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Turco’s Class Assignments

Thursday, April 2nd

Subject Activity/Videos Assignments/What to know

Complete Freckle Benchmark Assessment

Math on all fraction standards

Students will complete another Article of the Login to Readworks and complete the
Day from Weather and Climate Article of the Day Assignment. You will do 1
article a day.

Reading Assign Freckle – Targeted RL1 – Details and Freckle Assignments (2 total)
Assign both skills
Work on Book Report Choice Board - Extra

Review video Part 1 & 2 and practice previous Quiz is tomorrow for a grade.
ELA Quizizz assignments. Review videos and Quizizz - see links in
ELA folder on Class Notebook
Review week 3 & 4 vocabulary words. Choose one of the following:

• Create a sketch for each word

Vocabulary • Make vocabulary cards
• Rainbow Words
• Create a silly story with your
vocabulary words
Login to Office 365 and go to our class
notebook. Click on the writing tab.
Choose 1 prompt Complete this writing Prompt by Friday.
You may type your prompt in word and then
attach or you may type directly into the Class Either type it in word and share it with me
Notebook. when you are done, or type it directly into
Writing Write a story using the prompt. our Class notebook. You can also insert
into the class notebook.
Be sure to use correct capitalization,
You may complete more for extra Dojo
punctuation, and write in complete sentences.
Must be at least a paragraph.

Login to Clever to get to Studies Weekly or use Answer the following questions in your
your newspapers in your binder. Digital Learning spiral, on notebook paper,
Social • Open Week 30: Jim Crow Laws and or in our Class Notebook
Studies Continuing Racism
Read all the articles for this - What was the 15th Amendment?
This is for
newspaper. - What were the Jim Crow Laws?
Tuesday, - What was life like for African Americans
Wednesday, at this point in history?
& Thursday - Who could vote at this point in history?
- When and why did the Jim Crow era finally