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7040 SW 24th Street Miami, Florida 33155 (786) 413-4422 email:

To obtain a teaching position within the private or public sectors
where I may apply my previous experience and education to the
benefit of the student and to meet the school academic expectations
of student learning


• Administered assessments in accordance to school guidelines

• Demonstrated experience in a commitment to excellence,
equity and high expectations for all students with an emphasis
on building on the strengths that students bring to the
teaching/learning process and closing the achievement gap
between subgroups within the school
• Built and maintained safe, fair and respectful learning
environments that celebrate the diversity of the student
• Initiated and maintained consistent communication and
developed constructive partnerships with families
communicating about student progress and ways the families
can support the student learning process in the home.
• Planned instructions and employed strategies that address the
wide range of learning, behavioral and communication styles of
the student population
• Demonstrated cultural proficiency and used effective and
culturally relevant instructional practices
• Integrated technology into the classroom as an instructional tool
and for personal productivity
• Extensive knowledge of the content including, but not limited to,
key concepts and facts, relevant research, methods of inquiry,
and communication styles specific to the respective discipline(s)
• Used a variety of assessment tools and strategies to gather data
to monitor student mastery of instructional content to improve
instruction, and to assess the comparative performance of
subgroups within the classroom
• Practice in collaboration with administrators and colleagues,
monitored personal and professional growth, consistently
pursuing professional development in needed areas
2010 Management Resources Institute
Miami, Fl
Florida Teacher Certification Examination
Accelerated English Course Certificate

2009 Josef Silny & Associates

Miami, Fl
Equivalent of a Master of Science in Education

2005-2008 Enrique Jose Varon Pedagogic Institute Havana,

Master Degree In Educational Sciences


2005-2008 San Antonio De los Baños High School Havana, Cuba

Spanish Teacher

2001-2004 Faustino Sarmiento Middle School Havana, Cuba

Spanish Teacher

2000-2001 Camilo Cienfuegos Middle School Havana, Cuba

Spanish Teacher