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Le château de Windsor est le plus grand et plus ancien château

habité au monde, et résidence de Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II. SPECIAL TOURS AND VISITS PLAN YOUR VISIT
Site spectaculaire renfermant 900 ans d’histoire britannique, ses
magnifiques appartements d’Etat etest
Le château de Windsor oeuvres d’art sont
le plus grand le reflet
et plus anciendu goût des
Tour to the Great Kitchen
différents roishabité
et reines qui se et
au monde, sont succédé.
résidence de Le
Sa château
Majesté ladereine
Windsor étant
Elizabeth II. un Opening times 2016 Admission prices 2016
palais royal actif,
Site les dates et horaires
spectaculaire d’ouverture
renfermant peuvent britannique,
900 ans d’histoire changer au dernier
April to October (Including multimedia tour)
Go behind the scenes to

magnifiques Le appartements
guide officiel d’Etat
et le guide multimédia
et œuvres du le
d’art sont château degoût
reflet du Windsor sont
des différents
rois et reinesenquifrançais.
se sont succédé. Le château de Windsor étant un palais royal actif, the Great Kitchen, which 09:30–17:15 (last admission 16:00) Adult £20.00
les dates et horaires d’ouverture peuvent changer au dernier moment. Le guide November to March Over 60 / Student £18.20
has remained in constant 09:45–16:15 (last admission 15:00) Under 17 / Disabled £11.70
officiel et le guide audioCastle ist dasdegrößte
du château und
Windsor älteste
sont bewohnte
disponibles Schloss der
en français.
Welt und die Wohnstätte Ihrer Majestät Königin Elizabeth II. Das use for nearly 750 years, Under 5 Free
Schloss hat eine 900-jährige Geschichte, und in seinen prächtigen Closed 25 March and
and hear about royal Family (2 adults, 3 under 17s) £51.70
Staatgemächern und Kunstwerken
Windsor spiegeln
Castle ist das größte undsich die unterschiedlichen
älteste bewohnte Schloss der 25–26 December.
GeschmäckeWelt von Generationen
und die Wohnstättevon Königen und Königinnen
Ihrer Majestät wider. II.DaDas
Königin Elizabeth das dining past and present.
Schloss für offizielle
Schloss Anlässe
hat eine genutzt wird,
900-jährige können sich
Geschichte, unddie Öffnungszeiten
in seinen prächtigen St George’s Chapel is open daily to
kurzfristig ändern.
Staatgemächern undDer offizielle Führer
Kunstwerken sowie
spiegeln ein unterschiedlichen
sich die Multimedia-Führer für 1 August – 30 September visitors, except on Sundays, when
Windsor Castle
von sind in deutschervon Sprache erhältlich. it is open only to worshippers.
Geschmäcke Generationen Königen und Königinnen wider. Da das
Conquer the Tower Tour Enjoy free re-admission for a year
Schloss für offizielle Anlässe genutzt wird, können sich die Öffnungszeiten Visitors are welcome to attend
El Castillo de Windsor
el castillo habitado más
Windsory Castle
más by asking us to treat your ticket
kurzfristig ändern. Der offizielle ein Audio-Führer the evening service, which is held
antiguo del mundo, donde vive Su Majestad la reina Isabel II. Este Climb 200 steps to the top purchase as a donation. Simply ask
sind in deutscher Sprache erhältlich.
impresionante lugar atesora 900 años de historia de Gran Bretaña every day at 17:15.
of the Round Tower and take us to stamp your ticket on your
y sus magníficos aposentos de estado y sus obras de arte reflejan los gustos As Windsor Castle is a working
de los sucesivos monarcas. Dado que in breathtaking views of the The Semi-State Rooms first visit.
El Castillo de Windsor es elelcastillo
se utilizamás
como palacio
grande y másreal, los
royal palace, opening arrangements
horarios de apertur
antiguo adel
mundo,cambiar con Su
poco tiempolade aviso. Encontrará
II. Este la Castle Precincts, London’s Keep in touch
guía oficial delimpresionante
donde vive
Castillo de Windsor
Majestad reina
y una guía multimedia en español.
Isabel The sumptuous private may change at short notice.
lugar atesora 900 años de historia de Gran Bretaña y skyline and the River Thames. apartments created by Reduced admission prices apply Sign up for our e-Newsletter at
sus magníficos aposentos de estado y sus obras de arte reflejan los gustos de los
Il Castello di Windsor è il più grande e antico castello abitato when the State Apartments are and
sucesivos monarcas. Dadoed
del mondo que el residenza
è la castillo se utiliza
di Suacomo
Maestàpalacio real, los
la Regina horariosII.
Elizabeth 1 August – 30 September George IV are among the
de apertur a pueden closed. Please check our website follow us on Facebook.
Questocambiar con poco tiempo
sito straordinario de aviso.
raccoglie 900 Encontrará la guía
anni di storia oficial
britannica most richly decorated before planning a visit.
del iCastillo
ed de Windsor
suoi magnifici y una guía sonora
Appartamenti di Statoene español.
opere d’arte riflettono il gusto dei Exclusive Evening Tour
interiors in the Castle. Access
re e delle regine che vi si sono succeduti. Poiché il Castello funge tuttora da The Royal Collection online
palazzo reale, gli orari d’apertura potrebbero essere soggetti a cambiamento Enjoy an Exclusive These rooms open to
Il Castello
con poco preavviso. Ladiguida
Windsor è il più
ufficiale del grande e antico
Castello castelloe abitato
di Windsor la guidadel Evening Tour that takes visitors between October Explore the royal residences
sono disponibili in italiano.
ed è la residenze di Sua Maestà la Regina Elizabeth II. Questo
and enjoy the Collection at
sito straordinario raccoglie 900 anni di storia britannica ed i suoi you ‘behind the ropes’ and March and are included For further information, please
O Castelodide
magnifici Appartamenti Windsor
Stato e opereé d’arte
o maior e mais ilantigo
riflettono gusto castelo ocupado
dei re e delle telephone +44 (0)303 123 7324
with an expert guide. in your ticket to the Castle.
regine che vi sidosono
mundo, funcionando
succeduti. Poiché il como a residência
Castello de da
funge tuttora Suapalazzo
reale, or visit
a Rainha
gli orari d’apertura Elizabeth
potrebbero II. Osoggetti
essere Casteloa écambiamento
o cenário decon 900 anos
poco da
preavviso. August and December Top: Visitors in the Great Kitchen
História Britânica,del
La guida ufficiale ostentando
Castello di magníficos Aposentos sono
Windsor e l’audioguida de Estado e belíssimas
obras de arte. Por ser um palácio real em funcionamento, seus horários de
in italiano. (selected dates) Below: The King’s Bedchamber
How to get there

Cover: The Queen © PA. All other images: Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2016
abertura podem sofrer alterações sem aviso prévio. O guia oficial e o guia
By rail: From London
multimídia do Castelo de Windsor estão disponíveis em português (Brasil).
Waterloo and
London Paddington
By coach: Daily
services from
London Victoria
By road: M4 Exit 6,
M3 Exit 3
Postcode: SL4 1NJ

T. +44 (0)303 123 7304
Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle
(A transaction fee applies to telephone bookings)

Admission to Windsor Castle is managed by

The Royal Collection Trust, a charity registered
The income from your ticket contributes directly in England and Wales (1016972) and in Scotland
to The Royal Collection Trust, a registered charity. (SCO39772). OFFICIAL RESIDENCE OF HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN
CASTLE 13 February 2016 –
1 January 2017


anniversary of the death
AND FAVOURITE WEEKEND HOME of William Shakespeare,
this exhibition celebrates
Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest the playwright’s longstanding
occupied castle in the world. Founded by association with Windsor
William the Conqueror in the 11th century, and the royal court.
it has since been the home of 39 monarchs. It shows how generations
Today The Queen spends most of her private Changing the Guard Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House of monarchs have enjoyed
weekends at the Castle, which is also used the work of Britain’s greatest

Photographer: Peter Smith

Changing the Guard takes A masterpiece in miniature,
for ceremonial and State occasions. place at 11:00, weather the Dolls’ House is filled with playwright, whether acquiring
permitting, from Monday to thousands of tiny objects. copies of Shakespeare’s work
Saturday between April and or producing art inspired by
July; and on alternate days his plays.
Right: A marble
for the rest of the year. Top left: The Grand
bust of William
Reception Room
There is no Changing the Shakespeare in the


Below left:
St George’s Chapel
Royal Library, John
Cheere (d. 1787)

The State Apartments St George’s Chapel

The magnificent State Set within the Castle
Apartments are frequently precincts, St George’s Chapel Family activities and
used by members of the is one of the most beautiful multimedia tour
Windsor Castle
Royal Family for formal events. ecclesiastical buildings in
Fun family activities, such as Families can also explore the 17 September – 31 December 2016
These ornate rooms are England. Ten monarchs
furnished with some of the are buried here, including storytelling and art workshops, Castle with a free multimedia Celebrate The Queen’s 90th
finest treasures from the Henry VIII and Charles I. take place every Saturday and tour full of interesting facts birthday in 2016 by visiting three
Royal Collection. each school holiday. and stories. special exhibitions at Windsor
Castle, Buckingham Palace and
the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
Across the three Palaces, the
displays chart significant events
in The Queen’s life through dress
designed for these occasions.
At Windsor Castle, the
display includes items worn
by Her Majesty on ceremonial
Photographer: Peter Packer

Photographer: Ian Jones

and family occasions
at the Castle.

Right: A portrait
of The Queen by
Cecil Beaton, 1968

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