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Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Madras, Chennai-600025

28-30Day December, 2015
1: Monday 28th December 2015

Time Chemical Science Auditorium

7:00 AM – 9.30 AM Registration and Coffee
Welcome & Inaugural Function
Prof. R. Thandavan, Vice Chancellor, University of Madras, Chennai
9:30 AM - 10.30 AM Prof. H. Devaraj, Vice Chairman, University Grants Commission, New Delhi
Prof. Appu Rathinavelu, Nova Southeastern University, USA
Shri. N.Kalyan, Director ELCA Laboratories, Thane
10:30AM - 11.00 AM High Tea
Plenary Lecture 1 : Prof. Appu Rathinavelu, Nova Southeastern University, USA
11:00 AM–11:45 AM A Vision of Advance Analytical Techniques Necessary for New Millennium

Plenary Lecture 2: Shri. N.Kalyan, Director, ELCA Laboratories, Thane,Mumbai

11:45 AM - 12.30 PM
Accreditation procedures and challenges for Analytical chemists

Keynote Lecture 1: Dr.Hullathy Subban Ganapathy, Hirotaka Ihara, Kumamoto University, Japan
12:30 PM - 01.10 PM Supercritical CO2 assisted Graphene Coated Polymeric Microspheres: New Versatile
Hybrid Materials

01:10 PM - 02.00 PM LUNCH

(Hall A – Chemical Sciences Auditorium) (Hall B – CAS Botany Auditorium)
Technical Session - 1 : Electroanalytical Chemistry and
Technical Session- 2: Catalytic Materials
Session Chair: Dr.T.Sivakumar, Anna University
Session Chair: Prof.J.Santhanalakshmi
IL - 1 : Development of Analytical Techniques for
IL-3: Linkage Isomerism in chemistry
following green routes
02:00 - 03.30 PM Dr.Mahesh Sundararajan, BARC, Mumbai
Prof. Mitali Sarkar, University of Kalyani, West Bengal
IL -2 : Understanding the Physics and chemistry of Solids
Oral Presentations: OP 04-07
via X-Ray emission Techniques
Dr.Daisy Joseph, BARC, Mumbai

Oral Presentations: OP 01-03

03:30 – 3.45 PM Tea /Coffee Break

Technical Session – 3: Chromatography & Hyphenated Technical Session – 4 : Analytical Techniques for
Techniques characterization of Nanomaterials
Session Chair: Prof. P.Ramamoorthy, Dept.of Inorganic Session Chair: Dr.T.Subba Rao, IGCAR
Chemistry, UNOM, Chennai IL-06: Polymer nanocomposites for the next generation
IL - 04: Challenges and Issues in analytical laboratory high energy density capacitors
management Dr.P.Thomas, CPRI, Bangalore
03:45 – 5.15 PM
Mr.M.Sathishkumar, Head SGS Life Science Services, IL-07: Diagnosis of cardiac pathology on line using
Chennai simultaneous electrode potentials from several leads using
IL-05: Trends in Ion Chromatography integrated microchip electrodes
Dr.Anbananthan, Vice President, Ion Exchange India, Dr.S.Ananthi, UNOM, Chennai
Oral Presentations : OP 11-14
Oral Presentations: OP 08-10

Poster Sessions 1: Chemical Sciences Auditorium (PP01-PP60)

4.00 PM – 6.00 PM

6.00 PM – 8.00 PM Cultural Program and Dinner

Day 2: Tuesday 29th December 2015
Time Programme

(Hall A – Chemical Sciences Auditorium) (Hall B – CAS Botany Auditorium)

Technical Session - 5 : Chromatography / Hyphenated Technical Session - 6 : Corrosion , Coatings And Surface
Techniques & Electrochemical Sensors Analytical Techniques For Material Characterization
Session Chair: Prof.S.Balakumar, NCNSNT, UNOM,
Session Chair: Dr.P.Thirunganasambandan Chennai
IL- 08: LCMS Technique unveils unknown molecules at trace IL-10: Biomimitic Synthesis of Nanomaterials-
level concentration Prof.G.Nageswara Rao, Andra University
09:30AM -11.00 AM Dr.Venkat Manohar, IICMS, Chennai
IL-11: Development of nano structured surface
IL-09: Gas Chromatographic Techniques modifications on titanium implants for biomedical
Dr.T.Sivakumar, Anna University applications
Prof.N.Rajendran, Anna University, Chennai
Oral Presentations: OP 15-17
Oral Presentations: OP 18-20

11.00 AM-11.30AM
High Tea

11.00 AM - 01.00 PM Poster Sessions 2: Chemical Sciences Auditorium (PP61-PP120)

Technical Session-7 : Analytical Techniques for
Technical Session-8 : Analytical Techniques For
Characterization of Nano Biomaterials
Pharmaceutical Products and Environmental Assay
Session Chair: Prof.P.Karthe, Center for Biophysics &
Crystallography, UNOM, Chennai
Session Chairs : Dr.N.Thiagarajan, NAL, Bangalore
IL- 12: Catalytically Active Lead(II)-Azolium
11.30 AM - 01.00 PM IL- 13: Applications of AnalyticalChemistry in the
Coordination Assemblies
Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients-
Dr.G.Prabhu Sankar, IIT, Hyderabad
Dr.R.J.Sarangdhar,Orchid Pharma, Chennai
Oral Presentations : OP 21-24
IL-14: Metal-Graphene Nanocomposites
T.Selvaraju, Karunya University, Coimbatore

Oral Presentations : OP 25-27

1:00 PM - 02.00 PM LUNCH
Technical Session-9 : Synthesis ,Characterization And Technical Session -10 : Analytical Chemistry in Organic
Applications Of Catalysts/Nano Materials Synthesis & Natural Products
Session Chair: Prof.P.Kannan, Anna University, Chennai Session Chair: Prof. P.Raja Kumar, Dept, Organic
Chemistry, UNOM, Chennai
02:00 PM - 03.30 PM Prof.P.Selvam, IIT, Chennai IL- 17: Rhodium(II) catalyzed synthesis of macrocycles
IL- 16: Applications of Surface Plasma Resonance in towards sensors
Biosensing Prof.Muthusamy, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli,
Dr. M.Boopathi, DRDE, Gwalior,MP
Tamil Nadu
Oral Presentations: OP 28 –31
Oral Presentations : OP 33-36
03:00 PM - 05.00 PM Poster Sessions 3: Chemical Sciences Auditorium (PP 121- PP 180)
03:00 PM - 03.45 PM Tea/ Coffee Break
Technical Session-11: Smart Materials Technical Session – 12: Separation Science/Polymer
03.45 PM - 05.15 PM
Session Chair: Prof.S.Rajeswari, Chennai Composites
Session Chair: Prof.E.Murugan, Material science, UNOM,
Keynote Address - 2: Electrocatalytic Metal Oxide coated
Ti Electrodes for Electrochemical Processes in Nitric Acid IL-18: Development of Separation methods for lanthanides
Medium and acinides
Dr.U.Kamatchi Mudali, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, TN Dr.N.Sivaraman, IGCAR,TN
Keynote Address – 3: Development of Activated nano Oral Presentations : OP 37-39
porous carbons from agricultural solid Wastes for the
Removal and Recovery of Organic & Inorganics -
Prof.C.Namashivayam, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore,
05:00PM – 05:30 PM High Tea
5.30 PM – 07.00 PM ALUMNI REUNION of Department of Analytical Chemistry, UNOM 1960-2015 batches
7.30 PM Dinner

Day 3: Wednesday 30th December 2015
Time Programme
(Hall A – Chemical Sciences Auditorium) (Hall B – CAS Botany Auditorium)
Technical Session-13 : Analytical Chemistry for Technical Session- 14 : Electroanalytical Chemistry and
Pharmaceutical Products and Environmental Analysis Sensors
Session Chair: Prof.N.Mathivananan, CAS Botany, Session Chair:Prof.D.Gopi, Periyar University, Salem, TN
MOU, Chennai IL-21:
IL-19: Green Chemistry and its Applications in synthesis Dr.Suresh Babu, University of Johannesburg , South
of Metal nanoparticles for Biomedical Africa
Applications- Prof. Fiaz Mohamed, Aligarh Muslim
09:30 AM - 11.00 AM University, MP IL-22:
Multiplex Immuno Chromatographic assay
IL-20: Role of Analytical chemistry in flavor and fragrance Dr.Seema Nara, MNIT, Allahabad
industry-Mr. P. Ravichandran, Bell Flavors &
Fragrances, Germany IL-23:, Innovative Nano-materials & Applications,
Dr. T.Theivasanthi, Kalasalingam University, TN
Oral Presentations: OP 40-42

11:00 AM - 11.30 AM Tea/Coffee Break

11:00 AM - 01.00 PM Poster Sessions 4: Chemical Sciences Auditorium (PP 181- PP 230)

Technical Session -15

Polymer, Ceramics & Composite-Synthesis Characterization and Applications
Session Chair: Dr.Daisy Joseph, BARC, Mumbai
11.30 AM – 1.00 PM IL- 24: AFM for Characterizing nano materials- Prof.K.Jeganathan, NSNT, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli,
Tamil Nadu,
IL- 25: Chemical Ecology of Plant Microbes Insect Interaction -Dr.Radhika Venkatesan, National Centre for
Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore
Oral Presentations : OP 43-45

01:00 PM - 02.00 PM Lunch
02:00 PM - 03:00PM Distribution Participation Certificates, Attendance certificates and Receipts
03.00 PM - 03.30 PM High Tea
03:30 PM -4.30 PM Valedictory Program & Distribution of Best Paper Awards /Certificates