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Review of literature

Prof G N Purohit
Head, Department of Veterinary Gynecology
and Obstetrics, College of Veterinary and
Animal Science, Bikaner, Rajasthan
What is literature Review
• A literature review is an objective, thorough
summary and critical analysis of available
• An approach to review the available literature in
order to find out the relevant work of others
already done.
• It reports critical review of the relevant literature
• It identifies the gaps within the literature that
probably the proposed research will attempt to
Why this is needed
• In order to persuade that the research one is
performing is relevant and worth doing
• What research questions are you trying to
address and why?
• Previous similar works and their findings
• What is already known and is it relevant?
• How the proposed research add to the
understanding or challenge existing theories?
Non research reasons for literature
• As an assignment for an academic course
• To update current knowledge and practice on
a topic
• To evaluate current practices
• To develop and update guidelines for practice
• To develop work related practices
A Critical Review
• A critical review is an interpretation and
synthesis of published work

• It addresses the gaps in understanding or

complex areas of understanding that need
further research/analysis

• It identifies areas of future research

When to review the literature
• An early review to establish the rationale of
any study

• If the study is longer a mid review is needed to

keep abreast of the developments

• During discussion of results of a study

Literature review process
• Selecting a review topic
• Searching the literature
• Gathering, reading and analyzing the
• Writing the review
• References
Searching the literature
• Electronic resources
CAB Direct, PubMed, Index Veterinarius,
Google, Mendley, Ovid, Web of Science,
SciELO, Agricola etc.
• Hand searching of journals
• References of references
• Govt doicuments
• Books
Reviewing the collected material
• Classify- Theoretical /Methodologic
Tabulate similar data and findings
Avoid duplicacy
Build an argument not a library
Writing a review
• Classify in to different topics
• Discuss one topic at a time
• It must relate to the study proposed
• It must be clear
• Keep chronology
• May use tables for vast data
• Discuss about consensus or differences
• Write while you collect and collect while you
• If one area seems difficult leave it for time
being and write another.
• Write a brief conclusion
• Throw light on future research