The Fool. And, we repeat, for Phase One of your work on Tarot you will use the
uncoloured cards. You will look at EACH KEY THREE DAYS IN A ROW and then go on to the
next Key. The best thing to do is to start on a Monday and look at Key 0, Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday. Then look at the next Key on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Rest on Sunday unless
you have missed a day during the week, then use this day to catch up. Thus you will look at Key 0,
Aleph, The Fool, for three days in a row and then go on to Key I, Beth, The Magician, and look at
this Key three days in a row, and so on until you have completed the round of the twenty-two Tarot
Trumps, each five minutes three days in a row.

Again we wish to emphasize that YOU DO NOT LOOK AT THE TAROT KEY YOU ARE
WORKING WITH FOR MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES. The reason for this is that you are not yet
an adept. Your brain must be adjusted gradually to carry the full load of spiritual energy that these
cards bestow.

It is held that you are indeed close to adeptship when you can hold a single image in the mind’s eye
for only a few minutes. Since most of us could not reach this goal, or even start toward it without
some external aid, the Tarot Keys were invented. The pictures on the Tarot were designed to operate
similar to the human mind. By merely looking at one of the Keys the combination of the image and
your contemplation of it will cause the consciousness to automatically tune in to the consciousness
of those who are more spiritually advanced than we are.

Be patient and you will find that results will in inevitably come. REMEMBER, FIVE MINUTES A
DAY! Do not try to commit anything to memory, neither the cards nor the instructions that are given
to you here. You are merely to look at the cards as instructed above and you are merely to read what
is written here. Of course you may read the instructions and hints given here as many times as you
wish. You should read these instructions at least twice.

The first time you look at Key 0 spend the five minutes in simply getting a general idea of the
picture. On the second day devote more of your attention to the details. On the third day see if you
can find anything that is not mentioned in the short paragraphs of description that follow. If
something raises your curiosity and it does not seem to be explained in these references make a note
of it. Sooner or later the answer will come to you from within yourself.

Do not be discouraged if you seem to get no apparent results. Some have results immediately while
with others it takes a little longer. This has nothing to do with your present spiritual place on the
Path. All of us have a more or less uneven development and those principles with which we are more
experienced show up first. Remember, the effect of Tarot practice is to build up a gradual response
to the spiritual impulses as the physical organism becomes conditioned to handle the higher
vibrations with which it will now have to deal. Of what use is it to boil water if the kettle melts
before we can use the hot water? Prepare the vessel properly and then there will be no adverse after-

Usually one will feel a definite affinity for one of the Tarot Keys; sometimes more than one.
However, do not pay more attention to one Key than to another. Every picture, and of course every
Key, is some aspect of YOURSELF. Regardless of what the picture may appear to be when you first
look at it, IT IS A PICTURE OF YOU. And nothing should interest you more than yourself. All
wisdom is the product of the weighed experience of those who have followed the rule, KNOW

Unless one know himself he cannot truly follow the Golden Rule. Whatever science or knowledge
mankind possesses is the collective result of the research and invention of the human race. Every
force in existence is a work inside man as well as outside man. The Wheel of Tarot is simply the
wheel of human nature. Tarot is not simply a set of symbolical pictures.


Aleph means Ox and is pronounced AW’LEF. It is the Hebrew letter “A” and the number 1 and is
attributed to “The Fiery Intelligence”. To it also is attributed the Hebrew RUACH which is
analogous to Sanskrit PRANA, Greek PNEUMA, and Latin SPIRITUS. Each of these means breath
and each of these means Life.

All the Tarot Keys have two levels of interpretation. The outer, superficial meaning and the deeper,
inner meaning. The outer meaning can usually be seen at a glance. The inner meaning can be brought
to the surface of consciousness without strain or hard exertion by simply looking attentively at the

Superficially, the Fool is a picture of a careless, impractical man, day-dreaming when he should be
alert and about to pay for his heedlessness by falling over the edge of a cliff. The lesson here is that
dreams and visions have their place but he who spends all his time in idle contemplation is not fit
to deal with the practical things of life.

The inner meaning gives us a picture of what we must use in our efforts to gain more freedom. You
may call this power what you wish, and if the word God suits you, by all means retain it and use it.
You may term it the inner self, the God of your Heart, or any of the names by which you have
learned to associate it with. Eventually you will come up with a name that suits you best.

Only remember that as you look at Key 0 that it is the most perfect and most complete aspect of
yourself. It is that part of you which is above and higher than your objective personality. Above and
beyond the thinking of the objective mind. It transcends the concrete mental plane. It is the WHOLE
OF YOU, of which mind, body and everything else that enters into the apparently separate
personality are but parts.

It is the symbol of UNITY for which ZERO stands in occult arithmetic. It is the ONE REALITY
which is before all beginnings. It is the ONE LIFE POWER which pervades the universe and is
beyond knowledge of the objective mind. Beyond the limits and definitions of logic. It represents
complete freedom.

The picture on this Key shows that although you may sometimes take the wrong turning, yet there
is always room for one more step. There is nothing to prevent you from retracing your steps again
until you once more reach a place where further progress is possible. The title, The Fool, gives the
impression of irresponsibility, but remember that those in the forefront of progress have usually been
jeered at and condemned by their contemporaries as fools. Yet every fool is not a wise man, nor a
prophet, nor a genius.

While looking at the Keys, make no effort to interpret the symbols. If an idea comes to you make a
note of it. Jot it down on any handy slip of paper as impressions will come to you at all times of the
day. Keep a loose-leaf notebook and at least once a week write these impressions in it under the
proper Key.

Key 0 put you in touch with your inner source of power. After you have looked at it for three days
you will be able to recall it before your mind’s eye by merely thinking of it. IT IS A SURE
ANTIDOTE FOR DEPRESSION. Use it when feeling depressed. Do not try to force yourself to be
cheerful. SIMPLY LOOK AT THE FOOL. Look at the actual picture or glance at it mentally when
the cards are not available.


Running throughout the Tarot is the principle of contrast. Each Key is in some way the opposite to
the one preceding it and also its complement. They also form eleven contrasting pairs as 0 and 1, 2
and 3, 4 and 5, etc.

Beth means house, and is pronounced BAYTH. It is the Hebrew “B”, and the number 2. It is
attributed to “The Transparent Intelligence”. The planet Mercury is attributed to Beth.

The Magician, or wise man, is in contrast to the Fool. The Hebrew letter Beth, meaning house,
suggests family affairs which usually occur indoors. Aleph, on the other hand, since it means Ox,
would indicate something that goes on outside the limiting influence of human relations and

Number 1 is the number of Beginning but 0 is absolute Unity which comes before all beginnings.
Although Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet it is with Beth that creation begins.

Other contrasts, which are easily apparent, show the Fool standing on a bleak and barren precipice
while the Magician stands in a garden. The Fool looks across the abyss toward a distant height while
the Magician concentrates on what is directly below him and in his immediate environment. The
Fool carries his tools, if any, in a wallet slung on a rod over his shoulder while the four implements
of the Magician are lying on his table ready for immediate use.

The Magician’s right hand lifts a wand upward pointing toward the sky. His left hand extends
downward, pointing with extended forefinger toward the garden in which he stands, the Earth.

He is the symbol of the ordinary waking consciousness or the objective mind. The mind which we
use to solve our daily problems. The key-idea of this picture is attention and alert watchfulness. You
must tune yourself to a higher level which is the source of all power. Then you must act as the
transformer of that energy which will flow through you to whatever you direct your full attention.
Concentration is as easy as pointing your finger, yet nothing can withstand the mental force of one
who has mastered this art.

The lilies, in the garden of the subconscious, and the fact that they are white, represent the various
aspects of truth and the fact that all human knowledge falls into four main categories.

The five roses represent the five major senses and the human desires that are related to them.

The Magician transmutes experience. By observing the principle at work in any situation he can
apply this principle in other ways so as to create different situations. The four tools on the table are
the means the Magician uses in dealing with the conditions of human environment.

The wand symbolizes the first means and is simply an extension of the pointing forefinger. Every
problem contains its own solution and this solution is determined by giving it our full attention. In
other words, “we watch”.

The Cup symbolizes the second tool, the imagination. By observing we collect experience and
imagination shapes it as a cup gives shape to that which is poured into it.

The sword symbolizes the third means, action. Regardless of what we know or what we feel, nothing
is changed until we do something. In doing something we usually tear something down and replace
it with something else. Regardless of how constructive we try to be, destruction always comes before

The coin symbolizes the fourth means, the finished product. This refers to the fact that everything
created by man has value. Money properly used is a blessing. The Bible does not condemn money,
only the lust for money. Lust and Love are opposites. In loving we have respect and sincere regard

for that thing or person loved. Lust is only the seeking to satisfy selfish personal desires with no
respect or understanding for the object of his lust. Respect for money, rather than lust or contempt,
brings about the understanding that enables it to be used for the welfare of mankind.

Key 0 puts you in mental touch with the limitless Source of all power while Key 1 calls into action
the mental power of concentration. Use the picture of the Magician to develop this power of
concentration, to make you more alert, and to bring forth from your inner consciousness the power
to deal successfully with practical, everyday problems.


Gimel means camel, pronounced GEEMEL (hard “g”). It suggests travel, communication and trade
between one place and another which are opposed to the meaning of a fixed location as suggested
by the word house. It is the Hebrew letter “G”, the number 3, and is attributed to “The Uniting
Intelligence”, and the Moon.

Also 2 implies doubling as opposed to the singleness of 1. A trading trip requires a beginning and
an end. Communication requires two people, one to hear and another to relate.

The High Priestess, in her place between two contrasting pillars is a picture of the subconscious
mind. She is passive, receptive and virginal. Her scroll indicates she is concerned with records of the

The subconscious retains and remembers everything perfectly and cannot be improved. The proper
use of Key 2 will develop our power of recollection and ability to duplicate past experiences. Faulty
memory is usually due to lack of attention. To improve our recall ability we must pay attention to
what is going on around us. A badly focused camera gives blurred or blank pictures. Names and
information only partly heard and understood fill the subconscious with gibberish.

The first thing needed for good recollection is to be perfectly quiet and passive as the High Priestess
is. Just relax and become passive and the information you need will be easily available providing you
have filled it with CLEAR AND SHARPLY DEFINED images to draw from. Determine to pay
attention to what goes on during every waking moment. If we do this the automatic filing system of
the subconscious will function perfectly.

The second law of recall, or association, is that of contrast. The two pillars, though alike in shape,
are opposite in colour. This is so because similarity and contrast always act together. We naturally
group together those images which are like one another. This is the first law.

The third law of recall states that, other things being equal, we recall easiest that which we have most
recently experienced. What happened today, or an hour ago is most easily recalled. The High
Priestess has not yet turned the page of the book or the segment of the scroll and can easily read what
she has written there.

Repetition, which is related to the number 2 (duplication), is the fourth law. Anything repeated many
times is easy to recall. A person, met once, casually, may not be remembered when seen again, but
if we see this person day after day we have no difficulty in recognizing him.

Intensity is the fifth law of recall. We usually remember the first time we experienced something
because they were given our full voluntary attention. Because childhood was a time of intense
curiosity and deep attention to even the minor details of living we can usually remember these things
vividly. We must once more recover the intenseness of youth and not only will we have vivid
memories once more but we shall have regained our youth.

Tarot itself is one of the best memory systems available and its process is perfectly natural. Think
of a number and the picture will appear in the mind ’s eye. Think of a picture and you will see the
number on the Key, near the title. Numbers and pictures go naturally together hence no effort is
needed for recall.

Tarot is a pictorial language you know subconsciously. You are learning to make conscious use of
this subconscious treasure house, not learning a language. You have only to use your eyes.

Whenever you want to recall something, relax quietly for a while and bring to your mind’s eye the
picture of Key 2, The High Priestess, with the sole intention of recalling what you desire. Don’t
strain to recall. Just look naturally at the picture and recall will be automatic.


Daleth means door, pronounced DAWLETH. It is the Hebrew letter “D”, and the number 4, and is
attributed to “The Luminous Intelligence”, and the planet Venus. The word door brings us back
home and we are once more at the self-conscious level of activity. The Empress, like the Magician,
is in a garden with red roses.

Yet the Empress, like the High Priestess, is a woman, but she is a pregnant wife whose husband is
the Emperor (Key 4). The High Priestess is the Moon corresponding to the virgin Diana, the huntress
of memory.

The Empress corresponds to Venus the traditional planet of childbirth, beauty and the arts. Key 3 is
the sum of 1 and 2 and shows the result of concentration, or attention (the self-consciousness), when
combined with memory, or recall (the subconscious), which produces imagination. Creative
imagination is truly the door to a new existence.

The limitless Life-Power, pictured by the Fool, can and does assume all sorts of forms. What you
concentrate on is what you become. Fix your attention on images of poverty, weakness, sickness and
misery and they become a part of your environment, for even your body is part of your environment.

Concentrate on their opposites, and creative imagination (the Empress), will begin to build you a

new life and a new environment. Look at your problem closely and you will find the answer within
the problem itself. It then requires only concentration of the solution and the process of change is

As you change the negative aspects of your life into positive ones you will find yourself aware of the
new images and combinations and your mind will be as fertile as the Empress’ garden, enabling you
to harvest a wonderful crop of ideas. By facing ever forward on the Path you will rise out of the fog
of appearance into the clear Light of true Realization.

Imagination is the eye of the soul and by its means we see the reflections of the invisible world.

No sage or adept ever lived who did not stand where you stand now. All once suffered the same
delusions which are the causes of whatever sorrow and misery we may now suffer. The peace and
happiness, the rich fertility, the ability to direct things in order as shown by the picture on Key 3, are
yours now. You have merely to put them to use and it is your DUTY to do so.

Contemplation of this Key will start the process of renewal. Your inner life will begin to form the
image of a new personality. The past is gone but the future is yours to create. Simply look at this
Tarot Key as have at those which preceded it. Looking is actually directed use of the Light whose
radiant energy forms the building blocks of the entire physical universe.

This approach may be hard for those who like their lives filled with the sound and fury of apparent
force. The forces of the universe work noiselessly and without friction. Man requires large amounts
of heat and energy to bring about physical results. Yet even the simple plant can perform the same
chemical transmutation without any noticeable heat.

The human body is much higher on the scale of evolution than the plant, hence its transmutation
should take place with even less heat and bother.


HEH (pronounced Hay) means window. It is the Hebrew letter “H” and the number 5 and is
attributed to “The Constituting Intelligence”, and the sign Aries.

Window naturally follows door, just as image making (Empress) comes before reason (Emperor),
and a man cannot become a father before his mate has children. The number 4 relates to order
because 4 corresponds to the square.

Supervision and regulation are symbolized by Key 4. Supervision is overseeing, hence sight is
attributed to the Emperor. This card also relates to Aries which rules the head and the function of
sight. Sight is our chief sense. Unless we imagine, we do not really see. The mind is the true seer.
The eyes are only its tools, and all tools need skillful handling.

Heh stands for the mental activity whereby we isolate particular things and separate them from others
that are more or less similar. This means classification. The ordering process of our minds in which
we control the conditions of our environment.

Such control depends on seeing things as they are. Reasoning must come from accurate observation.
One of the results of Tarot study is that it enables us to see the true world which lies hidden behind
the veils of superficial appearance.

We do not force nature into obeying us. But she will serve us when we see things as they are. Nature
is always for man, never against him. But man must have true vision to be free – free from want,
disease and fear. Free from death itself. This freedom can come only from our inner consciousness,
never from the outside.

The picture language of this key tells you that you are the master of your environment and
circumstances now, not at some future time. Your personal world, now, at the present time, is exactly
as you have made it for yourself. You may hate it, but you made it! And because you made it you
can change it to a world that is nearer to what you really desire.

To do this, however, you must first destroy the old world which is only the false world of your
ignorant dreams. Use Key 4 to help you wake up from the dream that you are a slave to
circumstances. This picture of the Emperor ruling all his kingdom is a true picture of your own real

Use this Key to bring to the surface of your mind the knowledge of who and what you really are.
Liberation is indefinitely progressive. Remember that to have true vision is to be free from


VAV (pronounced WOW) means nail or hook. The Hebrew letter “V” or “U”, the number 6, and
is attributed to “The Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence” and the sign Taurs.

The number 5 occupies the middle place between 1 and 9 hence suggests intervention, meditation
or that which serves to unite. A nail or hook carries this idea further. Nails are used to join things
together as the parts of a house for instance. A hook supports what is hung on it.

Vav is associated with Hearing. Hearing is the principal link between one mind and another. Vav
also stands for the interior hearing by which we may hear the Voice of the true Self pictured here as
the Hierophant.

This Voice of the One Self, and the knowledge and wisdom which it imparts is name “The
Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence”. Triumphant, because its counsel always helps us emerge
victorious when faced by some obstacle, danger, or unfriendly condition. Eternal, because this

counsel is based on eternal principles, never on the expediency of the moment.

Opening our inner ears is not enough. Mischief-maker and enemies as well as friends, dwell on the
Astral Plane. These are not the Voice, but the voices who always betray their lower state.

They excel in subtle flattery. The “reveal” mysteries which they say are hidden from others not so
favored. They make supposed revelations of the details of former incarnations. Since they exist on
the astral plane these “revelations” may be quite accurate. Only the limitations of our physical bodies
conceal our past experiences from others. Those who exist on the astral plane and use senses can
read our lives from birth to death, for even our private thoughts and feelings are engraved on the
scroll of the High Priestess.

Some of these entities are well-meaning and kindly but this does not mean that they are capable of
guiding you toward a successful future. Just because a man has shed his physical body does not
change his nature. In the physical body he may have given bad advice and he will continue to do so
on the astral plane.

The Voice never demands, never flatters, never says anything to increase our self-esteem. Anything
it says can be checked by reason.

The word, INTUITION, in the sense of “inside or interior teaching”, gives the general meaning of
Key 5. The picture on this Key gives us all we need to know to distinguish genuine intuitions from
baseless feelings which merely echo our own emotional states and stem from our ignorance.

Intuition is not a substitute for reason. It flows logically from good reasoning. The Inner Teacher
instructs only those who take the trouble to observe, to remember, to imagine and to reason. Hence
Key 5 logically follows Key 4.

The flowers on the garments of those kneeling before their teacher are the same as those found in
the garden of the Magician. They represent personally acquired knowledge (lilies) and personally
developed and cultivated desires (roses).

The only difference between the Emperor and the Hierophant is that in Key 4 the emphasis is on the
objective, external world from which we gather experience. In Key 5 the emphasis is on the inner
realm where we gain wisdom and knowledge of the meaning of what goes on around us. This is
merely the outside and the inside of the same world. Neither is more real, nor more true than the
other. Either, taken by itself is incomplete, and devoid of meaning without the other. The wisdom
of the inner world must be put to use and service in the outside world.

When you have a problem to which you can find no solution, AFTER YOU HAVE DONE ALL
REASONING, then look at the Hierophant. Call up his image and practise the LISTENING attitude
of mind. Unless you silence the noise of your own thinking and talking to yourself you will fail to

hear the Voice. The Voice never speaks loud. You may not hear an audible voice at all, especially
at the start, but when you do you will never again mistake the Voice for the “voices”.

Be still. Stop racking your brains. Call on the Hierophant. Every great principle, every great truth,
is already part of the wisdom of your true Self. Intuition is a sort of recollection. It brings up wisdom
buried deep in the race subconsciousness and brings down new wisdom from the
superconsciousness. The price for this is SILENCE.


ZAIN (pronounced ZAH’YEEN) means sword. It is the Hebrew letter “Z”, the number 7, and is
attributed to “The Disposing Intelligence” and the sign Gemini. Here again there is contrast with the
preceding card. Nails fasten things together. Swords cut them apart. Key 5 symbolized union. Key
6 represents division.

The main lesson of this Key is that Super-consciousness (the angel) sheds its influence impartially
upon both self-consciousness (the man) and subconsciousness (the woman). These two are co-equal.

Subconsciousness is always amenable to suggestion, but unless rightly directed by self-

consciousness, falls prey to the appearances and delusions emanating from physical sensation.

The serpent coiled around the tree behind the woman, and the five fruits referring to the life of the
physical senses, represent the appearances and illusions which seem to attractive to those who yield
to its temptations. Knowledge of the life of sensation is of no value at all in guiding ourselves. It only
appears to be useful.

As long as the life is under the guidance of the superconsciousness (the angel), all goes well. When
the connection is broken through the mistaken illusion that we can plan our lives from the reports
of physical sensation, all goes wrong.

The superconsciousness is not an outside ruler imposing his will on human beings. It is the true
SELF, the innermost reality at the core of every single human life. When we depend on it our life
is regulated and arranged from a level above that of either the self-consciousness or the

When the Magician is consciously related to what is above him every pattern he makes is a good one.
Hence the record on the scroll of the High Priestess is clear and definite and produces good wheat
(mental imagery) in the garden of the Empress. Then the Emperor is so completely identified with
the ONE SELF that the superconsciousness acts directly through the personality. The clear vision
of the Emperor (who is both the Magician and the Fool under another guise) is then supplemented
by the Voice of the Hierophant and the happy state pictured by the Lovers is brought into being.

The two human figures are nude because they conceal nothing from each other. The two aspects of

human personal consciousness, when they stand in correct relation to superconsciousness, have none
of the concealments which, too often, characterize the relation between these two same aspects of
personality in most men and women.

The average person is always putting on an act but he himself is the most deluded victim of this act.
From this hypocrisy comes the miseries which man suffers. He who deliberately surrenders his
personal life to superconscious direction becomes immediately the agent of the One Self.

Selfconsciousness and subconsciousness are different, but equal. Each has its own special field of
operation and its own special powers. They must have no concealments. Each must leave the other
free to carry out their own particular type of activity. Selfconsciousness gathers accurate data through
observing the objective world. Subconsciousness acts as the connecting link between self-
consciousness and superconsciousness.

It is through subconsciousness that we contact the Voice of the Hierophant obtaining an

understanding of significance. It is through the subconsciousness also that new ideas and new mental
imagery come into manifestation. After looking at this Key and trying to gain an understanding of
its meaning, frame a special message to your own personal subconsciousness. Use your own words
but try to get the following meaning into it.



By this means you will find yourself experiencing the wonderful and beneficient results of
superconscious guidance every day of your life.

You will still make mistakes in your personal life. Your selfconscious mind has limits. These
superficial errors, however, will be easy to overcome and correct because the subconscious mind will
no longer regard them as suggestions or commands to elaborate. Only those opinions and commands
of selfconsciousness that have been confirmed by the superconsciousness will be elaborated by the
subconscious mind.


CHETH (pronounced KHAYTH) means a fence, an enclosure, a field. It is the Hebrew letter “Ch”,
the number 8, and is attributed to “The Intelligence of the House of Influence” and the sign Cancer.
In contrast to the sword from Key 6, a weapon of offence and a cutting instrument suggesting
division and separation, Cancer is the protective sign, sheltering and shielding and is said to rule the
breasts which nourish babies, and the bony wall of the chest which protects the stomach, lungs and

Key 6 shows things in the natural state of nature. The human figures are nude and stand in open
country, their surroundings showing no trace of human construction. Key 7 has a city in the
background with a stone wall around it. Before the wall is a river for further defence. In the
foreground is the portable fence of the chariot and the rider wears armour as protection, particularly
for the chest. On each shoulder is a lunar crescent confirming that this Key represents Cancer and
its ruler, the Moon.

The two crescent Moons are connected by the rider’s body, the one on the left frowning while the
one on the right smiles. The two sphinxes show a similar contrast. This is to emphasize the
reconciliation and unification of opposites.

In Key 6, the two humans stand apart, though they get equal influence from the angel. They are male
and female. One meaning of this is discrimination. The entire meaning of Key 7 has to do with the
synthesis of all the principles we have considered up to this point – a synthesis brought about by
human agency of WILL.

Yet the only Will there is in the universe is “the Will of God”. The River in Key 7 represents this
will. It flows into the picture from outside, and flows out again. So too, the power that we feel which
we exercise in doing things, is something which flows through the field of personal existence.

The chariot or vehicle is the clue. Persons are instruments of the ONE LIFE. Persons originate
neither themselves nor their actions. Personality, which is the end product of causes reaching far into
the past, could not possibly have absolute free will of its own. Never-the-less, every human being
has free will.

What we mean here is that the person is not the man. It is only the vehicle through which the
spiritual MAN finds expression. MAN has been indicated so far in the Tarot by the dominant figure
in each Key. The MAN is the Fool, the Magician, the High Priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, the
Hierophant, the Angel, and the Rider in the chariot. The PERSON is shown by the Magician’s
implements, his robes, and the flowers in his garden. Always those elements which relate to
personality are subordinate – as the scroll, the roses, the wheat, the shield, the domain of the
Emperor, the ministers kneeling, and the two Lovers. The inner meaning of Tarot will be more
clearly revealed to you if you keep this in mind because the purpose of these Keys is a psychological
training which, through SELF-revelation allows you to live in intimate contact with the SELF, and
to experience the beneficial results of this union.

Those who become experienced in occult training have to break down these fences indicated by Key
7. To do this they must regain the use of the powers they once had. You do not obtain new powers,
you simply regain powers that were yours but have been forgotten since childhood. We have always
been able to communicate with others telepathically. Training since childhood has warped our way
of thinking, making us forget. WE MUST LEARN TO REMEMBER.

Receptivity is the personal attitude indicated by Key 7. Human persons are like fenced fields. They

are not really separate. The wall which sets us apart from our neighbours is artificial. Education and
training have erected most of these walls that hem us in. Much of our seeming separation is due to
habits and attitudes imposed upon us by parents, teachers, and other, older people.

We must remember that we are truly omnipresent because the true MAN at the heart of every human
personality is none other than God.


TETH (pronounced TAY’TH) means serpent or snake. It is the Hebrew letter “T”, the number 9, and
is attributed to “The Intelligence of the Secret of All Spiritual Activities”, and the sign Leo. Again
we go back to nature, away from the associations of human artifice shown in Key 7. Key 8 is an echo
of what we have seen in Key 6, where a woman and a serpent were part of the design.

We must understand that temptation and evil, as symbolized by the serpent and the lion, are the
results of man’s ignorant misuse of force, which, because it has a wavy motion and spiral nature, is
typified by the serpent. Yet this same force is man’s means of liberation when properly understood
and used.

When dealing with the problems of human life it is ridiculous to think we can escape danger by
denying that it exists. The only way we can solve problems is by facing them. Neither can we solve
them by attempting to DESTROY their cause. The causes of evil are to be overcome by transmuting
them into allies.

This is symbolized in Key 8 by the woman who has tamed the red lion by opening its mouth. The
idea here is that whenever we understand any seemingly adverse power, we can tame it and make
it an instrument to help us express and realize human aspirations.


Key 8 by the white robe the woman wears, similar to that worn by the Magician and the horizontal
figure 8 over her head which is also shown in Key 1.

All material forms in our environment are built up of radiant energy. This streams from our Sun to
provide physical energy for our entire solar system. This energy seems to be a mass of tiny particles
or waves moving at terrific speed. These particles are fundamentally all alike: the electrons, ions,
neutrons, etc., in an atom of gold being no different than those in an atom of lead. Those which make
up your body are no different than those in a concrete wall.

Everything is alive. Inorganic as well as organic forms build from this radiant energy. Wherever
there is life there is some degree of consciousness. We call the consciousness latent in minerals and
vegetables SUBCONSCIOUSNESS to designate levels of awareness below that of human
awareness. This is indicated in the law given above which says that every level of consciousness

below that of human selfconsciousness responds invariably and automatically to suggestions
originating at the level of selfconsciousness.

THOUGHT AND IMAGINATION. This control is indirect by imagining combinations of things
outside the body and directly through use of the mind.

Machines, chairs, airplanes, etc., are thought-forms materialized by human imagination. Through
using the steps outlined by Keys 0 to 7, man, by imaging truly, has command of the things and forces
surrounding him.

Through use of Tarot such indirect control may be dispensed with. Tarot unfolds the deeper, latent
powers of subconsciousness, whereby the will of man acts directly on this radiant energy (or light),
and by this means can modify all nature.

In Key 8, the lion (power) is led by a chain of roses (cultivated desire), showing that the
subconscious level of the activity of the radiant energy is to be controlled by trained, systematic,
coherent use of the RELATED desires, expressed in clear images.

Looking at Key 8 will bring from your inner consciousness an understanding of the truth that you
are now in touch with an instantly available and inexhaustible source of power. Through it you
understand that what ignorance dreads and fears is really your most powerful ally. As you use it, it
will evoke courage and confidence.

Beginners will find that while using this card when depressed or afraid of appearances in their
personal world, that this picture will raise their spirits and drive away their fears.


YOD (pronounced YODE) means hand, the hand of man open, the Hebrew letter “I” or “Y”, the
number 10, and is attributed to “The Intelligence of Will” and the sign Virgo. The Hermit stands at
the summit of the peak shown in the background of Key 8. The figure in Key 8 is a woman. In Key
9, the Hermit is male. The woman and lion stand in the sunlight, but the Hermit stands holding a
lantern to light the way for travellers climbing the path toward the mountain top.

In a sense, 9 has certain of the properties of 0. Multiply any number by 0, and 0 is always the result.
Multiply any number by 9, and the product will always be a number whose digits add to 9. 9 is
simply a zero with a tail. Both the Fool and the Hermit are on a mountain but the Fool looks at the
height ahead of him while the Hermit looks down on the way he has come.

Solitude and superiority are pictured by this Key as shown by the height on which he stands and by
the beard symbolizing experience. Nine (9) signifies completion and the completion of human life

is attainment of adeptship and mastery. So Key 9 symbolizes the perfected state of human
consciousness, the union with the ONE SELF.

Adepts and masters are God’s hands. So are we, but we are as the hands of little children. We have
the powers but we are lacking in training. The rays from the Hermit’s lantern signify that every man
and woman on this planet is connected with the ONE SELF by a ray of cosmic light. All personal
action is a response to impulses coming from this Father of Lights.

Persons seem to be separate and think they have separate “selves”, but the supreme conscious
attainment is the realization that the ONE SELF is also the ONLY SELF. This is why the Hermit is
standing alone. Virgo is the sixth sign and is designated by the six pointed star in the lantern. This
portion of the zodiac is assigned to the small intestine where the basis substance with which our
blood is filled with the materials needed to repair and promote the functioning of our bodies is
Although an adept and any other human being may look alike, yet they differ greatly inwardly. The
adept’s blood is different. His organs function better, and his glands and centers are fully functioning
instead of being mere rudimentary structures.

Mercury, the Magician, rules this sign, and indicates that it is possible, by intelligent control of the
body-building process, to make great changes in the chemistry of the blood and the working of the
physical organs. This is done by the conscious knowledge of the use of selfconsciousness in the right
selection of food and by using the law pictured in Key 8 to transfer to subconsciousness the pattern
of a higher and finer type of physical organism.

RESPONSE is the most important lesson of this Key. No act of human personality is self-originated,
but all acts of personality are truly SELF-originated since they have their origin in the over-
shadowing life of the ONE SELF. We seem to be struggling upward, but the ONE SELF, signified
by the Hermit looking down, works through every-one to bring about our own conscious union with
the Divine.

This does not negate free will. Our response is to something inside ourselves, not outside. For it is
a response to our true, innermost nature.

There are many paths on all sides of the mountain which lead upward to the peak on which the
Hermit stands. Yet they all meet in one place. So do the paths of human attainment differ in details
and appear to differ in direction also, but all lead to the ONE and only SELF. We may have
momentarily lost our way, but sooner or later the light from the Hermit’s lantern will serve as a
beacon to bring us back to the path.

Use Key 9 to remind you that your true SELF is already all that your personal mind hopes and
dreams of being. Use it to increase your understanding of the truth that you are ever under the
watchful supervision of that same great “I AM”. Use it so your subconsciousness, which understands
every detail of this Tarot Key’s meaning, will respond to it by beginning to build the finer body you



KAPH (pronounced KAH’FF) means the hand of man closed as when grasping. It is the Hebrew
letter “K”, the number 20 and is attributed to “The Conciliating Intelligence” and the planet Jupiter.
This contrasts to its use as touch which is given in Key 9. When we grasp anything with the mind
it is ours to control and use. Thus a thorough grasp of the meaning of the events of our lives brings
wealth. A poor grasp makes our control uncertain and leads to poverty.

Wealth may be in dollars and cents but it can take other forms. He who really grasps man’s place in
this world need never suffer material want. To judge life by appearances only is to be deceived into
thinking it a “Tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing”. This is what Key 0 signifies to the
uninitiated also.

Key 10 signifies our comprehension and its number is the sum of the numbers from 0 to 4. Hence
in Key 1, we observe; in Key 2, remember; in Key 3, we imagine hidden relationships; in Key 4, we
reason truly. All together signify comprehension, the full development of the meanings of the
Emperor, because 10 is the extension of 4.

Key 10 shows that order is fundamental. Season follows season. The planets follow their cyclic
pattern. All life is rhythmic and therefore predictable. The four fixed signs of the zodiac which are
represented by the four mystic animals at the outer corners of the picture stand for the four elements
of nature, the four tools of the Magician, and the Divine Name, Jehovah, signified by the Hebrew
letters round the outer circle of the wheel.

Taurus, the bull, stands for the element of earth and the coin or pentacle. Leo, the lion, stands for the
element of fire and the wand. Scorpio, the eagle, stands for the element of water and the cup.
Aquarius stands for the element of air and the sword.

From the four Roman letters ROTA is formed the word TAROT by beginning at the top of the wheel
and reading clockwise, beginning and ending with T. It also forms the word ATOR, the ancient Latin
rendering of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, personifying Nature represented by the Empress, Key 3,
and Venus. Nature is a general term of our experiences in the field of the four elements, which is
basically the work of our subconscious powers.

An eight-armed cross within the outer circle has four arms pointing to the Hebrew, and four arms
pointing to the Latin letters. The four arms pointing to the Latin have four symbols. Beneath the
letter T is the alchemical symbol for Mercury. Beside the alchemical symbol for Sulphur is the letter
A. Above the letter R is the symbol for Aquarius, and an alchemical symbol for dissolution. The
symbol besides the letter O stands for Salt. All are essential in the Great Work.

Man, being selfconscious, can apply the universal solvent (alchemical Mercury) to the apparent

nature of his environment, and by discovering its real instead of apparent nature, can reduce
everything to its primal substance, THE LIMITLESS LIFE-POWER symbolized by the Fool. Once
he has done this he can, by means of mental vision and creative imagination, reshape this primal
substance as he sees fit. He can also, by working directly upon this primal substance, mentally bring
forth forms corresponding to his own images.

The descending serpent, outside the wheel, represents the vibrating force, symbolized by Key 8 and
the letter Teth, which constitutes man’s environment. The Egyptian god, Hermanubis, the guide of
the soul in its journey through the underworld, rises on the other side. It has a human body and an
jackal’s head and is related to Mercury and the Magician. His eye is alongside the letter A (Aleph)
indicating that the advanced intellect can see what is pictured by Key 0, but few can KNOW THE
INNER SELF as a direct personal experience. Since some have an intuitive perception the ears of
Hermanubis are above the letter A in that part of the wheel with the letter Yod, the Hermit, showing
that it may get knowledge of the higher method of knowing through interior hearing.

The sphinx, which is a synthesis of male and female, human and animal, sits above the letter T
(Tav), the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet and Key 21. It represents the completion of the Great
Work, which is to develop the metaphysical senses corresponding to the physical senses. It is to have
direct experience of oneness with the ONE SELF. When this happens one is adjusted to the cosmic
rhythm and is free from the ups and downs of fortune. Planets veil a LIVING ORGANISM in which
you have your being. Your consciousness is one with it, the ONE LIFE which indwells all.


LAMED means “ox-goad” and is pronounced LAHM’ED. It is the Hebrew letter “L”, the number
30 and is attributed to “The Faithful Intelligence” and the sign Libra. The goad is a thing grasped in
contrast to the hand which grasps in Key 10. Ideas of control and direction are associated with Key
11. In Key 0 we have Aleph the ox, and in Key 5 we have Vau, corresponding to Taurus, the Bull.
Hence the education, or ox-goading, implied by Lamed, has to do with directing this pair of oxen.
The Fool typifying Superconsciousness, and the Hierophant indicates intuitive knowledge of reality.
Lamed imparts the education necessary for us to apply this Superconsciousness and inspiration from
within to the conduct of our life.

Lamed also has to deal with work or action and he who is truly educated has more than knowledge.
He is able to apply this knowledge for practical use in the management and direction of affairs.

Key 11 is a pair of 1’s signifying that what is shown in Key 1, the Magician, is unfolded, increased,
and extended by doubling. Since doubling is represented by Key 2, the High Priestess, the meaning
of Key 11 has to do with the recording and growth gained by means of the activities represented by
the High Priestess resulting in BALANCE.

The fundamentals of education are observation and memory. Practical skill comes from training
which establishes habits. It is not until our bodies have been changed by the operation of

subconsciousness that these habits can be fully established. The various skills and trades leave quite
definite traces of their presence on the physical body. Thus the difference between an adept and an
average human being is one of physiology. The adept has practical knowledge and makes continuous
use of all that he knows.

Practical knowledge allows one to make adjustments and establish a working arrangement bringing
harmony into the life. Abstract justice is law. Key 11 is named Justice. Libra is attributed to Lamed
and its symbol is a pair of scales. The ruler of Libra is Venus, represented by the Empress, hence the
figure in Key 11 has yellow hair and wears a crown. She represents creative imagination as related
to work. All good work has to be planned and this requires the use of the subconscious power to
form clear mental images of the intended actions.

When the framework of these images is true to fact these clear images are very effective. This
framework resembles the bones of the body, and the planet Saturn, which is exalted in Libra, rules
the bones. Hence the T-cross, which ornaments the dress of the woman and which is a deep indigo,
is the colour of Saturn on the Queen’s scale.

In order to make adjustments that will change a problem into an advantage, we must do two things.
First, we must have accurate measurements and facts. We cannot guess or make approximations.
Secondly, we must act in harmony with our knowledge of the actual situation, and this action must
be aimed at removing whatever restricts our freedom. Hence the scales of Justice are balanced by
the sword.

Whatever restricts freedom and interferes with the harmonious adjustment of our lives must be
eliminated. Remember that the sphinx in Key 10 also holds a sword. Key 6, the Lovers, Zain the
sword, is symbolized by two persons standing side by side like the two 1’s in 11. Practical skill in
adjusting one’s life is the use of the power of discrimination pictured in Key 6. Since 5 plus 6 is 11,
we see that practical skill is discrimination combined with intuition.

As Key 1 is the complement of Key 0, so Key 11 is that of Key 10. The wheel of fortune symbolizes
cosmic law and Justice is the symbol for the application of that law through human action. Hence
a seated woman is the central figure of Key 11. She is passive and receptive and represents the
subconscious side of our lives. The basis of successful action is the mental state of agreement with
the nature of things as they really are.

Faith is also connected with Key 11. True faith is the habitual (subconscious) conviction that
whatever is, is for our good. Appearances which seem to indicate something inimical to man are due
to our ignorance. Facts measured correctly, especially those about human nature, enable us to
establish justice in our lives and surroundings.


MEM means “water” and is pronounced MAIM. It is the Hebrew letter “M”, the number 40, and is

attributed to “The Stable Intelligence”, the element water and in some systems the planet Neptune.
This is perhaps the most important Key in the Tarot. Its meaning is that it is necessary to reverse the
way we think, speak and act from the way in which most people think, speak and act in order to
reverse misery, disease and failure and turn them into their opposites of health, happiness and

What we are now is a result of what we have thought. Hatred cannot be stopped by hatred. Hatred
ceases only by love. Key 12 is a practical method by which we can reverse our false thinking. Just
looking at the picture will help you go a long way toward right thinking. Knowledge of its meaning
and correspondences will form a bridge that will bring its suggestions more easily into our
subconsciousness. Here are set into motion forms of mental activity which will make habitual a
change in our mental attitude – attitudes which underlie the misery and failure we want to overcome.

Mem means water and water was the first mirror. All mirrors reverse the images cast upon them.
Occult water is the Astral Fluid – the seed of minerals, the energy which is the substance of all
things. The Astral Fluid flows in waves, forms itself into vortices, drops, and corpuscles. All matter
is composed of atoms and every atom contains a definite number of drops, or corpuscles of this basic

The matter which surrounds us appears so dense, so inert and hard to move that it is difficult for
most people to believe that mere thinking has any power over it. This is being deceived by mere
surface appearance. The densest appearing physical substance, as well as the lightest gases, are forms
built up of widely separated tiny drops of cosmic water. There is no essential difference between the
energy forming a thought form and that which takes the form of the hardest metal or diamond.
Knowing this, and not being deceived by appearances, we can effect a reversal of our normal thought
and change conditions for the better.

Key 12 indicates the outflowing of the powers of subconsciousness (2) through the fixing of self-
consciousness in acts of attention (1). The Hanged Man shows that when concentration is prolonged
we experience directly the superconscious state of being. This is perfect union of the personal with
the cosmic consciousness. The Hanged Man indicates the suspension of personal activities, which
is attained by concentration, and release of the powers which will give you control over your mind,
body and the conditions of your environment. To do this we must reverse our attitude toward life.
By doing this you will realize that you are an instrument for the manifestation of the limitless power
of the cosmic Life. No longer will you be deceived into thinking that personality can be separate
from the sum-total of all universal activity.

Even Jesus said, “Of myself I can do nothing”, because he knew that all personal actions are a
particular manifestation of cosmic laws and forces. The value of the personality lies in the fact that
a person is an agency through which the limitless power of the ONE LIFE may be brought to bear
in controlling conditions in this field of relative existence.

The gallows in Key 12 is in the form of the Hebrew letter Tav, corresponding to Key 21, The World,

and symbolizes the real world which is hidden from the ignorant because of their delusions. By
reversing your conception of personality you will realize that the real world is the body of God. You
will know that you are a member of that body.

The average person rationalizes instead of reasoning and his false images render his condition worse
the more he rationalizes. You must learn to select your mental images with care and see that they are
true images. Then you will imagine creatively and have a true vision of man’s place in the cosmic
order. The light around the Hanged Man’s head indicates the illumination which comes from
suspending the activity of personal consciousness. This glory is also shown by the Sun in Key 0 and
6. His hair is white but his face is that of a youth, combining the two aspects of the LIFE-POWER
– GOD and MAN.

Through use of Key 12 you will learn to adopt the mental attitude of utter dependence on the ONE
AUTOMATICALLY. It will remove all negative states of mind, which is the cause of failure.


NUN means “fish” and is pronounced NOON. It is the Hebrew letter “N”, the number 50 and is
attributed to “The Imaginative Intelligence” and the sign Scorpio. BODIES die. Ignoring or denying
this is stupid. However, part of every person is something immortal which is not born with the body

We must face the fact of physical death and by learning its meaning find out how to overcome and
erase it completely from our consciousness and experience. Those who perfect their knowledge of
death here on Earth need have no experience of physical dissolution. This is not just a change of
consciousness. Those who understand death are able to maintain their physical bodies in perfect
health for any length of time, limited only by their own deliberate choice.

Key 13 gives this knowledge symbolically. It calls forth from the subconsciousness, through the
sense of sight, the knowledge which will help us to overcome death. As a verb, the letter Nun means
to sprout, to grow. Key 13 shows that the liberating power of truth, or reality, is a result of the power
of growth represented by Nun. This power of growth, in the human body, is what causes
multiplication of cells and the development of structure. It is also the basic principle of reproduction.
Hence it is assigned with Scorpio, the sign of the zodiac presiding over reproduction.

As the eighth sign, Scorpio has rulership over the natural eighth house of the horoscope, the house
of death and inheritance. DEATH IS OUR MOST PRECIOUS HERITAGE. Without death, life
would remain in the same rut. There would be no progress. Most of us have to be forcibly removed
from this physical plane, again and again, until we have progressed spiritually to that state where we
have learned, through direct experience and perception, the true nature of life in its relationship with

Number 13, in Hebrew, has two meanings. One meaning is UNITY. The other is LOVE. THE ONE
POWER from which comes all things manifests as the LOVE POWER which attracts and creates,
and also manifests as the DEATH POWER which brings about the dissolution of the physical body.
Yet they are not two powers, but one, having opposite forms of manifestation.

The skeleton in Key 13 is not the “Grim Reaper”. It shows that without the foundation of the
skeleton none of our muscular activities would be possible. The skeleton, therefore, symbolizes the
basis of all function, the base of all growth and development.

The ONE POWER, specialized in the reproductive functions of the body, is the SEED POWER, as
shown by the symbol of the seed placed in the upper left-hand corner of the picture. The NO-THING
remains eternally itself throughout all apparent appearances, yet relatively speaking, the parade of
transformation is actual, and requires the dissolution of outworn forms.

The skeleton in Key 13 has two twists in its spinal column, one just above the pelvis (the Mars
center), and the other at the neck (the Venus center). This is the main secret of Key 13. We must
learn to give a certain twist to the Mars energy by means of its complement, the Venus force
specialized in the center of the throat. The Mars center controls the reproductive activities of the
body and unless deliberately turned in the right direction we cannot overcome death. We do this by
a change in our mental imagery. As this current of nerve force rises we receive a change of
consciousness and an increase in the manifestation of occult powers which were formerly latent.

All people travel, at least occasionally, in the astral body with no recollection of their experiences.
When we begin to have conscious waking recollection of these experiences we are freed from the
delusion that our personality depends on having a physical body to exist as a self-conscious, thinking
being. These higher powers are shown by the scythe, with a “T” shaped handle, showing that this
occult work uses the power of the Saturn center at the base of the spine.

This Key is intended to awaken the Imaginative Intelligence. Begin by imagining yourself as being
free from the bondage of physical existence. This will aid in setting in motion those subtle inner
activities which will cause the force from the Mars center to move up instead of down. No other
concentration is needed for this purpose.


SAMECH means “a prop” and is pronounced SAMH’EKH. It is the Hebrew lettter “S”, the number
60 and is attributed to “The Intelligence of Probation” and the sign Sagittarius. This picture shows
us how we may confirm our beliefs and theories. Its basic meaning is Verification. In order to know,
we must do. Our theories must be tested in day to day experience. Samech represents a snake with
its tail in its mouth, a symbol of completion and eternity. As a verb it means “to prop, to bear up, to
sustain, to establish”, and in Tarot it gives stability and firmness to our house of life.

Key 14 symbolizes the gold of enlightenment, the gold which represents perfect, verified truth, for

the numerical value of the noun, ZAWHAB,* Gold, is 14. Temperance here means “the act of
tempering or mingling” and thus means regulation and the proper, measured proportion of related

Alchemy, the Great Work, combines and harmonizes all the elements which enter into the makeup
of human personality, blending them into a united whole.

The archangel MICHAEL, angel of the Sun and of the element of fire, is the central figure of Key
14. The solar disk, and the yellow glowing hair surrounded by rays, show this. He corresponds to the
great angel described in the tenth chapter of Revelation. The seven thunders mentioned there are
identified with Jupiter, who rules the sign of Sagittarius, to which Key 14 corresponds. The Hebrew
name for this sign is also the name for “rainbow”.

The angel, by his actions, shows the operation of the Law. He also is identified with the ONE LIFE.
The seven pointed star, under the name Jehovah on the angel’s breast refers to the Seven Spirits of
God – the seven phases of the One Conscious Energy.

The water falls from the vase (Astral Fluid) in a triple stream, showing that although it is usually
associated with subconsciousness, it here includes self-consciousness and superconscious operations

The water falls on a lion who here represents not only the sign Leo and the element of fire, but also
the Biblical symbol of the devil, the “Roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”. The water falling
on the lion also indicates the modification of the animal nature, through the blending of opposite
elements, water and fire, by the powers of human consciousness.

From the torch in the angel’s left hand fall five flames, each shaped like the letter Yod, and indicate
the fivefold division of the LIFE-BREATH into ether, fire, water, air and earth. The torch symbolizes
the consuming of physical forms by the fiery action of the LIFE-POWER.

The eagle here symbolizes the sign Scorpio, which is a water sign. The flames falling on the eagle
indicate the blending of opposites, resulting in equilibrium. The eagle is also the bird of Jupiter,
which rules Sagittarius.

The rayed crown, suspended between the two mountain peaks in the center, left background,
represents Kether, the Crown. The first of the ten Kabbalistic Sephiroth. It symbolizes completion
of the Great Work when man attains the perfect union with the ONE SELF. The twin mountain
peaks represent Wisdom (Chokmah) and Understanding (Binah).

The pool represents consciousness, and the earth the physical form. The angel, standing on both,
shows that the Great Work is a psychochemical operation in which changing mental states brings
about corresponding changes in the physical organism.

The main idea of this Key is that we can prove for ourselves the teaching that man is destined to
complete the cosmic manifestation of the LIFE-POWER through his personal actions. To do this
man changes his body so that the brain registers consciousness of identity with the PRIMAL WILL
of which all activities are expressions.

By concentrated attention on this Key we can keep steadily in mind the real meaning of daily
experience. Practice of the mental states brought out by Key 14 is the PRACTICE OF THE


AYIN means “eye” and is pronounced AH-YEEN. It is the Hebrew letter “O” and the number 70 and
is attributed to “The Renewing Intelligence” and the sign Capricorn. The angel in Key 14 is an angel
of light. In Key 15 it shows an angel of darkness.

This is a very important Key as it reveals the secret of alchemy and magic. Whosoever knows this
secret is able to make the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life. But those who know cannot tell
others because the essential point cannot be expressed in words. All this instruction can do is plant
a seed in your mind which will grow into knowledge when you are ready.

The letter-name AYIN means not only “eye” and “fountain”, but also “outward appearance”. Thus
Key 15 is a picture of the way things look and not of the way they really are. Keep in mind that every
Key of the Tarot is a picture of humanity itself, a symbol for some aspect of the ONE SELF which
is manifesting in the numberless personalities making up the human race. When we become aware
of the undeveloped aspect of personality we have taken the first step towards overcoming our
“devilish” responses to life experience.

Now the word “devil” is a Greek noun meaning “slanderer”. It stands for anything that gives one a
bad opinion of the worth and value of his nature. This refers to the appearances that make up human
environment, but once we know what they are, what causes them, and what their purpose is in the
cosmic order, we soon understand how to handle them.

All creation was good because the Lord had no material except his own substance. So we see that
it is the APPEARANCE which deceives us and is the immediate cause of our fears and our poor
opinion of human nature.

Briefly, Key 15 shows the ONE POWER as it APPEARS to those who accept appearance at face
value. Nothing like the creature in the picture actually exists yet everything in it is some aspect of
reality and reflects the confusion apparently existing in the world around us.

Capricorn was said by the ancient Egyptians to be Typhon, and Typhon was the source of much that
is included in later notions of Satan. Some symbols for Capricorn are: 1. A monster with the head

and body of a goat and the tail of a fish; 2. A crocodile with the head of an elephant; 3. A donkey;
4. The Leviathan and the Old-Serpent in Job and in Revelation. It is a feminine sign related to the
mother-power, which, after trial and temptation, brings forth the Savior, the Redeemed One. It
represents the Renewing Intelligence and by its means all is renewed that is begun afresh in the
creation of the world.

Eliphas Levi has said, “Satan, as a superior personality and power, has no existence. The devil is the
Great Magic Agent employed for evil purposes by a perverse will.” This perversity is due to

The Devil picture in Key 15 is androgyne, half male, half female, shown by the one male and one
female breast. From the pentagram to the end of his right-hand horn there are ten divisions. On the
other there are twelve, representing the twenty-two forces corresponding to the letters of the Hebrew
alphabet and to the Tarot Keys. The inverted pentagram, a symbol of evil magic, represents the
inversion of the powers of normal humanity. When man inverts his true position by wrong thought
he creates for himself the hideous figure of the Adversary.

Since the donkey is one of the symbols of Capricorn, the Devil has the ears of an ass. The goatish
face refers to the sexual manifestation of the LIFE-POWER. The element of earth is suggested by
the gross, hairy body with its brown, earthen tint. The bat’s wings are wings of darkness and
symbolize the occult agencies through which the forces of the physical plane are transmuted from
one form to another. The eagle’s wings and talons refer to Scorpio and the ideas represented by the
letter Nun, Key 13.

The symbol of Mercury, with its yellow, upper part and red cross, represents the combining of the
powers of Mercury with those of Mars (who is exalted in Capricorn), and suggests to
subconsciousness we can transform our emotions, thoughts and actions to bring Light into the dark
area of our lives.

The astrological symbol for Saturn is on the raised right hand which seems to imply that nothing is
hidden. What you see is all there is. This is the fundamental falsehood of superficial appearances
which leads us into trouble. The inverted torch in the Devil’s left hand burns smokily and gives off
little light. It symbolizes the inverted use of the Mars force. The two bestialized human figures
chained to a cube, symbol of the half-knowledge of the physical world, represent what happens to
human consciousness when it is controlled by false knowledge.

Since the Great Secret of this Key cannot be told, we must use our understanding to ferret it out.
THERE IS NO DEVIL, if one means an evil, independent principle of personality OPPOSED to God
and man. THERE IS A DEVIL, if by this name you mean the universal power of the boundaries of
the physical plane. This power APPARENTLY subdivides the ONE LIFE into many separate lives.
But this is the same power that renews, enlightens, redeems and finally frees us. When we
understand what it really is, the Adversary is overcome. His name is LEGION, or MULTIPLICITY,
while the consciousness which overcomes it is the realization of UNITY.

This realization can be developed by attention, by observation, by forming correct interpretations and
right plans, which are all powers of Mercury. Then the power which held us in chains becomes the
power which sets us free, and the opponent who frames the problems that now beset us becomes the
one who helps us find the answers to play the game of life.


Seven steps in the spiritual unfoldment of man are illustrated in the last seven Keys of the Tarot. The
first step, illustrated by Key 15 is fear, ignorance and misery.

PEH means “mouth” and is pronounced PAY. It is the Hebrew letter “P” and the number 80 and is
attributed to “the Exciting Intelligence” and the planet Mars. Peh refers to the open mouth of man
as the organ of speech. This is in contrast to the eye, Ayin, Key 15, which is the organ through which
we receive impressions from our apparent environment. Through the mouth we express our thoughts
in speech, hence Peh gives articulate expression of the scientific understanding which is symbolized
by Key 10, the Wheel of Fortune.

The number 16 when analyzed gives the same conclusion. It is 6, the Lovers, showing
discrimination, expressed by means of self-consciousness, 1, the Magician. It can also be reduced
to 7 (1 plus 6), Key 7, the Chariot, and the letter Cheth, which corresponds to the function of

Peh corresponds to the planet Mars, which rules Aries (the brain) and Scorpio (the reproductive
process) and is exalted in Capricorn, corresponding to Key 15.

Mars is what gives tone to our muscles. It is the force sent out from the brain, which sets off the
activity of the muscles. Hence the Magician, symbolizing Mercury and self-consciousness, wears
a red (Mars colour) robe, indicating that the conscious mind uses the electrical energy of the brain
to set off the explosions of muscular activity.

Basically, we think in pictures, hence Key 4, the Emperor, is connected with the sense of sight.
However, until we can say that what we see agrees with things as they really are, instead of being
mere opinions, we cannot plan intelligently nor secure the cooperation of others. All ideals can be
put into words, hence to learn thought control we must learn word control. When we say that health,
happiness and success come through right thinking, we mean that these things are manifested by the
right use of language. So also, sickness, misery and failure follow wrong use of words. Our life is
built with words and we must choose and arrange them carefully.

Key 16 related to language. Count the courses of masonry in the tower. You will get twenty-two.
You will also find a total of 22 Yods hanging in the air on either side of the tower. Every letter of
the Hebrew alphabet is developed from the letter Yod, and these Yods are symbols of the powers
represented by the Hebrew letters and the Tarot Keys. They hang in the air because these forces in
themselves have no physical basis. They are self-supporting and the foundation of all else.

The ten Yods on one side of the tower form the pattern of the Qabalistic Tree of Life representing
the ten basic aspects of the LIFE-POWER intelligible to man. They are the three elements, fire, air
and water. (Earth, the fourth element, is merely a synthesis.) The seven principles correspond to the
astrological planets.

The twelve letters on the other side correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve basic
types of human personality. Here they are arranged to form the numeral 8 with a dot in the center of
each loop, relating to the letter Cheth, the function of speech.

The tower is built of bricks instead of stone, indicating that it is a structure representing the wrong
use of words. The substitution of clay brick for stone indicates the substitution of unenlightened self-
consciousness for conscious union with Reality.

The Hebrew word for “brick” and the noun for “moon” are spelt exactly the same. Its root meaning
is whiteness and refers to the fact that the bricks were made of white clay. Thus we could say that
substituting bricks for stone is the same as substituting “moonshine”, or nonsense, for true
consciousness of our oneness with the ONE-POWER.

This moonshine is the false knowledge, sometimes called common sense, resulting from man’s
imperfect understanding of himself and his apparent environment. It is found quite often in proverbs,
superstitions and false theology. Common sense is only a confusion of tongues. There is no unity of
opinion among those who look AT things, instead of INTO them. Common sense assumes that every
human being is a separate entity having powers of his own. Hence the tower stands on a lonely peak.

The lightning-flash of true perception comes from the solar disk, indicating that the LIFE-POWER,
as a source of illumination, knocks the crown from the tower of false, imagined superiority and
separation. The crown represents the false idea that man has a will of his own, separate from the
PRIMAL WILL. We have the use of this free will, but it does not originate in personality.

The lightning-flash starts a fire that ultimately destroys the tower. In this, the second stage of
unfoldment, a sudden flash of understanding upsets all our opinions and seems to destroy the very
foundations of our personal life.

You will note that the falling figures are fully clothed instead of nude, as in Key 6. The clothes
indicate that here self-consciousness and subconsciousness work at cross purposes, disguising from
each other. This is always the case before awakening, or illumination, comes.

Use this Key to free your mind from common sense and superstition. Use it whenever you appear
to have a problem. All problems are caused by ignorance. Ignorance is the result of accepting things
at face value, the result of faulty observation and poor reasoning. Key 16 will help you to overcome
the misuse of language.


TZADDI means “fish hook” and is pronounced TZAHDDI. It is the Hebrew “Ts”, “Tz” or “Cz”, the
number 90, and is attributed to “The Natural Intelligence” and the sign of Aquarius. This Key
symbolizes the third stage of spiritual unfoldment, REVELATION. It also brings us to the doctrine
of meditation.

Since we do nothing of and by ourselves when we meditate, something is done THROUGH us rather
than BY us. The balance between the universal success-process and the fundamental nature of things
is preserved by the LIFE-POWER’S ceaseless meditation on its own nature. Hence when a person
really meditates he takes part in this continual meditation of the LIFE-POWER.

Nature is the result of Spirit’s meditation upon the power of its own being. The universe is thought
into existence and is kept in existence by thought. All practical occultism rests upon this foundation.
True meditation means sharing in the use of the divine power that creates everything. Successful
meditation results in the production of something better than what existed before the beginning of
the meditation.

Key 17 refers to the zodiacal sign Aquarius, the Water Bearer, and with the circulation of the blood.
Blood is truly the “water-bearer” in the human body and refers to the fact that the organic state which
makes meditation possible is really a chemical state of the blood. The blood is the “Astral Fluid” of
the occultists because all the elements entering into its make-up are specialized forms of radiant
energy coming to us from the stars throughout the universe.

The eight pointed star above the woman’s head symbolizes these sources of cosmic energy. It also
has a geometrical correspondence to the eight spokes of the Wheel of Fortune and the ten symbols
of Spirit on the dress of the Fool, as well as the Quintessence of the alchemist, the fifth and highest
power in any natural body.

The seven lesser stars correspond to “the metals” of the alchemists, the seven chakras of the yogis,
and the “interior stars” of esoteric astrology. Their correspondence to the great star is indicated by
their eight points.

The arrangement of these stars is as follows:

Mars Venus
Sun (The Great Star) Moon
Saturn Mercury Jupiter

The tree represents the human organism, particularly the brain and nervous system. The ibis on the
tree is a fishing bird associated by the Egyptians with Hermes, hence the Magician of Key 1. The
woman and the Empress are the same as the woman in Key 8. 1 plus 7 equals 8. She is also the
dancer in Key 21. In Keys 17 and 21 she is Saturn, the ancient ruler of Aquarius, yet she is the

Empress, or Venus. She also represents truth since she is nude and in meditation truth about nature
is shown to us without disguise.

Her left leg supports the weight of her body and is supported by earth, symbolizing the facts of
physical existence. The right leg maintains her balance and her right foot rests on the surface of the
pool, indicating that in meditation something happens which gives the water, which symbolizes
unstable mind elements, solidity and supporting power.

The two vases represent the two personal modes of consciousness, self-consciousness and
subconsciousness, while the ellipses on their sides symbolize the zero-sign, the NO-THING. The
stream of water falling from the vase in the woman’s right hand represents the activity of
subconsciousness brought about by meditation. The five divisions from the stream falling from the
left hand vase onto the earth represent the perfection of the five senses resulting from the practice
of meditation. The mountain represents the control of the inorganic forms of the LIFE-POWER’S
activity, what is called in alchemy the “mineral work”, the final achievement of occult practice.



QOPH means “back of the head”, and is pronounced QUOF. It is the Hebrew letter “Q”, the number
100, and is attributed to “The Corporeal Intelligence” and the sign Pisces. Some of the most
important organs of the human body are located at the rear of the brain. Here are contained the
posterior lobes of the cerebrum, where the sight center is placed, as well as the cerebellum.

The medulla oblongata is a knot of nerve tissue just below the posterior lobe of the cerebellum. It
unites the brain to the spinal cord and its branches and is the connecting link between the higher
centers of sensation, thought and action in the head, and the subordinate centers in the trunk.

The medulla governs respiration, regulates the movements of the heart, and is the principle center
controlling the circulation of the body, besides other functions of basic importance in maintaining
daily health and activity from day to day. The medulla is what keeps us alive and its functions
continue even while we sleep.

Sleep is assigned to Qoph because, primarily, what consciousness remains during sleep is expressed
through this center at the back of the head. The back of the head also contains groups of cells which
may be directly influenced by suggestion.

Treatments, depending on affirmations, are based on the law of suggestion. By means of words, or

other devices, the healer helps the patient to form consciously a specific image of the desired result.
He makes his patient EXPECT this result, which impresses the desired image on subconsciousness.

This image is transferred from the upper brain, through the Moon center (pituitary body) behind the
root of the nose, to the Venus center in the throat, from which it radiates through the entire
sympathetic nervous system. Simultaneously, it is transferred to the cells of the medulla and from
them to the cerebro-spinal nervous system. The Venus center, the Moon center and the medulla are
relay stations between the brain and the body. The pituitary is connected with the sympathetic
nervous system, and the medulla with the cerebro-spinal system. Impulses pass through them
downward from the brain and upward from cell groups in the trunk and limbs. Because of this close
connection between the Moon center (Key 2, the High Priestess), and the cells of the medulla,
symbolized by Key 18, the latter is named “the Moon”.

Qoph is assigned the Corporeal Intelligence (Body Consciousness). The main thing to remember is
that Key 18 has to do with the physical body and its activities. While we live on the physical plane
our task is to refine and purify our physical bodies and to make subtle changes in their structure. You
begin where nature leaves off and perfect the work of evolution which nature cannot complete
without man’s cooperation. The aim of the Great Work is to build a perfect physical vehicle which
shall be the eternal temple of our Soul.

Heaven is here on Earth, not in the distant spaces, for the Earth is one of the heavenly bodies orbiting
in space under the guidance of the Universal Mind.

Pisces is the zodiacal sign given to Qoph. That Pisces governs the feet is clearly shown by the worn
path in Key 18. In matters of health, Pisces would also, by reflex action, influence that part of the
body ruled by Virgo. The fact that 18 is reduced to 9, the Hermit, also suggests this, as does the
height on which the Hermit stands at the upper end of the path which begins in Key 18.

All manifestation is the result of light vibration. Manifestation on the physical plane requires the
presence of suitable physical instruments. These instruments must be built into the human body by
an extension of the method which brought the human to its present stage of development.

Key 18 expresses the power of 8, manifested through the agency of 1. Key 8 is a symbol of the
control of the functions of the Sun center near the heart by the direction of subconscious powers, by
means of acts of attention symbolized by Key 1. Key 8 represents the power of the Sun, Key 1
represents Mercury, and Key 18 is named “the Moon”. Key 18 illustrates the alchemical rule, “The
Great Work is the operation of the Sun and Moon performed by the aid of Mercury”.

This alchemical process, which aims at the physical transformation of the human body, is directed
and controlled by mental means. When perfected it gives the adept a physical vehicle through which
he is able to use unusual powers, among them the ability to transmute metals. His own body becomes
his laboratory and its organs the “secret vessels” employed in the alchemical work.

The Moon in Key 18 has 32 rays, which refer to the Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom, or the 32 modes
of human conscious energy symbolized by the Tree of Life. These are woven together by the
subconscious powers (typified by the Moon) to make the human personality and its physical vehicle.

From the Moon fall 18 Yods, coloured red and yellow, to represent the vital life force in the blood.
Symbolically, it shows that the power of Yod is what descends into physical embodiment.

The towers on either side of the path form a gateway intending to suggest that each tower is
connected with a wall which marks the limits of physical sensation and perception. Beyond it,
however, lies a vast region of experience and the way is open to all who have the courage to follow
the path.

The dog and the wolf are both canine animals of the same genus. The wolf the result of natural
evolution while the dog is a product of human adaptation. The dog represents art while the wolf
represents natural conditions which may be changed by adaptation.

The path lies between the two. The cultivated area in the foreground is the field of experience
available to all, since it is within the confines of ordinary sensation. The path leads beyond the
towers into a field of consciousness that we may enter when we have changed our bodies, chemically
and structurally. Even now you are entering these planes of consciousness during sleep, but due to
the imperfect physical vehicle your recall is also imperfect.

The rise and fall of the path refers to the law of periodicity. Yet, though there are ups and downs, the
path rises steadily. The pool is the universal subconscious plane of life activity and the crayfish
represents the early stages of unfoldment when the student thinks of himself as being separate from
the rest of nature.

Use this Key to evoke from your subconsciousness its deep knowledge of the truth that spiritual
unfoldment here on earth requires physical changes in the cell groups and the blood chemistry.


RESH means “head, face or countenance” and is pronounced RAYSH. It is the Hebrew letter “R”.
The Hebrew for “face” also means “the sum-total” and indicates how a human personality is summed
up by a person’s face, to one competent to read it. It is named the “Collective Intelligence”, since it
is the consciousness which sums up all other methods of mental activity. Its number is 200. The head
of anything is the one who knows its purpose and is also responsible for beginning those activities
which lead toward the successful fulfilment of that purpose.

The end of a cycle is represented by the number 9 and the beginning by 1. Hence 19 indicates the
working of 9 through 1 (the Hermit manifesting through the Magician). In our daily lives the Hermit
stands for a goal. We work toward this, using the powers derived from the ONE SOURCE which
we apply by mental activities symbolized by the Magician, and achieve the result symbolized by Key


“The Sun” is the name of the heavenly body corresponding to the letter Resh. The activity of the Sun
is a direct manifestation of the power of the Originating Principle of the universe. The radiant energy
of this sun provides substance for the formation of all earthly bodies, and is also the power-source
for all motion of matter on the Earth’s surface.

Our sun is only the physical manifestation of the invisible Spiritual Sun which shines through all
suns (stars) and is ETERNAL, whether it manifests in physical form or not. The Sun in Key 19 is
the “Face in the Sky” and is pictured with eight pointed and eight wavy rays. Since each ray is
divided by a line, it suggests a total of 32, another reference to the Paths of Wisdom or aspects of
conscious energy.

The Sun is a focus of living consciousness, a being not a thing. We spring from it, physically and
mentally, and belong to the same genus though members of another species. The thirteen falling Yod
represent Prana, the fundamental energy of the universe. They also refer to two Hebrew words
having this number, which signify Unity and Love, thus indicating that the force which unites and
combines all things in this world comes from the Sun and is the attractive power which finds
emotional expression in love.

The thirteen Yods represent the power which sets us free, renews our lives and delivers us from evil,
but which, if misunderstood, seems to fight against us. Its dual activities are represented in Tarot as
the pillars of the High Priestess. This power works on various planes which are represented by occult
fraternities by degrees or grades forming a system of progressive unfoldment, as if climbing a
staircase or ladder.

The sunflowers, four of which are open to represent the manifestation of the Sun power in the
organic world below man, and a fifth about to open, representing the regenerated humanity, all
indicate upward evolution. The first four are the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, animal
kingdom, and average man. The fifth indicates the Adept or Master.

The wall is that erroneous concept of matter built up by our five physical senses, indicated by the
five rows of stone. What we sense is REAL, but we misunderstand its meaning.

The boy (self-consciousness) and the girl (subconsciousness) represent the unfolding of regenerated
human consciousness of the two aspects of human personality. Unless we become “as little children”
we cannot be reborn.

The solar ring in which the children dance represents the physical plane. We must find health,
happiness and success here or we will not experience them at all. Wisdom, Truth and Beauty are the
result of physical existence. The power we employ to attain this is not limited to the physical,

Spiritual consciousness is awakening to the fact that what we think of as merely material is also
spiritual. Ignorance sees this as “matter”, but Wisdom sees that we are children of the Sun and
physical existence is a spiritual fact.


SHIN means “teeth” and is pronounced SHEEN. It is the Hebrew letter “Sh”, the third mother letter
and corresponds to the element of fire. Its numerical value is 300 and 300 is the total of the values
of the letters in RUACH ELCHIM, “The Life-Breath of the Gods”. Hence this is the fire of Spirit.
Some systems attribute Vulcan to this Key.

Fire and Spirit are also associated with Aleph, for it is the symbol for Ruach, the Life-Breath, and
to it is associated the Fiery Intelligence. 20 represents the operation of the power of 0 through the
agency of 2. Only Key 10 also shows 0 as the immediate cause of what is pictured by the Key, and
here the working of 0 through 1 is indicated. In Key 10 self-consciousness grasps the meaning of the
basic wheel-pattern of cosmic manifestation. In Key 20 this wheel becomes part of human
experience. The power at work is the fire of Spirit. The agency is subconsciousness, which takes the
idea symbolized by Key 10 and works out changes of personality resulting in the realization
symbolized by Key 20.

“Perpetual Intelligence” is the designation for Key 20. It is conscious awareness that human life is
not temporary but eternal. Participation in this consciousness is the result of specific training
whereby the natural man is transformed into a higher species of being.

There is always a reference to fire in connection with the experience of COSMIC

CONSCIOUSNESS. This is not simply symbolical. The visions of Ezekiel and St. John identify the
Divine Presence with fire.

being can exercise the higher occult powers. The meaning of Shin is sometimes given as “fang”, the
tooth the serpent uses to inject its deadly poison. The power by means of which liberation is attained,
and the Cosmic Consciousness realized, is compared to a venomous serpent.

The other meaning of Shin, “tooth”, has to do with the breaking down process that precedes
assimilation. He who attains Cosmic Consciousness finds that he has not really ATTAINED that
consciousness, but that his lesser consciousness has been assimilated by the higher order of knowing.

The title, Judgement, implies completion, decision, termination. This is the final state of
PERSONAL consciousness. The next Key, the World, represents what is beyond any personal
consciousness, but in Key 20 there is still a consciousness of “I and others”.

The whole figure in Key 20 is drawn so that the surrounding cloud defines a circle, containing two
smaller circles, one over the other, to form a figure 8. The circle represents eternity, the figure 8

dominion, and together they represent the Fourth Dimension.

The angel is Gabriel of the element of water, who presides over that metaphysical substance which,
throughout the Tarot, is symbolized by water. His trumpet represents the specialization of the LIFE-
BREATH in Seven great sounds, each one corresponding to one of the interior stars, or alchemical
metals, represented by the seven rays descending from the trumpet. This is a reference to the seven
great rays which are active in the evolutionary process.

The mountains in the background are snow covered and represent abstract thought, which finds its
purest expression in the science of mathematics. The sea, the final reservoir of those many waters
which begin with the robe of the High Priestess, is connected with Understanding. When the Life-
Power’s own perfect understanding of itself finds expression in and through a human personality,
what is pictured by Key 20 comes to pass.

Three coffins of stone float on the sea. They represent the physical plane and are rectangular to show
three dimensions. Three human figures stand upright in the coffins, the line of their bodies is at right
angles to the bottom of the coffins to indicate the mathematical definition of the Fourth Dimension
– the dimension which is at right angles to the other three.

The woman receives the influence of the vibrations coming from the trumpet. Her uplifted hands
represent the sublimation of subconscious activities. The man standing with hands folded on his
breast, looks up in silent adoration. He does nothing because activity has been transferred from self-
consciousness to subconsciousness. The child’s uplifted arms give the sign of Typhon, or Apophis,
the Destroyer. He represents the rebirth which comes as a result of mastering the destructive
principle, personified in Egyptian mythology as Typhon. His mother is Isis, and his father is Osiris,
in that same Egyptian myth.

The three figures represent an ancient mystery formula which ends with the names of Isis, Apophis
and Osiris. The initials of the three names are IAO, or Yaho, one of the most potent “words of
power”. It has direct connection with controlled employment of sound vibrations in ways which
make immediate use of the fact of the Fourth Dimension.

Key 20 sets the pattern for your own personal realization of immortality. It calls forth subconscious
activities which result, at last, in this final liberation. Even now you are LIVING in the Fourth
Dimension, in that Eternity of which time, as measured by man, is only a partial expression. Just as
you live in Eternity, so do you share the quality of omnipresence, which is part of your true make-up
because the foundation of your personal life is the free SPIRIT bound by neither time nor place.


TAV means “signature, mark or cross” and is pronounced TAH’OO. As representing a signature it
implies security, guarantee, pledge, etc. The signature makes a contract valid. Tav is the final seal
and witness of the GREAT WORK.

Tav is attributed to the Center, the idea being that the ruling principle dwells at the center. Tav is
“the Administrative Intelligence” because the mental state of the originating and directing principle
of the universe is what administers every detail of cosmic activity. When a human completes the
Great Work it means he has identified himself with the central, directive PRINCIPLE of the
universe. His every thought, word and act is an immediate, undistorted expression of the
CONSCIOUS ENERGY which administers the laws of nature. He does not GAIN power, he merely
gives free expression to the ONE POWER which is the central reality in every human life.

He enters the kingdom of heaven as one who takes active part in the execution of the laws. Nature
obeys him because he expresses THAT which created and sustains all.

The planet Saturn is attributed to Tav. Your personal “Saturn” corresponds to a center at the base
of the spine where the serpent-power is coiled. The mode of consciousness typified by Saturn and
by the letter Tav is one which swallows up all other modes of consciousness. In the all-embracing
Divine Consciousness there can be no trace of the feeling of “otherness”.

Every human being who tries to express his own experience of this consciousness tells us that
everything disappears except the sense of oneness or identity. A knowing which is all-inclusive must
also be free from the qualification, “I am I, and the universe is another”.

In Key 21 we have the expression of the power of 1 through the agency of 2. Namely, the expression
of the manifestation of self-consciousness through the activity of subconsciousness. In this instance,
however, the self-consciousness is not personal. It is the self-awareness of the ONE IDENTITY, and
the subconsciousness through which it works is the all-inclusive subconscious of the Life-Power’s

The final outcome of the Great Work is really a recollection of powers most persons have forgotten
they possess. One of these powers is the extension of consciousness beyond the limits of the body
into the forms which make up one’s environment. In this consciousness the whole universe is seen
as being the ONE BODY of the ONE SELF. To understand this is to know that the directive
CENTER of all cosmic activity dwells in man’s heart.

“The World” comes from the Hebrew olahm, meaning “eternity, universe, world”, and “that which
is hidden or veiled”. This title also indicates “Cosmic Consciousness”. He who expresses the
Administrative Intelligence is in tune with the whole cosmos.

The four animals, as those in Key 10, are associated with the fixed signs of the zodiac, and represent
the fixed conditions in which all manifestation takes place. They also symbolize the four elements
and the four great planes of manifestation. Their positions in the corners indicate that all events are
included with the ALL.

The wreath, since it is an ellipse eight units high and five units wide, presents a formula for the
approximate squaring of the circle.*** The sum of the numbers 5 and 8 gives 13, which denotes

Unity and Love. The wreath is also a zero sign, indicating that the World and the No-Thing are not
two things, but ONE. The World is the way the No-Thing presents itself to our minds.

The dancing figure is so drawn that her head and hands are at the angles of a triangle, apex upward,
while her legs form a cross in the manner of the alchemical symbol for Sulphur (a triangle over a

The Woman is the embodiment of the fiery Life-Power. Her dance suggest the Law of Rhythm,
which is everywhere at work. She dances on air, as the Yods hang in air in Keys 16, 18 and 19, in
a reference to the occult doctrine that the real basis and support of all manifestation is Spirit.

The spirals in her hands, turning in opposite directions, symbolize the dual working of the ONE
FORCE. Emitting flashes of light, they are symbols of the universal spiral force which enters into
all forms of cosmic activity. The veil on the woman hides the fact that this dancer is male as well as
female. THAT WHICH IS appears now as Father and again as Mother, according to the way we
think about it. Yet THAT WHICH IS is not limited by gender. It includes and transcends both male
and female.

The veil is shaped like the Hebrew letter Kaph, to which Key 10 is assigned. This means that the
mechanism of the universe, which seems like a system of wheels within wheels, hides the truth that
whatever exists is an expression of Love and Life. We are not merely witnesses, we are living centers
through which the ruling and administrative consciousness of an ORGANISM makes itself known.

He who finds the CENTER finds also the Temple of the King. He who finds the SELF finds the
WORLD-RULER. He who know what is behind the veil of mechanism knows that the ONE
POWER IS NOT ONLY THE LIFE-POWER but also the LOVE-POWER. This is the final
revelation. The stage of consciousness reached after seven stages of unfoldment ends a cycle and,
of course, it is also the beginning of a new cycle.

Once the CENTER is found and the personal consciousness is swallowed up in the realization of
IDENTITY or UNION, the true purpose of existence is seen. For most this is a moment of brief
ecstasy, but a never forgotten one. It transforms one’s entire outlook and signifies the fact that,
through the agency of subconsciousness, many changes have taken place in the personal vehicle.

He is now a member of a different species. True, his acquired development cannot be transmitted
through ordinary reproductive processes, but by a subtle redirection of this same force he fathers
spiritual children. The leaders who bring enlightenment to humanity awaken us from our dream of
sense. They cannot tell us what they know, but they can give us eyes to see with.

This is why Tarot was invented. As you continue to study, Tarot will enable you to form a deep,
inner communion with THOSE WHO KNOW.

You have now finished your first, basic contact with Tarot. If you have followed your instructions

you will have attained much in spiritual, mental and physical advancement, which will help you
attain a normal, happy, well-rounded life.

Use these powers not only for your own good, but also for the good of mankind. The Tarot
techniques will transmute your personality, which in turn will enable you to change your
environment closer to that which you desire.

Nothing ever occurs by accident. When the student is ready instruction will be given him. It is
written, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”, and “The kingdom of God is within you”.

KNOW THYSELF. The Tarot Keys will help you to do just that.

You have barely scratched the surface of the meaning of Tarot. You will now have to practise with
coloured Tarot keys which have been coloured by you in accordance with the instructions that
follow. You will have to tie in each Key with its place on the Tree of Life. Colouring the Keys is
important because of the symbology of the colours. As you colour your Keys they will take on
something of your own personality. They will become a part of you and the details of every picture
will be built into the cells of your brain.

Built into your brain they become a living instrument through which you can contact sources of
knowledge and power greater than you can even begin to imagine. Tarot is a book; unopened, it is
just a set of pictures.

On your own initiative depends the results you attain.


Note *, page 23. ZAHWAB (gold) = Zain + Heh + Beth (written right to left in Hebrew) = 7 + 5 +
2 = 14 (an example of Hebrew gematria).

Note **, page 26. This comment is not explained in the text. However, Lawrence Kushner (The
Book of Letters, 1975) refers to Chet(h) as “composed of two Zayins ... whose roofs are joined with
a hunch at the centre forming a steep roof”. (Recall that Key 6, the Lovers, corresponds to the letter
Zayin.) Kushner goes on to say (pp.27-28):

They need each other to stand. But they wish they did not. So they barely touch.

Chet is the agony of a soul torn apart from itself. The top of your throat and the bottom of
your throat fighting against one another create the sound of the Chet.

From all that has been said, it would follow that Cheth expresses discrimination (Zayin) through
speech (Peh), which results in protective/definitive enclosures and the dualistic conflicts which stem
from them.

Note ***, page 35. There are several points here which require elaboration. First of all, the squaring
of the circle is an ancient mathematical problem with symbolic significance. The problem consists
in drawing a circle which has the same area as a given square. To do this, one would have to
determine the precise ratio between the circumference and the diameter of the circle, which is the
value ð (pi). A crude approximation of the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is
22/7, which equals 3.1818..., whereas the actual value of ð is 3.14159... The formula for the area of
a circle is A = ðr2 (Area equals ð times the radius squared). Given the fact that the value of ð is a
decimal which goes on indefinitely, it is impossible to determine its value exactly, and therefore
impossible to determine the precise ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle, in order
to equal the area of a given square. The symbolic significance of this is that Spirit (the circle) cannot
be understood in terms of Reason (the square or linear measure, and the quantifiable aspect of the
world). The philosophical implications of this are too involved to enter into here. However, one point
has been made clear already: “The World is the way the No-Thing presents itself to our minds.”
I am puzzled by the reference to an ellipse eight units high and five units wide providing us
with an approximate formula for the squaring of the circle, since this would imply that these numbers
yield an approximate value for ð. The formula for the area of an ellipse is A = ðxy/4 (Area equals
ð times x times y, divided by 4, where x and y are the two adjacent sides of the ellipse). In this
example, the value of the two adjacent sides, the height and width, are 8 units and 5 units
respectively. Hence:

A = (8)(5)(ð)/4
A = (40)(ð)/4
A = (10)(ð)
A = 31.4159...

The answer is not an approximation of ð, but simply ð times 10 (because 40/4 = 10), or ð with one
decimal place moved to the right. Beyond this, I can only add that the ellipse is reminiscent of an
egg, the common symbol of natural birth (generation) and spiritual rebirth (regeneration), as well as
the season of Spring.