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I can say beginning, middle, and I can write my numbers 0-100. I can practice good manners.
ending sounds in a word. (K.RF.2d) Write numbers from 0-100 with correct Have your child explain, tell, or
Make three letter words using word spacing. give examples of when they
families: should use:
 an I can write and show numbers 0-20.  Thank You
 et (K.C.C.3)  Please
 in Show what 0, 1, 2, 3, … 20 looks like  I’m sorry
 ot using sticks, rocks, spoons, etc.. (using  Excuse me
 un any objects around your house) and write  May I
KINDER Write and read them to your mom or how many next to each set.
dad. Example: word family “am” Have them practice using these
(bam, jam, ham, ram, yam) If child has access to internet: phrases daily.
If child has access to internet:;
Websites:;;;; Resources/Illuminations/Interactives/Ten-;; Frame/
Reading: I can ask and answer questions about I can compare numbers using greater I can practice how to keep my body clean.
the key details in a text. than (>), less than (<), or equal to (=).
Activity: Compare the following numbers. Use >, <,  Take a bath or shower.
 Read any book at home and answer the or =.  Wear clean clothes.
following questions:  Shampoo and brush your hair.
 Who are the characters?  Brush your teeth.
a. 60 ____ 50
 Where did the story take place?  Wash your hands.
 What happened in the story? b. 120 ____ 119
 Draw what happened in the story. c. 78 ____ 87
 Retell the story to your mom or dad. d. 92 ____ 47 od-hygiene-habits.php
e. 33 ____ 33
ENGLISH: I can use capital letters to begin a
sentence and a period to end sentences. Activity: bgrug
1st Grade  Compare the number of windows to
Activity: the number of doors in your
 Write 3 sentences about what you did today. house. Is it greater than, less than,
 Circle the capital letter using a red or equal to?
crayon. Circle the period using a green  Count the plates and glasses in your
house. Compare the number of
 Show and read the sentences you wrote to
your mom or dad. plates to the number of glasses.

Websites: Websites:
(EE. Sentences, #1 and #4) (K.Comparing Numbers, #1 to #6) (The Sentence Song) (Mr. Alligator Can Chomp)
ENGLISH: I can write simple questions neatly. I can add three 1-digit numbers. CHARACTER ED: I can be respectful.
Activity: Activity:
Write 5 questions with correct use of Parents please have your child copy the problems in a Activity:
capitalization and punctuation marks. notebook or filler paper for practice. Have your child practice saying
READING: I can answer questions about a story. something nice about someone and
I can add three 1-digit numbers. using polite words.
Parents please have your child copy the problems in a Give examples of how you can be
notebook or filler paper for practice. polite.

YouTube: Watch this video about

being respectful.

Suggested link:
2nd Grade YouTube:

Activity: Read a book. Make your own questions

about the story.
Suggested link:
The Giving Tree
YouTube: Suggested links: IXL:
PHw2Uvw  E. Addition - one digit
Activity: Listen to the story. Look for the following #20 Add three one-digit numbers
elements: title, author, setting, characters. YouTube:
Write and draw your favorite part of the story.
I can identify nouns. I can add and subtract 3-digit numbers I can learn about the Coronavirus and how to
with and without regrouping. keep it from spreading.
Activity: Look around your house.
Write nouns and categorize them in 374 538 483 637 294 Activities: Correct way of washing hands (20
- 189 + 383 - 194 + 274 - 106 seconds with soap and warm water). Make a tiktok
person, place, or thing.
video on the proper ways to keep germs from
824 900 725 646 555
+ 245 - 736 + 285 - 457 + 555 spreading.
I can make a story map about a
book I read.

3rd Grade Activity: Read a book. Make a story

map (title, author, setting,
character(s), events: beginning,
middle, and end) about the story.

Suggested website:
I can identify subject and predicates in a I can use place value to help me I Can tell about general symptoms that
sentence. understand number forms. occur with many diseases.

Underline the complete subject once and the Three Forms of a Number -I will recognize symptoms and get treatment
complete predicate twice. *Standard form:14,723 for communicable diseases.
*Word Form: Fourteen thousand, seven
hundred twenty-three Activity materials: plastic spoon for each
student, one rock per group
*Expanded form:
10,000+4,000+700+20+3 In this game the children race with a rock or
small round object that will fit on spoons, to
Write the other two forms of a number. show diseases can be shared with indirect
1. 3,274,934 contact to the disease.
2. Four million, thirteen thousand, 1. Divide into two or more groups. Designate
4th Grade three hundred fifty-seven a race course, perhaps around the yard.
3. 300,000+40,000+7,000+200+5 2. Give each child a spoon. Each group must
4. 23,456,002 race around the outlined course one at a time
5. Thirty million, four hundred fifty in a relay with their ball on the spoon. If the
thousand, twenty-two ball falls they may pick it up, but at that point
they are considered “sick” and must walk
slowly the rest of the course.
Activity: Google Classroom
3. Once the student gets to the end of the
Brain Pop Jr (Math - Number Sense- outlined course, they must transfer the ball to
-Journal Writing Prompt: Place Value) the next team member’s spoon without
“What makes you who you are? directly touching the ball or they will be
“sick”. If this occurs, they will become “sick”
Online Activities: CommonLit/BrainPOP (see and need to walk slowly. Once each person
website below) (google classroom) has completed the course they are done.
I can summarize an article. I can divide whole numbers with or without I can practice proper hygiene.
Daily Activity for a week: Read a book, Activities:
newspaper, magazine, 1) Brushing teeth twice a day.
or go on to one of these sites to get a reading
material: 2) Daily shower (scrubbing hair, hands, and feet). 3) Proper grooming (change of clothes

daily, etc.)
1) Your child may read one article
(newspaper or magazine) or one chapter from
a book. hygiene-for-children
5th Grade
2) Write the title of the article or book you

3) Write one paragraph (at least 5-7

sentences of what the article is about).

4) Share the summarized paragraph to an

For students with internet access:
*Journal Writing: What do you miss the Internet sites to utilize for more practice:
most about school? (Write at least three
WEEK 2 Word(s) of the Week: Sentence Use Reply

Nåna, ñålang yu’.

ñålang (Mom, I’m hungry.)
Tåta, ti ñålang yu’.
(Dad, I’m not hungry.)

Kao ñålang hao? Hunggan, ñålang yu’.

(Are you hungry?) (Yes, I’m hungry.)
Åhe’, ti ñålang yu’.
(No, I’m not hungry.)

full (of food) Kao håspok hao? Hunggan, håspok yu’.
(Are you full?) (Yes, I’m full.)

Åhe’, ti håspok yu’.

(No, I’m not full.)
Friendly Updates
School Closure: Classes are cancelled until further notice.

Withdrawals and Student Verification Request: Please email Mrs. Garcia at to request for student
verification or withdrawal forms. She will accommodate these requests during the GovGuam shutdown.

GDOE Distance Learning Plan: GDOE is launching a link to Home Learning Resources effective Monday, April 6, 2020. Our
teacher reps, under the leadership of our district Instructional Coaches, have put together weekly lesson plans that parents and
students can access during school closures. Additional resources are available at

FES Distance Learning School Level Plan: Thank you to our FES teachers for all their hard work and dedication in completing
our weekly skills tailored to our FES students. We will be posting Week 2 on our FES website and FATE Facebook as well as
distributing our Week 2 skills packets at Grab & Go Distribution site (Astumbo ES) on Monday. If you have any question or need
assistance, you may contact Ms. V. Perez. We continue to thank our FATE PTO officers for distributing the packets.

"Grab and Go" Meal Distribution: We will continue on weekdays (except holidays) from 11am-1pm at the 12 identified school
sites during the school closure. We will still continue to serve during Spring Break (April 6 -10). In an effort to improve the
distribution program, a meal limit of 10 plates per vehicle, and 5 meals per walker, will be implemented beginning Monday, April
6, 2020. Walkers will be able to receive meals beginning at 11:30am, while regular meal distribution will be from 11:00am –
1:00pm, or until all meals have been distributed.

FES school website link:

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