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Jawab soal-soal di bawah ini dengan memilih jawaban yang tapat dengan memberikan tanda ( X ) pada
jawaban yang tepat!

1. What is it? 7. It can ......

a. An eagle
b. A peacock
c. An elephant
d. A giraffe

2. Where does this animal live? a. Can squeeze its prey

a. In the forest b. Can jump high
b. In the plain c. Can fly fast
c. In the desert d. Can run fast
d. In the ocean 8. It can.....
3. What is it?
a. A shark
b. A whale
c. A polar bear
a. Can jump high
d. A monkey
b. Can fly fast
Picture for number 4-6.
c. Can swim fast
d. Can run fast
9. My mother is a … .
a. teacher
b. nurse
c. doctor
4. What is it?.
d. student
a. A cat c. A dog
10. My brother is a … .
b. A rabbit d. A hen
a. teacher
5. Where does the animal live?
b. doctor
a. In the plain c. In the desert
c. waiter
b. In the forest d. In the ocean
d. chef
6. This is … animal.
11. he serves food. Who is he?
a. wild c. cattle
a. teacher
b. tame d. pet
b. doctor
c. waiter
d. chef
12. Where do eggs come from? For Number 21-30
a. Museums Read and drag. Put the words where they belong
b. Chickens Fish, deer, shark, whale, zebra, camel, giraffe, octopus,
kangaroo, jellyfish.
c. cows
d. Restaurants Lives in the water Lives on the Land
13. Where do you go to get books? 21. 26.

a. Apartment 22. 27.

b. Barn
23. 28.
c. Movie theater
d. Library 24. 29.

14. How do people”talk”using a computer? 25 30

a. Walk
b. Noise
For number 31-35,
c. E-mail
Match the occupation with the place!
d. fences 31. Doctor a. School
15. This Animal can climb trees?
32. Teacher b. airport
a. Monkey
33. Pilot c. hospital
b. Fish
c. Chickens 34. Cook d. police office
d. Cow
35. Police e. Restaurant
16. This animal has a very long tongue?
a. Cow
b. Giraffe
c. Monkey
d. Crocodile
17. Birds can........high in the sky?
a. Climb
b. Fly
c. Jump
d. Swim
18. Monkeys can........trees?
a. Climb
b. Fly
c. Jump
d. Swim
19. Crocodiles the river?
a. Fly
b. Swim
c. Jump
d. Climb
20. What do you wear on a rainy day?
a. Raincoat and boots
b. Coat and swimsuit
c. Raincoat and sandals
d. Sneakers and gloves