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Technical Specifications of Scissor Lift


1. Working height 9.5M and above
2. Platform height 7.5 M and above
3. Platform width(inside) 1.4 M(minimum)
4. Platform length(Inside) 2.2 M(minimum)
5. Stowed height(Rails up) 2.31 M
6. Minimum platform occupancy 150 kg
7. Turning radius(Inside) 2.45 M(minimum)
8. Turning radius(Outside) 4.85 M(minimum)
9. Capacity(overall) 450Kg & above
10. Power source Battery
11. Tyre (Foam filled suitable for Rough
12. Safety Certification compliance CE/EN280/IS as applicable
13. Safety 1. Till alarm should be provided.
2. Scissor Guards (Platform guards).
3. Operator horn.
4. Low voltage battery protection.
5. Overload alarm system to be
6. Hinged rail/foldable guard rail (with
locking arrangement) system.
7. Flashing light, working lights and
electric plug in cage to be provided.
8. Towing hooks to be provided
14. Structure The complete structure shall have
rust proof exteriors/interiors
15. Lifting Capacity Total lifting capacity of the machine
should be450 KG(minimum)

Load test Certificate from competent authority for compliance should be provided.