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Nutrition is an important issue today that In summary, my diet was based on
goes beyond eating. All nutrients are common products with high
important, in other words, there is neither
good nor bad. Fats, proteins, carbohydrates,
variety, which includes a balanced
vitamins among other nutrients are breakfast in a time range from 7 to
important for the proper functioning of the 9 in the morning which includes
body. Another important factor is diet and foods such as egg, bread, juice,
good nutrition. An excess or nutritional milk, fruit and cereal among
imbalance can worsen our physical condition
and trigger different types of diseases.

At the end of the day, each of us has

ingested a series of foods and dishes known
as diet. Diet is everything we eat in one day.
In short, a correct diet must be complete,
sufficient, balanced, safe, Economic,
compatible and something very important is
that the recommended diet should also be
appropriate to the "characteristics of the
individual and their circumstances."

The food adjustments not only influence the With respect to lunch, the variety of
health of the moment but can determine foods is similar during the two
whether or not an individual suffers from
diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular
weeks as can be seen in the “excel”
diseases and diabetes in later stages of life. attached to this report. It should be
However, these ideas have not led to noted that in some days I did not
changes in policies or practice. In many eat any kind of food between 11
developing countries, food policies continue and 2 in the afternoon. During the
to focus only on malnutrition and do not
afternoon you can notice the
consider chronic disease prevention. The
objective of this report is to evaluate my diet presence of sugary and dairy
for two weeks, which shows problems that products such as sweets and ice
go beyond eating right or wrong, in addition cream.
to relating aspects described above
In the house where I currently live grains. With regard to the above, it can be
it is very common that in the food said that my diet has been in Many times
meeting those requirements.
(7:00 pm-10: 00 pm) many
traditional cold weather products It should be noted that water consumption is
such as potatoes accompanied by very important and it is something that I am
rice and an animal product such as beginning to include in my diet. A serious
meat or chicken are taken. In some problem is the occasions that I stopped
eating or did not feed myself for a long time
days you can see the presence of
since this can cause health problems like
pizza or pasta, food that fascinates
gastritis and intestinal. This results in anxiety
me to consume and I did it in the and lack of appetite in those days in addition
company of friends. to presenting nausea and discomfort. That is
  why I try to keep calm and avoid being
pressured. Many people go through the
same thing or live worse things, so the diet
depends a lot on psychological and
emotional problems.

All of the above would be positive to

accompany you with exercise or some
activity that can keep you active and healthy.

In general, it can be said that the food I
ANALYSIS AND follow is varied and with much potential to
improve. It is recommended that you comply
ASSESSMENT with the 3 meals a day and that the diet is
Normally many people and doctors accompanied by exercise.
recommend consuming 3 full meal times per
day; that includes varied foods such as It is also advisable to continue regulating the
beans, rice, tortillas, eggs, meat, Chicken, consumption of salt, fats and sugar very
fish, cheese, vegetables and fruit. In addition important, since by inheritance I am prone to
to avoiding the consumption of foods that suffer problems with sugar.
contain high fat and sugar, processed foods
and fast food and Increase the consumption
of fiber such as: fruits, vegetables and whole