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Company Profile

Aflah Afiq established as Technical Services company with primary focus being to provide just
much more than the following services - Flooring & Tiling, Plastering, Building Cleaning,
Painting, Electrical Fittings, Plumbing & Sanitary, Ceiling, Air Conditioning, etc., all under one
Our diversity and combined experience gives you the reassurance of a professional technical
services company that completes projects varying in size, from a door repair to constructing
your new premises and anything in between. Our in-house trades people & select sub-
contractor team allows us to complete a large variety of projects on time and on budget.

Our Vision
Our vision is simple – we aim to be the best in the industry. We pride ourselves in
providing quick services through proven processes and systems.
We make sure we understand the requirements of our clients from the beginning, and fulfill
them to their complete satisfaction.
We expect continuous improvement in everything we do. We want to lead, not follow, in our
projects, services and relations.
At AATS, being flexible is fundamental to delivering a great service to our clients.

Our core values form the base on which we operate and grow:-
 Total commitment to safety, quality, and the environment
 Maintain honesty (Afiq), transparency, and responsibility in all we do
 Deliver on our promises
 Flexibility in operations
 Adopt a culture of continuous improvement
 Maintain our reputation for integrity and excellence

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Company Profile

Culture & Team

Our culture begins with our people. Our company culture is a mix of hard work, mutual respect
and a strong commitment to our clients and the areas in which we operate.
We acknowledge change as a constant and cultivate new ideas to leverage the best results for
our clients and our business
We are committed to giving our best at all levels of our organization.

Why Choose AATS?

 Professional Technical Services Company
 Qualified, skilled & experienced in building maintenance, Renovation, AC Maintenance,
Cleaning, etc
 Trusted, recommended & cost effective services
 Easily Accessible

Our Services
AATS specializes in the commercial, residential and industrial sector providing technical and
building maintenance services. We offer a strategic partnership where we help manage your
properties buildings maintenance through our in-house team of trades covering following
 Building Cleaning
 Floor and Wall Tiling
 Block Works and Steel Fixing
 Plastering
 Painting
 Electrical Fittings and Fixtures Services
 Plumbing and Sanitary Contracting
 False Ceiling and Light Partitions Installation
 Carpentry and Flooring Contracting
 Electromechanical Equipment Installation and Maintenance
 Air Conditioning, Ventilations & Air Filtration Systems Installation and Maintenance
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Company Profile

Building Cleaning Services & Handy Man Services

Be it your existing premises or construction cleaning job (residential, commercial, or industrial),
AATS can offer you one of the best cleaning services in the region. AATS also undertakes Annual
Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for the cleaning services, and can provide handy man services
along with it.
Installation of your new home appliances, office electronics, maintenance of air conditioning,
carpentry, flooring or wall tiling, false ceiling, partitions, decorations, fit outs, …you name it and
we can done all under AATS.

Residential Cleaning Office Cleaning

Construction Cleaning Restaurant Cleaning

Food Court Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Sofa Cleaning

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Company Profile

Floor and Wall Tile Fixing

Our team consists one of the best masons, who can work with the required design and give
high quality finishes. Whether it’s a totally a new project, or renovation project or even
replacement of damaged tiles in existing project, AATS can carry out the job efficiently.

Plumbing & Sanitary

Painting Interlocks

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Company Profile

Internal, external and Ceiling plaster can effectively be carried out by AATS team. We are
experienced with manual plastering as well as with readymade plaster mix using spray plaster
machines. Be it wall or ceiling, AATS team gives the perfect finish with unmatched quality.

Block work Partitions False Ceiling

Electrical Fittings

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Company Profile

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services

When you consider the amount of hours per day that you spend indoors, you will realize how
important it is to control the quality of the air indoors. This is more than just finding the right
temperature, but also ensuring that the air is free from pollutants such as dust mites and
Here at AATS we offer a range of services that will keep your air conditioning system working to
its full potential. These services include a 24 hour repair service for all major brands,
maintenance services that can prevent a breakdown and full installation of new and remodeled
systems. All of these services come with a full satisfaction guarantee.
We can carry out repairs and maintenance of a wide range of heating and air conditioning
systems, in a variety of brands and ages. We are available at all times to carry out HVAC repairs
including evenings and weekends.

Preventative Maintenance
Team AATS recommends preventative maintenance as this can help identify any problems
before they cause a full breakdown of the system. This can also extend the life of your system
by ensuring that it remains in good working order. Regular inspections and tune-ups can save
significant costs down the road on a new unit by extending the life of your existing equipment.

Contact us:
We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any
questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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