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2019-1-ES01-KA101-061816 Generated on: Mar 31, 2020

Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type: School education staff mobility

Project Title

Ceip San Luis educating without borders

Project Coordinator

Organisation CEIP SAN LUIS

Address Calle Garcés Vericat nº 12 , 46360 Buñol-Valencia , Comunidad

Valenciana , ES

Project Information

Identifier 2019-1-ES01-KA101-061816

Start Date Dec 31, 2019

End Date Dec 30, 2021

EC Contribution 17,573 EUR

Topics Inclusion - equity ; Cooperation between educational institutions and

business ; Open and distance learning

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2019-1-ES01-KA101-061816 Generated on: Mar 31, 2020

Project Summary


Our centre of education feels the need to develop and implement new methodologies and styles of teaching,
taking into account the basic and transversal skills that are being brought about in the European educational

These scholarships will provide our teachers with the skills, tools and new knowledge they need to put these skills
into practice in our educational community.

Thanks to the European scholarships that offer these programs, we are able to be in contact with a variety of
types of European educational centres, different forms of management, in the classroom as much as the centre
itself, new forms of optimising the use of resources, alternative methodological approaches and other educational

In this way, we prioritise the meaning of this initiative and the entrepreneurial spirit of the teaching staff, an aspect
which will surely affect or be reflected in the education of our student body.

At the same time, we see the necessity of developing the effective integration of languages into the curriculum, to
facilitate a multilingual approach to education and integrate linguistic content into non-linguistic subject areas.

Therefore, the principal objectives of our education centre are as follows:

- Improve the foreign language skills of our teaching staff.
- Implement in both the short and long term a number of subject areas with English as the language of instruction.

- Increase European awareness in our educational community

- Acquire new tools, methodological and educational approaches for our daily practice.
- Participate consistently in sustainable cross-border cooperation projects
- Develop the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship within our teaching staff.
- Provide the student body with opportunities that encourage student participation and attention to diversity.

The profile of the participating group of teachers is the following:

- The English specialist will encourage multilingualism among the students through learning based in play.
- The physical education specialists aim to export their work experience through the Sports Centre Project, and
as a promotional centre for Physical Education, Sport and Health, and by bringing in new sports disciplines,
action strategies and methodologies from this country at the pre-primary and primary stages.
- The pre-primary teachers aim to apply new teaching and learning methodologies and develop their experience
within the scope of sensorial stimulation, and using both the native and English languages in the dynamics of the
- The pedagogic therapy specialist aims to learn new, innovative methodologies and to implement their existing
knowledge to put them into practice with Special Needs students.
- The Principal in Finland and the secretary in Norway aim to monitor the operation and organization of the
education centres of these countries, and at the same time create a connection to be able to carry out an
exchange between the students of these countries through the eTwinning projects or with a project of Key Action
- The teachers that will take the courses in Greece will contribute the experience they acquire to the centre

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2019-1-ES01-KA101-061816 Generated on: Mar 31, 2020

through the visits to the primary education centres where they have put the Effective Schools methodology into
practice. In this way they can apply these methodologies in our school and implement activities concerning
actions to improve climate change both inside and outside the classroom.

The mobility projects that will be carried out are the following:
- A structured course in Finland
- A Structured course in Norway

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