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PIEAS Test (2016) Subject Part: Physics

51) A sphere and a cylinder start from the rest at the same position and roll down the same incline
A. The sphere will reach the bottom first.
B. The cylinder will reach the bottom first.
C. They will reach the bottom at the same time
D. Which one will reach the bottom first will depend on the mass of the object.
52) According to Kepler’s laws, the square of the period of a planet is proportional to some power of its mean
distance from the sun which is given by
A. T =R2
B. T =R3 /2
C. T =R1 /3
D. T =R3
53) Young’s Modulus of a material is equal to
A. Tensile Stress/Compressive stress
B. Compressive strain/Tensile Strain
C. Tensile stress/Tensile strain
D. Shear stress/Shear strain
54) Two series-connected capacitors of capacitance 0.5 µF and 1.0 µF are connected to a 220 V d.c. source.
The net charge on the capacitor plate is
A. 3.15 ×10−9 coulomb
B. 5.3 ×10−7 coulomb
C. 6.15 ×10−8 coulomb
D. 7.30 ×10−5 coulomb
55) A piece of copper wire is cut into ten equal parts. These parts are connected in parallel. The joint
resistance of the parallel combination will be equal to the original resistance of the single wire multiplied
by a factor of
A. 100
B. 10
C. 1
D. 0.01
56) The potential at a point 0.5 ×10−8 cm from a proton whose positive charge is
4.8 × 10 esu(1 statvolt =300 volt )
A. 0.288 volts
B. 2.088 volts
C. 28.8 volts
D. 288 volts
57) The Davisson-Germer experiment in which electrons were detected at the surface of a nickel crystal
A. Confirmed e/m value
B. Indicated the wave nature of electrons
C. Determined the Plank constant
D. Established the validity of the photoelectric effect
58) The moon revolves about the earth, making a complete revolution in 27.3 days. Assume that the orbit is
circular and has a radius of 385 ×106 meters. The magnitude of the acceleration of the moon towards the
earth is about
A. 2.8 ×10−4 g
B. 2.8 ×10−5 g
C. 2.8 ×10−6 g
D. 2.8 ×10−7 g
PIEAS Test (2016) Subject Part: Physics

59) Consider two unequal masses (m 1 <m 2) connected by a string which passes over a frictionless and
massless pulley. The acceleration of the masses is given by
A. a=( m 2−m1 ) g / ( m 1+ m2 )
B. a=( m 2 +m 1 ) g / ( m1−m2 )
C. a=m 2 g / ( m1 +m 2 )
D. a=m 1 g / ( m1 +m 2 )
60) A charge Q is placed upon a capacitor C at a potential difference V. The potential energy stored in the
capacitor may be determined from which one of the following expression?
A. PE=Q V 2 /2
B. PE=CV /2
C. PE=V C 2 /2
D. PE=Q 2 / 2 C
61) Let T1 and T2 be the temperatures of two reservoirs. If T 1>T2 and we operate a Carnot engine between the
two reservoirs, the efficiency of this Carnot engine is
A. ( T 1−T 2) /T 2
B. ( T 2−T 1) /T 2
C. ( T 2−T 1) /T 1
D. ( T 1−T 2) /T 1
0 0 1
62) Consider a matrix 0
( )
1 0 , the eigenvalues of the matrix are
1 0 0
A. 0,0,0
B. 1,1,-1
C. 1,0,0
D. 3,1,1
63) Let r be the position vector, and a be a constant vector, the gradient of the scalar product a . r is
A. 1
B. r
C. 3r
D. 3a
64) A particle of mass ‘m’ moves in a plane under the influence of a force F=−kr directed towards the
origin. The Lagrangian of the system is
1 1
A. m ṙ 2+ k r 2
2 2
1 2 2 ˙2 1 2
B. m ( ṙ ¿ ¿ +r θ̇ )− k r ¿ ¿
2 2
1 2 2 2˙ 1 2
C. m ( ṙ ¿ ¿ +r θ̇ )− k r ¿ ¿
2 2
1 2 2 ˙2 1 2
D. m ( ṙ ¿ ¿ +r θ̇ )+ k r ¿ ¿
2 2
65) A bullet of mass 40 gm travels at 1000 meters/sec. What wavelength can be associated with it.
A. 1.7 ×10−10 meter
B. 1.7 ×10−20 meter
C. 1.7 ×10−30 meter
D. 1.7 ×10−35 meter
PIEAS Test (2016) Subject Part: Physics

66) It is well known that radiation emitted from atoms as a result of energy transitions from one level to
another level is not infinitely sharp. There is a certain amount of line broadening. Which of the following
is not likely to be adequate to account for the broadening?
A. Finite life time of the excited states.
B. Thermal motions of the emitting atoms.
C. Randomness in phase between one emitting atoms and the next.
D. Collisions between emitting atoms and other atoms
−¿+ γ ¿
67) Consider the decay μ−¿ →e ¿ Where μ denotes the mu mesons, e an electron and gamma a gamma ray
(photons). This decay
A. Is allowed
B. Is forbidden because of the law of conservation of muon and electron lepton number
C. Is forbidden because of the law of conservation of energy momentum
D. Is forbidden because of the law of conservation of angular momentum
68) Which of the following statement is correct?
A. When a photon carries away angular momentum after being emitted from an atom, the angular
momentum of the residual atom must change by exactly the amount carried away.
B. A photon cannot be emitted from an atom whose total angular momentum is zero.
C. A photon carries linear momentum when it leaves an atom but does not carry angular momentum
D. When a light beam falls on an absorbing object, linear momentum will be absorbed but angular
momentum will be reflected.
69) A battery is connected to a resistor, causing a current of 0.6 amps to flow. When an additional 4.0-ohm
resistor is added in series to the circuit, the current drops to 0.5 amps. The emf of the battery is
A. 5 volts
B. 6 volts
C. 12 volts
D. 24 volts
70) The work is required to transfer a charge of 6 coulombs against a difference of potential of 110 volts is in
A. 100
B. 330
C. 550
D. 660
71) To which of the following processes can the blue color of the sky be attributed
A. Differential scattering of the sunlight by the atmosphere
B. Total internal reflection of sunlight from water droplet
C. Absorption of sunlight
D. Refraction of sunlight by the atmosphere
72) An infinitely conducting plane is defined by the equation x=0 (that is, it consists of the y-z place). A
point charge q is located at the point x=a , y= z=0, what is the magnitude of the force exerted between
the point charge and the infinitely conducting plane? (cgs units)
A. 0
B. q/a
C. Q2/4a2
D. q/2a
73) A sphere with a magnetic dipole moment µ and a moment of inertia I about its center is placed in a
uniform magnetic field B. The period, T, of small oscillations of the dipole in the field is given by
A. T =1/ μB
B. T =μB
C. T =2 π ( μB ) 2
PIEAS Test (2016) Subject Part: Physics

D. T =2 π ( )

74) A square conducting loop of length L on a side carries a current i. the magnetic field at the center of the
loop is
A. Independent of L
B. Inversely proportional to L
C. Proportional to L2
D. Dependent on i2
75) In the operation of a laser, which one of the following is a necessary condition?
A. Polarization
B. Destructive interference
C. Refraction
D. Inversion
76) An observer at a point O observes two rocket ships approaching him from opposite directions. Each
rocket ship has a velocity of 0.9c with respect to point O. what is the speed of rocket ship A with respect
to rocket ship B as observed by an observer in B?
A. 0.99c
B. 0.8c
C. 0.95c
D. 1.8c
77) If the quantum mechanical operators of two observables of a system do not commute, then
A. One of the observable must be the momentum of the system.
B. The parity of the wave function must be odd
C. The observables must be time-independent
D. It is impossible to obtain precisely defined values of the two observables simultaneously
78) An ideal gas is expanded from 10 cubic meters to 20 cubic meters at a constant pressure of 10 5
newtons/m2. The temperature before the expansion was 100 C. how much work did the gas do during the
A. 105 joules
B. 106 joules
C. 107 joules
D. 108 joules
79) What is the curl of i x 2 + j y 2 +k ( x 2− y 2 )?
A. 0
B. 2(x− y )k
C. −2(iy + jx)
D. 2( y −x)i+2( y + x ) j
80) If a rigid body is constrained to rotate about given axis, how many degrees of freedom it has?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
81) A 6-inch pipe is open at both ends. The fundamental frequency is (the velocity of sound is 1088 ft/sec)
A. 11 cycles/sec
B. 110 cycles/sec
C. 200 cycles/sec
D. 1088 cycles/sec
82) Characteristic or line X-ray spectra are least likely to be excited by which one of the following:
A. Electron bombardment
B. Irradiation by short X-rays
PIEAS Test (2016) Subject Part: Physics

C. Proton bombardment
D. Neutron absorption
83) Consider the following data:
Isotope # 1 Atomic Mass 21 % of the sample 22.00
Isotope # 2 Atomic Mass 22 % of the sample 66.00
Isotope # 3 Atomic Mass 23 % of the sample 12.00
The above data on the isotope of an element indicates the average atomic mass of the element is nearest to
which one of the following
A. 21.80
B. 22.00
C. 22.50
D. 23.00
84) The half-life of Thorium-234 is approximately 25 days. If 24 grams of this element were to be stored for
150 days, the weight of thorium in grams that would remain is closest to which one of the following
A. 12.00
B. 3
C. 0.375
D. 0.120
85) Which of the following statement is most nearly correct?
A. There appears to be the same relationship between the kind of radiation emitted and lengths of half-
B. The smaller the number of kinds of radiations emitted, the shorter the half-life of the isotopes.
C. The greater the number of kinds of radiations emitted, the longer the half-life of the isotopes.
D. Filtering out the beta radiation and leaving the gamma rays will decrease the half-life.
86) Consider the function F ( x , y , z )=5 x 2+2 y 2 +3 x2 −2 xy −4 x +2 y−4 z . What is the magnitude of the
gradient of F ( x , y , z ) at the point (0,0,0)?
A. 0
B. 6
C. (26)1/2
D. 26
87) A ray of light strikes at normal incidence a think transparent film (index of refraction n). Reinforcement
of the reflected ray will occur when the film thickness in terms of wavelength of the incident light equals
A. 1/4
B. 1/2
C. 1/2n
D. 1/4n
88) One gm of water at 20 oC is heated to 95 oC. its change of entropy can be calculated by the equation
A. C p ln ( T 2 /T 1 )
B. C p ( T 2−T 1 )
C. C v ln ( T 2−T 1 )
D. dE=VdP−SdT
89) The temperature of the filament of an incandescent lamp bulb is 2400 K when operating. The filament
may be regarded as a black body. The power of the lamp is 100 watts, the surface area of the filament
should be about (σ =5.67 ×10−12 watt−c m 2 /K 4)
A. 6.4 × 103 c m 2
B. 7.4 ×10 2 c m 2
C. 0.53 c m2
D. 5.3 ×10−4 c m 2
PIEAS Test (2016) Subject Part: Physics

90) The possible values of the total angular momentum of a single f electron are
A. 2,3
B. 5/2, 7,2
C. 1,2
D. 3/2, 5/2
91) Consider the forces F 1=4 xy i+2 x 2 j∧F 2=x i+ x j . Which of the following statements regarding the
forces is true?
A. F1 is conservative and F2 is non-conservative
B. F2 is conservative and F1 is non-conservative
C. Both forces are conservative
D. Both forces are non-conservative
92) Consider two point masses m 2 and m2 separated at a distance r from each other by a massless rigid rod.
Let u=m1m2/(m1+m2) (the reduced mass), the moment of inertia of the two masses about an axis through
the center of mass is perpendicular to the rigid rod and is given by
A. μ r 2 / 2
B. ( m 1 +m 2 ) μ r /2
C. ( m 1 +m 2 ) μ r
D. μ r 2
93) Consider an α particle, a β particle and a γ-ray, each having an energy of 1.1 MeV. Arrange these
particles in order of the increasing distances that they will most likely travel in air
A. β , α , γ
B. γ , α , β
C. α , β , γ
D. α , β , γ
94) A charge is located at the center of a cube of edge length l. the electric flux through the cube is
A. Q
B. Q/4
C. Q/4π
D. Q/6
95) Gravitational waves recently detected through laser interferometer were originated from
A. A single rotating blackhole
B. Neutron star
C. Merging blackholes is
D. Binary star
96) A nucleus consists of 90 protons and 144 neutrons. After emitting two β particles followed by an α
particle, this nucleus will have
A. 85 protons and 140 neutrons
B. 87 protons and 140 neutrons
C. 90 protons and 140 neutrons
D. 90 protons and 142 neutrons
97) Which of the following statements is true?
A. Universe is expanding with uniform speed
B. Universe is not only expanding but also accelerating
C. Universe is slowly collapsing
D. Universe is in a steady state
98) A 180 lb man stands in an elevator. The force, in lbs that the floor exerts on the man when the elevator is
moving upward, but decelerating at 8 ft/sec2, is closest to which one emf the following (g=32 ft/sec 2)
A. 23
B. 50
PIEAS Test (2016) Subject Part: Physics

C. 90
D. 135
99) If a parallel beam of light of energy density falls normally on an object and is totally absorbed, the
pressure it exerts on the object is given by
A. U
B. U/2
C. 2U
D. 0
100) Bose-Einstein condensation can be experimentally achieved using
A. Neutron source
B. Proton beam
C. Electron beam
D. Lasers