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Let me explain to you the belief systems of Neo- To make their dream come true, Zionists need-
Con Christians, Zionist Jews & Muslims for a ed few things done.. 1. Take total control of
clearer understanding of the present chaos in United States. Which they did in 1913-14. 2.
the ME & the world at large. This is purely a re- They needed to destroy Ottoman empire. 3.
ligious war with economy, politics & everything They needed to convince Jews to move to Pal-
else playing secondary roles in this war. estine from Europe & Elsewhere. Hence...WW1
is triggered.
Before the WW1, Theodore Herzl & Zionist
Jews wanted a state of their own in Palestine WW1 achieved all the defined objectives for
from where they would rule the world under that war. Palestine came under British man-
their “Messiah” whose seat of power would be date, Ottoman empire was destroyed, Europe
the Temple which was under the Ottoman con- was decimated, & US’s economy was now fully
trol in Jerusalem. So, begins the struggle for Is- under the Federal Reserve, the private Banking
rael.... cartel which would lend money to US & Europe
after that...

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So, its not surprising now that even before the of Europe yet another time & the Holocaust
WW1 ended, British Govt had already issued to fully create the global environment for the
the infamous “Balfour declaration” in 1917, physical land grab in Palestine. Immediately
writing to none other than the more infamous after the WW2, Israel came into existence in
Lord Rothschild that British Govt will now cre- 1948. Christian wealth, blood & guns created
ate a country for Jews in Muslim Palestine. Israel.
But It took another WW2 & total destruction

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After the WW1, the victorious allies, especially are historically closer to reality. Lawrence of
the Britain & France literally divided the Otto- Arabia and Queen of the Desert. Very realistic
man empire on maps drawn on a tissue paper...... depiction of real history, British treachery & the
the Sykes - Picot agreement. That had drawn the Arab revolt against Ottoman empire. Note the
present ME maps & created countries like Saudi role of present Saudi dynasty !!
Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon etc.
Now we fast forward to today. Israel has firm-
Of course to achieve this “new Middle East” ly established itself as a force in ME. It has suc-
post Ottoman empire, British empire, on behalf cessfully destroyed all Muslim countries around
of Zionists, deployed all its resources to create it using the military & economic power of the
subservient & docile Muslim govts in newly
created countries. Assets like Gertrude Bell, the
queen of the desert & the Lawrance of Arabia

The present Saudi Arabia was created by British

Intelligence through their talented agents Col
Lawrence & Gertrude bell. House of Saud was
a tribe in Riyadh which was brought into power
over the Arabian peninsula & the sons of Sha-
reef of Makkah were given Iraq & Jordan.

Here, I would refer you to two movies. Which

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Christian world through US/NATO. To do that Jewish Zionists needed. For 2000 years, Chris-
Israel first had to hijack Christianity... tian world has been persecuting the Jews. So,
unless a new “pro-Jewish” Christian cult was
Yes, this may sound strange but its a fact that not created & given power, it would be impossi-
until Israel could create a powerful heretic cult ble for so little Zionists to achieve their mission.
within the Christians, it could never deploy the
military/economic power of the western civili- So now we come to the core belief set behind
zation to its here comes the Neo- the pol & military moves. This belief set is actu-
Con Evangelical Christian Zionists....! ally driving the present world. So, its important
that you understand it. NeoCon “Christians”
NeoCons are the ideal Christians which the believe that a Temple of Solomon must be built

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in Jerusalem for Jesus to return! Wow..!! dence upon US is getting less and less every day.
The time for the Temple & “Messiah” is close
So, now the belief set of Jewish Zionists & this
new ruling powerful “Christian” evangelical Now the critical point. Within the Jewish Zion-
cult is the same...Build a Temple on the Mount ists belief system, they cannot have the required
in Jerusalem. Though for different reasons but spiritual energies to bring about a Temple as
that does not matter in the equation anymore. long as Muslims continue to generate their own
Israel very smartly used US for its goal. collective counter spiritual energies through
Hajj & Salutations to the Prophet in Medina
Israel has reached that finishing line...almost!
Muslim world is destroyed around them. Neo- Now we have entered into the spiritual & phil-
Cons have used the resources of the entire USA osophical domain of the ME Geo-politics. Its
to serve this Israeli objective. Israel’s depen- a very much a spiritual war too. That is why it

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is critical for Jewish Zionists to stop Hajj & cir- tion, Dajjal, would become so powerful that
cling around Kaaba which they feel produces they would be able to stop Hajj & control the
powerful collective spiritual energies.... global economy & food chain....& that would be
a time of great wars & bloodshed.
Now we come to this Corona Virus, the ultimate
weapon deployed to take total control of global For those who did not know the underlying
economy as well as destroy the collective spir- religious, philosophical & ideological belief
itual resistance from the Muslims ! It does not set clashing behind these wars in the ME, this
matter who launched this attack. What matters thread should be a good enough dosage. Like
is that who is exploiting it to its advantage Crusades, this is a religious war as well, deeply
ideological & fought on spiritual plane too.
This is what many morons within the Muslims
do not understand. They do not see the danger- _______________
ous collective & spiritual damage to the Muslim
civilization when its most powerful symbol of
unity, power & spirituality is demolished leav-
ing the field open to the arch enemies.

Intriguingly, it is told in the Prophetic traditions

that in the end times the evil forces of decep-

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