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Diesel-electric locomotive for Southeast Asia

A. Overview platform increase the residual value for ease of

financing and leasing of locomotives.
The TRAXX Asia Platform provides Railways with a
choice of state-of-the-art locomotives designed for All TRAXX Asia locomotives are designed for high
narrow gauge and low axle loads. These operational performance in both freight and
locomotives are foreseen for all countries in passenger services. This is made possible using
Southeast Asia. Designed as a Platform, TRAXX latest ac-propulsion technology. Thus TRAXX Asia
Asia locomotives have a modular building block locomotives are ideal for heavy freight trains, e.g.
structure covering both 1’000 and 1’067 mm track on long uphill grades, as well as for hauling
gauges and can be supplied with a wide range of passenger trains with high acceleration in regional
axle loads between 15 and 20 tons. The loading and intercity services. They are available with an
gauge covers all Railway requirements of optional kit to provide electric power to the
Southeast Asia. The basic versions are 6-axle with passenger coaches. In this way traditional power-
diesel-electric propulsion. Additionally, an electric cars with diesel generator groups are no longer
TRAXX Asia locomotive is foreseen. needed. In addition, TRAXX locomotives can be
operated in push-pull mode with driving trailers,
The TRAXX Asia Platform is derived from the very again substantially reducing operational costs.
successful TRAXX Locomotive Platform which has
today become the industry standard in practically all Upto four locomotives can run in multiple, e.g. in
European countries. Standardization and mining operations with heavy train loads. There is a
modularization within the TRAXX Platform is the choice of multiple unit control either via cable or
key to increase economies of scale in production, to through wireless transmission.
provide a long term availability of spare parts and to
obtain a high overall locomotive reliability. Also,
standardization and interoperability within a

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B. Short technical description Mission reliability. The TRAXX Asia locomotives
maintain full starting tractive effort even if a diesel
TRAXX Asia locomotives are based on latest engines fails. In this way operation can continue
European locomotive developments which help the with the full train load without disruption of services.
Railways reduce operating costs and enhance their The reliability of the locomotive is further enhanced
competitiveness. Hereto the following features are by a redundent battery charger. Also, all vital
mentioned: electronic control channels are duplicated. Thus the
mission reliability is greatly enhanced compared to
Mechanical design. The TRAXX Asia locomotives single engine locomotives.
have a CoCo wheelset arrangement. The carbody
is a double-cab light-weight monocoque design. Maintenance. Following the experience of
The machine room is similar to the proven European TRAXX locomotives, all machine room
European TRAXX locomotives and is fully enclosed equipment, including the diesel engines, are readily
with a central aisle. In this way personnel safety is accessible for service and maintenance within the
greatly enhanced compared to outside gangways. enclosed machine room. Hence, access is always
The cabs are equipped with UIC compliant driver’s possible at all weather conditions, also outside
desks, air-conditionning and two comfortable seats. depots and workshops and even during service.
The diesel engines and their cooling systems are
Bogies. The bogies are of the proven Flexifloat designed as modular PowerPacks which can be
design used also on the Blue Tiger, Class 26, replaced within a few hours. The Railways can
locomotives of KTMB, Malaysia. This principal obtain complete kits, including detailed instructions
bogie design is used on all Bombardier and training programs, to establish efficient engine
locomotives, including the European TRAXX and maintenance in their own facilities. Alternatively,
North American ALP Platforms. Characteristic are Bombardier and the diesel engine supplier can
the primary and secondary coil springs and the provide tailored solutions to the Railways for all
bolsterless design with a traction rod transmitting levels of maintenance and overhauls.
the forces between carbody and bogie. Wheelset
guidance with flexible links allows free lateral Environment & locomotive standards. The
movement thus greatly reducing wear on wheels TRAXX Asia locomotives are designed to the latest
and tracks. European standards as defined by the EN
(European Norms) and TSI (Technical
Diesel engines. There is a choice of railway proven Specifications for Interoperability). These standards
diesel engines used in many different applications are today most advanced and widespread, used
worldwide. These advanced mainstream engines worldwide also in Asia, e.g. in India and China. The
are designed with the latest technologies for high diesel engines on the TRAXX Asia fullfil the latest
fuel economy, low exhaust emissions and ease of exhaust emission standards, i.e. the European
maintenance. They are extremely reliable and are Stage IIIA requirements. Noise levels are very low
overall lower cost compared to conventional and comply with TSI Noise stipulations.
designs. As high speed engines they have a much
higher power rating per weight, typically 2-fold, than Traction converters. The traction converter
traditional medium speed engines. In this way the transforms the power coming from the alternators to
TRAXX Asia locomotives feature a much higher control the speed and tractive effort of the six ac-
traction performance than traditional diesel traction motors. The converter design is basically
locomotives. the same as on the European TRAXX DE diesel
locomotives, however, adapted to the TRAXX Asian
Energy efficiency. Propulsion is provided from requirements. It uses water-cooled IGBT switching
multiple diesel engines which all feed in parallel the devices packaged into robust replaceable modules.
six traction motors. In this way some diesel engines The converter output consists of three identical
can be shut off during idling and low power inverters of which two feed the traction motors and
demand. In addition, IGBT ac/ac propulsion the third supplies power to the locomotive
technology allows a very efficient power conversion. auxiliaries. The latter can be used also for supplying
Also, substantial fuel savings are obtained through electric power to the coaches, thus eliminating the
regeneration of braking power to the auxiliaries and need of traditional diesel powercars. In case of an
to the coaches in the case of passenger trains. In inverter failure a traction inverter can be used for
overall, the TRAXX Asia locomotives can achieve the coach power supply. This guarantees redundant
fuel savings of up to 10% compared to traditional supply of electric power to the coaches from the
diesel locomotives. locomotive.

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The converter contains also two IGBT choppers for grades or with frequent stops. The electro-dynamic
the smooth control of the electro-dynamic braking brake is sufficiently powerful to maintain a constant
effort. This circuit arrangement allows the recovery speed of a passenger train without using the train’s
of braking energy. Fuel savings are considerable, pneumatic brake.
particularly with passenger trains on downhill

C. Technical data of the TRAXX Asia diesel-electric locomotives (preliminary)

Infrastructure Locomotive performance

Clearance gauge: Indonesia Max. service speed: 120 km/h
Malaysia (Option: 140 km/h)
Taiwan Traction power at wheel: 1’590 kW
Thailand Starting tractive effort: 320 to 360 kN
Vietnam Electric braking power at wheel: 1‘400 kW
Track gauge: 1’000 and 1’067 mm Max. electric braking effort: 200 kN
Min. curve radius: 80 m Train supply power (Option): 300 kVA @ 380 V to
Operating temperature range: -10 to + 45°C 415 V/ 50 Hz

Mechanical data & Bogies Propulsion system

Carbody: Monocoque Diesel engine: Caterpillar, Deutz,
Number of driver's cabs: 2 Liebherr, Cummins
Access doors per cab: 2 exterior & 1 interior Diesel engine output (UIC623): Minimum 1960 kW
Central couplers: AAR 10A contour Engine cranking: Electric starters
Height of coupler: 775 … 850 mm Fuel tank capacity: 3800 litres
Length over couplers: 19’700 mm Traction converter: MITRAC TC3320 DE
Locomotive width: 2’786 mm DC-link voltage: 1‘800 V
Max. height: 3’700 mm Converter coolant: Water /glycol mixture
Wheelset arrangement: Co’Co‘ Traction motors/bogie: 3
Distance between bogie centres: 11’500 mm Transmission gear ratio: 1:4.684
Axle load (full supplies): 15 to 20 t Traction motor & gear type: MITRAC DR3400N
Bogie wheel-base: 1’800 mm Auxiliary & train supply inverter: 1, redundant with
Type of bogie: Flexifloat traction converters
Wheel diameter (new / worn): 1’016 mm / 940 mm Battery type / voltage / capacity: Pb / 24 V / 600 Ah
Drive unit: Nose suspended Automatic train protection: Country specific
Friction brake equipment: Tread brakes Train radio: Country specific
Parking brake: Spring applied Multiple unit control: WTB (acc. IEC 61375,
Sanding: On leading axle IEEE 1473), via shielded
Sand reservoir volume: 4 x 125 l cable or wireless
Wheel flange lubrication: On leading axle Remote diagnostics: transmission via GSM or

Air supply & brake control Other equipment

Compressed air supply: 2’190 l/min Fire detection: Smoke detectors, heat
Compressor type: Screw or piston detection in engine room
Main air reservoirs: 800 l Automatic fire extinguishing On request
Brake control: UIC 540 ff or AAR Rear view facilities: Adjustable mirrors;
(L26 based) cameras with screen
presentation on request
Flip seats One or two as option

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D. TRAXX Asia as passenger locomotive, 16 tons / axle

The below curves show the tractive effort versus speed for a passenger train of 500 tons load. There is a high
residual tractive effort at 120 km/h for fast acceleration to maximum speed.

E. TRAXX Asia as freight locomotive, 18 tons / axle

As a freight locomotive the TRAXX Asia can pull very heavy train loads on level track, e.g. 2’500 tons at
95 km/h, as well as on steep grades, e.g. 1’800 tons on 12.5 ‰ at 25 km/h.

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