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After the Storm Sermon Notes 4.5.20


 What should be our response when the storm has gone, and the rain is done?
o Noah weathered the ultimate storm with God’s help.
o Noah obeyed God, he and his family were saved.
o Today we learn about Noah’s response to God’s deliverance and learn what
to do deliverance and learn what to do after the storm.
▪ Genesis 8:13-19
o What do we learn?


 Keep obeying God
o After the storm, it is just as important to obey God!
o Consider your prayer life.
o What did Noah do when he got off the ark?
▪ Noah modeled for is the correct response when you come through a
▪ When the storm is finally over, what should you do?
• The same thing Noah did.
o Genesis 8:20
• He was amazed at the immensity of God who saw him through
the storm.
• Before Noah builds a house for himself, before he took a walk
to explore the new world, he worships.
• Noah didn’t talk about the storm.
• Noah wasn’t bitter over the length of the storm.
• Noah wasn’t proud because he survived the storm.
• Noah didn’t rant and rave about the unfair nature of the storm.
• Noah didn’t question the reason for the storm.
• Noah simply worshipped the God who brought him through
the storm.
 Worship
o Noah’s worship is a beautiful picture of what our response should be when
the storm is over, and the rain is gone.
▪ Sometimes we are tempted to take the glory for ourselves.
▪ It’s so easy to rely on God during the storm, but brag on ourselves after
the storm.
o Worship acknowledges, “God, I couldn’t have made it through this storm
without you.”
o Worship gives God the glory.
▪ Genesis 8:21-22
▪ Genesis 9:1
 Celebrate God’s blessings.
o Genesis 9:8-17
▪ Do you know what happens when we are faithful and obedient?
 Remember God’s promises.
o 2 Corinthians 1:20
o Hebrews 1:20-21

□ I will pick up and read a Scripture Focus Card several times each day (2 Corinthians
□ Make calls to people in your directory. Pray with them.
□ Look for needs around you and how you can glorify God in that situation. Share Christ
with those around you who may be anxious or in panic.
□ Download Rightnow media and use it to disciple your family. Share the sermon on
Facebook and other social media with those who need hope.
□ Spend time in prayer praying for our nations and those effected by the virus.

Prayer Requests
Salvation and Deliverance for all friends and family members of BFA / the Marriages of First A/G members/ Financial freedom for The Assembly and
members / Freedom from addictions / Guidance and Direction / our soldiers and our nation // Carrie Crossley & Family, Brenda, Charlotte, Jennifer,
& Tara / Dorothy Lunzy / Beth Edwards & Christy Elkins / Natasha & Michael Curry, Dominique, Sandra & Bella Banks, Jacositi Banks, Ryan & Rylan
Minor / Gavin & Summer / Brian & Laura Stevens / Rawls Family & Jaebryia Leflore / Foret Family / Peggy Allgood / Barry & Jenny Sweeney / Bob Hill
/ Teresa Fortson / Norma Wolf / Kayli King // Bonnie Young, Borland Smith, & Young Family / Bob Olson, Brandon Crawford, Joan Olson, & Terri /
Lester Reed / Angela Hood & Betty Hood / Amy Blanton, Jodi Scott, Teresa Fowler, Fred Banks, Debi Dunnaway, Rickey Dillon, Hannah Moore, Jeremi
Washington, Jamie Norwood, Hilda Mae, Johnnie Washington, & Heather Wilson / Brandon & Angela Stevens, & Geno & Mariha / Craig Smith & Kilee
Smith / Isyss Jackson, Kayla Harris, Tahlor Brown, Kenneth Harris Sr., Kenneth Harris Jr., Raymond Lenoir, Robert Earl Robinson, & Arielle Dunnigan
/ Jim Mannon // Sonny Leak Family / Mike Case / Clara Reid & Jordan Family / The McDaniel Family / Paxton King / Angel Trotter, Stevette Tillman,
Dianne Wallace, Connie Sanders, & Kristi Stewart / The Larue Family, Mark Tumbleson / The Mohon’s / Greg Hood / Yvonne Dunn // Lydia Larue &
Family / Mark Tumblesome / Carrie Crossley & Family / Brenda, Jennifer, Charlotte, Tara, and Jane Cooley / Chloey Smith & Family / Stephanie
Williams & Family / Hailey Bowman / The Mohon’s / The Brown Family / Chad Smith / Teresa Fortson //

If you have a prayer need that you would like to add to this list, please write it on the “Prayer
Requests/Communications” section on the back of your connection card today.