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Philosophy of Education

By: Katlyn Plecity

u My anchor philosophy is progressivism.
Progressivism is a student based philosophy
and focuses less on the teacher. In a
classroom, Students learn through
experimentation and discover through their
own experience on their work. I think this is
my top philosophy because this is what I have
always preferred a classroom to be like while
growing up. I learn better when I can be
hands on and figure out things in my own
ways or in groups rather than a teacher
standing and lecturing the whole time. I also
feel that younger kids in elementary can learn
better this way. I feel that small kids are not
able to focus and grasp a lesson when a
teacher just talks. Having activities gets their
brains moving.
Other philosophies that influence me…

u Existentialism
u This philosophy came in second for me. This ties in well with my first philosophy.
Existentialism is when students are able to work free and in their unique ways. It is
student based learning. Students work in groups and also tie in their personal lives. I like
this philosophy because students use their own lives to relate with learning. They get to
work together and learn in an environment where they are hands on.
u Essentialism
u This was my third philosophy. Essentialism is where students are taught the main
subjects of learning. It follows traditions of the past. It include accuracy and builds
character in students. Testing also occurs to make sure students are on track in the
classroom. Even though this does not go with my first two, I really like this philosophy. I
like the idea of educating kids on the main subjects they should know and testing to
keep them up to speed. Knowing where my students stand in your teaching is important
to me. This is more teacher centered which I do not really care for, however I think it is
good to teach students the right morals and how they should act.
Why do I teach?

u In my opinion, being a teacher is one

of the best jobs there is out there. I
have always had a passion for kids and
helping people. The reason why I
teach is because I love having the
ability to help a student learn their
own potential and maybe even being
one of the main people they look up
to. Being a teacher means I get to
help raise the future and that is such
an grateful gift I have received to do.
I also love to teach because students
teach me too.
What do I teach?

u Looking in the future, I hope to teach younger aged elementary kids. My

dream would be kindergarten or first grade. I hope to land their at some point
in my career. With these grades, I get to (in a sense) be the first to start
teaching them about the basic subjects they will be learning about for many
years to come. I get to help them learn how to read, do math, learn about
science experiments, and much more. I love the idea of teaching young kids
and helping to raise them. I am very hands on and can not wait to be a hands
on teacher.
How do I teach?

u I teach in a student centered

classroom. Students will engage
on hands on activity with their
lessons to better understand
them. They will work in groups or
individually and use their unique
ways to solve problems. I also will
have routine because young
learners need routine in their
every day lives. I also will teach
with a lot of patience and
understanding to each student.
How do I measure me own
u Measuring my own effectiveness will most
likely depend on the school I teach in and
how they approach it. However, I feel that
the best way that my effectiveness can be
measured it by another adult observing me
and my students taking tests to see if my
curriculum has been taught appropriately to
How would someone observing me
describe my teaching style?
u If someone observed me in my classroom, they would say that my teaching
style is very hands on and student focused. They would see my students
collaborating together or working on activities while I am there to answer
questions and help.
What specific skills and knowledge will
students gain in my classroom and how will I
deliver those skills?
u My students will build good morals, learn independence, and how to act as a
well mannered student. They will learn to respect each other. The knowledge
they will learn will fall into the subjects that I teach. These main subjects
will obviously include reading, writing, and math. I plan to deliver these skills
by setting rules in my classroom that are expected to be followed. I will have
them learn how to be independent by working as hard as they can before
asking for help and also having the bathroom set up where they can go by
themselves appropriately. They will learn how to be well behaved students
who work hard while receiving compliments and rewards to keep them going!