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Doug Eberling and Denver Teveter

What is “Professionalism”

This is the type of workplace behavior that is

necessary for long term success of a business or
Why is this important?

A professional workplace attitude and appearance

allow employees to take pride in their work and
improve worker performance.
Professional Communication

● Most problems in an organization arise as a

result of poor communication (oral and written)

● Effective communication ensures a smooth flow

of ideas, facts, decisions, and advice.
○ This way, employees eliminate hindrances in
achieving the organization’s target.
Ways to communicate professionally:

● Be clear and distinct in your words

● Deal with one issue at a time
○ This is the only way to reach effective
results. Dealing with multiple issues at a
time has the potential to create confusion.
Communication between management and
their employees:

● Two-way traffic
○ For instance, when a manager conveys
information to the employees, they should
be ready to receive reactions and responses.
What is self development and learning

● Self development is when employees better

themselves through the exploration of identity,
talents, potential, as well as dreams and
● Learning orientation measures the tendency or
habit of seeking to increase one's knowledge
and skills
Why is self development so important in the
professional world?

● Empowers employees to produce better results

and meet their goals
● Personal growth is a good way to show
employers or clients that you are capable of
working with them
Develop relationships effectively with diverse
team members

● We all want to work with people we're on good terms with.

● Instead of spending time and energy overcoming the problems
associated with negative relationships, focus on opportunities.
● Building a professional circle of associates is essential to the
success of a business.
Demonstrate professionalism

● Work productively
○ Workers who conduct themselves professionally steer clear of
crossing the line with their conversations and other interactions with
co-workers, superiors and clients.
○ workers who dress and act professionally feel better about
themselves and are encouraged to perform better for their clients.
● Collaborate
○ Work effectively and professionally with fellow employees to
maximize productivity