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Project #3: Interview with Stakeholder (Nurse Practioner)

Emmanuel Chen

Charles Drew University

NUR 628 Health Sys Management


For this project, I chose to interview Anh-Khoi Nguyen who is a nurse practitioner
working at Olympia Medical Center:

1. What are the major problems with the U.S. health care system today, from your perspective?

The extreme cost of a multi-payer system and privatized health insurance is a major problem.
The United States healthcare system is profit-driven and as a result, we have a disparity of
coverage within the population. The United States spends 2 times the amount per capita as the
rest of the industrialized world on their own health care systems. The cost to afford decent
healthcare and prescription drugs is outrageous. In the United States, when you become very
sick, you go bankrupt. But on the flip side drug companies and healthcare companies rack in
billions of dollars in profits per year. Profit over people; that’s the model of the US healthcare

2. How effective has the Affordable Care Act been in addressing these problems so far?

The Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction, however, has not been effective at all in
addressing the cost and coverage for all those who need it. There will be no fundamental change
in our country until the United States abolishes the multi-payer system and follow the rest of the
industrialized world into a single-payer system.

3. What major trends do you see occurring in the health care system in the next 5 to 10 years?

I wish to see a progressive movement toward Medicare for All. Only until recently within the
past 5 years have people of the United States begin to realize the need to have universal coverage
under a single-payer system. Unfortunately, because of all the greed, profiteering and money
involve in the industry, this may likely not happen.

4. What changes would you like to see in the system, and how could they be brought about?

I would like to see a universal coverage, single-payer system. With the current Democratic
election, we hear and talk about the notion of Medicare for All. At this point in time, not all
Americans believe in it. I think to actually implement change, we must start from the bottom up.
Instead of imposing Medicare for All on the entire country as a whole. I believe real change can
start if a progressive state like California implements Medicare for all California Residents.

Providing healthcare to all Californians will save on healthcare administrative costs and reduce
administrative waste simultaneously providing quality healthcare to all its residents. Quality of
life of Californians would increase and I believe there will be an influx of people from other
states who share the same ideology who will come to California and embrace universal care

5. What do you see your role as in improving health and health care?

My role as a Nurse Practitioner is to provide quality healthcare to patients regardless of income

or social status. Every day I am witness to deprived healthcare given to patients who lack
insurance or have lower-tier insurance plan. The greed has to end. Healthcare should be a
human right.