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Environmental Quiz c.

Polar Amplification
d.Solar Flares

7.It is often referred to as degradable plastics

since it does not require a biological process to
1.What kind of plant is use to rehabilitate degrade.
pollutants in metal-filled land as in abandoned
mine site in Mogpog, Marinduque. a.Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics
a.Jatropha c.Rubbers
b.Priwinkle d.HDPE
d.Sunflower 8.It is an underground layer of water bearing
permeable rock, rock features or consolidated
2.It refers to the introduction of High Yielding materials.
variety of seeds and increased use of fertilizers
and irrigation methods. a.Caves
a.Kyoto Protocol c.Lakes
b.Montreal Protocol d.Mine Reserves
c.Paris Agreement
d.Green Revolution 9.It is one of the largest aquifers, it underlies an
area of approximately 174,000 sq. mi in
3.It is a natural Process that warms the Earth’s portions of eight states of America, named by
Surface thus maintaining the appropriate N. H. Darton.
temperature for the organisms to live.
a.Western African Water Reserves
a.Greenhouse Gas Effect b.Amazon Aquifer
b.Solar Flare c.Ogallala Aquifer
c.Global Warming d.None of these
d.Lunar Eclipse
10.It is an international treaty which extends
4.It is the rapid growth or build-up of the 1992 UNFCCC that commits state parties to
substances or pesticides or other chemicals in reduce greenhouse gas effect emissions,
an organism. adopted at Japan on December 11 1997.

a.Bioaccumulation a.Montreal Protocol

b.Bioamplification b.Paris Agreement
c.Eutrophication c.Cop 21
d.Biomagnification d.Kyoto Protocol

5.It is an urban sanctuary along SouthEast False 11.It is an international treaty designed to
Creek,Canada.Deep layers of soil have been protect the ozone layer by phasing out the
added to the area to provide nourishment for production of numerous substances that are
new trees to grow. responsible for ozone depletion.

a.Aviary a.Montreal Protocol

b.National Park b.Paris Agreement
c.Habitat Island c.Cop 21
d.Desert Island d.Kyoto Protocol

6.It is the phenomenon that any change in the 12.It is the Philippine’s primary disaster risk
net radiation balance tends to produce a larger reduction and management program. It was
change in temperature near the poles than the initially administered by the DOST from 2011-
planetary average. 2017.

a.Global Warming a.Project NOAH c.DENR

b.Permafrost b.PAGASA d.PNP
13.It is the gaseous phase of water and it 20.It aims to aims to adopt a systematic,
triggers convection currents that can lead to comprehensive and ecological solid waste
clouds. management program that shall ensure the
protection of public health and environment.
b.Water Vapor a.Chainsaw Act. Of 2002
c.Carbon Monoxide b.Sustainable Development Goals
d.Nitrous oxide c.R.A 9003 0F 2000
D.COP 21
14.It is found both below ground and under the
sea floor. It is also one of the main ingredient in 21.Recently numerous numbers of manatees
natural gas. and sea turtles are found dead on the beaches
of florida.What causes the major deaths of
a.Methane marine life in the coast of Southwest Florida ?
b.Water Vapor
c.Carbon Monoxide a.Toxic Waste from Factories
d.Nitrous oxide b.High Salinity Level in the Ocean
c.Algal bloom
15.It is a colorless, odourless, and tastless gas d.Oil Spill
that is slightly less dense than air.It is toxic to
animals that use hemoglobin as oxygen carrier. 22.What Does NOAH Stands for?

16.It is commonly known as the laughing gas. It a.National Operational Action for Hazards
forms acid rain when combined with Sulfur b.Nationwide Operational Assessment of
dioxide. Hazards
c.National Operational Assessment of Hazards
a.Methane d.None of these.
b.Water Vapor
c.Carbon Monoxide 23.After Pioneering the nation’s first large scale
d.Nitrous oxide solar rooftop projects, Solar Philippines claims a
new frontier with the launch of solar farm in
17.Are organic compounds that are resistant to Luzon. The name of the Solar Farm is?
environmental degradation through chemical
biological, and photolytic processes. ______________________________.

a.Methane 24.It Is the term that describe the measures of

b.Propene human demand on nature.
c.Persistent organic pollutant
d.Phosphates a.Sustainable Development
b.Ecological Footprint
18.It was adopted and put into practice by the c.Carrying Capacity
United Nations Environment Programme on d. All of these
May 22, 2019.The purpose statement of the
agreement is “to protect human health and the 25.On December 22, 2018 a tsunami that
Environment from POP’s. followed an eruption and partial collapse of
Anak Krakatau Volcano in the Sundra Strait
a.Stockholm Convention struck several coastal Regions in ___________.
b.Kyoto Protocol
c.Montreal Protocol a.Malaysia
d.Paris Agreement b.Laos
19.It is a common name for algal blooms, which d.Indonesia
are large concentrations of aquatic
microorganism(dinoflagellets) causes oxygen 26.It refers to the saturation of soil with water.
a.Salination d.Sedimentation
a.Eutrophication c.Coral Bleaching b.Erosion
b.Red Tide d.Water pollution c.Water Logging
27.It is the used of either naturally occurring or
deliberately introduced microorganism or other
Life Forms to consume or break down
environmental pollutants.


28.An American Marine Biologist and

Conversationalist whose book Silent Spring and
other Writings are credited with advancing the
global environmental movement.

a.Charles Darwin
b.Barry Bishop
c.Rachel Carson
d.Edward Laurent

29.What typhoon hit the Philippines causing

casualties at Benguet and Raging floods as the
Typhoon crossed the area.

a.Typhoon Yolanda
b.Typhoon Mangkhut
c.Typhoon Pablo
d.Typhoon Katrina

30.What do UNFCCC stands for?