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The Board of Directors (“the Board”) of Medine Limited (“Medine/the

Company”) wishes to inform its shareholders and the public in general that
its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Thierry Sauzier, has left the Company
effective the 30th March 2020 to pursue other opportunities following
irreconcilable differences between the Board and Mr Sauzier on strategy and
the implementation thereof.

The Board extends its thanks to Mr. Sauzier for his contribution throughout
his mandate and wishes him the best for the future.

The Executive Committee of the Board and Chief Operating Officer of

Medine have been entrusted with the mission of implementing the
Company’s vision and strategy to ensure business continuity.

By Order of the Board

Patricia Goder
Company Secretary

30th March 2020

This communiqué is issued pursuant to Listing Rule 11.3 and the Securities Act 2005.
The Board of Directors of Medine Limited accepts full responsibility for the
accuracy of the information contained in this communiqué.