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In the present scenario of technological revolution it has been observed that every application
products are impacted with multiple functions. The design is also moving forward the miniature
architecture; all this properties can be achieved in a product by using programmable device.
When ever we are thinking about any programmable devices then the embedded technology
comes into fore front. The embedded is now a day very much popular and most the product are
developed with Microcontroller based embedded technology. The electrical engineering and its
applications are the oldest streams of engg. In the present scenario all the electrical protection
systems are based on electro mechanical devices. Though these systems are quit reliable and
cheaper. It has certain disadvantages. The electro mechanical protection relays are too bulky and
needs regular maintenance. The multifunctionality is out of question. Recently, the technical
revolution made embedded technology cheaper, so that it can be applied to all the fields. The
pioneer manufactures of switch gear and protection system such as SIMENS,LARSON &
TUBRO,CUTLER HAMPER etc.manufacturing protection relays based on embedded

A Programmable controller is programmed to control and protect Industrial Equipements against

different faults as per the programmer logic. Here a digital logic is designed to protect the
Industrial Loads against the different fault conditions such as winding temperature, oil level,
over voltage, along with local LED indicators. In this project different parameters of Industries
and faults are simulated for testing the project. Additionally our system send an automated IOT
based message on fault conditions to the security officer or Admin or Manager, which is a very
recent and advanced concept for today’s security and protection operations of devices.