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Hit Die: d8
Starting Life Total: 8+CON
At Higher Life Totals: 1d8+CON

Saving Throws: DEX, CHA

Armor: Light
Weapons: Any Ranged
Tools: Gunsmith’s Tools
Skills: Choose 2 from the following; Acrobatics, Deception, Intimidation, Investigation,
Perception, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival.

Starting Equipment: Gunsmith’s Tools, A Revolver with 20 pieces of ammo, Leather Armor, A
Crossbow with 20 Bolts, and a Dungeoneer’s Pack

1 +2 Gun Basics, Squib Fire,

Dodge Roll

2 +2 Basic Tinkering

3 +2 Gungeoneer Archetype

4 +2 Improved Roll 1, Ability Score


5 +3 Extra Attack, Ammo Tinkering

6 +3 Gungeoneer Archetype

7 +3 Point Blank

8 +3 Live by the Gun, Ability Score


9 +4 Improved Roll 2

10 +4 Ammo Tinkering 2,
Gungeoneer Archetype

11 +4 Extra Attack 2

12 +4 Die by the Gun, Ability Score

13 +5 Penetrative Rounds

14 +5 Ricochet

15 +5 Attachment Tinkering

16 +5 Improved Roll 3, Ability Score


17 +6 Gungeoneer Archetype

18 +6 Fan the Hammer

19 +6 Live Again by the Gun, Ability

Score Improvement

20 +6 The Gun that Killed Time

Gun Basics
At level one, you know how to use and operate any gun you can get your hands on. When you
roll a critical fail with a firearm attack, your gun jams, and cannot be used until you perform a
one-round action to clear the jam.

Squib Fire
At level one, on a natural two with a firearm attack, your gun squib fires, and you must focus on
keeping your gun aimed to see if it fires. Until your next turn, after each action is made, roll a
d20. If you roll above a 10, your gun goes off, and the attack is made. Otherwise, the gun does
nothing. If you get back to your turn without your gun going off after a squib fire, you must
perform a one-round action to clear your jam.

Dodge Roll
A Gungeoneer’s bread and butter. At level one, when an attack is made against you, you may
use a reaction to roll out of the way. Roll a dexterity saving throw at disadvantage. If your roll
value beats the attack to hit, you dodge out of the way of the attack. Otherwise, you take the full
damage of the hit. You may only perform this reaction once per your Gungeoneer level plus
your dexterity modifier per long rest.

Basic Tinkering
At level 2, a Gungeoneer can spend six hours turning an object into a gun. Each time you do
this, it requires gun parts. The amount of gun parts you expend dictates what type of damage
dice you use on a hit. The gun also has a certain quirk depending on what object you use to
make the gun. Work this out with your DM when you create the gun. Unless the quirk of the gun
would affect how much ammo the gun holds, assume it holds 8 shots, and uses standard
ammunition. You can obtain gun parts by dismantling other guns and buying parts at shops.

Damage Die Amount of Parts Used Parts to Add a Die

d4 4 x2

d6 6 x2

d8 8 x3

d10 10 x3

d12 12 x4

d20 15 x5

d100 100 x10

Gungeoneer Archetype
At level 3, choose a Gungeoneer Archetype. You obtain features for that archetype at 3rd, 6th,
11th, and 17th levels.

Improved Roll 1
At level 4, you no longer roll at disadvantage when you use your dodge roll.

Extra Attack
At level 5, you may choose to make two attack actions. You may use one of those actions to
reload your gun.’

Ammo Tinkering
At level 5, you may craft special ammunition that have special effects on hit. You may make 5
rounds at a time, and it takes 10 minutes.

Name Effect Component Required to

Make 1 Round

Rubber Bullet Applies Force Damage, 1 bullet, a small piece of

Knocks back. rubber

Explosive Round Applies Fire Damage, 2 bullets, a small amount of

Chance to light on fire. DEX adhesive
save against your DEX save,
if the creature fails, it’s lit on
fire, dealing 1d4 fire damage
per round, until they take an
action to put out the fire.

Silver Bullet Applies Radiant Damage, 1 bullet, a small amount of

Roll damage at advantage silver, a small amount of holy
against undead. water

Blank Fire as a reaction, Applies no 1 bullet, a small amount of

damage, Forces an attack to glitter
be rolled at disadvantage, if
they make a CON save
against your DEX save DC.

Point Blank
At level 7, if you make a ranged attack within melee range of an enemy, you may choose to
either roll to hit or roll damage at advantage. You may not roll at advantage for the other roll.

Live by the Gun

At level 8, you may take a reload action as a bonus action. You may also throw special
ammunition into the breach of your gun as a bonus action. You may not do this to go above the
maximum ammo capacity of your gun. Additionally, you now roll critical successes on
non-magical ranged attacks on a 19.

Improved Roll 2
At level 9, you may now now use a dodge roll to roll out of the way of attacks that cause you to
make dexterity saving throws. Use the roll, then make your saving throw. If you succeed, you
take no damage and are out of the range of the spell’s effects. If you fail, you take half damage
and are in the spell’s area of effects.

Ammo Tinkering 2
At level 10, you may craft the following types of special ammunition. Additionally, you can now
make 10 special bullets in 10 minutes.

Name Effect Components Required to

Make One Round

Bola-It Half damage of a regular 2 bullets, a piece of wire

shot, chance to disarm

Goo Shot They can’t move X feet for 1 bullet, essence of ooze
the next 3 rounds, where X is
the damage value of the
attack. If the damage dealt is
greater than their maximum
movement speed, then they
make their next 3 attacks at
disadvantage. This deals no

Armor Piercing +5 damage to targets 1 bullet, a small amount of

wearing heavy armor steel

Heat Seeking +5 to hit 1 bullet, a microchip

Extra Attack 2
At level 10, you may take another attack action during each of your turns. You may use one of
these actions to make a reload action.

Die by the Gun

At level 12, if a creature would attack an ally that has 5 or less hit points, you may take an attack
of opportunity. If you have to draw your weapon to make this attack, you may chamber a special
round to make this attack.

Penetrative Rounds
At level 13, you may attack a creature behind full cover that you know is there. Treat the
creature as if they were behind half cover.

At level 14, if an attack made with a firearm firing a single bullet would kill the target, roll a d20.
On a 15 or above, it hits another creature within line of sight at random. This stacks indefinitely.
This can damage you and allies, but not kill them.

Attachment Tinkering
At level 15, you may create the following attachments at the same rate that you can make guns.

Name Effect Components Required

Scope Increased Range 5 Gun Parts, 2 small pieces

of glass

Air Cannon You may use an attack action 5 Gun Parts, a short length of
to lob objects twice the hose, a metal cup.
distance you could throw

Grappling Hook You may use an action to 5 Gun Parts, Grappling Hook,
shoot a grappling hook twice a heavy-duty spring.
the distance you could throw

Extended Magazine +5 Ammo Capacity 3 Gun Parts, A Magazine

Improved Roll 3
At level 16, on a successful Dodge Roll, you may reload your gun if it can be operated with one

Fan the Hammer

At level 18, you may use all of your attack actions to empty your gun at a single creature. You
cannot reload your gun until your next turn. You may not use a bonus action or a dodge roll to
reload your gun until after your next turn.
Live Again by the Gun
At level 19, your gun is considered to be bound to you. You cannot be disarmed, and as a
bonus action, you can call your gun to you, as long as it’s on this plane of existence. When you
draw your weapon, you may fire it twice before creatures can react to it. Additionally, if you were
to go into death saving throws, as long as you are able to be conscious, you may fire your
weapon once per turn, and cannot take reload actions. If you deliver a killing blow in this state,
you become unconscious, but stable at 1 hit point.

The Gun that Killed Time

At level 20, you may take delayed actions as reactions.

Gungeoneer Archetypes
When you choose the Marine archetype, you become proficient in Intimidation.

Rippling Body
At level 3, you become proficient in Medium and Heavy Armor. If a piece of armor you are
wearing were to break, it shatters, sending a shockwave out, pushing any creatures within
melee range of you X feet away from you, where X is your STR modifier plus your CON

Signature Weapon: Shotgun

At level 6, you may tinker with your gun to make it a shotgun. These guns deal more damage at
a closer range, but their accuracy falls off at longer ranges. If you are within 10 feet of a target
you’re attacking with a shotgun, add a damage die to your damage roll. If you are outside of 40
feet with a shotgun, you get -5 to hit. Marines wielding shotguns get a +3 to hit on attacks that
intend to cripple.

YOU’RE Locked in Here with ME

At level 10, creatures you’re holding are considered helpless.

Rip Asunder
At level 17, when you make an unarmed attack, you may instead use the damage die of a gun
you have holstered. If a creature is killed this way, they are violently ripped apart.

When you choose the Convict Archetype, you become proficient in Deception.

On the Run
At level 3, you are considered wanted by any and all guards with a lawful alignment. You have
advantage on all deception rolls made against them.

Signature Weapon: Submachine Gun

At level 6, you can tinker with a gun to make it a submachine gun. They generally fire a lighter
round, and have a larger ammo capacity. Submachine guns cannot use a die larger than a d6,
but they usually use more than one dice. A Convict can use a submachine gun with one hand.

At level 11, you are better at using explosives to breach walls and doors. Add your proficiency
modifier to any roll used to breach walls and doors.

At level 17, you can use alcohol a glass bottle, and a rag to build a fire bomb. Each creature in a
20-foot-radius sphere centered on that point must make a Dexterity saving throw. A target takes
8d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. The fire
spreads around corners. It ignites flammable objects in the area. You may only carry one of
these on your person at a time.

When you choose the Pilot archetype, you become proficient in all vehicles, and Sleight of

Get Past the Inspectors

At level 3, you gain advantage on Sleight of Hand checks involving lock picking. Locks of doors
you own cannot be picked.

Signature Weapon: Assault Rifle

At level 6, you can tinker with a gun to make it an assault rifle. Assault Rifles have a lower
ammo capacity than their submachine gun counterparts, but make up for it with a more powerful
round. Assault Rifles use d8 and d10, and can be used for tap firing and short bursts. Pilots can
affix Assault Rifles to their vehicles using 1 hour and 5 gun parts, and can use the vehicle to
operate the weapon.

I Shot First
At level 11, you may add your CHA modifier to attacks that initiate combat.

Dust off the Shoulder

At level 17, once per long rest, you may add your CHA modifier to a failed save. If you would
take half damage on a success, when you use Dust off the Shoulder, you take no damage.

When you choose the Hunter archetype, you gain proficiency in Survival.

Here, Boy!
At level 3, you become bound to a small, incorporeal dog. The dog cannot attack or be
damaged, but it can pick up and fetch small objects that aren't being work or carried.

I Hate These Guys!

At level 3, you can choose a creature type. You gain advantage on rolls to track and spot
creatures of that type. You also have an increased range for attacks made against creatures of
the chosen type.

Signature Weapon: Sniper Rifle

At level 6, you can tinker with a gun to make it a sniper rifle. Sniper Rifles have a very high
powered round, but have no higher ammo capacity than a pistol. Sniper Rifles only come in d10
and up, and can only be fired one shot at a time. Hunters do not get negatives to called shots
with sniper rifles.

Take Aim
At level 6, you're more in tune with your body, and can take a full action to hold breath and
steady your aim. When you do this, you gain advantage on your next attack.

Savage Roll
At level 11, on a successful Dodge roll, you may make an attack of opportunity with a
one-handed ranged weapon.

At level 17, when you take aim, you can add an additional damage die on called shots.