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Letter of Transmittal

Date: 28th November 2007

The Course Instructor
Mr. Mohammad Thoufiqul Islam
BRAC University

Subject: Letter of Transmittal.

Dear Sir,

With due respect and honor we the students of your course would like to formally submit our term
paper on training and development. We tried our best to accumulate information within this limited
time period. However, in some cases we made some assumptions instead of actual data. This is
because of many barriers, like lack of proper information, lack of access in the chosen
organization etc.

We therefore hope that you would be kind enough to assess our term paper and recommend any
necessary corrections.

Sincerely yours
Group members

Background of the Study

In this course of Training and Development, we were taught to implement all the steps
needed to train organizational employees. This process starts from training need
assessment to evaluation after training. We were taught the theories as well as we were
taught some practical stuff.

This report work is given by our course instructor to apply all the training steps while
implementing a training program in an organization. We are asked to go to an
organization and find out what training need is there, after that we have to find a suitable
training method and apply the method according to the procedure.

For this purpose, we have chosen “Agrani bank Limited” as our target organization.

Objective of the Study

There were some purposes for which we are given this term paper. They are as follows:

• To let us know how a real business organization manage its trainees

• To get contemporary knowledge on human resource training & development

• To know how to analyze needs & reduce performance gap

• To know how to run & evaluate a training session

• Developing team work quality among us by working in a group.

• Developing report writing and presentation skills.

Limitations of the study

As we don’t have any experience of working on a multinational-national joint venture

organization like this before, we had a lot of lacking in our knowledge, which was one of
the barriers to gather perfect information about this organization. Besides, the code of
restriction prevented the person interviewed by us, from the organization, to give us all
information that we demanded. Moreover, we had a very limited time to complete the
term paper. We also faced problems of having appointment with the interviewed person
on our suitable time. Though we had these problems and limitations, we are happy to
complete the term paper successfully.

Background of the organization

Agrani Bank, a leading nationalized commercial bank, came into being on 26 th

March, 1972 with the promulgation of presidential Order no 26 of 1972. Under the order
Agrani Bank took over assets and liabilities of the erstwhile Habib Bank Ltd and
Commerce Bank Ltd, functioning in the eastern Pakistan. The bank started its operational
activities with an authorized capital of Tk 30 million and paid capital of Tk 10 million.
The Bank enjoys the status of a company and it functions according to the Banking
Company Ordinance and to the regulations of Bangladesh Bank (the Central Bank) and
upon such directions as may be changed from time to time by the Government.

Vision –
Simply the vision of Agrani Bank is mass banking. At the time of formation it
changed its motto from class banking to mass banking. Expedite the economic growth of
the country through spreading the banking services to the doorsteps of mass people so
that they get institutional financial help and participate in the economic activities of the

Mission -
 To be the trendsetter for innovative banking with excellence and
 To be the best performing bank in the country and the region.
 To exceed customer expectations through innovative financial products &
services and establish a strong presence to recognize shareholders'
expectations and optimize there rewards through dedicated workforce.
 Keeping ahead of other competitors in productivity and
profitability.To attain budgetary targets fixed in each
area of business.

Objectives – Like other business organization the core desire of Agrani Bank is
to maximize the profit through saving & loaning money to the life of the common people.
The Objectives of the Agrani Bank is given below:

I. Broad Goal:

As a nationalized commercial organization, Agrani Bank belongs to the people. It

implies that it stands for meeting the banking needs of the mass people of the society.

II. Operating Goal:

In compliance with the very nature of the organization, the objective in mind the

bank aims at excelling quality and diversified services. To fulfill its mission

Agrani Bank has its main objectives as followings:

 To provide banking services to people.

 To earn profit.

 Act as a media of exchange.

 To contribute to gross domestic product (GDP).

 Maintain a satisfactory deposit mix.

 To help to grow entrepreneurship.

 Increase loan portfolio diversification and geographical coverage.

 To mitigate unemployment problem.

 Provide finance specialized services to the export.

 To help to boost economic development.

III. Service Attitudes:

 Agrani Bank is a service organization. It will live and prosper on the quality

of service it provides. Hence quality of service must be maintained at all


 Banks image with people should be identified on the quality and diversity of

services that the people aspire to receive.

 As a dynamic bank it will remain in search of new field of activity in line

with people economic need. Suggestions by customers and other people

shall receive proper attention so as to help identify new activity or improve

upon present activities.

 The bank shall maintain healthy competition with other banks aiming at

excelling services in meeting economic needs of the people.


Organizational Structure: -
Organizing is the management function that involves the process of determining
what task are to be done, who is to do them, how the task are to be grouped who reports
to whom and where decisions are to be made. Organizing is the process of creating an
organization’s structure. Organizational structure is the formal framework by which job
task are divided, grouped and coordinated.

The policy direction and overall management of the Bank is vested upon the
Board of Directors consisting of six members. The Government of the People’s Republic
of Bangladesh appoints the Chairman and Members of the Board. Managing Director, the
Chief Executive of the Bank, is one of the members of the Board of Directors.

Deputy Managing Director and General Managers assist managing Director. The
Bank has 8 Circle Offices, 30 Divisions and Units in Head Office, 54 Zonal Offices, and
872 Branches including 10 Corporate and 30 AD (Authorized Dealer) Branches. The
Corporate and AD Branches are authorized to deal in Foreign Exchange Business. It has
about 12500 employees in the entire organization.

Head Office Divisions are headed by Deputy General Managers and controlled by
designated General Managers. General Managers and the Zonal Offices by Deputy
General Managers or Assistant General Managers, depending on size and importance of
the Zones from the commercial point of view, head the Circle Offices. Deputy General
Managers or Assistant General Managers heads the Corporate Branches and AD

The organizational structure is the way in which organizations activities are

divided, organized and co-organized. The design of the organizations structure can be
traditional design like simple, functional and divisional or existing organizational designs
like team-based, matrix etc. From the structure of the Agrani Bank we see that it is mostly
functional because some part are organized around the functions of operation, credit,
international division, human resource etc. and these divisions are related with each other
for conducting the activities.

It can also be considered as partly regional because some management functions
are divided on the basis of territory. Each regional circle conducts same activities
generally that are decided but in some situation head of the regional office takes
decisions. So we can perceive that it has traditional structural design.
Moreover, it has clear chain of command where the level of authority goes from
top to bottom and very much centralized.

HR Department

Human Resource Management: -

It is the process by which managers ensure that they have the right number and
kinds of people in the right times, who are capable effectively and efficiently performing
assigned tasks. To be more precise, HRM is the process of acquiring, training, appraising,
and compensating employees, and attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and
fairness concerns. But the report largely focuses on the training and development method
of the bank.

There are several HRM functions. They are discussed below –

Conducting Job Analysis: -

Job analysis is the procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements
of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it. There are two elements that
result from Job analysis. They are –

a) Job Description – A list of job’s duties, responsibilities, reporting

relationships, working conditions, and supervisory responsibilities – one product of a Job
Analysis. Agrani bank makes a job description before recruiting people.

b) Job Specification – A list of job’s “human requirements” that is, the
requisite education, skills, personality, and so on – another product of Job Analysis. They
also make job specification hire the right people at the right place.

Planning Labor needs & Recruiting Candidates:


The Personnel planning is the first step in the Recruitment and selection
process. First of all the manager has to decide which positions have to filled by personnel
planning and forecasting. After that the Recruitment process is much formed and long-
term process first of all the department head decide to recruit employees if needed. But it
totally depends on his activities. Mainly it is the process of locating, identifying and
attracting capable applicants.

From the book we know the following procedures of recruitment:

Human Identification
Resource Recruitment Selection & Selection
Planning s of Competent

Adapted & Competent

Orientation Training
employees with up-to-
date skills & knowledge

Performance Compensation Career Competent &
Management & Benefits Development High-
Till 1985 Agrani Bank employed people through Bangladesh Cadre Service
(BCS) exam. But now the bank has new recruitment procedure. Agrani Bank recruits the
employees in two ways: -

 Own need of Agrani Bank

 Bankers Recruitment Committee (BRC)

In the both cases they published circular in the newspapers and invite application
from the citizen of Bangladesh. Their obligation is minimum graduation, having at least
one 1st division and no 3rd class is allowed in any public examination. The maximum age
of the applicant will not exceed thirty years.

Selecting Job Candidates: -

Selecting the right employees is important for three main reasons. First,
manager’s performance partly depends on the subordinate’s performance. Second, It is
costly to recruit and hire employees. Third, It is important because of the legal
implications of incompetent hiring.

The employee selection procedures of Agrani Bank are similar with the other
Government organization. They select the employees by the following way:

 Written test
 Interview

 Medical fitness
 Police verification

Orientating & Training New Employees: -

As the main concern of this report is to discuss about the Orientation and Training
Procedure of Agrani Bank, it has been discussed elaborately below -

Orientating: -
After the selecting procedure, Agrani bank arranges orientation program for the
new employees to give them fundamental idea about the organization. After the
orientation program Agrani Bank organizes different training programs for the new

Training and Development activities

Training Plan
After the training need assessment Agrani Bank plan the training program. They
determine where training might take place and other things.

First bank see the availability of the training course with Agrani Bank’s own institute
ABTI. If required training facility is available at their own institute bank send the
employees to their own institution for training. Again if training facility is not
available at there own institution bank search availability with outside organization.

Now the plan is how the training can be conducted in a cost effective way. Then
training is planned for a specific year.

Then course calendar is published where name of course/workshop, level of

participants, duration of the course, frequency, number of participants per course,
number of projected participants are mentioned.

Training design
After training plan is defined bank design the training program. The major
elements of training program design are:

 Needs analysis
 Learner analysis
 Setting objectives
 Designing the training curriculum
 Selection of training and development methods
 Selection of training and development media
 Evaluation
Agrani Bank follows all the elements while designing training program. Bank first
analyze the training needs then decide the learner. The objectives of the training program
of Agrani Bank are very much specified. Evaluation is based on the written exam and
often practical exam. A sample of training program design is attached in the appendix of
the report.

Training: -
The procedure of attracting the best talent and making them better, this bank
believes that the most important assets are people. When the new employees join in the
bank they may not have accurate idea about of their job. They need some training to work
properly in his position. Not only the new employees but also old employees send for
different kinds of training. To work in this bank they should know some computer
literacy, remittance, foreign exchange and some knowledge about corresponding banking.
Agrani Bank sends the employees to ABTI, BIBM, their computer division and
sometimes abroad.

1.Agrani Bank Training Institute (ABTI):

ABTI was established in December 1976. Since 1977 to 2005, in the last 29 years
they provide training the employees of Agrani Bank. This training institute’s activity
is concerned with training of the different categories of officers and staffs of the bank.
Agrani Bank can send maximum two hundreds employees to ABTI for the training on
different issues.

2.Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM):

BIBM is situated in Mirpur for the training purpose of the bankers. This institute
runs to the contribution of Bangladesh Bank and other nationalized banks of the country.
Agrani Bank sends its employees to BIBM for various kinds of training like
corresponding banking, human resource management, accounts etc.

3.Other institutes:
Agrani Bank often sends the employees to other institute for training. They send
them to the computer division for computer training. Sometimes they send them some
private institution and private universities for training purpose and the bank bear all the
expenses. Other banks like Standard Chartered Bank, American Express Bank arranged
seminar& training and the employees participate there. Every year the employees are
going to abroad for training and to attend some seminar. In this way Agrani Bank trained
his employees to perform their job efficiently.

Training Process(s)

The Functions of Training Institutes: -

a) Preparing plans for training the bank employees and organizing various types of
training programs for developing them to meet the challenging job requirements.

b) Arranging logistic support for the trainees such as; course materials, media
equipments, refreshments, lunch, contacting guest speakers, circulating course circulars
and arranging participants and so on.

The Functions of Training Session: -

1. Designing foundation course for new entrants and specialized courses for experienced
personnel as per training plan.
2. Preparing material for the course to be conducted.

3. Selection of the participants for the course and submitting a list of participants to
personnel division for notification of the respective participants to attend the course.
4. Preparation of course timetable.
5. Selection and intimation of the speakers / lectures for the course in hand.
6. Selection of the Course Co-ordination and conducting the course.
7. Examining the scripts of the course participants and preparation of evaluation sheet.
8. Conducting course at Zonal Head Quarters.
9. Organizing seminars, symposia and various other programs leading to Human
Resource development.

Courses Provided by Agrani Bank: -

Agrani Bank disposes many training program, workshop and computer courses
over the years. Here is a brief discussion of training program of 2005. Throughout the
year of 2005 total number of 100 courses/workshops was held among which 24 general
courses, 36 workshops and 40 computer courses. In these training programs 2194 officer
and 214 non officers participated. Off these 2408 participants 2225 were male and 183
were female.

Agrani Bank provides a lot of courses in their training process. A sample is given below-

General Courses:

S.L Course Name Designation of Duration Number of

the Employee of the Courses
1 Banking Foundation Promoted Officers 3 Weeks 4
2 Banking Foundation UDA 2 Weeks 2
3 Accounting & Agrani Officer from Non- 2 Weeks 1
Bank Accounting System Trade Group
4 Credit Management Manager/Officer 2 Weeks 2
5 Credit Management & Manager/Officer 3 Weeks 1
Credit Risk Analysis
6 Foreign Exchange & Officer to SPO 4 Weeks 2
Foreign Trade
7 Audit, Vigilance & Officer to SPO 1 Week 2
8 Refresher’s Course: Officer to SPO 1 Week 2
General Banking & Credit
9 Refresher’s Course: Officer to SPO 1 Week 2
Foreign Trade

10 Branch Management Officer to SPO 1 Week 2
11 Human Relations & Officer to SPO 1 Week 2

12 Commercial English & Its Officer to SPO 1 Week 2

use in Banks

Total 24

Computer Courses:

S.L Course Name Designation Duration of Number of

of the the Course Courses
1 Computer Literacy and Clerical 3 Weeks 1
English Language
2 Computer: PC, MS Office SO/Officer 2 Weeks 6
3 Computer: PC, MS Office Clerical Staff 2 Weeks 4
4 Computer: Its use in DGM / AGM 6 Weeks 2
Agrani Bank (In Dhaka) (18 work days)
5 Computer: Its use in DGM / AGM 2 Weeks 1
Agrani Bank (Out of Dhaka) (12 Work days)
6 Computer: Its use in SPO / PO 6 Weeks 2
Agrani Bank (In Dhaka) (18 work days)

7 Computer: Its use in SPO / PO 2 Weeks 1
Agrani Bank (Out of Dhaka) (12 Work days)
8 Computer: Branch Branch Manager 6 Days 2
Banking Software / Officer
Implementation & (In Dhaka)
9 Computer: Branch Branch Manager 3 Days 4
Banking Software / Officer
Implementation & (Out of Dhaka)
10 Computer: Branch Clerk 3 Days 3
Banking Software (Out of Dhaka)
Implementation &
Total 26


S.L Workshop Name Designation of Duration of Number

the Employee the of Courses
1 Manager and his Work Branch Manager 2 Days 6
2 Classified Loan Manager/Officer 1 Day 4
Recovery & Its proper
3 Law of “Aurthorin Branch Manager / 1 Day 2
Adalot”- 2003 Credit Officer
4 Money Laundering Manager/Officer 1 Day 7
Prevention and Foreign

5 Floating Rate of Foreign Exchange 1 Day 1
Exchange related Officer
6 Way of Prevention and Related Officer 1 Day 2
Reduction of Demand
7 Rules and ways of Manager/Officer/Staff 1 Day 1
collecting Utility Bill
within the same Branch
Total 23