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Test 4 FCE for. Schools Part 2 est 4 questions 9-18 near pat of documentary on Tony Blair. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with ord ‘or short phrase. Tony Blair ithony Ché les Lynton Blair led his party to unparalleled victories in the ‘ — | 8 ] general elections. is poltical career started 1983, when a [othe Bish parliament as a member of the Labour Party. uargaret Thatcher wasthe| [between 1978 and 1990, Labour leaders believed that Blair's moderate positions would make the Labour Party Cc 12 with the public. British voters had been [13] from Labour and its traditional policies. [14] Blair was promoted to | in the Departments of Trade and Industry, Energy and Employment. This event is significant because these were thefirst; | 15] elections to the post. From the start, Blair workedto[ —SS~«* 18 more mainstream by playing down the party's connections to trade unions By 1997 the ‘New Labour’ party, as Blair called it, had become 17] This was not very _ | 18] for Thatcher's successor, John Major. Ucn Reh CLEC r by