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Eisenberg Art at Home!

Hello Eisenberg Artists! I miss seeing you in person but I have put together a list of activities for 
you to be creative every day! I will share a new theme of activities every week that can be 
completed on-line or with materials you have at home. You can click on the underlined words which 
will take you to a video or website with more info. ALSO, you can check out my ​website​, ​Instagram 
or ​Facebook​ page for other fun art stuff! All of the resources will remain here for you to work at 
your own pace. I’ll be on Zoom to meet with you Mondays thru Thursdays, check Schoology for the 

Visual Art Fun

Week 1 - April 6th ⇒ 10th

The elements of art are the visual "tools" artists use to create art. Artists use the 
elements to create visual images and to express their ideas.   

There are 7 ​elements of art - line, shape, color, form, texture, space and value. 
What is the ​Color Wheel​? ​Which primary colors mix to make new colors​?
Create it! - Online Only Activities - Create It! Activities - Create it! Part 2
Lines - Zentangles
Draw a picture! Twigs? Takis? ​Make your own art materials from things around your gles-101/
Make a color wheel from objects
around your home! Value - Ice Cream Cones

Draw a picture!

Make your own value scale! Find

clothes or other items and line up
Draw beautiful abstract artworks! from light to dark.
Create a Form - ​Origami House
Weave Silk and ​more​!

Play with lines and shapes! ‘Paint’ on the sidewalk with water Mix Colors​ with Crayons or Paint

I’d love to see what you make - take a picture and share it with me! With love, Mrs. Rosenthal