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(First Semester-Midterm Project)


Submitted by:

Nur Mashura Putri


Submitted to:

Janeth C. Langcamon

English Mentor
General Instructions:
*Review “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Follow the format below. Computerize your review. Use 12
– font size, Times New Roman, double spaced, and an A4 Bond paper. Justify all your texts.
*Compile all your printed reviews in an A4 transparent folder : red for IPA 1,green for IPA 2, blue for IPS
1, and yellow for IPS 2.
WARNING: Plagiarism/Copied from internet in NEVER ALLOWED. Make sure you do not have the
same reviews/contents with any of your classmates.
1. Title of the film:___________________________________________________________________
2. Director’s Name:___________________________________________________________________
3. Main Actors:______________________________________________________________________
4. Duration of film:___________________________________________________________________
5. Year released:_____________________________________________________________________
6. Genre of Film:_____________________________________________________________________
Part 1 – Introduction (1 paragraph)
Catch the reader’s attention – if your liked the movie, then your “intro” should make people want to see it;
but if you didn’t like it, the “intro” should be something that shows why you didn’t like it. This lays the
foundation of your review.
Part 2 – Summary (3 paragraphs)
Recap briefly, but don’t give away anything big. You should give them the basic plot points, and tell them
how the story builds, but don’t give away key moments, especially not the ending! And keep it brief.
Part 3 – Review (5 paragraphs)
Back up your main opinion with specifics. The readers already know what your opinion of the movie is. It’s
time for you to prove it. In these paragraphs, go into detail about several important things that stood out
about the movie – use examples. Pick 3 : a)Music, b)Setting, c)special Effects, d)Filming, e)Entertainment
Value, f) Favourite Scene or Important Scene, g) A Great Acting Performance or an Interesting Character, h)
the Message.
***Be honest in your review. A comedy should be funny, a horror movie should be scary etc.; judge the
movie against those standards, not against any pre-existing opinions you may have 9bias against genre or
actors, etc…). it will make the review more valuable to the reader and honest writing is always the best.
Part 4 – Recommendation (1 paragraph)
You have already evaluated the Movie. Do you recommended it or not? Who will like it (kids or adults)?
Give at least two reasons why you liked or didn’t like the movie.
Part 5 – Evaluation (The final statement)
This is your final evaluation or “grade” that you give the movie. “Two Thumbs up” or “Five Stars” etc…
Try to make up your own!
1. Title of the film : Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

2. Director’s Name : Tim Burton

3. Main Actors : Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne

4. Duration of film : 1 Hour 48 Minutes / 108 Minutes

5. Year released : 2010

6. Genre of Film : Fantasy, Adventure

Part 1 – Introduction

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a film based on a novel of the same name, directed by Tim

Burton. Burton himself is a director, filmmaker, and screenwriter. The purpose of this film is to upgrade this

story to a more fresh, interesting version that can be watched by all ages. And the results were quite

satisfying to me, although not as good as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which was also directed by

Tim Burton.

Part 2 – Summary

The plot of the film is easy to understand, the film itself is easy to understand. First thing I’m

going to discuss is the time setting. The time setting in this film is in the Victorian era. The Victorian era

was the period of Queen Victoria's reign, from 20 June 1837 until her death on 22 January 1901.

Second is the setting. The setting is Wonderland, a strange and seemingly crazy world that you

can entered by dropping into a rabbit hole. Animals act as normal people. Physical size as well as time are

relative. The story also partly takes place in our ‘real’ world, where Alice was proposed by Hamish in the

And last, the character in the film. The character is very unique and silly for me. Like, the big head

queen, the smiling cat, the rabbit that wears waistcoat, talking flower, that’s crazy!
Part 3 – Review

The things in the movie that stood out to me are the acting of the characters, the message and the

special effects. So first I want to talk about the acting of the characters first.

I like how Alice was played in this film. Alice is a young girl who has a curious nature, likes to

daydream, and has a very big imagination. Her character is a brave, well spoken and has a charismatic

charm. The way she fought Jabberwocky was so cool. And also the way she wanted to save The Mad Hatter

from The Red Queen.

And then, The Mad Hatter. Mad Hatter uses a lot of nonsense and is silly yet he is considered to be

Alice's best friend. His personality is very eccentric and unique, and he's very random yet intelligent for his

riddles. He's also very fun, outgoing, and slightly insane. The most memorable scene for me was when they

had a tea party. It’s just funny to see.

And also Cheshire The Cat. I feel it stood out the most. A cat that had ability to disappear. It also

smile which somehow makes me uncomfortable. it’s so creepy but at the same time it also cute.

The next thing that I think was stood out was the special effect or we called it as CGI. Well,

actually now many films use better CGI. But, seeing that this film was released in 2010, it's already

classified as a film with good special effects or CGI.

Last thing, of course, the message in the film. This film is quite entertaining and the moral message

that I can catch is that we must believe in our own abilities and believe that nothing is impossible in this


Part 4 – Recommendation

I recommend this film to you who read my review of this film. Because, first, this movie is good

for you who likes fantasy stuff. Second, this movie is fun to watch because it has an interesting character

which kids may like it.

Part 5 – Evaluation

I will rate this movie 5 moons out of 10 moons.