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Complete the sentences with them or to

1.When I’m hot and thirsty, I prefer cold drinks______hot drinks

2.When I’m hot and thirsty, I like cold drinks better______hot drinks

3.When I’m hot and thirsty, I’d rather have cold drink_____hot drinks.

4.I prefer chicken______beef

5.I like chicken better______beef

6.I’d rather eat chicken_____beef

7.When I choose a book, I prefer nonfiction______fiction

8.I like rock n’ roll better_____classical musc.

9.Tina would rather lie on the beach_____go swimming.

10.Tina likes lying o the beach better______going swimming

11.Tina prefers lying on the beach_____going swimming.

12.My parents would rather work_____retire. They enjoy their jobs.

13.Do you like fresh vegetables better_____frozen or canned vegetables?

14.I would rather take a picture of a wild animal____kill it with a gun.

15.Mr kim prefers tea____coffee with his evening meal.

16.I prefer visiting my friends in the evening______watching TV by myself

17.My brother would rather read a book in the evening_____vivit with friends.

18.My sister likes her math class better_____her biology class.

Exercise: Answer the following questions!

1. They prefer cycling _______ Riding motorcycle.
A. To
B. Rather than
C. Than
D. Rather
E. Because

Nadine: “ _________ mango or pineapple ?”

Angel: “ I like pineapple.”
2. Fill in the blank, with correct question is ...
A. Which fruit do you like
B. Which one
C. Choose
D. Which one Angel likes
E. Which like

Andy: “ Which one does your father like, meatball or chicken noodle ?”
Beny: “ ……………………
3. Fill in the blank, with correct answer is ...
A. He likes chicken noodle
B. He prefers meatball than chicken noodle
C. He like meatball and noodle
D. Meatball
E. Chicken noodle

4. Waiter : Here we are. Let's see the menu. There is a tomato juice or an orange juice.
Cindy : What do you prefer?
Nadya : ........
A. I prefer orange juice better
B. I prefer orange juice than tomato juice
C. I like orange juice better to tomato juice
D. I like orange juice to tomato juice better
E. I'd rather have orange juice than tomato juice

5. Mother likes cooking ........... watching television

A. Then
B. Rather than
C. Better than
D. To
E. Than

10 Contoh Soal Adjective Clause

Pilihlah relative pronoun atau relative adverb yang menurutmu paling tepat untuk

melengkapi bagian yang kosong dengan mengetik a, b, atau c.
1. The university … I earned my Bachelor’s degree has built a new bussiness
school building.
a. which
b. where
c. that
Your answer:

2. I’d like to teach the children … were with us last weekend about
a. who
b. whom
c. which

Your answer:

3. Someone sent her a letter, … made her smile all day long.
a. whom
b. which
c. that

Your answer:

4. The little girl … is running down the hill is my neighbor’s daughter.

a. whom
b. who
c. which

Your answer:

5. The homeless was sleeping on the sidewalk, … was dirty and smell very
a. that
b. which
c. where

Your answer:

6. Today is the day … most people in Indonesia get the day off.
a. that
b. which
c. when

Your answer:

7. The Bogor Palace, … was rebuilt in 1856, is one of Indonesia’s Presidential

a. which
b. that
c. who

Your answer:

8. The movie … they watched was very interesting.

a. whose
b. whom
c. that

Your answer:

9. The student, … IQ is higher that Albert Einstein, loves to learn foreign

a. who
b. whose
c. that

Your answer:

10. It was my classmate … hit the tennis ball over the net.
a. which
b. that
c. whom
1.      The man who is sitting over there is my father.
A.Who   B.Whose   C.When   D.Ø

2.      The book which you bought yesterday is very interesting.

A.Who   B.Which   C.Whose   D.When

3.      This is the place that I visited some years ago.

A.Where   B.When   C.That   D.Who

4.      Mr. Kurniawan  . . . son is my friend is presenting a paper in a seminar.

A.Who   B.What   C.That   D.Whose
5.      The time  . . . the plane takes off and lands will be changed soon.
A.When   B.Who   C.Ø   D.That

6.      Lumajang is the place . . . I was born.

A.That   B.Where   C.When   D.Whose
7.      Andrea was a married woman  . . . lived in Brockbourne.
A.That   B.Where   C.Who   D.When

8.      Hirata shivered at the snow  . . . was piled in the fields.

A.Whose   B.Who   C.That   D.Which

9.      She missed listening to the radio,  . . . had been stolen.

A.Which   B.Whose   C.That   D.Who

10. Rizky stopped for an old lady who was standing by the road.

A.Whom   B.Who   C.That   D.Whose

11. The old lady had a sign . . .  was handwritten.

A.Whose   B.Which   C.That   D.Whose

12. Kurniawan opened the door for the lady, . . .  was very fat.
A.That   B.Whom   C.When   D.Who

13. Mario was afraid of the old lady, . . .  voice sounded strange.

A.Whose   B.That   C.Whom   D.When

14. Conan was terrified  . . .  she saw her arms, which were hairy.
A.Whose   B.When   C.Whom   D.Which

15. Kurniawan realized it was a man  . . .  was dressed as a woman.

A.That   B.When   C.Who   D.Ø
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1. ri lived a house which cost one billion rupiahs.

2. Luna is the woman whom we are going to
recommended for secretary.
3. My mother who is angry in this room.
4. I do not like his friend whom my son is talking to.
5. Aminah found the bird whose les was broken.
6. The girl whose father gave a present for her
birthday is happy.
7. The Jakarta is the big city where I was born
8. Rama who is a handsome young man is my brother.

Isilah titik-titik di bawah ini sehingga menjadi kalimat

dengan adjective clause yang tepat!
1. The man ………………… lives across the school is my
2. The girl ………………….. umbrella is on the rain is my
little sister.
3. The student ………………………….. I met is Mariam
4. Do you wear the dress ……………….. I gave it to you
for your birthday?
5. Can you see the cat …………… is on the fence?
6. I still remember the place………….. we meet last
7. Give me reason…………………….you leave me alone!
8. Bali ………………………………….is located in
Indonesian, was may favourite destination to visit
9. Special prizes is available for the class …………………
wins in the English contest.
10. Someone sent her a message
……………………………… made her angry all day long
11. The little boy ……………………………. is running
around my home ia my neighbour’s son.
12. Today is the day …………………………… moeslem
people celebration Lebaran.
13. It was my best friend
……………………………………..hit the badminton ball over
the net.
14. The woman ……………..has six children is my mother
15. She has a house ……………… has a beutiful garden

jawaban :

1. Who
2. Whose
3. Whom
4. Which
5. That
6. Where
7. Why
8. Which
9. That
10. Which
11. Who
12. Where
13. That
14. Whose
15. That
Petunjuk Mengerjakan
Contoh soal adjective clause yang akan saya berikan ini semuanya berbentuk pilihan
ganda dengan jumlah 10 butir soal. Dalam mengerjakan soal, lengkapilah pada bagian
yang kosong dengan pilihan jawaban yang tersedia pada masing-masing soal. Jawaban
dan pembahasan disajikan pada bagian bawah postingan ini, tapi lebih baik anda
jangan melihatnya dulu, cobalah mengerjakan semua soal baru kemudian anda melihat
kunci jawaban dan pembahasannya.

Soal Adjective Clause

1. The lady ….. lives across the street is my aunt.

 a. Whom
 b. Who
 c. Whose
2. The boy ….. shoes are on the floor is my little brother.

 a. Whom
 b. Who
 c. Whose
3. The moment ….. the clown burst in to surprise the teacher was great!

 a. That
 b. Where
 c. When
4. The student ….. I teach is Budi.

 a. Whom
 b. Who
 c. Whose
5. Do you bring the book ….. I gave it to you yesterday?

 a. When
 b. That
 c. Which
6. Can you see the bird ….. is on the fence?

 a. When
 b. That
 c. Which
7. I still remember the place ….. I put my mobile phone last night.

 a. Where
 b. When
 c. Which
8. Give me the reason ….. you study in EngllishOnline.

 a. Why
 b. When
 c. Where
9. Tokyo, ….. is located in japan, was my favorite city to visit.

 a. Which
 b. That
 c. Where
10. Fruit ….. is grown organically is expensive.

 a. Which
 b. That
 c. Whom

Jawaban dan Pembahasan

No. Jawaba
al Adjective Clause

Adjective Clause atau Relative Pronoun atau Relative Clause adalah anak

kalimat yang berfungsi untuk menerangkan verb (kata kerja), adjective(kata-sifat),
kecuali pronoun.

Pembahasan selanjutnya tentang Adjective Clause akan saya berikan pada psotingan
yang berbeda.
Berikut ini, adalah soal-soal yang berhubungan dengan Adjective Clause:

I. Completing the sentences using proper adjective clause (relative


6. I am looking for the knife …….. you use to cut the bread with just now
7. Do you know the girl …….. works in the post office? She is my sister
8. We need a skilled secretary………we can trust to
9. Deni …… crops have overwhelmed the pabric is cultivated a new species of plant.
10. The horse ….. you were telling me yesterday won the race

II. Combine of these two sentences to be good combination by using ‘who’,

‘whom’, ‘which’, or ‘whose’

11. Is that the new radio station?

You pointed it out to me last week
12. I take a pity to that old man.
I gave my money to him this morning

13. My oldest brother has jus got married

I introduced you to him last morning

14. My stepmother is not very kind to me.

I have been living with her for years

15. This large globe belongs to my geography teacher.

You are looking at it.

16. Clark still does forest plantation

his employees have resigned

17. Peditriatrician is the doctor

His specifically is infant

18. May is unfortunate girl

She has stopped the school for five times

19. The old man walked slowly to the river

You had told him to me last week

20. They become wealthy

He suggest them to change the life behaviour
Answer :


1.Which, 2. Who, 3. Whom, 4. Whose, 5. Which


1. Is that the new radio station which you pointed out to me last week?

2. I take a pity to that old man to whom I gave my money this morning

3. My oldest brother to whom I introduced you last morning has just got married

4. My stepmother with whom I have been living for years is not very kind to me

5. This large globes at which you are looking belongs to my geography teacher

6. Clark whose employees have resigned still does forest plantation

7. Pediatrician whose specically is  infant is  the doctor

8. May who has stopped the school for five times, is unfortunate girl

9. The old man whom you have talked to me last week,walked slowly to the river

10. They whom he suggest to change the life behaviour become wealthy